The most powerful crystals & gemstones to assist you on your Twin Soul journey

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In this segment on the most powerful crystals and gemstones to assist you on your Twin Soul journey, you will learn:

  • Why crystals and gemstones can be great companions on your journey
  • How to use crystals and gemstones effectively
  • The importance of cleansing your crystals and gemstones
  • How to determine which crystals or gemstones to work with at this time
  • And more…

What crystals & gemstones can do for you?

Gemstones can be great companions on any journey through life and this especially applies to the Twin Soul journey.

Gemstones can’t do it for you or replace working with a healer, but they can give you amazing support in your Twin Soul transformation process.

The unique vibrational frequency of each gemstone or crystal type will help you attune to that vibrational frequency, acting as a tuning fork for you to vibrationally shift to it’s frequency and the physical manifestation of this vibratory frequency in your 3D reality.

This means that gemstones and crystals work through very subtly by changing your vibrational frequency by keeping them in your own vibrational field for longer periods of time.

There isn’t much to add to this, it’s that simple and that makes it hardly believable that such a simple thing as putting a gemstone or crystal in your pocket, bra or wearing it as jewelry will shift anything in your life. For the newbies to the woo-woo world of crystals it may seem nothing but wishful thinking, yet it’s often the extremely simple stuff that creates the biggest shifts anywhere in life.

Even if you are skeptical try it, in the end it doesn’t matter how you get to where you want to be in live – what matters is GETTING THERE.

So if sleeping with a bunch of crystals does the trick, why not?

How to use crystals & gemstones?

You can wear them close to your body as jewelry or in your pocket or bra. You can also keep them under your pillow or tape them to your body. If you don’t secure them during the night, there is a good chance they may fall on the ground during your nightly bathroom visit.

The same also applies for sleeping with your yoni egg, many an egg ends up in the toilet that way…

For women yoni eggs are a good way to work with crystals on second chakra and womb issues.

How to cleanse crystals & gemstones

It depends on the composition of the stone, some will dissolve in water so they need to be cleansed and charged differently.

It is important to cleanse your stones regularly.

Most crystals you can cleanse by putting them in water with salt, salt is great for drawing out negativity.

Laying them out in moonlight where the light of the moon can touch them can help a long way to recharge them and the same applies for sunlight.

Some stones can be cleansed and recharged by other crystals and gemstones, it depends on the individual stone. Just as every plant has it’s own care instructions, most crystals do too. You can check online to see how to cleanse the gemstones or crystals you have.

Its also a good idea to catalog your collection, once you have hit 20 different crystals you are bound to forget what a couple are called or what to use them for. If you have pictures of the stone and name, you can always look it up in case you forget.

Crystals & gemstones for every step of the journey

You can use gemstones for many different things from physical to mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Here is a list of some of the things gemstones can help you do.

  • You can clear chakras with them.
  • Heal deep wounding.
  • Open chakras.
  • Open up past lives.
  • Open your psychic abilities.
  • Improve your love life.
  • Improve your sex life.
  • Learn new healthier behaviors.
  • Release old sabotaging behaviors.
  • Deepen self-love.
  • And so much more…

They can’t replace expert advise or working with professionals, but they can open the way for deeper access. So if you are battling suicidal depression, please don’t think that only working with a crystal is going to heal your depression because that will not be the case. A crystal might help you access the deeper wounding that is causing the depression, but it cannot replace proper help and responsible medication (not symptom suppression).

Which ‘Twin Soul’ crystal or gemstone do you need?

When I was sitting down to write this article Spirit showed me to make a crystal grid like below because they have something special in mind for you today. They showed me to make the image of the crystals and gemstones, so that when you click on an image – it opens up a description of the metaphysical meaning of the gemstone or crystal that you selected.

The images show in randomized order every time you refresh, which allows you to come back over and over again to see which crystal or gemstone wants to support you in your current process.

Spirit explained that they wanted you to pick the first crystal that catches your eye, because that will be the gemstone that you need to have most in your life now to help you deal with the inevitable challenges you face in your Twin Soul journey and Ascension process.

Charoite - Let go of past disappointments in love

Charoite will open your heart so that you can clearly see and feel love in your life. It will break down your walls and throw away your fears.

It will make you believe in the power of love, and it will make you go out there so that you can experience it again in your life.

It will dispel the negativity that lingers in your heart and mind because of a love that did not end well. It will cleanse your aura so that you will only be attracting good and uplifting energies.

Charoite is a stone of power. It will transform your anger and fear into your strengths. It will give you inspiration to be the best person for your loved one.

It will boost your self-esteem so that you will not feel like a victim or the underdog in love. It will make you courageous and assertive so that you can go after what you want.

Charoite is also a powerful talisman for acceptance and letting go. It will help you move on and see that there’s more to love than your bad or traumatic experience.

It will make you understand that there are just some people who are not meant to stay in your life.

Charoite will bring about emotional healing and remind you to live in the present. It will give you guidance for your future. It will help you overcome your resistance to change.

It’s a strong and supportive stone that will make you feel less lonely or less alone. It will not make you feel so alienated. As long as you have people to love and people who love you back, you will never be alone.

Charoite will make you want to adopt a more relaxed attitude towards love. It will focus on your feelings and make you understand and acknowledge your hidden desires.

It will help you see the good in the situation, and it will show you how to deal with the changes that can happen in your relationship like an adult.

Charoite is all about making more moments that you will like to revisit every now and again. It’s about living in the moment and giving it all you’ve got.

It will also remind you why there must be a balance of emotion and logic for a relationship to be successful.

Amazonite - Release negative expectations around love

Amazonite is a good stone to have when you need to express something to someone you love.

This stone is actually great when it comes to nonverbal expression. You don’t need to search for the perfect words to tell that person what you’re feeling or thinking.

Just one look, one gesture, or one smile is all you need and they will know right away what you’re trying to tell them.

This kind of communication is something that only real lovers can enjoy. It takes a certain kind of closeness to be able to know what the other is thinking.

In case you haven’t reached that stage yet, don’t worry. Your amazonite stone will make sure that you do, and it will help you and your lover become closer and more in love than ever.

Amazonite is a wonderful stone companion because it can also soothe emotional trauma. They say that time can heal all wounds, but sometimes a powerful stone like amazonite can help the healing to happen much faster.

Amazonite energy will make it easier for you to express yourself when something is bothering you, when something they did just made you happy, or when something is making you lose sleep at night.

You will never have problems opening up to that person you love when you are bolstered by the supportive energies of amazonite!

This stone also works wonderfully in inspiring empathy and compassion. It will make you realize that you are not the only person in the world with problems like yours.

It will make you see the world from a different perspective. A kinder, more understanding, and more compassionate perspective.

Amazonite will help you express yourself without feeling any fear or anxiety. It may be the verbal or the non-verbal kind, but you will definitely be expressing yourself with more freedom and confidence!

This stone will remove the fear in your heart and replace it with joy and enthusiasm. It will teach you how to honor your grief and deal with your loneliness.

It will take away the cobwebs of confusion from your mind. It will make you understand the reason for your sorrow and just how you’re going to get through it.

Amazonite will also encourage you to trust in your intuition. Sometimes, you only just need to listen to your gut. No explanations necessary.

Don’t let a broken heart or a bad relationship make you close your doors on love. It will not always be awful, and it will not always end in tears.

You just need to go through the bad parts so that you will better appreciate that person when the good stuff finally happens to you!

Your amazonite stone will make sure that your heart will not become a heart of stone. It will keep you believing that love is on its way to you, and that you just need to be patient in your journey.

Amazonite will also remove any trace of negativity in your system.

No one wants to be around a Negative Nancy after all. It will stop you from worrying too much, from expecting the worst all the time, and from always thinking that there’s a catch or a punchline.

This stone will help boost your self-esteem and your self-love. Always remember that no one can fill that void inside you, not even the person you love the most. Only you can decide on your happiness, and only you can make it happen!

Amazonite will make you appreciate yourself more, as well as the people in your life. It will help you find comfort and happiness in your relationship.

Amazonite is a stone of open mindedness. Sometimes, things just are not what they seem, and you will have to read between the lines to truly understand.

Amazonite is also known as the stone of hope, which means that you must never lose hope in love or in the person you love just because it’s hard right now.

Amber - Bring back the love ‘stone’

When it comes to love and relationships, Amber can be a very powerful and beneficial stone.

It will help you develop more patience and understanding towards the person you love. You will not easily lose your temper or get annoyed when you are infused with the energies of this stone.

Amber will bring stability to your relationship. It will promote flexibility and patience, and it will bring more trust and happiness.

You will be a calmer and more tolerant partner. You will get rid of your childish ways and be more mature about the important issues that concern you and your relationship.

It will strengthen your relationship from within so that it will not easily fall apart at the first sign of trouble. This stone will remove the negative energies that are taking away your enthusiasm and optimism, as well as the negative energies affecting your drive for life. It will get rid of your jealousies and insecurities. It will remove the fear and the lack of trust.

This stone will also give you more wisdom to accept the things that happen to you which you have no control over.

Amber will give you the foresight to deal with unexpected events and to react to them appropriately.

This stone is a symbol of beauty and attraction. When you have this stone in your life, you will have a better appreciation of all things beautiful, and you will be very attractive to the eyes of your partner! It carries energies of tenderness and affection. This stone will imbue your relationship with many tender and affectionate moments with your loved one.

This stone will also attract lasting love. It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a lull or a tough time in your relationship. The energies of Amber will work on your relationship so that love will be restored and happiness will be felt again.

Amber will help you remove the obstacles that you place in your way that keep you from being loved in the way that you want.

It will make you realize that the walls must come down if you truly want to have a wonderful experience with love! You need to open the door to your heart if you really want to know the meaning of love!

Amber is a stone that will help you keep your promises. Its energies will also help you rekindle the fire in a dying relationship.

The energies of the Amber stone will also electrify your desire, and you can enjoy passionate and intimate moments with your partner.

Phlogopite - Get to the root of your relationship problems

Phlogopite is a stone that can be very helpful in easing your emotional pain and anguish.

Phlogopite’s supportive energies will help you uncover the truth in situations without getting caught up or losing yourself in the process.

It will give you the gift of discernment so that you will know right from wrong and recognize the people who are true to you from those who are not.

It will guide you in finding the root cause of your relationship problems and their best solutions. This stone will encourage you to let go of negative attachments that are preventing you from appreciating the love that you have.

The energies of Phlogopite will also infuse you with strength of body, heart, and mind to help you overcome your adversities.

It will remind you of all the good things you have going for you so that you will be buoyed by optimism. It will help you get back on track whenever you feel unstable or out of control.

This stone will guide you in regaining your personal power so that you can resolve your relationship issues from the past.

When you are able to make peace with your past, you will be able to accept the present and be fully in the now. It will also make you look forward to starting a new chapter in your relationship.

Phlogopite will also show you how you can be more assertive when it comes to love, relationships, and romantic opportunities.

This stone will remind you that there’s nothing wrong with going for what you want and making it happen. When you know that you did your best to get something, you will not spend a moment regretting things and wondering what could have been! This stone will also show you how you can overcome your indecisiveness.

When it comes to loving someone, you cannot play it safe all the time. To truly love someone, you must be willing to win or lose. There’s simply no in between! It will give you mental clarity so that you will not be easily influenced by people and events.

It will inspire you to form your own opinions on important matters and voice them out whenever you need to. It will motivate you to take control of your own fate and not to develop an unhealthy dependency.

Phlogopite will give light to your life and love in your relationship. It will uplift your feelings that are causing you to take things for granted.

It will make you appreciate the glory of love and the joy of life. It will also cleanse the negative energies that surround you and your significant other.

Phlogopite will inspire you to live a very creative and imaginative life.

The energies of this stone will also motivate you to develop your potentials and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

It will remind you to be accountable for your own actions and make up for your shortcomings.

It’s a good stone to have if you want to see a significant change in your relationship. It will improve how you are as a partner and how your partner is to you.

It will soften your hardened heart and get rid of negativity, such as jealousy, insecurity, loneliness, or abandonment.


Kyanite - Repairing damaged relationships

Any crystal or stone can be a love crystal or a love stone. The blue kyanite is no exception.

If there’s anything that you want to happen in your love life, you can tell it to your kyanite crystal and envision it happening right before you. The energies surrounding you and your crystal will work to make it come true.

Of course, you will need to put in the work as well. No amount of wishing and daydreaming can make the man of your dreams just land on your lap!

The great thing about kyanite and love is that it will give you a chance to have a calm reflection. It will give you many moments to think about your past, present, and future.

It will keep you focused on the present and what you want to happen. It will also make you look forward to the future when all your dreams will finally be made manifest in your life.

Kyanite also symbolizes loyalty. When you are in love with someone and you are in a committed relationship with them, your loyalty for them is a given.

But when you’re going through something difficult and all you want to do is hurt them as much as they are hurting you, it will be quite challenging to remain loyal to that person. This is where kyanite energy can greatly help you.

Kyanite will inspire loyalty. It will make you stay. It will make you keep loving them. It will make you realize that all relationships are flawed, and everyone has their own weaknesses. Having this piece of information will make you loosen up and just appreciate your relationship for what it is!

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you need loyalty in your life. You want to have people who will be with you through all your ups and downs, who will defend you, who will help fight your battles for you, and who will make you feel like you’re the most incredible person in the world.

It’s not easy to be loyal or to inspire loyalty. But with the help of your kyanite crystal, you can show people exactly why they should be loyal to you!

When you need strength and courage to work through your issues and settle your conflicts, blue kyanite can give it to you.

It’s a great stone to keep close to your body when you are ironing out your differences with that special someone, or when you find yourself in a major dispute or disagreement with them.

It’s very powerful when it comes to repairing damaged relationships.
It’s also a good stone to have when you just want to put the past behind you and try all over again.

It will not be easy for everyone to move on from a particularly heartbreaking experience. But that’s the beauty of the kyanite crystal. It will help heal your heart and turn the wounds into something positive. It will make you see that holding on to the hurt will only hurt you more.

Just like with Healing Quartz, it will make you realize that refusing to move on from the past will only inflict more pain on you and no one else.

It will bring about good communication with your partner, especially when you need to speak up about something that’s hurting you or troubling you. It’s a crystal that can also bring balance and stability not only in your affairs of the heart, but with your life in general, too.

Kyanite does not retain negative energy and never needs energetic cleansing. It does align and balance all chakras, often very suddenly. Kyanite can remove energy blockages.

Blue kyanite is associated with the throat chakra and is a boost to meditation. It is sometimes called Sappore, Blue Talc, or the ―Tripping‖ stone. Black kyanite is also a boost to meditation, and is associated with the root chakra. Black kyanite is also very protective and deflects negativity.

Magnetite - Magnetize what you want into your life

Because magnetite is a natural magnet and is considered by many to be a magical stone, it can attract whatever you wish for yourself and your relationship.

If you want to attract love and romance, this is the stone that you should never be without.

Always keep it close to your body, or keep it in your pocket. Your combined energies will draw the best kinds of love energies, and you will soon have love at your doorstep!

If you want lasting peace and happiness, magnetite should be your go-to stone.

What you constantly think about will be attracted by this stone, so make sure that you are only thinking about peaceful and happy things.

Magnetite energies will inspire love and commitment in your relationship. Your fears about whether your marriage will last for many years will be assuaged.

This stone can help turn things around, and it can strengthen the love that you share with your partner. It will remove or lessen feelings of grief and sorrow, fear and confusion, and anger and resentment. This stone will replace it with peace, acceptance, courage, forgiveness, understanding, and hope.

Magnetite will help you let go or detach yourself from things, people, or situations that are no longer good for you.

Sometimes you just can’t do it on your own. Sometimes you need something more powerful that can reprogram your heart and mind so that you will be able to release what’s bad for you.

This stone will help you with your emotional problems, and it will give you the answers that you need to make the right decision.

Emotions can cloud your judgment, and they can oftentimes do more harm than good. Your Magnetite stone will make sure that your emotions don’t get the better of you.

Magnetite will also guard your relationship against temptations because it carries energies of love, loyalty, and devotion. When you have all these gifts, there’s simply no reason for you to be tempted! It will magnify your magnetic personality and make you more attractive to people in a romantic way.

Things that you didn’t even realize were attractive about you will be the thing that attracts people to you!

You will be more confident about yourself, and you will learn to not take yourself too seriously when the situation calls for it.

Magnetite will create a harmonious balance in your relationship. You will give as much as you receive, and you will be the strength of your partner when they are weak.

It will inspire you to be altruistic. It will motivate you to keep trying, even if you are going through a rough patch in your relationship.

Magnetite will encourage you to let go of what hurts you, scares you, or angers you. It will also help you resolve sexual conflicts that you have with your spouse or partner.

It will encourage you to express what you feel and voice out what you think. Magnetite will also guide you to the right direction.


Dumortierite - The break the cycle of codependency stone

Dumortierite is not only a beautiful stone of mental strength and intellectual ability, it’s also a stone of expression, peace, and order.

When you feel like your life is just one big mess, this stone will help you make sense of things and get your life back in order.

It’s a stone that will teach you to stand up for yourself confidently.

You cannot rely on other people to fight your battles all the time. Sooner or later, you will have to do this for yourself and show the world that you are not one to trifle with!

The energies of dumortierite will also help you become more patient and understanding. It will show you how you can take charge of your own life.

This stone will help you break ties with things or people that are no longer working for you. It will help you break the cycle of codependency and make you realize that only you have the power to control your behavior and what happens to your life.

It will also help you release your traumas so that you can overcome the difficult circumstances of your life or your relationship.

If you’re going through a rocky patch with your loved one, the energies of dumortierite will help strengthen and stabilize your relationship.

It will give you the answers that you are searching for, and it will give you the strength that you need to do the right thing.

For those who are single, this stone can help you attract your soulmate! It will cleanse your aura and make the best things about you stand out more!

Dumortierite will help you learn your lessons in love, no matter how difficult or painful. It will show you how being open to positive self-love and happiness can change you for the better.

This stone can show you that being detached from emotions that are not healthy for you is easier than you think it is. Most importantly, this stone will help you remain young at heart because it will positively influence your outlook towards love and life!

Moldavite - The ultimate Twin Flame stone

In case you didn’t know it yet, moldavite is a stone of the heart. It works with the heart chakra, which can be found right in the middle of your breastbone.

It will make sure that you feel right in your heart and in your mind so that you will continue being a ray of sunshine to everyone.

There are many things that can happen in your life that will put your heart chakra out of balance. But if you have moldavite close to you, it can immediately restore the balance.

Moldavite will help remove any blockages in you so that you will have a better understanding of your needs and wants.

When you know what you want and what you need, you will not waste time on people or pursuits that will not be helpful to you.

Every day will be full of meaning, and every action will be filled with purpose. You will get started right away to have what you want so that you will be able to enjoy it sooner and longer!

This stone will help you make sense of things. It will guide you to have the most appropriate responses.

It will keep you in line, no matter how crazy or chaotic your life gets.

Whether you like it or not, you will make mistakes, and you will lose your way. Even with the help of friends and family, it will be hard to see the truth that’s right in front of you.

It will be tough to accept the fact that you have failed, or that you did something wrong. Wise words will have no meaning.

Even if you want to do something about it, sometimes your heart will just not let you.

But when you are surrounded by the vibrational energies of moldavite, you will be able to release these thoughts and feelings that hold you back.

You will be able to change these negative feelings into positive and uplifting ones!

Moldavite will act like a best friend and make you feel prepared to deal with the emotions that come with being in love or being in a relationship.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, but that doesn’t make it the least complicated or the least difficult to handle.

Even the strongest and most intelligent people do the stupidest things in the name of love. Moldavite energies will make sure to protect you and your heart when you fall in love or enter a relationship with someone.

This stone will also give you a better understanding of how your partner works in your relationship. It will help you understand their true nature, and it will help you find loving and creative ways to adjust to it.

Love is unpredictable. Love is unexpected. Love is never the same for everybody.

Moldavite will help you accept the changes that can happen in your relationship with a willing heart and an open mind. It will give you the strength to work on your problems with yourself or your partner.

It will also prevent you from being controlling or from being controlled. It will remind you not to be overly critical of yourself and of others.

It will also give you a better handle on your emotions so that you don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. When you look at things from the right point of view, no problem will be too big to be resolved.

Moldavite will help you understand that you have the power to embrace or resist negative energies that can affect your relationship. It will help you see things, situations, and people for what they truly are.

It can make you look into yourself. It will make you recognize your inner self so that you can show it proudly to the world.

Moldavite symbolizes harmony in love and marriage. If you’re looking for love, or if you wish to influence your man into proposing to you, or if you just want a happy and lasting marriage, this is the perfect stone for you.

The energies of this stone will allow your heart and mind to work together harmoniously. They will both make sense, but you will also regard both of them with respect, especially when you’re about to make an important decision.

It will make you realize what’s worthwhile and what’s not. Moldavite will also inspire the heart to look at others with love, empathy, and compassion.

Moldavite will connect you to the beauty of the world, the gifts of life, and the wonders of the universe.

It’s a good stone to have if you have a sensitive soul and find it challenging to deal with people, events, and situations. It can ease your doubts and anxieties.

It will help you address the cynics, and it can ease feelings of homesickness or feelings of being lost.

Moldavite will also help you uncover hidden emotional trauma so that you will finally truly heal. It will show you the meaning of unconditional love so that you will experience what it feels like to be whole and complete!

Ulexite - See the truth and hidden patterns in your relationship

When it comes to love and relationships, Ulexite will uncover concealed or hidden patterns in your relationship. It will be very honest with you so that you can achieve complete healing and restoration.

This stone will make you see what’s causing a specific problem and help you get to the root of the problem to find the best solution.

If the problem is something from your past or some deep-rooted issue that has always plagued you, Ulexite will help bring the issue up to the surface so that you can finally face it head on.

This stone will help you uncover truths, understand meanings, learn lessons, and accept realities.

It will help you release whatever is in your heart or mind that’s no longer useful for you, and it will replace it with something more helpful, positive, and empowering.

Ulexite is a good stone to have when you’re going through tough times in your relationship. It will give you the reassurance that everything will work out in the end.

It will help you have the staying power to work out the issues with your partner instead of pretending it does not exist. Or worse, walking out the door without even knowing what the problem is.

The energies of this stone will help you see what’s in your partner’s heart.

You will be able to know what they’re thinking or feeling, and having this knowledge can help you navigate this difficult time in your lives.

It will allow you to understand the words that are unspoken. It will help you say the right words and do the right thing at the perfect time.

This stone will also raise your awareness on the things that you and your partner are unconsciously doing that hurt your relationship.

Ulexite will give you an idea on what you should do to set things right or resolve the problem. When you are able to achieve this, it can greatly improve your relationship!

This stone will give you clarity in heart and mind. It will keep your heart humble, and it will keep your mind open and strong.

Ulexite will also get rid of your emotional fatigue. It will help you recover the passion for your relationship and the excitement for your partner.

It will make your relationship feel like new again. With the help of this stone, you will be looking at your relationship through fresh new eyes.

Ulexite will give you the answers that you are looking for when it comes to your partner and your relationship. The answers will satisfy you, and they will help you do the right thing.

It will also give you the objectivity needed to sort out the issues in your relationship.

Ulexite is a stone of revelation that will let you know what you need to know to make a good and well-informed decision!

Zincite - Clear the pattern of inadequacy and failure

When it comes to emotional healing, Zincite will show you how you can overcome feelings of inadequacy. It will empower you to change your life and your life experiences.

Zincite will also help in removing negative energies and bring new forms and ideas into reality.

It will remove the energy blocks that are keeping you from being happy, secure, or at peace in your love.

This stone contains high energy levels that will clear energy blockages that may be causing you to fail as a partner to your significant other.

Zincite will help you break through your romantic limitations and bring your dreams of a happy and satisfying relationship to reality.

It will give you a powerful combination of manifestation, creativity, sexuality, and personal power.

The energy of Zincite is very powerful, eliminating blockages within the meridians or the chakras in an instant. For this reason, you should work with this stone with caution!

Zincite basically pulsates with energy, which is immediately felt physically, starting from the loins and moving up all over the body.

It is known to bring two people in love together.

It will strengthen the bond between people with the same romantic goals, and it will work well with your relationship dynamics in producing synergy!

Cordierite - Healing old emotional wounds

When it comes to love and relationships, the Iolite stone can work with you in healing old emotional wounds. It can make the hurt disappear and get you started on the process of moving on.

It can calm strong emotions and release any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling. It will eliminate the discord in your relationship and replace it with peace, love, and understanding.

If you have a lot of things going on in your head and you cannot fulfill your role as a partner, the energies of Iolite can show you how to be present in the moment.

It can bring harmony to yourself and to your relationship and help you achieve the peace, love, and contentment that you seek.

Iolite can promote pure thoughts and strengthen your intuition.

This stone will help you harness your personal power and express your true self!

If you’re struggling with confidence issues, this stone can help you accept who you are and be confident about yourself and your capabilities.

It will teach you to embrace your strengths, as well as your flaws. It will encourage responsibility for yourself and help you overcome codependency in your relationship.

Iolite is a great stone that can help you rediscover yourself and make peace with your past.

It’s an excellent aid when it comes to relationships because it can teach you to become more compassionate and understanding.


Watermelon Tourmaline - Cleansing heart and higher heart chakra

Tourmaline will help you release your emotional stress.

It will give you calming and soothing energies so that you can fully focus on all the wonderful things that you have in your love life.

Tourmaline will also help you move on and release yourself from the clutches of the past. It will help you accept what happened and deal with it with emotional maturity.

Containing three different colors, watermelon tourmaline—sometimes referred to as ―the gateway to the inner self—is believed to provide a combination of useful metaphysical healing properties when kept as a companion or worn in the form of jewelry on a regular basis. It is considered to be a ―super activator‖ of the heart and higher heart chakras, opening them, cleansing them and removing any blockages.

This stone will also bring your hidden feelings to the surface so that you can better handle them.

Pretending that they don’t exist will only make the feelings intensify.

When you deal with these feelings head on, you are refusing to give them power over you. Instead, you are sending a message to the universe that you are open to receive more love!

Tourmaline will help you look forward to the future and create the love life that you want.

It will help you rid yourself of negative thoughts, as well as of feelings of anxiety, anger, pressure, and unworthiness.

This stone will also help heal emotional wounds. It will support you as you heal from your broken heart. It will give you the strength to pick up the pieces and to try again.

Tourmaline will give you emotional support and encouragement.

It will strengthen the love you have in your heart and gently get rid of the pain and the disruptive feelings.

It will help you find the answers to your questions so that your relationship will transform for the better.

You will use the wisdom that you gain to be a better partner and lover.

Tourmaline will help you handle situations that you refuse to confront or situations that you have ignored or concealed.

You will be strong and courageous, and you will be ready to accept whatever consequence there may be.

The energies of Tourmaline will also help you keep a cool head. It will teach you how to listen to what the other person has to say without partiality or intolerance.

This stone will help you ask for forgiveness or reconciliation in your relationship when the need arises.

You will not be motivated by pride but by love and your desire for a lasting relationship.

Tourmaline will stimulate feelings of happiness and joy. It will give you courage and strength to face all the challenges that will pop up along the way.

It will help you overcome your fears about love and relationships, or about being intimate with someone. It will encourage you to be bold and to take chances.

Nothing incredible will happen to your love life if you will not do anything bold and brave once in awhile!

Tourmaline will also enhance your sense of sympathy. It will encourage better listening and understanding. It will show you how you can be a kinder and more sympathetic partner.

Tourmaline will bring energies of love and relaxation. It will remove the stress or the pressure that you’re feeling from being in a relationship.

It will also bring the virtues of friendship and unconditional love.

This stone will give you the strength to face your emotional challenges and to do the necessary changes to make your relationship even better.

Tourmaline has the power to open your heart and let love in. It will help heal your heart and assist you with all romantic matters.

Ametrine - Balancing the inner Masculine and Feminine energies

Ametrine blends masculine and feminine energy – the masculine energy of citrine, and the feminine energy of amethyst.

Because of this, it is a very beneficial stone for sexuality, where a balance of masculine and feminine energies is important. (Remember, ―masculine‖ and ―feminine‖ is not the same as ―male‖ and ―female.

Even in same-sex relationships, an overload of one type of energy is a recipe for trouble!)

If you feel like the energy of your relationship with your partner is unbalanced, place an ametrine stone next to your bed. Its energy will help keep the energy levels equalized, and prevent one form of energy from taking over completely. Note that this basic principle can also be applied to non-sexual situations – lots of human interactions and relationships rely on an effective balance of masculine and feminine energies!

If you feel that any of your other relationships, personal or professional, have unbalanced energy, ametrine can help you with them as well. Since ametrine can correspond to three different chakras, it is not ideal to add it to your collection of chakra stones.

You may want to use it in specific situations where the energy of one of its corresponding chakras is either blocked or excessive in a way that relates to one of its other chakras.

The three chakras it rules are the solar plexus chakra, which rules ambition; the third eye chakra, which rules imagination; and the crown chakra, which rules spirituality.

If you feel like one of these chakras is sluggish, and needs some of the energy from one of the other three, place an ametrine stone against the blocked chakra and feel the energy from the healthy chakra pouring into the underactive one.

Covellite - Release the negative energies in your love life

Using Covellite’s energies on your relationship will promote healing for yourself and your partner.

It will give you the release that you need from certain unhappy or unhealthy situations.

Covellite is especially helpful in releasing the negative energies in your love life.

It will get rid of feelings of insecurity, jealousy, bitterness, or resentment.

It’s known to increase your libido, so you can definitely use this stone if the problems in your relationship concern your sex life! The positive vibrations of this stone will also enhance a positive outlook in you and your partner.

Say goodbye to self-defeating attitudes. You will be getting rid of negative thinking and your pessimistic views about life in general.

It will help you transform a problematic relationship into a healthy and loving one. It will show you how you can approach an issue with composure and confidence.

Covellite is a stone of release, which means it will help you get rid of unhealthy habits, harmful behaviors, and selfish thought patterns.

It will remove your arrogant and vain tendencies and replace them with positive and empowering attitudes.

It will also help you release yourself from the clutches of the past. It’s what’s holding you back and preventing you from being happy with the love that you have.

Covellite will help you let go of what’s no longer needed and come up with resolutions to perceived challenges and problems in your relationship.

It’s a fresh start stone that will help you look forward to new beginnings and welcome new discoveries. It will help you learn more about yourself before you can truly make a meaningful change in yours or anyone’s life.

Covellite will enhance your communication skills so that you will be able to share what you think or feel more clearly. It will also encourage positive speech that will inspire and motivate both you and your partner to be better people.

This stone will act as a reflective mirror that will show both your good side and dark side.

It will reflect your heart and soul and show you what you fail to see under normal circumstances.

It will make you see flaws in your thoughts and problems with your behavior that are affecting your relationship right now. It will give you the courage to accept them and deal with them with maturity.

The energies of this stone will make you realize that love is a two-way street. It’s not about getting what you want all the time. It’s not about who’s always right and who’s always wrong.

Covellite will make you feel less anxious and vulnerable. It will infuse you with energies of courage, self-assurance, and poise.

Covellite will promote an attitude of gratitude. It will encourage you to feel thankful for all the good things that are happening, and to focus less on the things that your relationship lacks!

Manifesting ritual with a Quartz geode

Crystals can also be great manifesting tools. There are many crystals or gemstones that increase the vibration to attract the things you want to manifest in the physical.

Recently as I stepped into a crystal shop looking for a gemstone to help me in my Twin Soul process the shop owner suggested this little manifesting ritual. He showed me this plain looking rock with a rubber band on it.

He took the rubber band off, and just like an egg took the cap off the rock and showed me the inside – that was covered in Quartz crystal.

He then explained to write on a note EXACTLY what you want to attract, put it in the geode – close it up again with the rubber band and to not open it up until what you have asked for has manifested in your physical reality.

It’s again that simple, but you can f*ck it up by asking the wrong way or asking for more of what you don’t want – so read this quick how-to to avoid most rookie mistakes. Let me give you a hint, i didn’t ask for union in my geode. I asked for how I wanted to feel in a love relationship with my twin or someone better.

I have found that writing down what I want to manifest, accelerates it’s manifestation in the 3D physical. For example at the end of 2014 I wrote a list of things I wanted and one of the items on that list was meeting my twin and the guy who introduced us to each other in real life. It didn’t say how I wanted that to happen or when. It just said I wanted to meet them in person. By the end of 2015 I was in India at the wedding of the friend that had introduced us and I was sleeping in my Twin Soul’s arms. That is how powerful intention setting can be.

Often my intention list can look like a grocery list, like my shopping list in the Universe’s mail order catalog, but it works. What works the best is if you leave the who, how and when up to the Universe. That is the secret recipe to creating miracles in your life.

I pray this article helps you find the crystal/gemstone that will support you the most, in this moment on your Twin Soul journey.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union process; join the School of Inner Union, the Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Inner Union and Ascension path.

In this soul-deep healing container, we give you the knowledge, tools, resources, and support to heal the wounded ego, as well as walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. It’s only from a place of inner union, that we can create Heaven on Earth and fully manifest the life that is ours by Divine right.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

With my deepest love,

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