How to use manifestation anchors on your Twin Soul journey

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“Hope looks forward, Faith knows it has already received and ACTS accordingly. In my classes I often emphasize the importance of digging ditches (or preparing for the thing asked for) which shows active faith and brings the demonstration to pass.” Florence Scovel Shinn

What is a manifestation anchor?

Using manifestation anchors is not a new concept, it’s been around for a couple of centuries and probably even longer. One of the teachers teaching this, is the grandmother of metaphysics, Florence Scovel Shinn. You will find that anyone teaching the Law of Attraction worth listening to, has studied the work of Florence Scovel Shinn. Think about teachers like Louise Hay, Denise Duffield-Thomas or Sarah Prout who have all like me, been influenced in their work by the original teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn.

Mrs. Shinn taught that one must prepare to receive what one wants and this can be done in different ways. This can be done in actions/behavior or through manifestation anchors. In this article we will explore the latter, and maybe in a future article I will address the other option.

So, what is a manifestation anchor you may ask?

It is an object that helps you prepare and anchor in the energy of what you want. Some of the examples from Mrs. Shinn’s books are buying an armchair to manifest a husband (her work was written in the 1920’s) a trunk to manifest a trip and a bedside lamp to attract a lodger.

What all of these objects have in common is that they helped the person doing the manifestation work PREPARE for what they wanted. The armchair was a powerful reminder for the woman to envision her future husband in, his chair was already waiting for him. The man wanting to take the trip, used the trunk that he needed to carry his belongings in as a way to prepare for a trip he didn’t yet have the money to pay for. The landlady had a hunch to buy a bedside lamp, but ignored it not wanting to waste money until she earned money from a new lodger. The moment she bought the bedside lamp, the lodger appeared.

Why do you need to dig your ditches?

Florence Scovel Shinn was very much into the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible teachings and her work is truly interesting, because she shows how Jesus was already teaching the dimensional shift from the 3rd to 5th dimension. If mentioning Jesus, the Bible or Christianity still makes you stagger internally, it’s because of unhealed wounds from this or previous lifetimes around religion that you will have to address as part of your Ascension process.

The idea of digging your ditches comes from Chapter 3 of 2 Kings, which tells the incredible story of the three kings of Israel, Judah, and Edom joining forces to fight a war they thought they could easily win, but things didn’t go as planned as all three armies get stuck in the wilderness for seven days with no water for the men or their animals. The kings then ask Elisha to help them. The answer Elisha gives the kings is unexpected and doesn’t seem to make much sense. Elisha tells them to go and dig ditches and that God will fill the ditches with water, which will nourish the troops and their cattle. If they do this, Elisha tells the kings that God will deliver Moab into their hands. The kings desperate to relieve their armies suffering, did as they were told. Sure enough, the next morning, at the time of the morning sacrifice, water came flowing down from Edom and filled the land (2 Kings 3:20).

What this story teaches us is to prepare for the things that we want/need when they are the least in sight. There was no expectancy of rain, when the soldiers started digging the ditches however without the ditches being dug, the army would have not been able to catch the water. It would have simply flowed into the ground and to lower lying land, as water tends to do. By digging the ditches they were able to create pools of water from which to drink and nourish their animals. The ditches also allowed them to capture enough water to take with them on their continued journey and battle.

In the same way, we need to prepare for what we have asked for even before there is any visible sign of us getting it. This is where manifestation anchors come in. Buying a manifestation anchor impresses on the subconscious mind and tells the Universe, that you are serious about what you want to attract into your life because you are actively preparing for it.

We are currently applying this to the Twin Soul journey, but this of course applies to ALL manifestations and is in no way restricted to the Twin Soul stratosphere. You can use it to manifest jobs, money, trips, husbands, babies, houses and so on….

An anchor to pull in a manifestation

There are again two methods that we can use that I will explain in the next two sections. The first method is the way most people use it and that is by creating an anchor to PULL in a manifestation. The woman in the Florence Scovel Shinn example buying an armchair, was reminded of her desire to bring in a husband every time she looked at the chair. This anchor would not work if she would sit in the chair herself, it was the power of leaving it empty and feeling excited about the day it was going to be filled by her future husband.

It would have also not worked, if she would have associated the empty chair with negative thoughts (a trap that MANY Twin Souls fall into) about how she would never have a husband and all the reasons she believed she wasn’t worthy of a husband.

I was introduced to the work of Florence Scovel Shinn in 2005, so I have around 15 years of experience in working with manifestation anchors. They work pretty powerful, except in regards to manifesting Twin Soul union – something that I will address deeper later on. Anything that gives you a strong realization of what you want to manifest can be used as a manifestation anchor. It can be small or big, it can be bought or found depending on the circumstances. In 2017 for example I got a strong call to move to Ibiza (somewhere I had never been), we flew out there and I took a small piece of rock back home and put it on my altar to anchor in the energy of Ibiza in my life. I now have a beautiful house in Ibiza three years and four visits later.

I have also manifested programs, mentors, coaches, trips, money, business success, houses, etc. using manifestation anchors. I am currently working with a grasshopper as a manifestation anchor for my Next Level intention I set with my 2020 Word of The Year. The grasshopper is a powerful totem animal, that suddenly appeared in my life and so I bought a beautiful grasshopper Swarovski broche as a manifestation anchor because it reminds me that whatever is blocking my way to success, my grasshopper totem can remove. It can help pinpoint whatever is preventing me to achieve my goals, and it can help me make that first step forward – according to the totem animal qualities it carries. Why did I pick a grasshopper? Because I was guided to by synchronistic experiences (which are whispers of our soul) that were connected to my desired manifestation. So, it was only logical to use this symbol and the totem energy and medicine connected to it.

A symbolic anchor to anchor in a new energy

But to be honest my absolute favorite way to use manifestation anchors, is to use them to anchor in the new energy I want to embody. I have a thousand and one examples of this, but let me stick to three very powerful ones.

In 2019 after a very disappointing experience with my twin in India, I made a vow to myself that I would only accept true love, expressed as love from that moment further. To anchor in this vow to myself, I bought a gold ring with diamonds to wear as a constant reminder of this promise to myself. It was a very interesting trip, I was in Jaipur, Rajasthan and it was a long Uber drive to the jewelry shop my mother had found and wanted to buy a ring at. I had already decided on my intention to find a diamond ring for myself and we passed three gold ohm signs (our Twin Soul sign) and made a U-turn in front of a jewelry shop called my Ashish’s (my twin’s name) Jewelry Store – when the driver realized he had passed our destination and needed to drive back. Love has never really been the issue between my twin and I, it’s not that he doesn’t love me – it’s BECAUSE he loves me that he has treated me in ways he is not proud of. Being someone who experienced childhood sexual abuse at a very young age by my father, had further installed a programming in me that was based on twisted love. The half infinity diamond ring, was a promise to myself to break this pattern.

Earlier this year in a session with a healer I uncovered my angel wings and regained the use of my energetic wings again. Later when we met up for lunch, she gave me a beautiful winged heart necklace to help me anchor in the energy of the session even deeper. Wearing the necklace helps me connect deeper into the energy of my wings, wings are of course an energetic not a physical attribute. As we open up the higher chakras above the crown chakra, we open up our dormant spiritual abilities to teleport and bi-locate which involves using our energetic wings.

A more recent anchor I bought, is again a gold and diamond ring but this one is a full infinity band swirling both a gold strand and diamond strand around each other infinitely. This ring is to anchor in equality in a partnership. In a recent healing session, my ancestors showed up including my long deceased grandmother who had a very unusual marriage for her time which included my grandfather being a stay at home dad while my grandmother worked as a school physician in the 1930’s.

My grandfather was of course drafted during the war and died in 1940, accidentally shot by his own people because he didn’t know the password. My grandmother never remarried and what she showed me was that this was because she feared being dominated within a marriage. Having experienced such equality within her own marriage with my grandfather, my grandmother didn’t want to settle for the relationships of her time in which men were considered to be above women with laws to ensure their superiority. The women of her time had only recently been granted the right to study and the right to vote, but they were still not allowed to own businesses or bank accounts – something her generation of women changed.

The ring is currently being custom made in the United States and will serve as an anchor for this equality within the relationship between man and woman (or the masculine/feminine in any other way). At the same time it is a beautiful symbolism for the inner Hieros Gamos of the Divine Masculine within, with the Divine Feminine in perfect balance and harmony. Through the healing session with my grandmother, I was shown that I had subconsciously taken on this fear of dominance as well and that I could now release it because it was never mine to begin with.

5th dimensional Divine partnerships are only possible on the basis of total equality and the balancing of our inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine inside ourselves. This is a theme that I had been working on diligently for the past couple of months, but this ancestral fear of male dominance still needed to be released.

Again the chosen symbolism didn’t come out of nowhere, in the session the healer asked me to see the symbol that represented me and my grandmother and although in that moment it made no sense at all – I saw an infinity symbol that connected us through the heart chakra. This healing symbol then transformed our dynamic and showed my grandmother coming to stand behind me in support and showed us that our connection went back to ancient Egypt.

As it turns out, the infinity symbol is thought to restore balance and harmony in relationships which is exactly what the session with my grandmother was about restoring balance and harmony in my relationship with her and coming to the understanding that I was ready to release an ancestral false belief/fear around male supremacy within intimate relationships that would restore the balance and harmony between the feminine and the masculine, within and without.

That’s a pretty powerful energy to anchor and the only one that unlocks true Twin Soul union.

Can you manifest Twin Soul union?

But can you use these techniques to manifest Twin Soul union?

The answer to this is ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

This is because the Twin Soul journey is not about manifesting a physical relationship with the Twin Soul, even though it is so deeply desired. If this journey was merely about ending up together with the person of your choice, you would already have it. It wouldn’t take multiple years and in some cases even decades. As I have explained in another article about Manifesting Twin Soul union, it doesn’t work the way we want it to work because union is not the point but a byproduct of this journey.

The problem is that most people confuse Twin Soul union and being in physical union, to mean the same thing and they don’t necessarily do. The physical union you so strongly desire is a 3D romantic relationship, because that is your ONLY frame of reference. It is what you believe to be the epitome of achievable love, especially as you envision it in the most balanced and harmonious state.

But this is exactly where things go awry….

True Twin Soul union is a 5th dimensional Divine partnership and union that may also manifest in the physical, however we as we are when this journey finds us, are in no way actually ready to be 5th dimensional partners in a Divine union. This is because we are deeply poisoned until the core of our being with subconscious fears and false beliefs from this lifetime, previous lifetimes and as my example shows our ancestors that conflict this new state of consciousness and state of being of the 5th dimension.

This is why manifesting Twin Soul union is and isn’t possible simultaneously, because you aren’t manifesting 3D romantic love – which is actually quite easy to manifest as there are no real blocks that are keeping us from being in a romantic relationship. But it’s not the goal of this journey, so we can’t manifest it with our specific person because we are not meant to rehash old toxic romantic paradigms with them.

We are meant to bring in new (romantic) love templates and there is where the Law of Attraction, is working in our favor as it is helping us uncover layer after layer of internal programming and conditioning that is keeping us from manifesting a true 5th dimensional Divine partnership union – which is what we are meant to have within our Twin Soul connection.

Manifestation anchors can help us in the latter case and they are completely useless otherwise, because you simply cannot force a 3D romantic union on a 5th dimensional Divine partnership – it will not work because it is not what you are meant to have. Trust me, I have tried and it didn’t work, because I was not meant to only come out of this experience with his ring on my finger and a bun in the oven like I initially hoped for.

If that would have been how my story played out, I wouldn’t be writing about it till today. Instead this journey took me inside to the depths of my own being and showed me each and every place where I was out of alignment to the very thing that I wanted more, than life itself initially (this too becomes more balanced as time progresses). That’s where the manifestation anchors also support us, in helping us align deeper and bring into our conscious awareness the very things INSIDE OURSELVES that are keeping us from manifesting our dreams.

I pray this article serves you and helps you understand what is really standing between you and the Twin Soul union, you so deeply desire. So many people hold outside circumstances, or their Twin Soul’s behavior responsible for them not having the Heaven on Earth union they so desperately long for. But the truth is that all our obstacles, come from within and subsequently can only be dissolved within ourselves. Doing so, brings us closer to the manifestation of our dreams in our reality – one step at a time.

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Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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