Your Twin Soul drama is not what you think it is, here is how to make the journey a lot smoother

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What you see is not what you get on the Twin Soul Journey

One of the biggest shifts you need to make in understanding the Twin Soul connection and journey is to realize that normal 3D laws don’t apply.

Literally nothing is what it seems to be on the outside when you enter this path and this also applies to Twin Soul drama. Many Twin Soul couples experience a lot of TF drama together on their journey. You may have realized by now that your Twin Soul connection brings up all your inner wounding but this wounding goes way deeper then only this lifetime.

In my work as a Twin Soul teacher and healer I get to see firsthand how current day drama is almost always rooted in this or past life trauma!

So while you think that what is going on today has something to do with the here and now or says something about you personally, that’s not the case. That’s why talking it out together never seems to get you far in a Twin Soul relationship, because the problem is not one that can be solved on a communicational level.

You are not having relationship issues, you are having vibrational issues.

Let me explain that.

Your energy field is packed with past life energies

Most people are in fact a vibrational disaster waiting to happen, because they carry around with them so much repressed emotions, unhealed trauma’s, outdated beliefs not only from this life but many other previous lifetimes. As you know everything is energy in this Universe we live in and these repressed emotions, unhealed trauma’s and outdated beliefs are also energies, not only that they are like hardened frozen up energies that cause stagnation in your vibrational field. They are locked in there and the only way to get them out is to either clear them out or play them out.

Because all energies that you carry with you attract to them their own vibrational match, this is what the Law of Attraction teaches us. So if you are carrying around with you repressed emotions, unhealed trauma’s and outdated beliefs in your energy field from other lifetimes, guess what you will be attracting into your reality in your current day life?

Exactly, everything that vibrationally matches your past life shit.

So recently there was a woman that I did not work with personally, but in a reading she was told that her former best friend in this lifetime who had just days before called her to tell her that she was pregnant from the woman’s ex-boyfriend and Twin Soul was her mother in a past life. In that past life the woman was a witch and her own mother (the former best friend now) had reported her to the authorities. The mother had been jealous of the woman’s powers, which had skipped her generation and this jealousy caused her to betray her daughter. The woman was burnt at the stake as a witch and died.

You can imagine that having to hear that your twin knocked up your former best friend, that this caused the woman to feel betrayed to the core.

This is a perfect (though extremely sad) example of past life energies being played out in your current day reality. Because ascension is the name of the game, your twin will do everything and anything to help you clear the energies that are keeping you stuck in 3d – even if it means ripping open wounds from ages ago in order for you to heal them. Your Twin Soul loves you so much, that he or she is willing to do what it takes to help you come back home and let go of everything that is keeping you out of alignment with your true essence.

But you don’t need to play all this drama out in order for it to be released from your energy field….

Instead of PLAYING it out, you can also CLEAR it out

So today I was working with a client who came back to work on a deeper issue. Her first Twin Soul Reunion Journey was a memorable one for me, because we clearly saw that the relationship she had with her twin was much deeper than the relationship she had with her husband. At the beginning of the session though, she told me she had made up her mind that she was staying with her husband. We went into the journey and she saw multiple past lives with her current husband and multiple lives with her twin, yet at the end she insisted that she was sticking to her choice to stay with her current husband.

Which is of course her decision alone to make, it just seemed to me a waste of money to then work with me.

I also saw that her motives for staying with her husband were not because she was so madly and passionately in love with him, but because she felt responsible for him like a mother to her son. Feelings like this, do not make for a healthy adult love relationship. Plus I felt that there was also this fear of ending up empty handed, when her much younger twin would not want to be with her. Something I think a lot of married twin’s can relate to. It’s just not that easy to drop the life you have already built, whether you have children or not.

In this case it felt like a combination of misplaced loyalty and fear that made her want to stay in her marriage. I pointed this out to her as she had clearly seen this information herself too but respected her choice to regardless of the truth that came out, to make her own decision about what she wanted to do with these insights.

I have to say I was kind of surprised when a little less then two months later she came to work with me again because she had seen a picture of her twin with another woman on Facebook and it had triggered her own fear of loss.

So we went into the journey and she went to a past life in which she had been a prostitute in the middle ages who sought refugee in a monastery, where she became a nun around 500AD. In that life she had made a vow to serve mankind as penance for her sins in order to become worthy of love. This had led to 1500 somewhat years of self sacrificing, because only then would she be worthy of love in general and especially of the love of her Twin Soul who was a noble man in that life and she felt too defiled as a prostitute to be worthy of his love for her.

Clearing this past life programming of self sacrifice, of having to pay penance for her sins through serving others, allowed her to now really reconnect to her desire for a mutually equal love relationship. It literally freed her to be able to chose for her own happiness, instead of putting the needs and desires of others above her own. This time she was ready to file for a divorce, not to run into her twins arms but to make room in her life for a relationship that truly embodies everything she wants in a love relationship and to become the woman she needs to be, to attract that kind of love.

Although the first session seemed to have been a waste of money before, it helped her see the truth about her marriage. I don’t see for my clients, I set up an energetic vortex in which they see/hear/feel/know their own past lives and I help them go deeper into the experience. That is the thing with seeing the truth though, once you see it no matter how hard you try – you can’t go back to the way things were before. At the end of the first session the client honestly said to me ‘Sabriyé, I don’t want the kind of relationship I had with my twin. I want to be with my husband.’ When it was clear that the love she and her twin had shared in lifetimes before was beautiful and deep. We had even found a past life vow in which she had vowed to only open up sexually to her twin.

Now that she could acknowledge to herself that she did want this full encompassing love and that she was willing to let go of the false safety of her marriage with a husband that she did have deep feelings for, but not the feelings of a woman towards a man. In fact, she has always interpreted the masculine role in her marriage. She was now ready to really let go of the unconscious programming (this 500AD belief that she could earn worthiness and love through paying penance for her sins by serving others) that had been keeping her in a mother Theresa role all her life. What a relieve it was for her to cast off that burden. Of course it is a wonderful thing to help others, when for the right reasons.

Without dismantling this 500AD past life belief and fully clearing it from her energy field, she would have kept falling back into self-sacrificing behavior because that was her subconscious programming. It was like a default, that she would always revert to. Although in that life fully convinced that she had been a sinner, she could now clearly see that she had had no choice.

This past life was so deeply ingrained in her subconsciousness that even in this lifetime, she had known moments that she would fear that prostitution would be her only way to make ends meet if she would lose her job… This luckily did not manifest as a reality in her life, but could have under certain circumstances.

That is why Carl Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” What you believe subconsciously, whether it makes sense or not – you will co-create your reality based on these subconscious beliefs. What I do with my clients in the Twin Soul Reunion journeys is help them remember and release these subconscious wounds, so they don’t dictate their lives anymore or mess up their union with their Twin Souls.

Clearing can even speed up your timeline

The third client that I will tell you about is actually also a friend of mine. She contacted me early 2016 after she read my blog about Twin Souls. She had met her twin just before on Facebook, who is Indian like my twin, so she came over to Amsterdam one day and we spent the day together. She was married at the time and was sure she wanted to stay married, I doubted the marriage would last, knowing how extreme deep the Twin Soul connection goes but bit my tongue as I knew she was only a couple of months into her journey.

With Diwali last October she flew to India to spend a week or so with her twin. Her story is a lot more romantic than mine. He came to pick her up at the airport, he arranged her hotel and slept with her every night. They made love and he introduced her to his family who instantly fell in love with her. She came home filed for divorce immediately and the Universe helped speed up everything by creating an incident between the children and their stepfather, which made her ask him to leave the day she returned. This was somewhere in November.

On Christmas day she literally fucked up my whole day by sending me a text in the morning ‘You will not believe this but we have gotten his mothers blessing to marry!‘ I was of course ecstatic for her, it was such great news. But I was also like WTF?! She was even married and the Indian family said yes and here my twin is scared shitless that his family won’t accept me. In this case she was also married two times, three kids, much older then the guy and MARRIED – well getting a divorce by now – but the family still said yes. Miracles do happen and that is also why she told me directly to say if it is possible for me it has to be possible for you too, which was sooo sweet. But still I was blubbering all day even if I could see it as a pre-manifestation sign.

A lot of people would at that moment think I am home free, nothing can touch me now but even though she didn’t have the money to pay me full she messaged me between Christmas and New Year if I would allow her to pay for a Twin Soul Reunion Journey in installments and if we could do the journey before the end of the year. I said yes of course, because even though her journey had been one of the smoothest I have seen between her and her twin. I knew she had had to also make some tough decisions on her journey, things that I was glad not to have to face. For example her father refusing to accept her Twin Soul and demanding her to choose between him and her twin. Which meant that she chose to let go of her father, when she came back home from India.

This shows you how we all have different challenges on our journeys and that the journeys are custom tailored to match the unique twin pairs lessons in this lifetime. This girl also had a childhood no one would ever want to experience, so by the time she met her twin she had already done heavy karma yoga. Their challenges weren’t so much internal as most of us on the Twin Soul journey experience, their challenges came from the external and other people interfering or creating obstacles.

This was also the theme of her Twin Soul Reunion Journey in which the primary life that came up to be cleared was a past life with her twin in India. They had been married young and had been together quite a while, for some years – without her becoming pregnant. In countries like India to this day, this is a big issue if a woman cannot conceive. In those days it was even worse, so they consulted the local guru for a solution. The guru convinced them that the only option they had was for the guru to make her pregnant, which is what happened. But word got out that the girl was not pregnant with her husband’s child and that in fact the baby was fathered by the guru. In an effort to protect his wife, the husband was killed and the girl found herself on a market square being pushed forward by an angry chanting mob.

In a corner their family was huddled together the only people crying for the fate of this young couple and the disgrace this situation had brought on. The girl was forced to watch by the moral justice seeking mob how her beloved husband was cremated. To her own horror the client saw that the mob expected her to be next. In those days it was customary for wives to commit sati, by jumping into the flames with her dead husband or committing suicide in another fashion. The girl still pregnant with the child was forced into the fire and burned.

In a Twin Soul Reunion Journey, we always identify the players in the game and I ask who the important players where in this lifetime. She identified one of her foster parents that she had had heavy karma with in this lifetime, but also her twin’s current life family was there with them in this past life in which they were considered a scandalous outrage, a blemish on society. I helped the client release all the energies from that and the other past lives an we said goodbye.

Only a couple days later I get a message from her that they had celebrated too soon and that her twins mother was having doubts. She was fearful of how the society would react to their marriage, as my client is much older, had been married, had three children and the groom to be is only 25 years old. Marriages like this for some reason are considered social suicide these days, although Radha was also said to be married and much older than lord Krishna… When she messaged me I told her to stay relaxed and wait and after she showed me a message she sent to the family I told her to not do anything else for now. Then in the middle of the night Spirit woke me and told me to send the client a message that what she was seeing now play out in her reality were only echoes from this past life with the guru and to just let these echoes fade away. As she was also my friend I picked up my phone in the middle of the night and left her the message from Spirit in a voice message on Whatsapp.

The men in the family intervened on the lovers behalf and kept talking to the mother until she could let go of her fear and agree to the marriage. In the first week of January when I called my friend to tell her that I was feeling that what was happening for her now, as she was also sending me screenshots of messages from her twin and his brother updating her about the negotiations with their mother – that even though my twin was extremely silent at the time, that this was what was going on for him too. Especially seeing that my twin only has his mother, his father died when my twin was a baby – it just all seemed to be so much of a coincidence.  Why would the Universe show me this situation so close to my own situation, only then to say to me ‘nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah you can’t have this!‘ It’s impossible, that is not how the Universe roles.

My friend listened to me and said ‘Well then brace yourself darling, because I have great news for you.‘ It turned out that her twin’s father had just called her and this was strictly confidential still, she wasn’t even allowed to tell her twin – but the father had called her to officially welcome her as sixth family member and his future daughter in law. I was in the gym when she told me and I think everyone heard my high pitched enthusiastic ‘Holy fuck! I am soooo happy for you!!!

A miracle.

Here in the West it’s hard to understand probably what an amazing miracle this is, but if you would know the complexity of the Indian culture you would not believe that this was possible. I have not told my Indian friends, but if I did they would ask me ‘How can it be? This is not possible in India.’

Clearing the vibrational residue of that Indian past life with the guru, the life where the current day mother was one of the family members back then, having to watch how her children and her unborn grandchild were taken from her all in one day because of an immense scandal around their marriage and the origins of the baby – helped speed up the timeline immensely. I can only say that my friend had great intuition to book me just before all hell broke lose and remember, she didn’t even have the money to pay me full. But she felt that there was past life residue to clean up immediately. She listened to her higher self and stepped into a Twin Soul fairytale! I mean how many married twins do you know, right?

Most of them are still lost in their Twin Soul drama.

Will it always shift this quick? No, this was an extreme quick result and it often takes much longer to fully manifest in the physical. You see when you make these shifts you change your vibrational frequency which can happen instantaneously, but it can also take days, weeks or even months. But sooner or later clearing this past life shit will bring you into a deeper alignment with your heart’s desire, which will help you magnetize it into your physical reality.

I pray that sharing this information with you and that reading the real-life experiences of these three Twin Souls couples on their own unique journey’s will help you navigate out of your own twin drama and into smoother waters.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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