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Thinking Everything In Life Is a Mirror  ...

Thinking Everything In Life Is a Mirror ...

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The Truth About Soul Contracts, and Can You Break or Revoke These Soul Agreements?

by Sabriyé Ayana

Spiritual author, Multidimensional Healer, Founder of Akasha Quantum Soul Healing™ & the School of Inner Union

In this Soul teaching on the truth about soul contracts and whether you can break or revoke these soul agreements, you will learn:

  • What soul contracts are and how they affect your reality
  • The different kinds of soul contracts
  • The reason our soul creates soul contracts with others
  • The role of free will in a soul contract
  • And more…

This teaching was requested by one of our readers. If you have a Twin Flame related topic that you would like explained deeper, please let us know so that we can create the content that you as our readers are asking for. Because our community has grown so big, we don’t have the capacity to answer your personal questions about your Twin Flame journey but we can answer your general Twin Flame questions through our blog teachings to further create a library of truth for the Twin Flame collective to fall back on and find support in, for their individual journeys.

What are soul contracts?

Within the Twin Flame and spiritual community you hear a lot about soul contracts, but what is a soul contract and how does it affect us? In this teaching we will explore the concept of soul contracts that exceeds the Twin Flame realm as all of our relationships are based on soul contracts whether they are romantic, familial, business or even so-called random strangers. Nobody is ever in our lives by ‘accident’ instead they are there as part of a soul agreement that we made with them prior to this incarnation or even as a result of previous incarnations.

A soul contract is a soul agreement between two or more souls that serves their collective higher good. This is the primary thing to understand, soul contracts are ALWAYS in service of our highest good. There are no soul contracts that do not serve us and the souls we made the agreement with cannot at any point change the contract without our agreement, deceive us or trick us and so on. We make soul contracts by our own free will and we cannot be forced, coerced, tricked or manipulated into them.

These are soul agreements, not ego agreements.

This means once they are made, the personality/ego can’t alter them or welsh on them (which we will clarify later in this teaching).

There are also no lost souls, black souls or evil souls simply because we are all One on a soul level and so there cannot be two opposing forces. We do not have good souls and bad souls or angelic souls and evil souls or dark souls and light souls, because that concept in itself is dualistic and dualism is a contradiction of oneness. While there are no black, lost or evil souls, there are deeply hurt people who have lost contact with their souls – but that does not reflect on their souls. Even if you don’t agree with me, keep an open mind as we will come back to this later on.

The soul agreements we make are agreements to help each other evolve and experience the ‘lessons’ we choose to experience as part of our soul’s evolution. These contracts are made prior to embodiment to help us guide our incarnation experience in the way the soul has orchestrated it. These soul agreements are part of our Divine plan, that our souls create for each incarnation experience in order to have the experience, healing and soul evolution the soul seeks.

So to recap:

  • Soul contracts are made by FREE WILL – they can’t be forced on you
  • Soul contracts ALWAYS serve our highest good
  • Soul contracts can’t be changed one sided without the other soul’s consent
  • Soul contracts are soul agreements, not ego agreements
  • There are no lost, black or evil souls – there are only hurt people
  • Soul contracts are written into our Divine plan for each incarnation

What kind of soul contracts exist?

The Twin Flame connection is actually not a soul contract like other soul contracts, in the same way that our soul group, soul family are not based on soul contracts. It is simply inherent to who we are. On a soul level we do not choose which soul group we belong to, or who we want as our soul family or who is our Twin Flame – these are human concepts that don’t apply to the soul realm.

The soul just like the Universe is impersonal, as souls we are all one – no one is more special, richer, more beautiful and so on. We are as souls all a perfect expression of the Divine that split off from Source to experience itself in all its glory. We first split off in soul groups, then in soul family and the Twin Flame is said to be the final split, prior to the individual soul journey throughout time and space.

So, we don’t choose who is or isn’t our Twin Flame before incarnation. It was set from the beginning of our soul journey and it will never change. We do have soul agreements with our Twin Flame, but our connection with them are not a result of a soul contract. This contrary to our physical life husbands, life-partners or lovers, those are always connections coming forth out of a soul contract.

The same is true for our friendships, our employers, our earthly nemesis, our siblings, parents, extended family, ancestral lineage, our acquaintances, neighbors, teachers, mentors, pastor, rabbi, imam or ‘random’ strangers. Even attackers, rapist, killers, abductors, burglars, drunk drivers and so on show up in our lives by agreement made prior to embodiment. We ourselves have played the bad guy in previous incarnations as well, as souls we have been and done it all.

Although these latter experiences are also a result of soul contracts that we agreed to on a soul level, this does not make what happened to us right or that we are to blame for it happening in the first place (read this teaching on why this is not about victim blaming).

Every serious love relationship you have had is a result of a soul contract and the same naturally applies to your Twin Flame; engagements, children, marriages are always a result of soul contracts. We do not manifest or attract them with our fears, they were already written in their soul plan for this lifetime and on a soul level we agreed to them. You may wonder why on earth, would your soul agree to your Twin Flame being with someone else? And the answer is because your soul is not your ego. Your ego wants what it wants and preferably now, but the soul can see the bigger picture – it sees beyond the egoic (personal) desires and is capable of seeing the highest good of all involved.

When my Twin Flame married someone else, he showed up in my dreams three days before the three day wedding ceremony to tell me that he was getting married but that he would love me forever. In that dream I felt so at peace when he told me, it was indescribable and it wasn’t by far how peaceful I felt when it became reality three days later. But in that dream I got a glimpse of my soul’s reaction and my soul was at peace with his marriage.

Which brings me to our Twin Flame’s so-called ‘karmics’, they aren’t karmic at all necessarily although they may have karma with them but then again so do you probably. I have had multiple past lives with my twin’s wife and we have been playing out the theme of ‘rivalry’ for many centuries. In the majority of the past lives that I have seen between us, we were even sisters.

Also these people are not in our or our twin’s life by accident, we all agreed to play out the roles we are playing and we shuffle up those roles in each lifetime.

My twin has been my brother, my mother, my extra-marital lover, my husband, my brothers in arms and much more. In a previous lifetime, his current life mother was his wife and I was the younger woman luring him away from his family – she brutally murdered ‘me’ in that lifetime because of it. In my twin’s current life his mother is more his wife, than anyone else – everything he does, he does for her including marrying the girl she chose for him. It’s of course no mistake that she volunteered to play the role of his mother in this lifetime and not someone who would be more ‘on my side‘.

Her subconscious memory of me being the homewrecker I was when she was married to my twin, has helped her play her part splendidly in successfully keeping me away from her previous life husband and current life son. We all agreed to this scenario because it would collectively help us wake up to the truth of who we are, especially because the healing we do affects previous and future generations. When her son wakes up to the truth of who he is, this ripples through to her experience as well.

My twin’s current life wife has been my identical twin sister, who tricked him into marrying her believing it was me in a recent previous past life in India. My twin knew well before his arranged marriage that he wanted to be together with me, but felt unsure in our current lifetime that he could trust himself to make the right decision. This was a direct holdover from this previous lifetime in which he found out too late that he was marrying the wrong sister and we all paid a terrible price because of it. She never got the love she wanted, which seems to be the same scenario they are playing out together in their current marriage and we had this deep love for each other but couldn’t be together because of family – which is the EXACT same reason my twin feels we could not be together in this lifetime because his family would never accept me.

Even places can be part of our soul contracts, I have had an absurd amount of past lives in India with and without my twin who was in this lifetime born and raised in India. Planets and places also have a higher self and soul, Remember Gaia our mother Earth is a living being that is ascending as well in our current timeline.

So, now that we have got that clear; your next question might be, but why does our soul need to make soul contracts with other souls?

We are all under the spell of Māyā

The reason our soul creates soul contracts with other souls prior to each lifetime is because this is how it ensures that the ego/personality doesn’t overtake the incarnation. With soul contracts in place and certain events planned in advance, to come in at exactly the right time – the soul ensures that it’s well crafted Divine plan is executed in the way it is written and that the events of that lifetime cannot be hijacked by the personality/ego of its embodiment.

Which calls for an explanation of life here on planet Earth or other realms of physical incarnation. We are living in a simulated reality, an illusion so to speak. Not a nefarious one created by the dark forces or the reptilians or anything like that. It’s also not straight out of a sci-fi book instead what I am explaining to you is from ancient vedic texts and it’s called: māyā.

Māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”. Māyā is also a spiritual concept connoting “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”, and the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality”. Source: Wikipedia

This is our reality in the physical, our life takes place in a closed off simulated reality in which we are in a state of māyā. The reality within the simulation is unreal, and the reality outside the simulation is the only real reality that exists aka the spiritual reality. Kind of like the Truman show, remember that movie with Jim Carrey? Kind of like that but then not as senseless and creepy because the Universe is loving and meaningful. Actually, I would like you to see it more as a Divine game we play by choice in order to fully experience our true nature.

You reading this teaching is the 3D game avatar of your soul that is born into the simulation (again by choice). Your soul itself, initially does not and cannot fully embody the physical vessel, the 3D avatars body. This is because part of the game has been living in the illusion of separation. You the personality/ego and your soul are one, but in order to play the game you have been pretending to be separate identities for the past eons and eons and this is where soul contracts come in. Because your 3D avatar (the personality/ego) believes it is separate from the soul, it tends to be like a rebellious teenager – off doing its own thing.

So, just like a loving parent the soul sets up a framework of boundaries within which the ego/personality is free to move but cannot run riot on the embodiment. This allows the soul, which is your true identity and the only spiritual reality to have the experiences it wants in the Divine game in the simulated reality. The ego/personality is a game construct – it is not real, you only think it’s real because you are in the simulation currently. In reality the personality and ego are a result of all your soul incarnations and past life wounding.

It is who you believe who you are because you forgot who you are.

Waking up to the truth of who you are and manifesting your soul self in the physical is the whole point of the Divine game, our soul contracts bring in the exact things and the exact people our avatar needs at exactly the right time. You could say that they are our game resources, that get unlocked when we need them or when the time is right.

Going back to hurt people as opposed to lost, black or evil souls – outside the simulated reality we can only be who we truly are and that is a Divine spark in the sea of Divinity. In the spiritual reality, which is the only true reality there is only ONE and that one is unconditional love infinitely, meaning there is no beginning nor end to this sea of unconditional love. If that is true, there cannot be an opposite to that, there cannot be hatred, darkness or evil.

However because oneness and unconditional love is the only flavor we got, there isn’t really a choice – it’s literally the ONLY thing out there and this is how the Divine game started. Because this is a FREE will creation experience, we were all allowed to wander as far off – from the oneness that is our true nature as we would like and were capable of. This wasn’t possible in the spiritual reality because there we were already one, whether we liked it or not. It was simply the truth of who we are.

So. we came up with a simulated reality in which we could choose oneness, unity and unconditional love of our own free will because we were able to explore its opposite. And that is the kicker, this opposite ONLY exists in the simulated reality, because outside of it exists our spirituality reality and the truth of who we are which is a unified being of infinite unconditional love.

What is the role of free will in a soul contract?

As we have already established we live in a FREE WILL creation and all the soul contracts we make. work for us not against us, even when this appears to be different in the simulated reality. Everything we experience in the simulated reality seems very real, because we are in the simulation and yet at the same time it’s not real or reality because it is happening inside the simulation. Your soul can see this because it can see inside and outside of the simulation, the ego/personality ONLY knows the reality inside the simulation – it is unaware of a higher reality existing outside the simulation that governs the experiences inside the simulated reality.

This is why the personality/ego takes everything very personal, while the Universe and the soul are impersonal in nature, unconditional loving but yet impersonal. Let me link you an amazing book here (audio version) called The Impersonal Life (paperback and Kindle) by Joseph Benner to better understand this concept of impersonality which literally means; absence of human character or of the traits associated with the human character. The avatar (ego/personality) in the game is human, but our souls were never human to begin with. The soul has always been One with the Divine, because that is its true nature (spiritual reality’s only one flavor).

Although this is a FREE WILL creation only the soul has free will, this is logical because only the soul is real the ego and personality are only a temporary structure to use as an avatar in the Divine game. The soul’s identity is everlasting, but the personality/ego (the avatar) is different each time the soul plays a new round of the Divine game, this game character dies at the end of each game and every game the soul crafts a new avatar to fit the level it’s playing at.

The avatar can be male/female, rich/poor, influential or powerless, Caucasian or colored, disabled or healthy, intelligent or simple and so on. The soul is free to craft any combination it feels it needs to master the level of the game it is currently playing.

But every new avatar created gets to have all the knowledge of the game acquired by it’s previous predecessing avatars to tap into. This includes game cheats and shortcuts, but also memory of where danger lurks (fears), or false assumptions about the game that previous avatars believed to be true even when they were not (false beliefs). This way new created avatars don’t all have to start from level 1 of the game, but can continue where the previous avatar left off.

Because the avatar is not real outside of the simulated reality and only exists within it, it has NO free will. The avatar can only choose between the options the soul provides it, remember the avatar is not a real identity – it is the illusion of a separated identity from the soul (the player of the game) in order to be able to play the game – something that is always true for gaming avatars. The player always has full control over the avatar, because otherwise the player wouldn’t be a player anymore if the avatar could develop a mind of its own and completely sever itself from the player.

In the same way the ego/personality can never turn on the soul or sever itself from the soul because even if it did – it is mortal (while the soul is immortal) and so it would only be able to do so for a very limited amount of time and then it would be GAME OVER because at some point the physical body dies and with it the personality/ego ceases to exist. The soul cannot die and would simply craft a new avatar and continue playing the game.

Can I choose to bring an end to a soul contract with someone?

soul contracts,T, The Truth About Soul Contracts, and Can You Break or Revoke These Soul Agreements?In light of all the above it is pure folly to believe that you as the avatar can bring a soul contract to an end. Why would you want to or need to? As the avatar you can’t even understand the reason behind the soul contract as you tend to make everything personal and fail to see how the contract is serving your highest good. Which is why declarations as such on the right are utter nonsense and drip with victim consciousness.

Sure, they sound powerful but they do very little. This specific one declares that all karma is erased as well but that makes no sense either, because karma is nothing but our own ego/personality misinterpretations of ‘reality’ that conflict with our soul truth, but that we subconsciously hold to be true because of unresolved pain and trauma that is carried in from previous lifetimes aka predecessing avatars. Remember, each new avatar inherits all the relevant game experience and knowledge of its previous avatars.

The soul recreates those experiences by pulling in the people (soul contracts) and situations necessary to heal them.

Why would you want to interrupt this process?

In fact, why would you believe that you need to correct the actions of your soul?

All this indicates is a mistrust towards your true self and the erroneous belief that you as the ego/personality know more or are more powerful than your soul. It would be as absurd as the avatar in the game, thinking it knows better or is smarter than the gamer playing the game. Or worse the avatar believing, IT IS – the gamer playing the game, which is essentially what most ego/personalities believe. The personality/ego has no clue that the soul is running the show and believes itself to be the driving force of it’s existence.

Which also explains why the simulated reality is fear-based, because of the illusion of separation from its own Divinity and the greater whole it was once a part of – the ego/personality believes it is the ONLY one looking out for numero uno. This is scary AF, and so in order not to be paralyzed by the fear of its own smallness and insignificance, the ego/personality tends to blow its own importance out of proportion and uses control to numb its sense of fear.

You recognize this pattern?

The whole point of the Divine game is to not pretend to be something you are not, but instead become who you are meant to be and always have been aka to wake up to your true identity INSIDE the game (simulated reality). This is the only way to exit the game all together, i.e. get off the cycle of death and rebirth.

Soul contracts are an important TRIGGER in helping us, get to the bottom of our own fears and false beliefs that are covering our true nature and so they are in fact a Divine gift to us to help us remember who we truly are by being able to PLAY OUT, our deepest held subconscious wounding. The soul knows exactly which situations and people to bring in to help the avatar wake up to its true self in the game, which is the whole objective of the game.

There is another alternative to endlessly PLAYING OUT our subconscious wounding, we can also CLEAR IT OUT working together with the soul. We don’t clear something out by telling it to go away or by pretending it’s not there which are two so-called New Age ways that people think they can use to spiritually bypass their subconscious wounds. No, when we are talking about clearing it out – we mean finding it, facing it and understanding the situation that caused the painful false belief or fear from the soul’s perspective. In other words restore it to the truth of who you are that exists in the only true reality, which is outside of the game.

This my sweet brothers and sisters is the truth about soul contracts.

I pray this teaching serves you and has given you a deeper understanding of life itself and the experience you are currently having in the simulated reality of the Divine game all of our souls are currently immersed in. Also you and I have a soul contract with each other, that has brought you here today to get this piece of the puzzle that will help you in your soul’s intention to wake up to itself in the game this time around.

Your Twin Flame is your ally and Divine partner in this game, to help you remember who you really are. All the obstacles you face and sudden plot twists in your journey, are only meant to help you peel back the layers of fears and false beliefs accumulated over your complete soul’s journey throughout time and space – that are covering your true nature.

Everything is conspiring in your favor, to know thyself for who thy truly are: a God/Goddess incarnated.

But first you have to remove, all the fears and false beliefs that currently contradict this manifested reality. This is the true manifestation of As above, So below, where you manifest the spiritual reality (above) as the experienced reality in the simulation (below), which automatically collapses the illusion that has held us ‘captive’ (of our own free will) since the beginning of the game.

This is how you enter Heaven on Earth, also known as the 5th dimension.

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With my deepest love,

soul contracts,T, The Truth About Soul Contracts, and Can You Break or Revoke These Soul Agreements?

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