Why Twin Souls can feel like they are stuck on a Merry-go-round, that keeps them going in circles endlessly….

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Are you stuck on the Merry-go-round with your twin?

Many Twin Souls are stuck on the Merry-go-round with their twin simply because they don’t understand the journey.

They want romance naturally, they’ve just met the love of their life – but romance is not the main course on the Twin Soul menu, it’s the cherry on top.

If you would like to know more about what the true purpose is behind the Twin Soul encounter, download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript. In the manuscript I explain how this journey is in fact an alchemical transformation process, transforming the lead of ego consciousness into the gold of living your Soul truth.

This not understanding of what this journey is actually about, can lead to twins going in circles for years and sometimes even decades. The sad thing being, that they do not see that they themselves are stretching out their own timelines. We are all creators of our own reality and although much of the journey has been pre-agreed on by the Twin Soul couple before incarnation, there are no fixed timelines.

What keeps Twin Souls stuck on the Merry-go-round?

Let’s look at some of the ways Twin Souls get stuck in a loop, that keeps them going in circles until they decide to get off the Merry-go-round. Getting off the Merry-go-round by dumping the twin, is not an option by the way. If you are true Twin Souls, you are in this together till the end and giving up and settling for second best with someone else, only makes the journey take longer.

The only true way to stop going in circles is to do the inner alchemical work, this journey asks of you.

Getting caught up in the 3D story and the blaming game

By far what keeps the most twin’s going in circles endlessly is getting caught up in the 3D story of what is going on in their physical reality. More precisely either their twin ignoring them, blocking them or ‘moving on’ with someone else. If this is really your Twin Soul, they can try as hard as they like but they can’t move on as well even when they are with someone new.

Outer appearances are never what they seem on the Twin Soul journey and they can’t simply be interpreted to mean the same as they would in any normal 3D romantic love relationship, because there is a completely different dynamic at play between Twin Souls. So unless you are dealing with abuse (which is an indicator that you are in fact NOT in a Twin Soul relationship) don’t let what is happening in your physical reality fool you.

Part of this journey is learning to love unconditionally and the only way to learn this is by having to deal with behavior that challenges your very concept of love (Just to be ultra clear abuse is never ever love).

It is quite common for the Divine Masculine to quickly hook up with someone new after the Twin Soul encounter and for the Divine Feminine to feel repulsed about making love to anyone but her twin, this might seem extremely unfair when judging from a 3D perspective. However the third party person in the Divine Masculine’s life actually is there to help the twin couple in their union process and in particularly help trigger the wounds of fear of loss, fear of abandonment, feelings of unworthiness in the Divine Feminine.

What looks like an utter train wreck from a 3D perspective, is in fact a perfectly by the souls engineered pseudo reality designed to help both of the Twin Soul pair heal deep inner wounding. I say pseudo reality, because even though the Divine Masculine is in a physical relationship with someone else his heart and soul belong to his Divine Feminine, no other woman can ever take her place. A truth both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine need to discover on this journey.

Lack discernment and following false teachers

What I often see happen is because this is such an earth-shattering encounter and because your life is so turned upside down after meeting your Twin Soul, that a lot of Divine Feminines become frantic about reading as much as they can about the Twin Soul journey. Now I won’t be crowned miss congeniality for saying this, but most of the Twin Soul information especially that of an older date is utterly useless drab. A lot of mindless regurgitation of the same old myths and falsehoods, that should have been long abandoned as they contribute nothing to the actual journey.

The truth is that everyone is free to set up a website and start contributing to the Twin Soul topic, many do so from their own wounding as I also wrote about in this article on how to avoid fakes and charlatans on the twin journey. Many of these so called teachers and healers are not actually on the Twin Soul journey, even those who claim to be in union often are just in a regular old 3D romantic partnership.

There are definitely true and authentic Twin Soul teachers out there, as there are true and authentic Twin Soul unions – the trick is to only listen to these teachers because they are on the Twin Soul vibrational frequency and working with them or listening to them can help you make quantum leaps in your own journey.

Where people who are in fact not Twin Souls thinking they are and sharing their experiences are vibrating at a lower vibrational frequency because they aren’t on the Twin Soul path or on the energetic frequency of the Twin Soul path. Following their advice or working with them will only keep you going in circles, because the 3D approach doesn’t work in a 5D connection.

Mind you, many of the now very well known Twin Soul teachers were initially in what they thought was a true twin connection, until they met their real Twin Soul later on. It’s no crime to be wrong, it has happened to the best of us. However, when someone is on to their third or fourth Twin Soul connection, then you can be sure that that person has some discernment issues of their own.

Simply put:

You cannot learn about the Twin Soul journey from people who are not actually on it.

Loosing themselves and their grounding in higher dimensions

While I am speaking my truth, I would also like to address the many channeled messages that are being offered to Twin Souls to keep them feeling encouraged on their journey. Ninety percent of the so called channeled messages out there are complete BS. They are filled with wishful thinking, romantic illusions and heavily larded with very 3D thinking. You would think that when one channels an Ascended master or Archangel or any other higher being, that their teachings would be 5th dimensional at least or above – yet many of these so called channeled message still promote old 3D paradigm thought forms which clearly indicates that they are either not channeled or that the person channeling the message, is still too stuck in their own ego consciousness to be a clear channel.

As one of my Tribe members said recently ‘Anytime there is something like this you will have people claiming they are “gurus” and they have received Divine Channeling that new things were revealed to them!

This Divine Channeling tactic is often used, to put something above discussion.

Recently in one of the bigger Facebook groups for Twin Souls a discussion arose on my article about False Twin Souls and the 144.000 were brought up again. I questioned who brought this into the world, the 144K is a concept in the Bible but someone has to have said it applied to Twin Souls. Sure enough I got the answer from someone who I know promotes this concept, that she is but a messenger and only channels from the highest realms and not from the lower knowledge blah blah blah.. In other words because it was channeled it was above further scrutiny which only encourages mindless following – which is not part of the Twin Soul path.

A lot of my information including my articles is channeled knowledge as well, but a good channeled message is one that can be substantiated. That is the whole point of a higher being finding someone on planet Earth to give information through, it’s because they want to teach us something we don’t know yet. What characterizes a true teaching? Something that can be substantiated. Because without that aspect, you only create dogma.

So do also show some discernment when it comes to channeled messages, not everyone is a clear channel and not everything being presented is a message or teaching from the higher realms.

I have to say that my biggest problem with almost every channeled message is, that it does not apply to everyone. To many it becomes a reason to sit back and wait ‘Archangel Michael said that we will all come into union next month…. no reason then to look at my inner wounding’, which only prolongs the Merry-go-round effect.

Another issue I see is that it can attract people who are ungrounded or keep them ungrounded, I know one twin teacher who appeals to the spiritual ego of her followers to get them into every next payed transmission she will be initiating in order to pave the way for Twin Soul unions worldwide and of course it’s wonderful for the ego to be a part of such a lofty ideal – but the God da*n truth is that union comes from your own inner alchemical transformation process.

Yes, where two or more gather miracles do happen but you can’t bypass the individual process. Plus it’s shear manipulation to state that the higher realms need you and and as many people as possible to hold the energetic space for the grid point of their location. It’s nothing but appealing to the need to be special, to be chosen – you might be f*cked in your own Twin Soul relationship, but by helping the Twin Soul collective you have a chance to redeem yourself and as a reward all the troubles in your own connection will dissipate… It does NOT work like that.

You have to do the inner work.

Not doing the work or ‘healing’ yourself

I am full aware of the fact that I am loosing sympathy points with some of you the further I get into this article, but when I stepped up to be a Twin Soul teacher I decided I didn’t need people to like me as much as I need to do my job and that is to cut through the crap that has been keeping Twin Souls going in circles ad infinitum. I trust that the people who are ready to cut through the crap as well, will gravitate towards me.

It is my mission (supported by my Twin Soul) to help as many Twin Souls as possible come to union in this lifetime. We as Twin Souls are the boots on the ground, we are the Divine’s love army come here in this time to help usher in the BIG shift from 3D to 5D and a lot of you my brothers and sisters have lost your way, if you don’t mind me saying so. You clicked on the link to this article because, the title is EXACTLY how you feel on your Twin Soul journey and that’s normal we have all been there, myself included. I am no more special than you are, there is no special, there is no chosen ones. We chose ourselves for this great adventure, yet some of you are still in full Soul amnesia…

This is the time for the BIG shift and you cannot usher in anything, if you have not first made this shift inside yourself. That means you need to be doing the inner work, now this might not be nice to say but most of the people I know that have been on this journey quite some time and have not gotten very far, are people who have not done the work. For whatever reason or excuse they have just not done the inner work.

This inner work, the transformation from lead to gold in the Twin Soul pair is the main course on the Twin Soul menu.

A variation to not doing the inner work is people who have been healing themselves all this time. This is one of the biggest illusions, you cannot do all the healing work this journey asks of you by yourself nor do you need to. Yes we all have healing power and even when you work with someone else, the healing is still done through your own healing power as well. But you can’t see, what you can’t see and most of the wounding that you need to address on this journey is buried deep in your subconscious.

Doing your healing work with other healers, can really speed up your timeline.

While self-healing even with the help of your guides, your higher self, your twin’s higher self and your ancestor’s tends to just keep you in loops of false growth, i.e. bullsh*tting yourself. Honestly if that was all there is to it, then there would be loads of Twin Soul unions abound wouldn’t there? ‘I don’t need anyone else, I can heal myself‘ is a massive ego trip. Even the best healers I know, including myself – don’t heal themselves, they work with someone else who can help them access the deeper layers that you don’t easily access yourself.

But even when you do work with others 5-10 sessions is not going to cut it. I had three sessions alone this month and I have been having monthly sessions for at least two years if not longer. I also bought two new audio’s this month and although I love working with healing audio’s, I know they do not replace working with an actual healer. It’s something you do on top of working one on one, like Bach flower essences – healing audio’s are your upkeep dosage not a replacement of working with actual healers.

Wasting time commiserating with others

Many other Twin Soul teachers have pointed this out as well, there is a tendency where Twin Souls come together whether that be in the larger Twin Soul groups, in reaction to a Facebook post or a YouTube video – it doesn’t matter there will always be one throwing a tantrum or just being downright negative and that person will hijack the feed getting the most comments and oddly enough their comment will get the most likes.

Many twins love to commiserate together and it keeps them going in circles forever.

Even when the larger groups have many moderators checking posts, there is so much collective negativity in those groups, it’s unstoppable. Plus there are many people in that group who are in fact not Twin Souls at all, which leads to a lot of 3D advice that DOES NOT EVER work in a Twin Soul relationship.

Don’t respond directly, make him wait, teach him how to treat you, show him that you are out living your own life, etc…

All 3D BS tactics that will just backfire on you in a Twin Soul relationship and keep you running in circles.

Only recently on my Facebook post about Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde as an analogy for how your Twin Soul’s hot/cold, stop/go, yes/no attitude can make you feel and what the real reason is behind their behavior the, post itself got close to 300 likes. A comment in which someone replied to the article that she is more and more convinced that these Twin Souls are mere Narcissists who are attracted into a person’s life to help them eventually realize the importance of SELF-love…. and on it went – that comment alone got 105 likes!

Why do we like something? Because it resonates, because we feel it reflects something that we hold to be true as well.

To me that enormous amount of likes on an off topic comment tells me that those 88 people who liked it and 17 people who even loved it, feel that they are dealing with narcissists. It means the people liking it are heavily disappointed in their own journeys. It shows frustration. It shows them looking at whats happening in 3D and not understanding that this connection has its own way of doing things in your life. It also sparked me to write the article on false Twin Souls a week later because narcissists and Twin Soul do not go together, a narcissist has not reached the wholeness needed to be confronted with their Divine mirror.

As far as I am concerned if you think your Twin Soul is a narcissist, you are either not on the twin path or you are misinterpreting their behavior – because narcissism and being on the Twin Soul journey are mutually exclusive.

But back to the subject there are thousands and thousand of Twin Souls out there heavily disappointed in their own connection with their twin. They don’t understand the journey and it doesn’t help that the outer appearance of ALL BEING LOST FOREVER is a major part of this journey. Nobody escapes this fact even the people that get to union faster than others, a friend of mine is on her way to India as I write this blog to get engaged to her Twin Soul – but there was a period of about one month that it seemed like all hope was lost and that they would not be allowed to be together.

Utter disappointment and deep frustration are common on this journey, but commiserating together about how sh*t the journey is or bashing your twin publicly because you feel hurt is only aligning you to the lower 3D vibrations that you are actually supposed to be shifting out of.

This is actually the NUMBER ONE reason why I closed my free Twin Soul group and opened up a paid version, because the first group was very successful in numbers but was full of people who were not serious about this journey and also vibing at a 3D frequency. For example posting a post about how much they miss their twin after not seeing them for two weeks is useless and very inconsiderate towards people who have been out of contact with their twin for months or maybe even years. I don’t allow such posts because they only turn the whole group energy towards the feeling of experiencing lack. Lack begets lack by the law of attraction and therefore keeps twins connecting to this morphic field of lack to stay stuck in a looping pattern of lack.

I can honestly say that The Twin Soul Tribe that I run as a paid group is one of the most high vibrational groups out there and a really safe environment for Twin Souls to share their journey with other Twin Souls worldwide. The fact that people have to pay to be a part of the group, weeds out the fakes, the commiserators and the non-committed. The perfect recipe for getting the support you need on this journey.

Wasting money on the wrong tools

Just to be clear I have nothing against tarot readings, psychics or any other form of Divination that is used to channel messages that might assist you on your journey. But let’s be honest, you only need one good read to help you on your way and maybe a check-in after six months to measure your progress, but that is not how most Twin Souls use these tools.

Many Twin Souls waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars on getting reads from multiple psychics, etc. in order to confirm their Twin Soul connection – which is like flipping a coin there are only two options heads (yes) or tails (no) – there is a 50% chance they picked the wrong one. Which when they do tell you it is not your Twin Soul, hurls you into despair so you get another read to see what this person says and it f*cking doesn’t matter what they say because if this is your true twin, you can’t get off this journey anyway and having someone else confirm that, does NOTHING to help you further on your journey.

Another favorite question is ‘Is he/she coming back?‘ or ‘When will he or she be back?‘ Whatever the answer they give it will be wrong 99% of the time and I am really not saying this to dump on psychics or make what they do seem trivial. I will be launching a new website in the fall with an interview series with top Twin Soul teachers and healers about what it takes to come into union. One of the first people I asked to be part of this project is Karen Burness from TwinFlamePsychic1111.com. Divination can certainly be an important tool on the Twin Soul journey, when it helps you to better understand your own blocks.

The same applies to most group healing activations, they are nice to do – they might have some effect but a $15 or so group healing call, or even an $80 Twin Soul webinar despite all the promises can NEVER replace the effect of working one on one with a healer.

I CANNOT emphasize enough how important the inner work is and for that you need to have the focus on you and not be part of a group. I am not saying group work is useless, I am saying that it cannot replace the inner work that must be done.

Although people investing in the wrong tools, certainly feel like they are working on themselves and investing in their journey – it can keep them looping in circles nonetheless because they are not working with the correct tools.

Being afraid to be conned – trust issues

You might have noticed if you wanted to contact me, that I have really pulled up some email boundaries and there were a lot of reasons to do this but the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was a Dutch lady emailing me.

Now I know anyone who wants to do in person sessions with me only has one real reason for this even when they are not aware of it and that is because they have control issues which are always trust issues. They feel that if they work with me in person, that it will be more safe, that there will be less risk of being cheated, etc.

So this lady emails me back and forth, sending me excruciating long emails about her situation wanting to know if I can help her. Turns out she is relieved to find out I am Dutch as well, because my website looked so American and she distrust coaches from America… Then when I have assured her that I can help her in a Skype call, as all of my International clients work with me that way as well with great results…. she asks the price. So I tell her the price (which is on the website, she did not have to ask me this.) She is then shocked by the amount, can she please pay in two installments. Sure, I said so I make her an invoice for two installments which freaks her out again. Now she writes back and we are at email number 14 or so, can she please have some time to think about it. After about a week she emails me back, that she cannot afford to take the session now because she is going to the United States in a couple of weeks and needs all her money for the trip.

I cancelled the invoice and asked her why she even emailed me in the first place, creating such immense urgency when she already knew she was going abroad and did not have the money for a session. Her response was, that I should understand her feeling of urgency as I am a Twin Soul myself. Yes, I have felt this urgency as well on my journey and what I did then was book a freaking session! I did not go around wasting someones time, projecting my own inner trust issues.

Of course after I did tell her that she had wasted my time, she doesn’t want to work with me anymore, but when it comes down to it the only person who will suffer from that is she, herself. She had a healer she resonated with, that she wanted to work with and then she through her own fear of being conned or cheated started this dance of wishy-washiness that I personally don’t have time for. Now she is back to square one, still in need of someone to work with but needing to find someone else that she feels she can trust.

You understand of course that from her perspective her interaction with me only confirmed to her once more that she is right not to be too trusting, because look at how it worked out when she trusted me…. I turned out to be someone she was right not to trust in her eyes, not realizing that she had self-sabotaged the whole thing with her own pattern of distrust.

Even more so the way you do anything, is the way you do EVERYTHING – this distrust or fear of being cheated, misled, conned will without a doubt also show up in her relationship with her Twin Soul. I could have helped her in a session access the deeper karmic pattern that was being played out here, but we never got to that point because her lack of trust keeps her looping in circles. There are many other Twin Souls like her afraid to move ahead, because it might not work. One thing is for sure though, doing nothing does not work either.

Working with the wrong people

In that same week, so it was an overall message to me to sharpen my email boundaries I got an email from a Dutch man also wanting to work with me in person which I don’t do. There is NO ADDED value in being in the same room with me, when I work with you. Energy is not dependent on or more powerful when both are in the same physical space. It’s energy, it travels at the speed of light, no matter how many physical miles between us.

This man had been referred to me by his spiritual business coach, who I know from way back that we were both running webdesign companies. She became the leader of spiritual business coaching in the Netherlands and I became an International Twin Soul teacher and healer, how dramatically lives can change in just a couple of years.

This man definitely wanted to book a session he said, it was just a matter of coordinating it with his wife who is not his twin – so you understand the sensitivity of the situation. A week later he emails me to thank me for my time, but that he has just had three healing sessions this past week including a very powerful one in which the cords were cut between him and this soul mate (which he before referred to as his Twin Soul) and that he needed time to recover.

Now I don’t know if it was the not being able to come out to a location or that three sessions locally added up to the same amount as one session with me and I don’t actually care. What I do know is that this man did not get the help he needed. Any Twin Soul healer knows it is utterly useless to do cord cutting between Twin Souls, at best it only resets the connection clearing out any negativity between the twin pair. Which in general will bring the twin couple closer.

This client however found himself in a what he called a happy marriage and the meeting of his Twin Soul was not something that came in handy or an experience that he wanted. So from his perspective I fully understand him wanting to cut the cords with this trouble maker, would be homewrecker – but the connection between Twin Souls is indestructible.

Regular healers often don’t understand the Twin Soul dynamic and therefore come up with the wrong solutions. It’s clear that wrong solutions keep you looping in the same dynamics, because nothing is being done about the core issues.

Wanting the goods, but not being willing to pay the price (scarcity mindset)

It’s maybe to confirm that I needed to work internationally and not locally but alas another example is again with a Dutch lady. Although all the examples I have given can and do apply to ALL nationalities, but this example is again with a Dutch potential client.

So this lady really needed more than a one time session, she needed a better understanding of the journey she is on. The best option I have for that is becoming a member of The Twin Soul Tribe which gives you access to my online program, the Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Soul Mastery Program. This is a 14 week program that takes you through every aspect of the journey and gives you clear advice how to navigate this journey, which she was clearly having issues with.

When I suggested the program to her she said she didn’t need it as she read my blog and many other teachers blogs and did I know this new guy on YouTube? She also listened to his videos. This clearly explains why she has no f*cking clue what she is doing, because she is showing no discernment whatsoever. She is just consuming EVERYTHING she can get her hands on, soaking it all in like a big sponge and still not having a clue what to do.

In online marketing where my background is, there is this saying there is only so much you can learn from pressing your face against the window trying to copy the trade of the tradesman… meaning you can’t really learn online marketing or anything else for that matter just by immersing yourself in FREE content. The stuff that really works is sold and even when you do get 80% right, the 20% that is missing is often the key that links it all together and what makes it work.

Another reason to pull up the email boundaries were all these people emailing me for free advice on their Twin Soul situation. I honestly do not understand people doing this. This is my work. I don’t have a job next to this. This is what I do for a living, this is what pays my rent and provides in every other way for me and my family as I also do not have a partner who supports me.

Yet, even though no one in their right mind will go to the baker and ask for free bread, nor would they got to the butcher to ask for a free ribeye steak. Somehow they think it’s normal because they are a Twin Soul and I am a Twin Soul as well, to ask me for FREE advice on their specific situation.

The real reason behind all this is of course a scarcity mindset, which is part of the old 3D paradigm. In 5D there is unlimited abundance, which seems contradictory to many spiritual people who have massive money blocks or maybe even believe that it is not right to ask money for spiritual work. Money flows, where the decision goes. If you really want something, the money comes when you take inspired action. There is nothing wrong with money and a barter system is only unhandy because you would have to keep trading those massages and hedge trims until you do have the hard cash to pay your landlord, cause offering him a back-rub in exchange might be taken the wrong way. 😉

Plus money makes the client committed, which doing things for free does not. One of my very first Twin Soul clients, who recently came back for a repeat session – got so pissed off in her first session with me that she completely unblocked her psychic gifts. She had gone into the session assuming that I would see for her and tell her what I see, but the Twin Soul Reunion journeys don’t work that way – the energy I channel activates the clients own dormant psychic abilities that she had blocked out. So at one point she was raging on Skype that she f*cking spent a fortune and she couldn’t see sh*t (I have never worked with anyone who could not access their own psychic abilities and she was no exception). That did the trick, she slid into her psychic abilities after that like a mofo and had an amazing session nonetheless. Her own investment in that session both financially as emotionally got her out of her comfort zone, that she otherwise would have felt no need to leave.

Not having money is a never ending story, it just generates more lack and keeps you from being able to access the solutions that money can buy you.

Not loving yourself enough to invest in the life of your dreams

This often comes disguised as ‘I am not sure if my Twin Soul connection is worth investing in…’ which is then always based on a 3D situation or behavior that makes them doubt their Twin Soul is really in this together with them. I get that. It was not until after I reconnected with my Twin Soul after this 16 months of separation that I really understood that he had been in this together with me all this time. Actually when we met he told me right off the bat, when I was afraid to move forward with him, that we were in this together, him and me. Him saying that had actually ticked me off for the longest time during our separation, because I was clearly left alone by him I felt. When we caught up on each others lives after close to 1,5 years of virtually no contact he opened up about what had really been going on for him and it was depressing, he went through hell just like I had. So again, don’t let outer appearances fool you.

But this is not about investing in your Twin Soul or in your Twin Soul connection, this is about investing in YOU and you living the life that you dream of. That is what this whole freaking journey is about, whether you end up with the man or the woman of your dreams is only a small part of the equation. So when you invest time and money in this, you are in fact investing time and money in creating the life of your dreams.

I saw something interesting this week and that was a thread in a big Twin Soul group where people were asked to name their favorite Twin Soul healers, teachers and coaches. I listed my two favorite, but the majority of the responses were people naming themselves, God, their higher selves, their twin, their guides etc. Though this may sound very powerful them saying this, it’s also a trap. You don’t know, what you don’t know. Doing it the DIY way is never the best option, because there is no need to reinvent the wheel – when there are so many resources out there that can help you get to where you want to be much quicker and with way less drama.

It’s a question of adapting the right mindset. Someone who loves themselves, doesn’t need to struggle. They don’t need to do everything by themselves. They can allow in the help of others. They can allow things to be quick and easy. They don’t need to be so hard on themselves and they can allow themselves to have their cake and eat it too. They allow themselves to live the life they dream of. Do you feel the difference between the two?

Back in 2007 I was a welfare mom, I had come back to the Netherlands from living abroad six years. My life was a mess, my oldest was on drugs, I had lost my youngest daughter to a serious birth defect and shortly after her death I caught my then husband cheating with another woman. This was the second time he was having an affair so I filed for divorce. I had a 3 year old son and a 7 year old daughter and I wanted to work from home so that I could balance earning a living and taking care of these children who had lost not one but three family members in a short period of time.

It took me a couple of years to figure it out and by 2011 I was off welfare, running an online marketing company. One of the first things I did was buy a $500 course that I couldn’t afford. I needed a payment plan to make it work. It was a system called the Client Attraction system by Fabienne Fredrickson and I applied the steps she taught in her system. Guess what? Two months later we hit our first $5K month a tenfold return on investment. I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, all I needed to do was pay someone $500 to teach me what steps I needed to take and I took those steps which helped me to create the life of my dreams at that moment, giving me the opportunity to work from home and be the mother that I wanted to be to my young children.

My highly toxic boyfriend at that time told me I had wasted my money buying this course and that it would bring me nothing. But I was on a roll, I had defeated all odds by getting off of welfare leaving everyone around me left with their mouths hanging open. I was going to make this work come hell or high water!

I have applied these same principles to my Twin Soul Journey. I have bought courses, books and e-books from other teachers. I have bought audio activations and meditations from other Twin Soul healers. I have booked sessions with many healers, including colleagues in my own field. Yes, I am a healer myself and yet on my own journey I work with other healers.

I have treated my Twin Soul journey as I would treat any other heart’s desire I want to manifest in my physical reality. I have not let my twin not talking to me throw me off my course. I have not let my twin pushing me out of his life and blocking me discourage me. I have not let any new romantic interest in his life make me want to give up my dreams for my own life. I have kept working on me, because I know that I create my own reality.

And after I moved passed all the illusions of separation, all the illusions of rejection, the illusions of love lost…. Guess what? My twin came back into my life and showed me we had really been in this together all along.

Everything I did in these past 3+ years is what got me and my twin into the harmonization phase we are currently in, in record time.

It has not been a Merry-go-round experience for me because despite the fact that my twin also still pulls back sometimes I can see how far I (and him as well) have come since we first met up in this lifetime.

I pray this article serves you and helps you to get off the Merry-go-round in your Twin Soul connection.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union and Ascension process, join the Tribe Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Soul Partnership and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Tribe members also get access to my own personal team of healers, who have assisted me in my inner union process. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Soul Partnership union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out.

You can also book a Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint Session to help you release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes that are keeping you from creating the Heaven on Earth experience you want your life to be.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Soul Partnership journey and Inner Union process. As a spiritual teacher and healer, she helps those seeking to attract or reunite with their Soul Partner to understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.