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Why my Twin Flame getting married to someone else was the best thing that could have happened to us….

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on why my Twin Flame getting married to someone else was the best thing that could ever happen to us, you will learn:

  • The blessing your Twin’s new love interest can be on your journey
  • Why this experience forces you to become your own source of happiness
  • Proof the Universe really does have your back
  • How all of the pieces will eventually fall together for your understanding
  • And more…

The Divine Feminine’s romantic expectations of the Twin Flame journey

Like many Divine Feminine’s I wanted nothing more than to marry my Twin Flame. In the very beginning when we met, like one month into our relationship my twin asked me one night what I wanted him to be in my life. He had just for the very first time told me that he loved me and was actually the first to say it, even though he knew I was crazy about him I couldn’t say it back yet. Maybe just like him, I was in awe of the intensity of my feelings for him. But his question and a perfect night together on Skype, only him and I talking endlessly till the early hours of the morning made me think about what I wanted from him.

Three days later after deep contemplation. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted him as my husband and I wanted his child. He was over the moon with happiness, it was the happiest day of his life he said to know I wanted this from him.

Sounds like the perfect start of any love story right?

He wants her, she wants him – we can hear the wedding bells ringing in the distance for this couple or not?

Well no, that is not exactly how it went because as in any love story worth telling and definitely if we are talking about a Twin Flame story there are many unexpected twists and turns on the couples way to a…. and they lived happily ever after.

This was certainly true for us, because when my twin and I met he was only 24 years old and I was already a twice divorced single mother of three. In fact my oldest son is two years younger than my Twin Flame. Add to that, that my twin is born and raised in India and you also get to deal with a culture that has strong social norms and expectations when it comes to a future bride. To be frank my twin was hardly at liberty to choose his own wife, as arranged marriages are still custom in his family and country.

So actually pretty quick after my expressing what I wanted my twin to be in my life, he ran for the hills without even a warning. Later when we did speak again, he confessed that he did not know how to say goodbye to me but that he had realized that it was not only the happiest day of his life that I wanted him as my husband, it was also the saddest day in his life because he couldn’t give it to me in this lifetime. He explained his family would simply never accept me as his bride. He didn’t care about our large age difference, but they would.

Despite the fact that Krishna’s greatest love Radha was older and married, when it comes to their sons – Indian families do not want wives that were either married before or older than their bachelor son…. Sons that dare defy their families wishes around the woman they want him to marry, not uncommonly end up being ostracized. Parents refusing to come to the wedding or refuse to give the pair their blessings if they do marry a bride of their own choice. It depends on the parents of course, but this does happen even when the girl herself is Indian.

Not even meeting each other in real life could change his mind

We met online in April 2014, he ran end of May hoping as he told me in February 2015 that putting some distance between us would help us both forget about each other. He had started banging a girl from his friend group in the hope to get over me and I had stopped seeing guys completely and only committed to him even if he wasn’t talking to me.

Well, that paid off because in February 2015 he had to admit that he couldn’t stop thinking about me either and that I was his final thought at night when he went to sleep. By then we realized that this was more than just amazing chemistry, because we had had next to no contact and the girl he was banging was a lot younger and skinnier than me which would have done the trick if this had been about lust. But when it comes to true love, the outer package is not that important.

I mean my guy was hot in my eyes but also somewhat overweight at that time, his best friend technically was a lot hotter back then from a pure ‘looks’ point of view, but even though the friend tried his best he couldn’t get me to feel about him the way I felt about my twin.

2015 ended for me and my twin miraculously being brought together at his best friends wedding, to which I was also mysteriously invited. It happened in the weirdest way, I had given up on my twin and had had a massive fallout with his best friend who had been my project manager, in which he totally abused our friendship to his own gain. I loved that guy like a brother and so he got away with stuff that no employee normally gets away with. In the end I fired him.

Just before this invitation to India. I had found a list that summer with things I wanted from the Universe and at the top of that list it had stated meeting these two guys in real life, I had written it in the summer of 2014, a year before. I remember cynically thinking well that’s not going to happen as I crumbled up the paper and threw it in the bin.

Only a couple days later my twin told me now that he had me in his life he never wanted to let me go, we were together for five hours that day. We started in his office on a call and normally that would have been the end of it but even after we hung up he kept texting me. He then took time to write me this deep and honest lengthy email about his true feelings for me and as the evening progressed the texts got more and more intimate. The evening ended with him describing over text how he wanted to make love to me. His description was in fact making love as he was talking about looking into each other’s eyes and such, it wasn’t your regular horny sexting driffel that guys tend to send. It was breathtaking beautiful and moved me to the core.

Two weeks later his best friend, my former project manager called me to come to India because he wanted me at his marriage. I had given up on both and here they were both expressing to me how important I was also to them.

To keep this article as short as possible, meeting them both was amazing. Everything I felt for them both from such a distance I also felt for them up close. When my twin and I were in touching distance for the first time, my knees went weak. When our hands first touched, I had felt his hand burn into mine and I could still feel his touch hours and hours later. Our time together was amazing and even though my twin had wanted to keep his distance, we were lovers three days after we met up in the family house of the groom. By the fourth night he was sneaking into my room to sleep in each others arms and praying to God we wouldn’t get caught by our friends extensive family.

We managed to keep our affair somewhat a secret till the night of the marriage on which my twin got so drunk that when I looked in his eyes he was gone. I accidentally reached out to touch his face as I looked into his eyes, which pretty much gave us away. But it was his own air of owning me that gave us away the most. He danced with me and intertwined our fingers as if I was his and by the time we reached the tent of the actual wedding people were asking if we were a couple.

I guess an Indian girl would have stopped him from making a fool of himself but for Western standards (my own) it wasn’t inappropriate behavior – we weren’t kissing, he wasn’t touching me in a sexual way or inappropriate at all. Maybe he wasn’t that drunk because his coordination while dancing was perfect.

It was more in the details, in the way he looked at me and they way he touched me as if he had every right in the world to touch me. It was demanding but gentle and very possessive. We were in a group of maybe 50 men and boys and everybody there instinctively knew I was off limits, because I belonged to him. That night as he got me a driver to bring me home, he even walked publicly hand in hand with me not giving a damn who saw us. Later that night he sneaked into my room for the second time, to sleep in each others arms saying to h*ll with them if we get caught – this was what he wanted, to be with me.

Yet as much as he wanted that to be true forever, when it came to him choosing for us he couldn’t. I reasoned with him as best as I could to give us a chance, to talk to his mother – to ask her permission which he promised he would do and then chickened out. He told me that if it was up to him alone, he and I would already be together and we would have everything we ever talked about including the baby that I had felt so close to us – but he didn’t dare trust his feelings what if he was wrong? He told me he didn’t even allow himself to love me in the way he wants to love me, because if he did he would certainly do something that hurt his family.

Looking back he had already made up his mind before I came, I never stood a chance. I had hoped by us meeting each other in real life, he would feel how real this connection was because before he would always doubt my feelings for him. He would say, ‘I am just another guy that you met online…’ But he was so much more, he was the love of my life. The night I left India he stood me up at the airport, we called instead and his voice broke four times when he was trying to say that he wished he was going home with me to Amsterdam.

I remember that moment at the airport so clearly, because I felt so deeply that I would see him again in this lifetime. This wasn’t a final goodbye, it was just temporary – it was such a strong realization that I can still see the surroundings around me when I go back to that feeling of utter certainty, it’s like that moment was engraved in me so I wouldn’t forget.

Then followed months of separation with massive healing and inner growth

2016 was brutal as I was being prepared to step into my mission and simultaneously went into separation with my twin. I was devastated but also forced to keep functioning for myself and the multiple families that were dependent on me at that time. Business wise everything seemed to be going to the sh*tter as I was moved out of my webdesign work and learning to work with this new energy I was given to channel.

As the year progressed my twin let me know he didn’t love me and didn’t want a relationship like ours when I insisted on giving me some kind of closure. We went from being so close and intimate, to his slamming the door shut in my face without any explanation or any possibility to discuss what had happened. I knew he was lying but there wasn’t really anything I could do about it. The only option was to accept that he had made a 180 degree shift and I didn’t know why.

In hindsight I am guessing when we reconnected end of July 2016, it would have been just around the time he got engaged to the girl his family arranged for him to marry. He had unblocked me and let me temporarily, a couple of weeks to be exact, whisper in his ear, while he read everything but said nothing. I think he wanted me to know that he still loved me because he allowed me to push him so far to admit that he still loved me too, that anyone in his right mind would have said stop but he didn’t or couldn’t. Maybe he also needed to feel the fierceness of my love one more time, before he committed to this marriage.

For me this was a moment of recommitting to the journey and to us. In fact by the end of 2016 I was feeling strongly guided to only work with Twin Flames, after several months of practice with the new energy I had been given to channel, when all my psychic gifts opened after returning from India. My guides now told me I was ready to step into my role as Twin Flame teacher.

This meant a complete rebranding of my business, which I started in October 2016 when I committed to being a Twin Flame teacher. That year four different psychics that I had not all consulted for my twin connection, some had also been business reads had told me that my twin was coming back and would marry me. One had even said to expect him back in my life in January and in a way she was right – it was just not the way we expected.

Then Christmas 2016 a friend of mine who had followed my example to fly out to India to meet her Twin Flame, was proposed to by her twin and his family approved the marriage despite almost a decade age difference and the fact that she was even married when she had met his parents. Like me, she had three children and I was sure this was a pre-demonstration from the Universe that my own marriage would soon follow. Why else would the Universe show me this example so close to home and not have me be able to be with my Twin Flame? It had to mean that my twin and I could get approval as well.

Still I had no idea of my twin’s pending marriage everybody that did know before hand, didn’t tell me so when the time the psychic had said he would come back passed, I became impatient and messaged him. I ended up telling him about this miracle marriage proposal to my friend and sending him pictures of his desk and desk chair I had waiting in my home office in anticipation of his coming. Little did I know that this was one week before his marriage. I would have left him alone of course, if I had known. Those are not the kind of messages you want to be getting days before saying ‘Yes, I do.’ to someone else.

Friday morning the last week of January 2017, I woke up remembering a very real and vivid dream of my twin making love to me. I had said I wanted this in one of my text messages to him. I had said how much I missed him and how much I wanted to be with him again, to feel him and to make love to him. Apparently he was in for this as well as he showed up in my dream. Wishful thinking you might say, but the dream went further and was very detailed.

We were standing together and he was holding me in his arms when he told me that he was getting married and told me a little about the girl he was getting married to, then he pulled me even closer and said ‘know that despite this marriage I will love you forever.’ and in the dream I felt how at peace I was with what he told me. I wasn’t angry or hugely upset, I just accepted the fact that this had to be done and that it was going to be okay.

I was however very upset with the dream when I woke up, it really bugged me – what did this dream mean? Was it just my subconscious fear or was it real? As I was thinking about it later that morning and if I maybe should reach out to my twin, I get this Skype message from the Skype bot that my twin is online and if I wanted to say hi. I know for a fact that my twin and I weren’t connected on Skype since 2014 and the timing of it all just blew me away. It was like a message from the Universe telling me to let go of my illusion of control – this was being handled.

It was really one of those experiences that just leaves you thinking how the f*ck, is this even possible?

Three days later I wake up to my twin’s wedding pics!

The irony of it all was that this happened exactly ONE week after I stepped into my role as a Twin Flame teacher and launched my freshly rebranded site. Now it was one thing to become a Twin Flame teacher when it seemed like union was just around the corner, it was something entirely different now that my twin got married. But I knew the Universe doesn’t make mistakes and that it was no coincidence that these moments happened almost simultaneously.

In fact the blog that had already been dictated to me by Spirit and that I had to send out two days after his marriage was about committing to your twin even when they are with someone else. So I knew that I was given that info because I was meant to follow it. It had literally been a dictation by Spirit for me, despite the fact that many other readers greatly benefited from that article.

Did I mention the ego stripping aspect of this journey yet?! Ha!

What a blessing his marriage to someone else turned out to be…

When January came I started freaking out because I realized I had subconsciously depended my happiness on my Twin Flame and it suddenly hit me that I was setting us up for failure if he would give up everything to be with me and I would still not be happy. I vowed to being happy no matter what, so when my twin would come he could add to that happiness but not feel burdened to be the source of my happiness.

Instead by the end of that month my twin married someone else.

On the day of his marriage when the first picture of a possible wedding ceremony hit my phone I called my twin to confirm. He pushed away my calls, but didn’t switch off his phone. So instead I messaged a mutual friend who confirmed the marriage and told me he had not wanted to be the one to break my heart with this news and had kept it to himself. I had two choices at that moment to resist and make it more painful than it was meant to be, or to accept that this was exactly what was meant to be in this moment and happening for his and my higher good. I chose the latter and so I spent the whole day energetically close to him.

In fact I saw us walking up hand in hand, our fingers intertwined to his marriage ceremony. That evening my mom and I went to the sea where I threw a picture of him and me in the ocean asking the Universe to bless him and watch over him until he returned to me. We then had an Indian seafood dish with alcohol free beer to toast to his marriage.

I had sent him a text that day saying ‘even though this was not what we hoped for, we have to trust that somehow, someway this will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for all of us.’ He read that text first thing in the morning at 3 am during his wedding night. It felt as if the first moment that he had to himself, that he checked to see if I was okay.

It took me three nights of almost no sleeping in which my body released all the emotions that his marriage brought up for me. At night I would lie awake feeling the emotions being pushed out of my solar plexus, it was the slight painful discomfort that kept me awake. So in those nights that I couldn’t sleep I reread the Alchemist.

I wasn’t an emotional mess, which I had expected to be if this ever happened. Instead I was calm and allowed myself to feel every emotion as it came up. It actually seemed more like old deep emotions were being released at night, that I had not even realized I had been carrying around with me.

On April 8th he went on a trip with his wife and that was the moment I realized I really needed to let him go. It later turned out this wasn’t such a hot and romantic trip as his mother was with them, but I didn’t know that at that time. So I cut my vision board with all my dreams of a future together with him to shreds, burned the shreds in my terrace oven and asked myself what I wanted to create next?

For the past two years I had only been working on aligning myself to a marriage with my twin, preparing myself mentally, emotionally and physically, preparing my house and my life to be with him and that dream had just gone up in smoke. He was no longer available to spend his life with me, because he had just committed to someone else.

When I tuned into what I wanted to happen next in my life, I remembered that I have always wanted to live by the sea. So I asked myself Zandvoort, because it’s my favorite Dutch beach but no instead I heard crystal clear in my head ‘Ibiza’. Zandvoort would have been a lot easier as it is the same country, the same region actually and I could probably pull it off in 6 months. Ibiza on the other hand I had never actually visited back then and would take a sh*tload of money because it isn’t exactly one of the cheapest places on Earth.

I mean because I have an international internet based business, I can pretty much work from all over the world and rationally there are a lot of other places that you could choose that might be cheaper or better in some ways – but by now I knew that I had to listen to my inner promptings whether they made sense or not. I needed to move to Ibiza.

So I started aligning to living in Ibiza, only three days later I bought Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Program published by Mindvalley. Because one thing I knew for certain was that in order to make Ibiza work I needed to step up my revenue.

As soon as I stepped into my role as Twin Flame teacher my webdesign work was over, I delivered my last website that January to a repeat customer and besides a friend who has a subscription with us we don’t do any webdesign work anymore. Yet I had not established myself at all in my new field, so one money channel closed but the other one wasn’t exactly wide open yet. I simply couldn’t afford Ibiza at that time.

Any time that I want to manifest something new in my life I take the first step and for me my first step was buying this online program. I also flew out to London to a Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event that was truly amazing. It was during that event that I got the prompt to call my twin and he picked up. We talked for close to an hour, I even gave him a small energy session. We caught up on each others lives since the last time we talked and we let each other know how we still felt about each other.

I asked him if he was happy, he answered ‘I’d like to think I am happy.’ then he said ‘Actually my family is happy and that makes me happy.’ He was constantly referring to his wife as she and her and pointing out that his family really loved her. At some point I said ‘Well I am glad your doing good, but promise me if you ever get a divorce that you get your *ss over here immediately.’ He took a deep breathe and said ‘I don’t know if I will ever leave her, but I promise you that if I do – I will be on a plane the very next day to come to you.’ They were married exactly three months that day.

Only three weeks before I thought I had lost him forever and that he was happily in love with someone new and here we were three weeks later and he is telling me the same thing as he told me in India – If it were up to me, I would be with you – not realizing it has been up to him all along (he was just giving away his power to his family).

My twin in that regard is like a male version of Dorothy of Oz, who just didn’t realize the power was always inside of him.

Yet as we are twins, that is also what he mirrored me and Ibiza definitely meant that I needed to put on my BIG GIRL PANTIES. I needed to step into my power as well and that was one of the gifts I realized that his marriage to someone else had brought me.

If my twin would have come like the psychics said he would in January 2017, he would have gotten the smallest version of me, not my highest expression of who I really am – that I have become and am still becoming since I had no option but to let my him go. That was also the reason to call him, to thank him for everything he had been in my life and where it had brought me.

That phone call really made clear to me that if my twin still loved me after 16 months of separation, multiple girlfriends while killing his time before his marriage and actually getting married to someone else – then nothing could destroy the love between us. This was the real deal, this love could withstand the test of time and endure anything because it is true love.

It didn’t depend on us being together, it didn’t depend on us having sex with each other to keep it alive, h*ll it didn’t even depend on us talking to each other or not. It was really unconditional, because it lasted despite not any normal 3D condition, for love to be real, being met.

In most cases out of sight means out of heart in normal 3D love relationships, but when the love is unconditional you don’t need to be intimate or in contact for the love to be sustained nonetheless.

The Universe really does have your back

When I told my twin about Ibiza he was full admiration. I actually also told him my mom had always said that if my twin would come here to live with us, we needed to move to Ibiza because he would freeze out here. I had never put two and two together, because that was not on my mind when I asked myself ‘What next?’ I hadn’t thought about it until I kind of blurted it out in that call. I probably also wouldn’t have told him if I had thought it through, because it actually might have sounded as if moving there would be in anticipation of him coming too.

My twin chuckled when he heard what my mom had said, but about my own news he said ‘That is what I love about you, you make up your mind about what you want and then you do it.’ I answered that that was because I frankly didn’t give a sh*t about what other people think of me and he admitted that he probably cared a little too much.

The last time we did speak to each other I told him I was going to check out Ibiza to see what the possibilities are to move there. He asked if I was going alone and I reminded him of what a chickensh*t I am when it comes to travelling alone. Getting on that plane to India all by myself after close to 20 years not flying, it took all the guts I had. It was only because I knew I was going to see my twin that I was willing to do it. So I told him I was going with my mom and my son now, as they would also be the ones moving with me.

The moment I got on the plane my twin stopped talking to me, if you are a Twin Flame you know the drill. It happens without a warning, no fight, no harsh words, nothing happened except one or both get triggered and in this case we both did. He got triggered in the fact that I am leading my life as I please and living out my dreams and that he feels incapable to do so. He feels trapped to live the life others want for him in order to make them happy.

I got triggered in a completely different way, when I came to San Antonio Ibiza – I hated it. Now I know it is Ibiza at it’s worst, but at that point I was just questioning everything including the guidance I had gotten to move there. Fast forward to three days later that we went to Ibiza town and the old castle and I had this strong sense of coming home. It felt completely different and I connected deeply with the energy there.

But that first night was h*ll, I was vomiting all over the place and a crying mess which I had experienced before when I travel to a complete new place. As I was lying in my bed that night I swore I was going to get a handle on this debilitating fear that would take me out for a couple of hours when I went somewhere new and unknown. It had also hit me in London just a couple of months before and had vanished into thin air as soon as I realized that, I had everything I needed under my nose and that the Universe never fails to have my back.

The same happened the next day in Ibiza when I rented a car and we cruised the island, when I pulled up in a parking lot famished and ready for lunch Spirit had surprised me by bringing me to the Wild Beets restaurant with an amazing raw vegan mouthwatering menu. Especially when I travel I always go for the vegetarian option, which often involves masses and masses of cheese which I don’t normally eat loads of or try to avoid as much as possible. That was in fact also part of the vomiting as my stomach revolted having to process so much cheese. We had a delicious plant based lunch which already did wonders for my stomach and my mom also found a herbal stomach tonic they sold in the restaurant, that had me quickly recover from all my stomach upsets for the rest of the trip.

In the end it took me six months to get to the core of this wounding that I vowed to heal in Ibiza, but I did and when I did I understood even more how my twin had helped me access this deeply lodged ancient wound from eons and eons ago. Everything from the moment we met, had been lining up to this.

Close to four years, it took us to get here but oh my god was it worth it!

I have always said that my twin is my final exam in trusting the Universe and when my twin got married I realized within that week that my first response to his marriage had been to trust the Universe and that I had passed the test with flying colors. I also realized that this had been the only way to truly test my faith, by creating a situation that would leave me no choice than to trust. If he would have come, that would have been like a reward but hardly a chance to practice my faith in the face of adversity like this had been.

Yet despite that belief being true for me, I still didn’t dare trust the Universe 100% as my travel panic clearly showed me. If I really believed that the Universe had my back ALL of the time, I would feel safe also miles and miles from home. I wouldn’t get all panicky over nothing as soon as I would be in a situation that was not familiar. This core wound that I uncovered in the end seemed to be the final piece, a lifetime in which I felt betrayed by the Divine in Ancient Egypt.

It was that past life getting triggered on foreign ground, as I was literally a foreigner in a foreign country in that life in Egypt.

Then all the pieces of the puzzle fell together

When I saw that lifetime memory that I found in my root chakra I could clearly see why I had had such difficulties fully trusting the Universe with all my heart and all my soul. It took me feeling utterly betrayed by my twin to get there (it was a shared past life with him) and yet despite that it ‘looks’ like our relationship in 3D is over and that I could never trust him again – it was exactly those feelings of betrayal that brought me to this core wound. With the clearing of that lifetime it just felt like all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

The process has been so guided though, even before we reconnected I had a couple of female clients that week all seeing in their sessions with me that the ‘other woman’ in their twins life was not a threat, that he had no romantic feelings for her. I wondered if this was Spirit trying to tell me something about my twin’s feelings for his wife. When I spoke to my twin, the way he spoke about his wife made clear that indeed he didn’t have strong romantic feelings for her.

Then one night at the end of this summer I dreamed that my twin’s wife asked me who I was and what I wanted from her. Only days later I get a phone call from the girlfriend of a handyman that has worked here, but that I hardly know accusing me of having an affair with her boyfriend. Which was so surreal, because the guy had not worked here in over a year and I hadn’t spoken to him ever since. When that happened I knew for sure my twin’s wife had found out about me and only a couple days later my twin deleted my phone number from his phone – which seemed to confirm this.

After the 11/11 portal things actually only seemed to get worse and this absurd situation arose in which 2 year old information suddenly surfaced that made me furious. I confronted my twin with that information and he refused to explain himself. He let me rant for 24 hours again, reading all my messages. Not blocking me, not replying. The situation that came up through a third party, highlighted my EXACT issues with my twin and that is that he is ALL talk but no action. He says these amazing things, but his actions seem to always contradict what he says he feels and wants. They are like two separate worlds, that he can’t combine.

The information that surfaced triggered such an immense sense of betrayal, not even close to being in proportion to the current 3D situation but it cut deep nonetheless and helped me come to this past life wounding. Which was again so Divinely guided, I had happened on a chakra test based on pictures and from that chakra test I picked a picture of a red rose intuitively. I already knew I was working on root chakra stuff and lo and behold the red rose stood for the root chakra which explained that root chakra blocks are often the final block to manifesting in the physical. It also said that root chakra blocks are often the final blocks to Twin Flame union in the physical as well.

When I looked at my twins behavior that I was so fed up with, this seemed to be the exact same manifestation of such a root chakra block. Not being able to manifest all these deep feelings he has for me in the way he wants to live them out in the physical. My twin didn’t marry his current wife out of love, he married her out of fear of loss. He postponed it as long as he could and then he went along with what his family wanted because he was afraid that if he went for what he really wants, the Universe won’t have his back and his family will turn their back on him as well.

It’s the exact same wound of lack of trust – just manifesting itself differently in his and my life.

I have absolutely no idea how clearing this block in myself will work through in the physical 3D experience or if this was truly the final bit although it does feel like it. I also don’t know how my healing codependency, stepping into my power and fully trusting the Universe will work through to my twin…

What I do know, is that the gifts I have gotten from my Twin Flame journey and from the never ending support of my twin in 5D, is that I have gotten more precious gifts than you usually get even out of the best of marriages.

In April I still believed I needed my twin close to me (that I needed the 5D manifesting vortex that twins automatically enter when they are together) in order to create high revenues, which was totally codependent. By the end of September 2017 – I was rocking 5 figure revenues a month – higher than ever before in my life, despite the fact that my twin seemed far away from me in 3D. I.e. I had learned to enter the 5D realm without needing my twin to be able to enter.

I now have the needed resources to move to Ibiza by the way, within 6 months time after I asked myself ‘What do I want to create next?’.

The beautiful truth to be frank is, I don’t NEED my twin anymore on all levels – to be happy, to allow in unlimited abundance, to be loved or to enter into the 5th dimensional vortex by myself.

Because the healing I have done in the past two years, has transformed my life beyond my wildest dreams. My twin would say and has said ‘It’s all you, Sabriyé it’s all your own hard work.’ and that’s true but the truth is as well that it was him that has been the catalyst of all this healing, growth and being able to live the life of my dreams to the fullest.

He mirrored me every single place I was not living my truth as well. He triggered every wound that was keeping me stuck in the denser energies of the 3rd dimensional frequency and for all of you twins that believe life only starts after union, he did this all from the other side of the world ignoring me and refusing contact I’d say about 85% of the time.

When my twin got married it was like a sledgehammer to my solar plexus and it showed me wounding I had no clue I had been lugging around with me. But it also made me the teacher I am today, because after his marriage I had to continue writing and creating the modules of the Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program fully disclosing that my twin had just gotten married to someone else as I wrote the module on the very first goddess, the Goddess of Acceptance and how to accept even the unacceptable.

I had just had to do it myself, EVERY SIGN pointing to union and my twin marries someone else – how could the Universe do this to me? It seemed completely unacceptable and unfair. Me whose biggest challenge was trusting the Universe in the first place and then to be ‘f*cked over’ like this? Or so it would look like from a 3D perspective, yet despite outer appearances still having to stretch myself to trust that somehow in someway this was going to be a blessing in disguise, serving our highest good.

What better teacher to teach these principles, than the one who lived her own teachings to the fullest?

So to my dear Twin Flame Ashish, thank you for helping me come to this point in time that despite the fact that you and I are not together in the physical, life itself has never been as absolutely amazing as it is now. I wouldn’t be where I am today, without you or your marriage to someone else.

Bahut shukriya.

To be continued…..


I hope reading this article helps you see the blessings in disguise in your own Twin Flame journey and in your Twin Flame connection. Remember that no matter how difficult the situation is that you are facing now, it really has come to serve your highest good even if you can’t yet see how. In time all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and you will see, why things happened the way they did and that the Universe had your back every step of the way.

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