Releasing ‘misplaced’ loyalty as part of the Twin Soul union process

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What does the word ‘loyalty’ mean

In order to discuss the concept of loyalty and specifically within the Twin Soul journey, we first need to agree on the definition of the word. In order to do so, you find below the general definition of loyalty in general and the definition of loyalty within romantic love relati0onships.

Definition of loyal

1: unswerving in allegiance: such as

  • a: faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government – were loyal to the king
  • b: faithful to a private person to whom faithfulness is due – a loyal husband
  • c: faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product – a loyal churchgoer

2: showing loyalty – a loyal friend


Source: Merriam-Webster

Loyalty in relationships

‘Loyalty is faithfulness; not just avoiding temptation (but that too), but being faithful in all of your promises, keeping your word, following through on your plans and sticking with your partner till the end. Loyalty is steadfastness; knowing you can rely on each other.’

Source: The Couples Expert

We can conclude that loyalty means to be faithful or true to someone or something, we also see the word allegiance being used which is about being committed to someone or something. When we are committed to something or someone we are loyal, faithful and true to them/it. When we are loyal, faithful and true to someone or something it shows our commitment.

Loyalty on the Twin Soul journey

Now that that’s clear the first thing that you are probably thinking is that you as the Divine feminine are being loyal to your Divine Masculine, but that your Divine Masculine is most likely not being loyal to you.

People who love to get the mirror exercise wrong will try and sound smart by saying ‘Well if your twin is not loyal to you, it mirrors back that you are not loyal to yourself

If only things were that black and white, we needn’t be on a Twin Soul journey at all.

Yes, it may mirror back that you are indeed also not loyal to yourself but in a very different way. Except simply reversing it to mean that you aren’t being loyal to yourself doesn’t help you see HOW you may be being disloyal to yourself.

The question I would like to propose is;

‘Is the Divine Masculine really being disloyal or unfaithful, or does he only appear to be?’

I would say the latter is more true, despite any third party relationships or other behavior that seems to contradict their loyalty to you. Remember the relationship definition of loyalty is; ‘being faithful in all of your promises, keeping your word, following through on your plans and sticking with your partner till the end. Loyalty is steadfastness; knowing you can rely on each other.

On a soul level this is EXACTLY what the Divine Masculine is doing, he (she) is sticking to the script you both wrote for this incarnation. He (she) is following through on the soul contract that you made and that soul contract was not merely to meet each other in the physical, get hitched and make babies. No, you promised to be each other’s path to awakening from your soul slumber, You promised to help each other wake up to the full truth of who you are.

If we look at it that way, I would say that the Divine Masculine is being extremely loyal to his Divine Feminine by sticking to the original soul agreement and not wavering in his commitment to her true self, no matter how much her 3D and ego self begs him, pleads with him, entices him, manipulates or tries to seduce, force or coerce him into giving in to who she is not:

Her wounded self.

How have we misplaced our loyalties?

By standing strong in his loyalty to her true self, he also helps her find all the places inside herself where she has misplaced her loyalty to him, herself and others.

This is an important part of the Twin Soul union process, because releasing these misplaced loyalties allows us to become truer (more faithful or loyal) to our true self, which is key to embodying our real self aka our true essence.

Facing these misplaced loyalties can also be very disillusioning as they show us the sometimes painful and inconvenient TRUTH behind our current reality.

In this article I will share with you three ways in which this has shown up in my own Twin Soul journey and union process. Recently my twin and I reconnected and we finally had the talk, that we should have had four years ago.

I stood in an empty parking lot, approximately five minutes away from home while we had what he wanted to call a fight for close to 4 hours straight. I would have called it a heated discussion, but we agreed on calling it an argument, after I reminded him that we have never had a fight in all the close to seven years that we know each other. We only stopped our heated exchange, because I had a session with a client and had to get home behind my computer.

Having that talk gave me and I think him a lot of clarity and I could tell he was not happy to hear some of the things I had to say. Something that I clearly saw, which he did not want to see about himself was that he had a pattern of taking unilateral decisions in his own interest and simply forcing them on me without giving me a say in it or taking in account my feelings.

I also understood that I never stood a chance with him, not because he didn’t love me but because he has trust issues that only he can heal himself from. Trust issues that he will also have in any other romantic relationship, including his marriage if he doesn’t address them.

Maybe in my 20’s or 30’s I would have tried to convince him that he could trust me, but being older and wiser now I know that any attempts to do so, are futile. Besides, it’s not that he doesn’t trust me – it’s that he doesn’t trust himself.

At some point, when I referenced to the baby soul I had felt between us in 2015 – he said: ‘If only we could have trusted each other then, how different things could have been.‘ I reminded him that I had trusted him at that time, which resulted in him launching an attack on how I may have trusted him but had also demanded him to leave everything and everyone behind. I asked him to tell me when and how I had ever demanded this of him and he admitted that I had never done so, but that it was implied because it would have been the consequence of him choosing for us.

It was a very emotional conversation for me and I think for him as well judging by how he reacted to certain things, but above all it gave me a lot of closure. Closure that I didn’t get four years ago, when he categorically refused to talk things through and even tried to deny he had feelings for me period. A statement that he came back on again a year later, when he told me that he would be on the first plane to me if he would ever leave his newly wed wife.

It is in the backdrop of this reconnection that this layer of let’s call them ‘loyalty wounds’ started coming up to be released. As I am writing this article there is another loyalty wound coming up from my paternal (father’s) side, but I am not sure if it will be completely visible by the time I finish writing this. If that is the case, I’ll add it. If not the message Spirit wants to give us, is that we carry these wounds of loyalty in both our maternal and paternal lineages.

Loyalty towards my twin and our baby

The first wounds around loyalty were directly connected to my twin. Even though on a conscious level I had of course let go of the idea that he and I would ever have a child together in this lifetime, subconsciously my body had still been loyal to my twin and in preparation to become pregnant because that is where we left off five years ago prior to my twin abruptly pushing me out of his life. We had both dreamed of a life and a child together, which was surprising because my twin was super young when we met.

He had asked me what I wanted him to be in my life and it took me three days of soul searching to tell him that I wanted him as my husband and father of my children. It was the happiest day in his life, he had told me to hear me say this. Later he said that it was also the saddest day in his life, because he knew he couldn’t give me this because of his cultural background and his family expectations to agree to an arranged marriage.

When he had a child within his marriage I felt more betrayed than I had by by the whole marriage. Having a baby together was our dream I felt. How dare he give that to someone else? After the healing session in which I saw this subconscious loyalty to him and having his child, I remembered that of all the around a dozen past lives that he and I shared in which I or he when he was the woman was pregnant – none had led to us actually having children.

I had been killed pregnant, miscarried babies or brought to miscarry through court intrigue and the one time he (when he was a she) was pregnant the pregnancy was terminated because we were not allowed to be together by the strict rules of our land (Egypt). That pregnancy was terminated and the soul of that child came back to us in this lifetime as his son.

After seeing all this, I had to face the painful and disillusioning truth that my desire to bear his child was not because I loved him so much, but because I was conditioned as such through our past life wounding. This is not to say that I didn’t love him or that my desire to have his child was somehow ‘bad’, but it did show me that my subconscious intentions were not pure – they were trauma-driven.

If the basis of my deep desire for him was based in trauma, then what remained of my true feelings for him? That was a question worth exploring and it made me realize that in order to come into true union with our Twin Souls (whether that will happen for us or not – put aside) we have to clear any trauma or otherwise impure attachments we have to our Twin Soul.

This means that even if for example in our case we would come together in the coming years and have a child together, this would be because it is now coming from a mutual pure desire instead of from a  subconscious desire to heal a deep and painful wound from our past.

As Twin Souls we will be able to bring in 5th dimensional souls as children, but that is only possible when we ourselves are trauma-driven free. A pregnancy driven by the subconscious desire to heal our painful past, would automatically call in a soul that is also still in a trauma energy state or attempting to heal trauma in some way. We would not be able to call in a trauma free soul, because we are still subconsciously being driven by our own trauma…

We had to purify or cleanse this subconscious attachment to previous trauma first, in order to be able to have this in a way that would not be some sort of repetition from our past to help us release this. Everything that is not cleared out energetically, has to be played out in the physical reality which would have led to more current life drama around pregnancies’ in order to heal lifetimes and lifetimes of accumulated pregnancy trauma.

For example, in the previous lifetime where I had been the man and my twin the woman and pregnant, I had been the one to deny her (him) our child. As ruler at that time I was expected to obey, I had no choice and it was heart wrenching for ‘me*’ to have to obey. In this lifetime, to balance out this karma, I had to allow this child to be born to which again I had no choice.

My twin had let me know early on in the pregnancy that the baby was on it’s way, which gave me a full six months to work through all the brought up pain from this lifetime and the previous Egyptian one. I was actually brought to Egypt during his wife’s pregnancy and sent him pictures of the Pyramids. Less than a week after the baby was born I was in India and even in my twin’s home town, although we didn’t meet up. But he did send me a picture of the baby, just before I boarded the plane in Amsterdam to fly to Delhi and I was genuinely excited for him and his wife. I was also completely at peace with him being born.

*This is to give you an example of how we play out our past life trauma (karma). I have been attacked in the past by spiritual newbies who don’t understand the soul’s journey. When I write ‘me’ it’s to make this story readable and comprehensible to you the reader. It does not actually mean that it’s me or that I am to be held accountable for what a past life expression of my soul did in a previous lifetime approximately four to six thousand years ago. It also doesn’t mean I am pro or anti abortion, given the choice in this lifetime I have not chosen abortion despite both my husbands demanding I would when I was pregnant with our daughters. You cannot judge people’s character based on who they were or what they did in previous lifetimes, they are not that person anymore.  

It is a false perception to think that past life expressions of your soul are you, they are not. They are like ancestors or predecessors, but they are not the YOU, you believe you are today. Because even that you – is a false concept of self, it is your personality and your personality dies with you at the end of every incarnation. Your personality is also formed through ALL your experiences, throughout your soul’s journey and colored by the accumulation of unresolved trauma and pain that you still carry from those previous lifetimes which is why it is not the real you – but instead the gunk and sludge that is covering your true nature. The real you is Divine and stays pure and untouched, throughout this whole Divine game of life that we play.

The same applies to others, my twin’s mother who was his wife in a previous lifetime killed me but I cannot hold his mother accountable for the actions she took as his wife when I was his mistress and intruding on her marriage with him. His current wife, was my twin sister in a previous lifetime. She tricked him into believing that she was me and stole him from me (he already had issues being able to trust himself back then), but as his wife now she cannot be held accountable for what she did when she was my twin sister. She is not my twin sister in this lifetime.

This doesn’t mean that they or we don’t need to deal with the consequences of our actions in previous lifetimes, but that is between them or us and their own Divinity. Our only job is to forgive ourselves and others, not to judge them while we pretend to be without flaws ourselves.

Loyalty towards my own woundedness

In a subsequent session with another healer here on the island I came to see that his disloyalty to me and my subconscious loyalty to him for the past more than five and a half years since I had felt this baby soul around us – were about something much deeper.

I had been hyper loyal to myself as well, like I had been subconsciously loyal to him and at the same time I was completely disloyal to my true self, because I had per default (aka subconsciously) been in total allegiance to my own woundedness – to whom I thought I was because of my identification to my wounding.

This was an utter revelation to me, that I had been totally committed to my wounded self and therefore disloyal to who I truly am.

Looking back the same applies to my twin, he was being completely disloyal to himself because of his cultural conditioning which he also acknowledged in our most recent conversation by saying that he had to choose what he chose because of where he was born and raised. This also inherently implicates that he was hyper loyal to his own wounding because he sacrificed his own desires to meet the expectations and desires of his family. He had literally told me this back in 2015, when he said if it were up to me we would already be together and have everything we always talk about, but there are other people in my life that I have to think of that expect me to marry someone they choose (I am paraphrasing a bit, but this is what it came down to).

It took me from the end of 2015 to 2020, to understand the depth of my own wounding, Back then, I couldn’t have simply reversed it and understood that I too was being hyper loyal to my wounding. My God, I had no clue how wounded I was! I thought because there weren’t these great memories of traumatic events and because I wasn’t suffering from the experiences that could have potentially been traumatic like an abusive marriage, my youngest daughter dying and so on – that there wasn’t much trauma to address. I had NO clue whatsoever at that time that these experiences in this lifetime were actually me trying to heal deeper trauma from previous lifetimes (your current life drama, is you past life trauma seeking to be resolved – I also explained this concept in the previous section about the Egyptian past life).

I didn’t know I was wounded, because like everyone else the majority of my wounds were subconscious. I wasn’t aware of them and I didn’t know that my whole life up until that point had been trauma-driven. You can also replace trauma with karma-driven, because that is basically what karma is. It is all the unresolved pain that we subconsciously carry around with us and which is the filter through which we perceive our reality. That filter of unresolved pain and the identification with the pain, that is the wounded self.

But the wounded self, is not the true self – it’s a false identity.

Seeing this now, resulted in me consciously committing to be loyal to my true self and not my wounded self, the trauma-driven filter through which I had perceived and interacted within my reality experience.

I think this an important point that we all need to reach in our migration process from the old 3D paradigm to 5D and that is releasing our identification with our wounded self. However, this is at the same time not something that you can merely decide without first facing this woundedness (subconsciously being driven by trauma) and understanding it’s origin in your own unique soul’s journey.

This shift is also important to be able to release your subconscious allegiance to your ancestral lineage and their generationally passed on wounding. It’s not until you understand your soul’s unique wounding, that you understand how this ties into the wounding that your paternal or maternal lineage has been working through for generation upon generation. It’s not you who are a victim of your ancestral wounding, no it is you who chose this ancestry BECAUSE they matched your subconscious wounding.

This lineage was perfect for you, because they were healing the same wounds you are.

You cannot see or understand this, until you have seen and understood you own unique soul’s journey over the lifetimes and lifetimes it took you to arrive to where you are now in your own soul’s evolution.

Loyalty towards my mother and maternal lineage

Which brings me to where I was disloyal to myself out of misplaced loyalty towards my mother and my maternal lineage. Through various sessions with healers, I was shown that through my mother’s lineage and specifically the last three generations of my great-grandfather, his daughter my grandmother and her daughter my mother a lot of wounding had been passed on to me.

One theme that was very prominent within my maternal lineage was the fear of being hurt by men, something that fit right in with my past life wounding and that I have also been playing out in my current life to some degree. However through equine therapy which was given in the same way as family constellation therapy but then with horses as representatives (a very powerful healing method) I saw that this was in fact my mother’s wounding and not my own.

Consciously, I very much wanted to be in a romantic love relationship, but subconsciously I was being loyal to my mother who was so bruised and battered on all levels coming out of the relationship with my father that she pretty much stayed single her whole life. She talked for decades about the man that psychic’s had seen in her future, but who never really materialized over the past 30 years because of her deep subconscious fear of being hurt by a man.

The subconscious is a pro at keeping us safe and so if we believe that someone or something will hurt us, our subconscious mind will protect us from it. It will not let us have it, no matter how much we consciously desire it. The subconscious mind always cancels out our conscious desires, when they do not match up because it is more powerful than our conscious mind.

Because I had witnessed first-hand how badly my father had hurt my mother not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally by cheating on her with other women, belittling her and by sexually abusing the children in her care (me and my half-sisters from my father’s previous marriage) I wanted to protect her. A task I took upon myself – when I myself needed her protection desperately, which she had been unable to give me.

I had become her protector and rock, because by doing so I ensured that she would need me and not leave me in the chaos of my family of origin. She may have been weak, but she was the only sane person in a house of completely deranged and deeply traumatized people such as my father and my half-siblings. This led to a dynamic in which I became the strength my mother leaned on, and despite me being the child and she the adult – we reversed the roles from that point forward (read this article here on children as surrogate partners also referred to as ‘emotional incest’).

A dynamic that is very common within families where there is violence, infidelity, sexual incest and substance abuse. My family (or my father to be more specific) ticked all those boxes – despite that we were a middle class family with two incomes, my dad held two University degrees and was a scientific computer programmer at the University of Amsterdam.

Through the interaction with the horses in the equine therapy, I saw that out of loyalty towards my mother I had remained single because of her fear to be hurt by men. However it went deeper than that, one funny thing throughout the sessions was that the little horse that represented the inner child kept entangling itself intentionally in loose hanging trim and ropes. Everything that she could find to get herself stuck in, she managed to get herself entangled in. Showing me how I had through my own doing entangled myself, through the reversed dynamic with my mother.

The horse that represented my mother on the other hand, kept walking away. She refused to look at what needed to be addressed and at some point even lifted up her back hoof to scratch her ear (something I had never seen a horse do and I grew up with horses). This was when I wanted to give her back the responsibility of being the mother. She didn’t want to hear it, something I recognize from real life interactions with my mom. She’ll politely let me talk but will stubbornly stick to her own views, often conveniently forgetting anything I have said.

It took my mother years and years to admit to herself that my father had sexually abused me as a child. I first found out when I was 25 and confronted my dad, who didn’t deny it but instead tried to pin it on my mother and some sort of misguided real life sex ed scenario.

It has not been until the past two years that my mother has really accepted that my father has sexually abused me. She had convinced herself that he loved me too much to ever do something like that to me despite her walking in on my father sexually abusing my older half-sister. It has been a very painful process for her to face all the shame and guilt she felt for not protecting us. Until my sexual abuse came out, she had told herself that my half-sister who was 16 at the time, had seduced my father. The sexual abuse started when she was 12.

I realized that my inner child was livid with my mother for sending me back to my father when I was almost 14, I didn’t consciously remember the sexual abuse back then but my subconscious mind and inner child remembered. My mother was supposed to protect me from my father and now she sent me back to him all alone when she was miles and miles away. In the same way she had been miles and miles away when he had sexually abused me as a child – she was in the United States both times. My father never touched me as a teenager, but instead I was sexually abused by my stepmother’s father shortly after I arrived.

Looking back this is where a lot of my issues started. I for example started vomiting every night after dinner for the period that I lived in my father’s house as a teenager. As soon as I moved out at 16, the vomiting stopped. There were much more tell-tale signs, I just didn’t recognize them because I was a child and because I had blocked out the memory all together. The last time I was sexually abused by my father I had been three years old.

But what was even more jaw-dropping in the equine session, was that the horse that was representing my mother showed us, that my mother had known what was going on – but didn’t want to see it. Or maybe better said, couldn’t bear to see it.

Now before you jump on the judginess bandwagon, read this:

‘Denial is a psychological defense mechanism that a person uses to screen out distressing realities and the painful feelings they cause. In the case of a mother who is in denial about the abuse of her child, denial protects her from the pain of knowing about the abuse, from her ensuing feelings of anger and betrayal toward her abusing partner, and from her feeling of guilt for not having protected her child. At some level she may be aware that abuse is occurring, but to ward off these feelings, and perhaps to avoid facing the potential dissolution of her marriage, she denies its occurrence.

Source: Yale

If you ever watched the 2009 movie Precious, you will remember that the mother in this story was completely in denial (watch a short clip here) as are many mother’s who are faced with the sexual abuse of their children by their partners – often the child’s biological or step-father.

According to the above cited Yale paper, sexual abuse is the fastest growing form of reported child abuse. Most child sexual abuse takes the form of incest’ committed by fathers and stepfathers.

Child abuse should always be stopped, no matter how inconvenient the truth or the consequences for the family unit.

But, it’s also important to see it from the non-abusing parent’s perspective. Put yourself in the position of a woman who’s husband or partner is sexually abusing their child, their is NO way to hurt her deeper than that because it not only hurts her child, but it is also perceived as an attack on her womanhood when you sexually prefer a child above her. She has not only failed her child as a mother, she feels she has failed the man as a woman in a way that no amount of cheating with adult women could make her feel. This goes to the deepest depth of her pain and I know that my mother never addressed this pain in herself, because it was too painful to look at – which is why she spent close to forty years denying it had even happened.

However, no matter how much I love her for who she is and for the life she gave me on all levels – I am no longer willing to carry her burden for her. This is her wound and pain to bear, not mine. This is what she came to work through ‘the fear of being hurt by men‘ and my father hurt her badly, but just as I cannot expect my children to carry the burden of my unprocessed pain I refuse to carry the burden of my mother’s unprocessed pain.

The equine therapist said to me at that moment, ‘You could have been much further in your journey if your mother had done her own healing work.‘ Which is ironic, because my mother is someone who is very eager and willing to do her own inner work even now that she is at an age that most people are unwilling to change, period. However, through the denial and her own incapability to face her own pain this slipped through the cracks without her wanting it to or noticing it.

There are two things to consider here, firstly I took this burden upon myself. She may have allowed me to do so, but I have to carry the responsibility of my own actions and decisions. Secondly, many of us have not been graced with super conscious parents and so we cannot rely on our parents to clear those ancestral lineages for us – we have to take our own responsibility whether they do or not. If we don’t take our own responsibility, we stay stuck in the blame game which stagnates our own soul evolution.

Your twin’s wounds are your wounds

To wrap this article up, I just want to swing this back to my twin. He is the only son with three sisters to a widowed single mother. His father died when he was three months old. It will probably come as no surprise when I tell you that he has a very similar dynamic with his mother. I have often said to him that he is not married to his wife, but to his mother.

Remember that his mother, was his wife in one of our most recent lifetimes (this was one of the very first past lifetimes I uncovered back in 2016). When I was with him in India, his mother would call multiple times a day to ask where he was, to ask when he would come home and to ask him to bring things. He was 27 at the time and still lived at home with his mother, who treated her grown son as a surrogate spouse.

It would not surprise me that his immense loyalty to her has been to help her carry the earthshattering  pain of losing her husband at such a young age, with so many young children and a practically new-born baby (my twin) to take care of. She ‘inherited’ her husband’s government job if I remember correctly and as far as I know, just like my mother she never had a significant partnership after the death of her husband (my twin’s dad).

I have written about this so many times, your twin’s wounds are your wounds – just dressed up differently. However, we (my twin and I) would not be where we are now had I not faced those wounds inside myself. I don’t know how it works exactly, but I do know that when I heal these pieces and aspects in myself – my twin shortly follows.

But even if that would not be the case, holy f*ck isn’t this the most liberating gift he could have given me? The ability to chose to be true to my true self and release my trauma-driven false identity.

What was also very interesting in the above described equine session in relationship to my mother, that inside the corral the horse that was the representative of love in general and romantic love in specific was available to me after working through all this and simply followed me around – without any initiation or effort on my side. In fact, trying to force her (love) only got her pissed with ears bent back. It wasn’t until I created space that she started showering me with love again.

Outside the corral another beautiful story had played out, it started out in the South which in the medicine wheel represents relationships, trust, faith and humility. First one then two white herons showed up who started ‘fighting’ it out with each other, outside of the fence while we were working on all the issues described above inside. At some point the inner child horse had dragged in a bamboo stick that represented the inner boundary I had inherited towards the masculine – this fear of being hurt by men. As we worked through this aspect I was asked to take out this boundary that was causing division and I dropped it over the fence where the herons had been having it out further away in the field.

One heron flew to the North, the North represents the end of a cycle and ancestors. The other heron directly followed. We then saw that there were three white herons, three is the number of Twin Soul union.

Before this day I had never seen a white heron, period. Although white herons are apparently often spotted on the island, I only knew the grey ones that are a very common sight in Amsterdam where I have lived large parts of my life.

When we walk over to this side of the corral we hear the immense chatter of starlings at that side. As if there was a lot of talk, objections and opinions among the ancestors that they wanted to share. Interestingly the starling represents our ability to prioritize family, without forgetting to look out for ourselves. Something my twin visibly struggled with, but so did I subconsciously.

As soon as we broke this inner child pattern with my mom, the starlings (ancestors) quieted down. There are no more objections to me being in Divine union, as I have given back this pattern of fearing to be hurt by men to those it belongs to – it is no longer mine to carry.

Now, before you go book an Equine therapy session with the horsies….

That is not the point of this article. It wasn’t this last therapy form that got me aligned to being able to HAVE Divine union. It took over a thousand individual healing sessions with many many different healers and healing modalities to get here. If you are looking for any type of shortcut, as far as shortcuts even exist – the best thing to do is join the Tribe Mystery School where I give you the step-by-step roadmap to inner union. Twin Soul union is nothing but a reflection of the inner union with our own soul, the being that we truly are.

I pray this article serves you and helps you find your own ‘loyalty wounds‘ that you are subconsciously holding within. If you want to work with healers that will get you guaranteed results. know that the healers that I have worked with on my own journey are available to you as a student in the Tribe Mystery School. These listings alone will pay you back your investment in the program, because I have personally vetted these healers which saves you the pain of wasting money on the wrong kind of healers or healing modalities. You do not want to know, how much money I wasted on working with people who had no clue what they were doing.

I spend over €5,000 alone on someone who aligned and overlaid your twin’s and your energy bodies and man that stuff sounds so good and it’s so easy to just pay someone to work their magic in you and your twin’s energy field…. But, it doesn’t do Jack Sh*t. It is an utter waste of money, because it’s just fantasy and wishful thinking. If you have energy blocks in your energy field, it’s because there is stuck pain and unresolved trauma that created that energy block. If you want to know more about this, read this article on Twin Soul energy clearing here.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union and Ascension process, join the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Soul Partnership and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Tribe members also get access to my own personal team of healers, who have assisted me in my inner union process. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Soul Partnership union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out.

You can also book a Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint Session to help you release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes that are keeping you from creating the Heaven on Earth experience you want your life to be.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Soul Partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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