11 Twin Soul side effects that hardly anyone ever talks about, in this way …

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In this segment on 11 Twin Soul side effects that hardly anyone ever talks about, you will learn:

  • How meeting your Twin Soul will turn your world upside down
  • Details about Ascension and the Twin Soul mission
  • How your Twin Soul connection triggers your shift from 3D to 5D
  • The 11 rarely-discussed side effects on the Twin Soul journey
  • And more…

The Twin Soul encounter is much more than a love story

If you have been following me for some time, you know that the Twin Soul encounter is so much more than a simple ‘boy meets girl’  story or any variation thereof.

If you are new to my work, please download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union to find out why Twin Souls are meant to be so much more than a romantic love affair.

This is confusing because you do have deep romantic love feelings for this person and you want nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with them. Meeting your Twin Soul is what all the movies and books talking about finding ‘The one’ for you must be on about, because you have NEVER been more certain about anyone as you are – dead certain about this person in your life now.

Yet despite the utter depths of your feelings and your immense certainty that this is indeed your perfect match, without setting up negative expectations – but just being REAL with you – the Twin Soul encounter will turn your life upside down. This is true whether you and your beloved go into extensive running and chasing or not, or if you will spend months, years or only weeks in Twin Soul separation.

Your life will NEVER be the same again after you meet your Twin Soul.

Twin Soul side effects hardly anyone ever talks about

One of the most important reasons for this life changing effect that the Twin Soul encounter has on us, is the fact that it puts us on the fast track to Ascension with a capital A. This ties in closely to the Twin Soul mission, because as Twin Souls we have come in this time, dimension and reality to assist in the ascension of planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants. Now this might seem overwhelming to you, it always seemed like a too big for this lifetime aspiration to me. I knew it was on my twin’s bucket list, because he had told me so when we shared our dreams and hopes for the future when we first met.

But to be honest with you – Ascension always scared the crap out of me, it had like a GAME OVER ring to it that brought on fear of annihilation. That was until I realized that ascension is in fact not this big hairy monster or insurmountable task, but something we can do in baby steps as well…

At this moment the Ascension process is only taking us from the 3rd to 5th dimension, yes there are many higher dimensions above that but don’t stress yourself out or let your ego run away with you in the other direction. We only need to make the journey from 3rd through the 4th to 5th dimension at this time. We don’t need to become saints or Ascended Masters just yet.

It is this initiation or more correctly acceleration of the Ascension process because everyone incarnated on planet Earth is in the ascension process one way or the other, whether they are on the Twin Soul journey or not, but the Twin encounter puts you on the fast track to this dimensional shift.

It is also this dimensional shift, the shift from the old 3D paradigm through the 4th dimension which is a passage route to bring us to the new 5th dimension that causes the side effects. Now many people believe 5th is the unseen, the non-physical and 3D is the seen and the physical and in a way that is true – however the dimensions are not in fact a place – they are our comfort level in the physical experience. So the 5th dimension is meant to be experienced as a 3D reality, in fact when we talk about 3D we hardly mean the 3D physical reality – we mean our 3D perception of reality which is an old paradigm we are ready to shift out of. You know an eye for an eye, fear based love, and such.

This shifting out of this old paradigm and shifting into this new perception of reality is what turns your world so upside down after you have met your Twin Soul. It is also the cause of many of the seemingly unrelated changes you go through after meeting your twin here on Earth.  So in fact they are side effects of the dimensional shift, but you wouldn’t be reading this article now if I had not told you that they were side effects of the Twin Soul encounter – which in a way they are because it was your connecting with your twin here on the earth plane that accelerated the dimensional shift you most likely find yourself in now.

So let’s look at some of the side effects that this dimensional shift brings with it and that as a Twin Soul you most likely will be experiencing, without understanding that it is all a part of the process you are in. Bringing in this understanding will help you feel less crazy and take things less personally, as you start to see that others are going through the same stuff as you are. It’s kind of like the flu as soon as you know that everyone else is having the same symptoms you relax and forget about seeing a doctor cause you know in like 7-10 days it will be over and all you need to do now, is amp up your vitamin C, drink more fluids and rest as much as you need.

The dimensional shift will take more than 7-10 days but it’s my hope that with this article you will be able to relax more into the process and trust that everything is going to be more than okay, once you are fully anchored in the new 5th dimensional frequency you are shifting into.

Knowing that these side effects are also just a normal part of your Ascension and Twin Soul journey:

Side effect #1 You might lose a couple of friends

When you shift out of the old 3D paradigm perception of reality you will find that this creates a disconnect with many of the people you considered friends before. You will no longer be the same and they will notice this.

On top of this your raised vibrational frequency can also make former friends and buddies feel uncomfortable around you because you are no longer a vibrational match.

As a Twin Soul, you of course also experience that hardly anyone in your friends circle really understands the process you are in and basically think your twin s*cks big time because they apparently (3D interpretation of the twin dynamic) can’t see what a great catch you are (are just not that into you as variation). No matter how you try, you can’t make your friends understand that your twin is the first person in your life that has seen your true self and still loves you. This is because the only frame of reference your friends have for romantic love is the old 3D paradigm template of fear based love and that template is incompatible with the Twin Soul connection, because the Twin Soul connection is a 5th dimensional frequency relationship – it doesn’t fit in the old 3D template.

All these factors will move people out of your life, some that you may have known since childhood – because they just don’t get you anymore but most of all because you don’t match their frequency anymore.

But don’t fret you will start connecting to others also in this shift and new friends will come that match your new vibrational frequency. In the meantime you can bridge that gap by joining the Twin Soul Tribe where you can connect to Twin Souls worldwide and share your experiences.

Side effect #2 You will most definitely change your line of work

The shift into 5D will affect ALL area’s of your life – remember 5D is not a place, it’s a comfort level. It’s like the VIP experience compared to business class or coach. 5D is the FIRST CLASS experience to life. This give you a better idea of what to expect of living in 5D.

But before you get there you might be fired from your job or go bankrupt in your old company. Your soul will do whatever it takes to help you shift to the new timeline that you are meant to be on.

This calls for trust and surrender in order to move through the apparent appearance of loss, while you are being shifted into the life your soul has prepared for you. This process might be uncomfortable as hell to go through, mine certainly was and it will definitely force you outside of your comfort zone. Especially if your new line of work – your soul calling, turns out to be a bit more woo-woo than how you would like to present yourself to the world.

But as you will see later on, embracing your woo-woo side is just another side effect on this journey.

Side effect #3 You will either break or drastically limit your time with certain family members

This disconnect with your friends naturally also extends to your family which may cause you to drastically limit your time with certain family members or if you come from a very toxic background you might actually decide to break with some family members for good.

This does not have to conflict forgiveness, you can forgive someone completely in your heart and yet still not want to spend any time with them in the here and now. Forgiving someone does not equal having to continue a relationship with that person, it often opens the possibility to continue a relationship but doesn’t have to. If someone remains toxic in their behavior, you can still forgive them for yourself and your own health and still not want to continue spending time with them.

Family often comes with a lot of drama and intrigue, as you shift into higher frequencies you will develop zero tolerance for all this unnecessary nonsense that only keeps you from what you really came to accomplish in this lifetime. When you start looking at life from your mission perspective, all this family drama becomes futile – not worth getting upset over or wasting your energy on.

It might also occur that family members will leave your life voluntarily, most likely blaming you for the disconnect they feel. When this happens, know that this confirms the fact that you have successfully raised your frequency and that being around you makes them feel uncomfortable because it triggers their own inner sh*t, which they will most likely be projecting on you.

Just because you were born into the same family or this person gave birth to you or you to them, does not obligate you to stick with this person no matter what. Sometimes NO is the most loving response you can give, also to family members.

Side effect #4 You will develop zero tolerance for unnecessary drama and negativity

Shifting into higher frequency will help you develop zero tolerance towards lower frequency vibrations like:

  • Fear mongering
  • Bullying
  • Cheating
  • Lying
  • Gossiping
  • Hypocrisy
  • Backstabbing
  • and so on….

You will find that you just can’t stomach these old 3D paradigm masks and behaviors that are not aligned with your true self. The more you shift into the 5D, the more you will be your authentic self and fully committed to living the truth no matter what.

The more you are committed to living the TRUTH no matter what, the more intolerant you become for anything that contradicts this truth or people incapable of living their truth. This doesn’t mean you hate them or look down on them, that is still very much old 3D paradigm ego consciousness – you just choose not to engage with people and behaviors like this because this no longer matches your vibrational frequency.

#5 There is a good chance you will move house

The shift to 5D will naturally also upgrade your living arrangements….

As literally everything in this world is made of energy including the things that seem very solid in nature like a house and furniture – the shift into 5D will also affect these expressions of energy in your life.

If your current living arrangements are not aligned to the higher 5th dimensional frequencies that you are shifting into, you will most likely move house as well. This again may happen very abrupt or very fluently depending on whatever experience best suits your soul evolution.

Some Twin Souls become homeless, others drift abroad for years – but the shift does not have to be this dramatic. It could also come very easy and effortlessly. No matter how you get there, the shift into 5D will eventually move you into a living arrangement that best supports you and your mission for this lifetime.

I said earlier that 5D is the First Class experience to life, this is not only so because 5D is the realm of unconditional love – it is also the realm of unlimited abundance. In the old 3D paradigm scarcity ruled, the shift into 5D will also change your money story as you learn to tap into the unlimited abundance the Universe is forever sending your way.

Side effect #6 You will start looking younger, lose weight and get fit

Meeting the Twin Soul but especially making the shift into 5D is like drinking the elixir of life.

You will find yourself looking younger and younger, despite the years growing by.

Another funny side effect of the 5th dimensional shift is that you will most likely change your diet, it’s very common for people raising their vibrational frequency to start eating cleaner.

  • Junk food likely loses its appeal
  • As will sugar and caffeine
  • Many become vegetarian or vegan
  • Denser food both plant based or animal based leaves your diet

This is only natural because as you release yourself from the vibrational density of the old 3D vibrational frequency, you become more attracted to foods that helps you raise your vibrational frequency.

This shift in diet makes your skin glow more, cleanses your body, which improves the overall health and leads to weight loss as fat is nothing but stored toxins. Plus a plant based diet also helps in the rejuvenation process that is accelerated by the influx of higher frequency energies into your physical body. Making you look decades younger than your actual physical age.

Side effect #7 Once you’ve tasted Twin Soul out of this world love, you’ll never settle for 3D surrogates

One of the first tastes of 5D love is gotten when you meet your Twin Soul.

Quite honestly for most twins after experiencing love on that level and remember dimensions are a comfort level, not a place – so after experiencing such utter depth as is experienced with the twin – most people can never really go back to normal old style 3D romance.

This applies for the stayer twins (often also known as chasers – the one actively pursuing the connection) as well as for the so called runner twin. The runner twin might force themselves into all kind of other relationships for many different reasons, but they are acutely aware of the fact that whatever connection they create with others – none matches the depth they experience with you.

It is very common for Twin Souls therefore to decide to abstain from relationships until they can be with their twin or someone else with whom they have a similar profound connection and with whom they can experience deep love.

One thing is for sure though the Twin Soul experience changes your whole perspective on love, it’s only after such a love experience that you realize that most people here on Earth have no idea what real love is. This is because the old 3D paradigm romantic love templates are formed on a fear based love. The Twin Soul connection is based on unconditional love.

Side effect #8 Alcohol and drugs become a thing of the past

Raising your personal vibrational frequency also has an effect on your tolerance for toxins whether that’s the earlier mentioned caffeine and sugar or the hard stuff like alcohol and drugs.

Part of the issue is that your system will be less tolerant i.e. you hit your max much sooner even on minimal levels that in the past did absolutely nothing. In general as you raise your vibrational frequency you become more sensitive, to sounds, light, other people’s vibrations, chemicals, perfumes, make-up, certain foods, etc.

But because raising your vibrational frequency also makes you more committed to living the truth no matter what, many Twin Souls who were addicted to alcohol and drugs found themselves no longer needing alcohol or drugs to drown out reality. Instead they cleaned up their life in all ways and left their addictions behind them.

If your Twin Soul is currently still on drugs or abusing alcohol, know that these are dragons and demons they need to face on their own. You cannot ‘help’ someone beat addiction, this impulse has to come from inside. The best way to help them is to keep working on raising your own vibrational frequency, because if they are your true Twin Soul this will have a knock-on effect on them. If they are not your twin, you’ll save yourself a lot of drama.

Side effect #9 You are likely to become a born again virgin

Many twins, especially Divine Feminines find themselves being sexually repulsed by anyone other than their Divine Masculine. Which is great when you are in a physical relationship together, but get’s a bit more sh*tty when your twin is running or has his/her wall up.

Superficial sex just loses it’s charm once you have felt the depth of connection that is possible in the Twin Soul relationship.

Even the very resolved to keep sexually active give up after some time because no matter how they try, no one can satisfy them like their twin – even when they have NEVER had sex in the physical with the Twin Soul.

It can feel really weird to commit to someone who is off banging someone else and it is certainly not something that you can explain to family and friends, yet for many Divine Feminines it feels the most natural because also this is an expression of living the truth no matter what.

Yes, it might mean that you will not be sexually active, much longer than you would care to be. Yet when the only option is superficial sexual encounters – the choice becomes fairly easy for most.

Side effect #10 You will embrace your woo-woo side and start sharing your spiritual gifts

No matter how level headed you were before, once you hit the Twin Soul and Ascension path things will change rapidly. Even the most rational, left brained logical thinkers are shifted, this is because this gets opened up while we travel through the 4th dimension on our way to the 5th. But it’s also because the Twin Soul process balances the inner feminine and the inner masculine, including the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Our woo-woo side is on the right.

On top of this many Twin Souls through sex with their twin or through the twin connection in general have a Kundalini rising experience, which opens up their own third eye and spiritual gifts. Many twins find themselves making 180 degree shifts career wise during their journey, because of their opened up new abilities in order to serve the world with their unique gift.

You don’t need to become a Twin Soul healer, teacher, psychic or tarot reader to serve the world…

Madame Curie and her husband Pierre were an example of a twin couple that served the world in a big way outside of the twin collective. Elizabeth Barrett Browning and husband Robert Browning are an example of a couple in the arts. Looking back we might not see how they needed to embrace their woo-woo side, but Marie Curie was of the generation women who were even not allowed access to higher education. Her resolve to become a physicist would have been considered crazy for many people of her times. Robert wrote his future wife Elizabeth “I love your verses with all my heart, dear Miss Barrett,” praising their “fresh strange music, the affluent language, the exquisite pathos and true new brave thought.” which tells us also Elizabeth ventured out there in a way that was new for her time.

What we consider woo-woo now will be mainstream in only a couple of decades, I know what I am talking about, as I grew up in a spiritual new age community in California in the eighties. When I returned back to the Netherlands everything I had learnt was considered to be bullsh*t by many family members throughout the nineties. By the time we hit the millennium, many of the female family members now had adopted these same new age principles and all over the world many people followed as more and more was published and distributed on these topics. Believe me woo-woo will be the new normal much sooner than we think, because whole humanity will shift from 3D to 5D – not just a select elite few. We are just frontrunners of this soon to be collective shift.

Side effect #11 You will no longer be led by your ego, but by your soul

Last but not least, one of the biggest shifts you will make on this journey is that you will stop thinking your ego runs the show and you will start to follow the Divine plan your soul has prepared for you.

Now don’t get me wrong the ego is not something that has to be eradicated – the ego does not have to die. Yet most people in the old 3D paradigm identify with their ego and think they and the ego are one, they don’t understand that it is in fact the soul that is running the show here on Earth.

The more anchored you become in the 5D frequencies, the more you want what your soul wants for you. Because you realized that you personal preferences are never as fulfilling as what your soul and the Universe want to give you. This is also why surrender is such an important aspect on the Twin Soul journey, most Divine Feminines want their Divine Masculine with such fierce intensity – that they are in fact the root cause for their desire not manifesting in the physical. Not realizing that by sending such an intense wanting into the Universe, it is reflected back to them as the very lack they are sending out.

The more neutral you can become, the more easy your desires manifest in the physical reality. This is also closely related to this exact side effect the more you do shift out of your ego identification and into 5D, the more instantaneous your manifestations become. This is in part because the 5D frequency is a lot less dense than the 3D frequency and therefore it speeds up manifestation, but it is also because you have learned to want what the soul wants which reduces the risk of creating massive karma, that normally goes hand in hand with creating from your ego desires.

I pray this article serves you and helps you to better understand the Twin Soul journey and Ascension process.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

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