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Twin Soul reunion stages for the modern day Divine Feminine trying to win back her Divine Masculine

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on Twin Soul reunion stages for the modern day Divine Feminine trying to win back her Divine Masculine, you will learn:

  • The Twin Soul principles explained
  • Tips on understanding the Twin Soul journey
  • How to identify the BS of most Twin Soul teachings
  • What the Twin Soul journey is really about
  • And more…

When I started researching Twin Souls back in 2014 when I knew I had met my own, the only thing out there was a regurgitation of the Twin Soul stages and reading them didn’t really help understand this journey any better. The other Twin Soul information out there was mostly from long ago abandoned blogs by often deeply disappointed Divine Feminines who had given up on their own journeys – which made it seem as if the Twin Soul journey is nothing but a cruel joke that leads you down a dead-end street.

I wish someone back then, would have shared with me – what I will share with you today….

The Twin Soul principles that this article is based on

My definition of Twin Souls is not so much the two halves of one soul, although that could be true but seems to be a concept that tends to get over-romanticized fast when in reality – ALL souls came from the same ONE source energy.

I prefer to see Twin Souls as the perfect vibrational blueprint match of each other and a unique soul contract to bring each other home. This soul contract is NOT subject to free will in 3D and cannot be broken, because the goal of that soul contract exceeds the wants and desires of the physical realm.

This soul contract is fortified by an unbreakable energetic cord between the two Twin Souls that ensures that the inner work they do individually works through to the other twin. It is not possible to be more evolved than your Twin Soul, although it may seem like one twin is more aware of the connection than the other.

This is often referred to as the awakened and unawakened twin – almost implicating that one is more spiritually progressed than the other. This is a misinterpretation of the dynamic because it is through their choice to be consciously unaware that the Divine Masculine (m/f) can play their part in triggering the subconscious wounding in their Divine Feminine counterpart.

At a soul level both are each others equals and spiritually evolved to the same degree, in other words if your Divine Masculine is not ready for ascension – you aren’t ready either, no matter how ‘woke’ you think you are.

Twin Souls have been twins since the beginning of time and you only have one Twin Soul, everything else is called being wrong about the connection – there is no need to label them False Twin Souls or anything else…

Twin Soul couples are made up of a Divine Feminine and a Divine Masculine and this is not determined by gender, twins can be gay, lesbian and/or hetero and even in a hetero-sexual couple the man can be the Divine Feminine and the woman can be the Divine Masculine – it all depends on what the higher selves scripted as necessary for their journey home. I have female clients with gay men as a Twin Soul or normally heterosexual women recognizing their twin to be a woman when they have never had feelings for another woman before.

It’s all pre-ordained or actually pre-agreed upon, because you both chose this path and all the obstacles you had to overcome.

This is also why you cannot go and find your Twin Soul or attract them, this is not a soulmate connection. You either agreed to meet each other in this lifetime because you are ready to make the journey home, or you didn’t which means that you will not meet your Twin Soul in this lifetime.

There is nothing to be sad about if you have not made a soul agreement to meet your twin in this lifetime, unless you believe that the Twin Soul connection is the most perfect love relationship possible – which is an illusion. You can be perfectly happy with a soulmate as well, and the Twin Soul is not the epitome of romantic love.

The Twin Soul journey is a very magical and amazing adventure and despite the fact that it often looks like your twin has bailed on you, you are really in this together. Your higher selves have made a pact and are working in tandem to get you to where your soul wanted to be, even when you don’t understand your twin’s behavior.

Twin Soul connections are not painful, traumatic or abusive. Please do not use the term Twin Soul to allow someone to hurt you. That being said Twin Soul connections do trigger a lot of pain, unprocessed trauma and memories of abuse – but they never inflict them. The emotions and pain being triggered are often subconscious childhood and past life wounds being reactivated – in order to heal them once and for all.

Or and this is very common as well for many Twin Souls, YOU cause your OWN suffering by insisting on the connection being romantic and yearning for a romantic outcome, when it’s just not time yet to be together in a physical romantic relationship. What you resist, persists and the more you push for romance the more it eludes you which increases your suffering. This creates a self-perpetuating vicious circle that many Twin Souls find themselves in.

Understanding the Twin Soul journey

Please do forgive me with luring you in with this article’s title, I crafted it because I knew it was something that you would click on because it’s where you are at in your journey at this moment.

It’s actually what many Twin Soul teachers do, lure you in with the golden carrot – called union. If you want to keep chasing a carrot running in circles, listen to them.

If you want to find a way out of this mayhem, then listen to me.

This journey is not about the carrot, it’s not about ending up romantically with the twin and before you plummet into despair….

The fact that this journey is not about ending up in romantic and sexual bliss with your twin DOES NOT mean, that you will not have it as well. Out of this world everything including mind blowing sex, connection and love is certainly on the Twin Soul menu – it just isn’t the main course initially.

If you want to know more about why meeting your Twin Soul is not just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story, please download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union.

In fact using romance as a yardstick to measure the progress of your Twin Soul connection is bound to cause more frustration, hold ups and delays, because this journey has it’s own timelines and milestones that set it a world apart from your everyday romance.

Using romance to measure how far you are on this journey, is like trying to measure length using a scale. A scale can only measure weight, it can’t tell you anything about the length of the object you are measuring. In the same way the level of romance in the connection, says nothing about the utter depths of love that is experienced on both side of the connection (even if the other person is suddenly denying it).

Identifying the BS of most Twin Soul teachings

There is something inherently wrong about spiritualizing a romantic connection and teaching people that their keys to Heaven on Earth lay in the hands of another being.

It is just not true and it is a damaging belief system to be instilling – that the answer to all your dreams come true lies outside of you.

In Twin Soul land there is this inordinate emphasis on ending up in a romantic relationship with the twin and that makes perfect sense because it is the deepest experienced desire in every twin couple (yes, even in the ones running from the connection).

Yet, as Twin Soul teachers it is our job to not teach what people want to hear, but what will actually get them the results that they are trying to attain.

Which brings us to an often discussed problem in the Twin Soul community, there is no such thing as a Twin Soul PhD. There is no schooling or training to become a Twin Soul coach, counselor or healer. Everyone who has a website, can set up shop. It is a completely non-regulated sector and let’s be honest it’s also way too woo-woo to fit into any existing 3D frame of reference.

Try explaining your Twin Soul connection and all the experienced synchronicities to a shrink and you’ll be lucky if you walk out being diagnosed obsessed instead of borderline psychotic! Add to that your inner knowing that you and your twin are here on a special mission and you get grandiose personality and delusional as extra labels.

This lack of regulation inherently means that almost everyone including myself, offering Twin Soul services and or information is doing so, based on their own personal experience with a Twin Soul connection. Sadly some teachers don’t even have the personal experience and they are relying on what they intuit about the connection which can lead to an even more over-romanticizing approach, while those coming from their own experience can at times be blinded by their own pain and struggle to see past their own wounding.

Remember the deepest experienced desire for anyone on this journey is the sexual and romantic ONENESS with the other and therefore many Twin Soul teachers, teach this because it is their own deepest desire as well – whether it is attained or not.

They teach it because they imagine it to be the highest outcome of this journey.

Which in many cases leads to the blind leading, the blind. All being blinded by the sheer brilliance of the golden carrot they are chasing.

So if it’s not about romance, then what is it about?

This journey is an alchemical process, alchemy is known as the quest to transform lead into gold.

However it is meant more metaphorically than actually creating valuable gold from an unworthy metal as lead.

You see the lead represents ego and the denser 3D consciousness being transformed into living from the soul in the flesh, in higher 5th dimensional consciousness.

Alchemy describes the ascension process while in the body.

You start out on this journey living from the ego in the 3D paradigm consciousness and through a process of extreme purging, just as the lead being burned clean through the alchemical process – over the course of your journey you transform into living as your soul self in the 5th dimensional reality which still takes place here on Earth in the physical (3D) because dimensions are NOT PLACES – they are states of BEING.

When I truly understood this, I also understood that instead of chasing the carrot – All you need to do is allow yourself to go through the alchemical process in order to reach this place of Heaven on Earth that you sense possible with the Twin Soul.

In the process of my own transformation, I learned that this state of Heaven on Earth is something we attain inside ourselves and which then becomes reflected back to us in our outer reality.

Which is the meaning of this text on the Emerald tablet, one of the most referred to texts that the science of Alchemy is based on:

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” – Hermes Trismegistus

If this person is really your Twin Soul, then they will be back once you have attained Heaven on Earth inside yourself and probably much sooner…

One way you will certainly not get them back is through trying to force romance in 3D or trying to force the connection in 5D. There has never come a Twin Soul union from the Divine Feminine hunting down her Divine Masculine and forcing him to make her his bride.

It has never happened and it will never happen because true love can’t be forced – even if you are d*mn sure it is reciprocated.

The 9 alchemical stages of Twin Soul reunion

The stages that I am about to describe are not meant as a linear process, because for one you will be going back and forth on them as you work through the different energy bodies (mental, emotional, vibrational and physical).

The second reason is that you don’t actually have to go through all stages to be in a physical relationship with your twin (which does not equal union).

However my experience is that twins that come together quite early on in the process don’t necessarily have it easier than twins in separation because they have to deal with all the triggering up close and personal and they are NOT and this is really important for you to understand – further in their spiritual development as twins in separation.

The souls use closeness (physical relationship) and distance (separation) to bring up the subconscious wounding that needs to be addressed.

I know Twin Souls who came together relatively early in their journey who are for example walking on eggshells out of fear of loss and the codependency that stems from it. You have to remember each twin couple has their own unique journey theme and subconscious wounding to match – to which they scripted the most perfect scenario that would get them both back into that state of Oneness not only with each other but with themselves and ALL that is – which of course is a state of Heaven on Earth.

Stage 1 – Meeting the One

It all starts with meeting someone online or in real life that you identify as THE ONE, this person is everything you have ever wanted and even though you may have only just met – you feel like you have known and loved this person since forever. Words cannot describe the intensity of the connection that you experience with them and life will simply never be the same now that you have met them.

Through them you have gotten a glimpse of Heaven and now you are thirsty for more.

But just because you are floating on cloud nine, does not mean that this person is your Twin Soul. Don’t be too quick to label your connection a Twin Soul connection just because you experience bliss and amazing sex.

In fact most Twin Soul connections are not based on frequent sexual encounters because sexual energy increases the triggering of the unprocessed subconscious traumas that are stored in our vibrational field. This has to be healed and released step by step which is the purpose of all the back and forth that is so common in Twin Soul connections, it serves to purify the mental, emotional, physical and vibrational bodies.

Stage 2 – Trouble in paradise

What will make it quite confusing is that whether this person requites your feelings initially or not, they often suddenly simply disappear out of your life – leaving you wondering what the f*ck you did wrong?

Relax! You did nothing wrong, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

If you were already in a romantic connection and your Divine Masculine was pursuing you like crazy, it might have caught you off guard that the moment you were ready to go for it and be his only – he drops you like a hot potato.

Most Divine Feminine then start to chase the Divine Masculine, but that only leads to more running because their pulling back is meant to bring up your mutual inner subconscious wounding.

You aren’t consciously aware of these inner wounds, you only know that losing this person hurts like hell and you can’t just shake it off – which makes you extra motivated to pull them back into your life so the pain will stop.

Like most human beings operating from the 3D programming, you try to get your needs met outside of you, when this journey has come to teach you that everything you seek is inside of you.

Stage 3 – Can I trust myself?

The more you try to chase your Divine Masculine, the further he runs away from you – usually right into the arms of someone else and all these subconscious wounds get triggered even deeper. Nothing like another woman to trigger your deep wounds of fear of loss, abandonment, worthlessness and lack of self love.

This guy (or girl) knows all your weak spots and (s)he is poking his finger in each one of them to help you to become aware of what you have been trying to hide from yourself since too long, in fact often throughout lifetimes and lifetimes.

Though everything seems over and done in the 3D world, because it looks as if he has moved on with or without someone else – you find yourself unable to let go, let alone able to move on as well. Any attempts you make to find someone new yourself seem to be cursed and doomed to fail and even if you do make it as far as a first date, you are miserably aware of the fact that this other person seems bleak in comparison to the Twin Soul that is still lodged deeply into your heart.

This is also the stage in which you question your own sanity, because what seems to be the truth and what you know to be the truth does not add up. This asks you to trust your heart over your head, which means shifting out of the 3D paradigm in which we believe that only that what we can see (or perceive with our 5 senses) is real.

When in reality everything we see outside of us as our physical experience is but a reflection of what we believe and hold to be true inside of us. Something we were NOT taught in school, but the scientific evidence to support this view of life has been piling up over the past couple of decades.

Trusting our inner knowing becomes the next step, but is often the most difficult because it’s scary to follow your inner guidance when it defies all logic. What if you are wrong? What will you do to yourself if you allow yourself to trust this and it was all fantasy? It’s a mind f*ck that all Twin Souls need to reprogram, because we of course have all been brainwashed (no conspiracy theory behind it, it’s just collective conditioning) to trust an outer authority, i.e. give away our power.

Until you decide to trust yourself you will be trying everything under the sun to get someone else to confirm this connection for you, which is impossible. You cannot get permission to trust yourself from someone else, you have to give this permission to yourself.

But let me ask you this, if you can’t trust yourself – then who can you trust?

If you really find it difficult to trust your own judgment like most Twin Souls do, you can try this fool-proof method by asking the Universe (your soul) to confirm your connection. What you definitely don’t want to be doing is running from psychic to psychic asking them if this is your Twin Soul because they simply cannot get an accurate read on the connection, even when they are known to be bang on about everything else.

I am going to be honest most twins get stuck at this part of the journey between stages 3 and 4 and that is why the majority of the Twin Soul collective is running in circles, chasing their own tail because they don’t trust, they don’t commit and they don’t work on their own inner healing which gives them access to the final stages. Instead they keep chasing that freaking carrot called union – not understanding that union can ONLY be found within and without the twin in order to be able to find it without with the twin.

Stage 4 – Committing to the journey

After you have won the inner battle of trusting yourself and this connection you are ready to commit to your journey and follow the calling of your heart. Though you may think you are committing to him (replace with her if needed this goes beyond gender), you are in fact committing to you and your own inner transformation.

I teach celibacy in this period and the reason I do, is because you need to be able to really go inside, which will not be possible if you are sexually or romantically involved with someone else.

For most Divine feminines this urge to become celibate comes naturally and even when it doesn’t most women find themselves magically c*ckblocked by their higher self in order to direct and keep the focus within.

Celibacy is the vibrational equivalent of the alchemical container in which the lead is first purified and then transformed into gold.

Don’t worry about the fact that the Divine Masculine is not celibate, because in this alchemical process the Divine Feminine goes first. All the healing she does has a knock-on effect on the Twin Soul counterpart. Everything she gives to herself, allows him to give this to himself as well because they are each other perfect vibrational mirror.

But even if they turned out not to be the exact vibrational blueprint and her transformation would vibrationally kick him out of her reality because they turned out to not be Twin Souls after all, nothing is lost because the inner work she did will align her to better quality men with whom she CAN have the romantic relationship she dreams of.

Inner work is never lost or wasted upon someone else, because it changes your own vibrational frequency which changes your outer reality physical experience.

Stage 5 – Facing your own dragons and demons

When you have decided to be ALL in, you can start your own process of purification – by removing all the layers of gunk and sludge that you bought into throughout your soul’s journey through space and time. Aka healing yourself.

The problem is not that you are wounded and not whole, the problem is that at a subconscious level you believe you are broken and you have failed to be able to see the truth of who you are. Instead you see yourself through the filters of your own misunderstandings throughout the ages over lifetimes and lifetimes.

It is these subconscious fears and false beliefs that are being played out in your current reality in an attempt to help you remember who you really are on a soul level, not who you believe to be based on the personality you have identified with.

Both the running that happens in Twin Soul connection as the short term or long term separations serve to trigger these subconscious wounds, in order for you to be able to heal them.

Healing is in fact nothing but a shift in perspective, but as we do not know consciously what we fear or where we hold false beliefs about our-self and the world – we cannot shift our perspective until we remember the situations that led us to our false conclusions.

There are Twin Soul teachers out there claiming that you can bypass this stage energetically, but I will explain why that is not possible. You see it’s these subconscious fears and false beliefs that are creating your 3D vibrational density. Like lead which is heavier and more dense than most metals, your vibrational field is filled with the equivalent of energetic sand bags (weighing you down) filled with unprocessed trauma and emotions that need to be found and released from your subconscious mind so that you can raise your vibrational frequency.

Like a hot air balloon in order to go higher you need to throw off the dead weight instead of increasing the burner, because the dead weight will otherwise keep dragging you down no matter how much you increase the hot air to gain altitude.

In other words you need to remove the perceived darkness, in order to bring in the light completely.

This takes guts to trust your Twin Soul is really helping you heal and not just jerking your chain. To believe that their often rude, inconsiderate and unwanted behavior is in fact designed to help you become aware of the wounds inside of you.

Mind you if he is beating the cr*p out of you, you are NOT dealing with a Twin Soul connection and don’t believe for one second that you can make him less aggressive by loving him more, because if that strategy would have worked there wouldn’t have been a need for women’s shelters. You cannot love away abuse and or addictions (addictions are common in certain Twin Soul dynamics), that is called enabling.

Stage 6 – Giving up the illusion of control

Most likely you are still doing everything including your healing with only ONE goal, getting back with your Twin Soul and the bad news is that you can’t come into your much desired union this way.

In order to get your twin back, you have to let them go. There are no two ways about it.

The ego is not a bad thing, it’s not evil and it doesn’t need to die or be overthrown. It just needs to know it’s place, because well as is the nature of the ego – it thinks it is in charge and runs the show. But of course the only BIG honcho is the higher self and your soul, who has scripted everything it wants to experience in this lifetime.

The ego knows nothing of the soul plan already in place, nor does it understand the complex soul agreements the soul has made with others to support the soul in having the experience it wants to create and so the ego responds in fear and uses control, force and manipulation to get what it wants – this deeply desired romantic outcome with the Twin Soul.

The whole push/pull dynamic that is so strong in the Twin Soul connection is actually an inner battle between the ego and the soul. When the ego doesn’t get the results it wants it uses pushing and pulling to get it’s desires met by force – which never works. It’s the ego that wants to give up and move on because all seems lost in 3D and it is even the ego self working on inner healing, as a means to end up in romance with the twin. Which also doesn’t work of course.

It doesn’t matter if you try to force your way in 3D or in 5D, by doing all kind of energy work to connect to the twin in energy or telepathy, you are still trying to force closeness when the soul has scripted distance in order for you to be able to go within and work on yourself.

Guess who is going to win? Yep, the soul…

It is surrendering to the soul and trusting it’s plan that gets us to the next stage of the journey, embodying the soul self and letting go of the impostor self we believed we were. The only way to get there is by trusting the higher self and the plan it has got in place.

Which means letting go of your need to control (micromanage) your life and trust that everything is taken care of, which is easy for the soul because it feels connected to the Universe – but it terrifies the ego because it beliefs it’s separate and needs to fend for it’s own in everything.

We have slipped into identifying ourselves with the ego, but that has never been the truth of who we are. We were never really separated from Source, we just chose to live in this illusion in order to experience the Universe in it’s full spectrum.

Stage 7 – Stepping into your own power

Often the previous stage of surrender comes after sheer exhaustion and a realization that you cannot force this connection to be what you want it to be. It will simply not budge whether you try to make it happen the 3D way or the woo-woo way. You can meditate your butt off, but until your higher selves have achieved what they set out to achieve through pulling you two apart – it’s not going to happen.

Because an important part of the Twin Soul journey is waking up to the truth of who you are and how on Earth do you think that will happen if you are fully engrossed in someone else?

The ego tried to exert power through force, but the ego is like the manager who is dis-empowered in himself and therefore is not reckoned with or respected. All it’s actions are fear-based and come from a place of control, it’s the supervisor looking over your shoulder just to make sure you are doing your work correctly.

The soul is the kind of manager that demands respect and exudes authority, because he/she knows his own worth and believes in herself no matter which gender. The soul is empowered within the self, because it knows who it is at a core level. The soul manages everything from the perspective of love and on the work-floor this is the kind of supervisor who inspires you to be all that you can be, because they place their trust in you – which makes you want to go that extra mile for them.

When you go into surrender and you let go of control – a miraculous thing happens, you get access to your core wounding and the core blocks between you and your Twin Soul. When this happens you will be shown all the subconscious fears and false beliefs that were keeping you from seeing who you really are at a core (soul) level and fully stepping into your power.

Everything you need for you to step into your power will gravitate towards you through this surrender, including for example the healers and even the money you need to dive into these wounds. You cannot access core wounding on your own, because it is in your blind spot – it takes someone else to help you be able to see it as you have hidden it so far deep down because it scares the sh*t out of you.

When you are courageous enough to face your deepest fears about who you thought you were, you get to see the truth of who you really are and when you do you start living from the soul.

Which is the true gift of this journey that Twin Souls give to each other, the triggers that help you remember who the f*ck you truly are.

But you yourself have to do the gut-wrenching work that gets you here, you can’t ever sit back thinking you are more evolved than your twin and only waiting for them to get with the program – because when you entertain these kind of illusions you are still coming from the ego instead of the soul. Only the ego needs to define it’s specialness and seperateness in relation to others, the soul knows it’s true place in the relation to everything.

You cannot get to this part of the journey by waiting for Divine timing or celestial events, only doing audio meditations, self healing and other tools of procrastination. You get here by fearlessly facing yourself (or who you thought you were) with the help of a good healer – because left to your own devices you would just keep circling in your own deeply programmed BS.

Money is and never was the issue to be able to ‘afford’ working with others, it was just a means that enabled you to give away your power so that you could experience who you are not at a core level. The truth is of course that we are infinite and immortal beings, and that we posses the power of creation as we are created in the image of our maker.

We are Gods and Goddesses.

Stage 8 – Finding everything inside of you

In the process of waking up to the truth of who you are, which of course exceeds being aware of the fact that you are a soul having a physical experience. ‘Knowing’ this and living this as your physical reality experience are two very different things – because through living it you start to access and anchor into the new 5th dimensional frequency that whole planet Earth is currently ascending to.

We as Twin Souls have chosen to come in this lifetime to help make this new consciousness go viral. This is not just nice sounding spiritual mumbo jumbo, look at the strategic placements of Twin Soul couples who are often spread out over the globe while they activate each other even from afar and create local ascension portals when they have learned to access the 5th dimension on their own.

This is why it had to be this way, everything had to to go the way it has for you to be where you have come now.

Something which the Universe will actively start showing you when you have reached this full-circle stage on your Twin Soul journey. You will see in hindsight that your journey couldn’t have gone any other way.

When we are in contact with our Twin Souls we automatically enter a 5D energy vortex, piggy backing on each others energy – i.e. we need each other to get there. This is why being with your Twin Soul feels so amazing, because you are warped into a higher frequency reality when you connect in love – (fear knocks you right out of that state of course).

But accessing 5D in this way defies the truth of who you are, because the truth is that you are such a powerful being – you don’t need anyone to help you access 5D.

No, you are meant to be able to do this on your own.

This is the stage of inner union, which often gets confused with 5D union with the twin and they are not the same thing. In order to get to 5D union or the even more preferred 3D union with the twin, you first need to come into union with yourself. To best describe inner union is the capacity to release everywhere, where you were pitched against yourself. When you have come to self forgiveness, self acceptance and self love. When you become ONE within you and transcend the inner battle between the different aspects of yourself.

Traditionally this is also known as the radiance or harmonization stage, which begins with becoming at peace within. We started out saying that everything outside of us in our physical reality experience, is but a reflection of what we belief and hold to be true inside of us. When you started this journey you were seeking, love, happiness, etc. outside of you. At this stage of the journey you have found all these things INSIDE of you and you basically don’t NEED your twin like your life depends on it, like you did starting out on this journey.

When you have reached this state of not NEEDING the Twin Soul, the twin can actually come in as a physical experienced reality – the romance you always wanted, because now you are aligned AF to the union you once craved so dearly.

If union with the twin (not just a physical relationship) would have come any earlier, you would have remained in the illusion that you were a half looking for your other half to complete you and you could have never stepped into the truth of your own wholeness and ALL beingness.

But watch out because again understanding this on a cognitive level is NOT the same as actually living it and the Universe won’t budge until you have really reached this inner state. Even if you are already in a physical romantic relationship with the twin, the triggering will continue until you come home to yourself. Remember the souls use closeness and distance to trigger the subconscious wounding that is keeping you from being your true soul self.

Stage 9 – Living Heaven on Earth

It is when you have found everything inside yourself that your living Heaven on Earth starts, because this is the experienced reality of the 5th dimensional frequency – the paradise state.

The very thing you first thought you had found in the other, has now lead you to find this state of consciousness in yourself and if this person is truly your Twin Soul they will match your vibrational frequency and level up to you, you will just need to trust them to get their on their own – like you got there on your own.

But give yourself some time to anchor and get used to living life from the 5th dimensional reality, because it is the polar opposite of the 3D reality we grew up in.

In a way it’s like getting used to living life without gravity because what worked in 3D simply gets you ZERO results in your 5D reality.

Which means an even deeper purging of your fear-based programming because you can’t force, coerce, manipulate or push anything into being in 5D. You can only allow things into being, through love and trust which is on the complete other end of the spectrum to fear and control.

This calls for deep work in the subconscious and healing past life traumas like we do in the Akasha Healing Journeys™. This is because our patterns of control as a survival mechanism run deep and need to be released in order to come into the deep relaxation and receptivity needed to allow in the experience of living Heaven on Earth. For as soon as we flip back into fear and control we immediately get kicked out of our paradise consciousness state.

It is also through this state of allowing and receptivity that the Twin Soul will gravitate back to you. First in the energetic realm and then they will come back in the physical as well, because the truth is they also have recognized you as THE ONE and always have.

They weren’t pulling away because they didn’t love you, they were pulling away because that was the role they promised to play in order for you to come to a state of living Heaven on Earth from within, which is the only way it can ever be an eternal state – when it is self-generated.

However remember you are NEVER dependent on your Twin Soul for ascension, you have everything it takes to get there on your own. However your twin shows up or even DOESN’T show up is perfect, you do not need to be in contact or together with your twin to get to this point in your journey. There is no fixed format, one way or the other.

Taking the next step on your Twin Soul journey

I know right now you are in sheer panic that this will never happen for you.

I know you spend hours and hours online reading Twin Soul stuff to get a glimpse of hope and to suppress the debilitating fear that who you believe to be your Twin Soul is gone for good. I know you spend even more hours reading energy and astrological forecasts, not to mention all the hours lost watching weekly YouTube video’s telling you the Divine Masculine is coming back and that he is sorry…. Yes, he is ready to leave his karmic at last they say, to be with you his Twin Soul and you desperately want to believe this because you feel like a deer caught in the headlights – paralyzed by your own fear of loss.

But none of those actions is going to shift your Twin Soul connection for you or bring you anywhere close to where you need to be. It just keeps you running in circles, after a freaking carrot. It will not bring you the union you want so intensely.

Even just reading this article will only calm you down temporarily, before your fear gets the better of you again. But it won’t teach you all the steps you need to take to align to the manifestation of your heart’s desire. I need 14 weeks to walk you through the complete process, but if it is union that you want then trust me this is the quickest way to get there.

In my Twin Soul program which is part of the Twin Soul Tribe membership I give you a detailed step-by-step guide to the Twin Soul journey and to coming into inner union.

Once you have reached inner union, everything else follows from there – including the Twin Soul union that you were so eager to have throughout this journey.

Or even if it’s only to do this journey for you because you gave up on your twin, this is the program to follow because as I have explained the Twin Soul experience is not about a romantic outcome – it is about you waking up to the truth of who you are and when you do everything else falls into place as well – including your love & sex life.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union process; join the School of Inner Union, the Mystery School for modern day Initiates on the Inner Union and Ascension path. In this soul-deep healing container, we give you the knowledge, tools, resources and support to heal the wounded ego, as well as walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. It’s only from a place of inner union, that we can create Heaven on Earth and fully manifest the life that is ours by Divine right.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise, is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Learn to unlock Heaven on Earth

Book an Akasha Healing™ Journey with me to release the unresolved pain and wounding that is keeping you stuck in reliving your unhealed past whether that stems from your childhood, ancestry, or previous lifetimes.

It’s through healing the wounded ego, that we not only come into union with our soul – but unlock our soul’s superpower to create the reality we dream of.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed?

This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

With my deepest love,

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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