Why it Doesn’t Matter if Your Person is a ‘Karmic’, a Soulmate or Your Twin Soul

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Why we think labels matter…..

Because of our romantic projections onto the various New Age relationship labels we think that a Soulmate and especially a Twin Soul connection are going to be a fairy-tale love come true.

The thing is that all types of intimate relationships offer us an immense opportunity for healing and growth, people don’t come into our lives to offer us romantic bliss. People come into our lives to help us remember who we are on the deepest level. Granted a Twin Soul connection makes it glaringly obvious what we have been running away from inside ourselves, but so-called ‘karmic’ or soulmate relationships are not less valuable nor do they offer less opportunities for healing and growth.

The real problem within any type of romantic relationship are our unrealistic fairy-tale love expectations and all of our subconscious fears, false beliefs and unresolved pain that we bring into them. We enter our most intimate relationships looking for the wrong things such as romantic bliss, being loved, sexual ecstasy and so on as the highest outcome, when these are in fact byproducts of the inner healing and growth that our romantic connections facilitate.

The more we heal our past and evolve spiritually, the more blissful our most intimate relationships become, also the more we create these luscious byproducts of deep connection and love. Yet, most people aren’t aware of this deeper truth. They think that their ability to have all the yumminess that they desire, depends on this ONE person and this is especially true when they believe this person to be their Twin Soul.

Which is why so many are in hot pursuit of their person, trying to chase down their blissful everlasting. They are searching outside of themselves, what can ONLY be found within.

Why labels actually don’t matter

But these labels actually don’t matter and were basically incorrect to begin with, they were created to differentiate the various types of romantic connections from a so called spiritual standpoint….

Yet, in reality they are pretty ego-based, let me explain why:

Karmic – this label is used to describe connections that are based on working through mutual karma and are considered short-lasting. They are seen as lessons that we have to learn and the ‘karmic’ comes into our life, only to settle an old score and disappears from our lives relatively quick after. Karmic relationships are often seen as toxic as they can be explosive, violent, dramatic and so on. We can have many so-called ‘karmic’ relationships and they aren’t only romantic, any type of relationship can be karmic or have karmic elements.

The reason everyone wants to see their person’s potential third-party relationship as a ‘karmic’ is because this means this person will eventually leave and then they can have their much desired prize of ‘everlasting love & bliss’ with their beloved.

Soulmates – You can have many soulmate relationships throughout your life and they don’t have to be romantic in nature either. You can have soulmate friends, family, bosses, teachers, clients and so on. Generally, it is believed that soulmate relationships are long lasting, easy, loving and harmonious in nature.

Most people who fear they can’t be with their Twin Soul, want a soulmate relationship instead. This is also true when they find the Twin Soul connection to be too difficult or if they are angry with their twin. They refuse to see their person’s potential third-party relationship as a soulmate connection because that could mean that that person might never leave and that they won’t be able to be together with their person.

Twin Souls – You can only have ONE Twin Soul because they are the Divine Counterpart of your soul. Like Adam and Eve (read this article here) who were initially created male and female, we were all created androgynous on a soul level and later separated before we incarnated in the physical the very first time.

A Twin Soul connection is a very deep soul connection and it is rare to meet your Divine Counterpart in the physical. Many people are continuously searching for this person, because they want to be special and because they believe that being together with ‘the other half of their soul’ will be the most special experience ever….

But here is the inconvenient truth:

  • Soulmates and Twin Souls can have unresolved karma too. Karma is not a separate or isolated phenomenon that only occurs within so-called ‘karmic’ relationships.
  • Karma is often experienced as dramatic, explosive or violent, because it’s people and experiences being drawn into our life, by the unresolved issues that we brought in vibrationally from our more recent past and even past lives.
  • On a soul level EVERYONE is a soulmate because, everyone who comes into your life is there to help you heal and grow on the deepest level. Separation, or people hurting you are all ego interpretations of our reality. On a soul level everyone is in your life to support your soul process.
  • It’s your own subconscious wounding that draws in the people and experiences you need in order to heal them, the more you heal your subconscious pain the more harmonious, loving and lasting your intimate relationships become. Like everything else, they are a reflection of your inner state of consciousness and state of being.
  • The higher love that we look to find in soulmate and Twin Soul relationships, depends on our own ability to access higher love inside of ourselves – it doesn’t depend on the person being loved. We may recognize someone on a soul level and remember the love that we have felt for them in previous lifetimes, but this can also be true for so-called ‘karmics’ or soulmates as well as your Twin Soul.

The clear separation between the various identifiers being ascribed to these different types of connection is illusionary. In reality there is no clear separation really, nor a hierarchy of one being more ‘special’ or ‘desirable’ than the other. Those are in themselves ego labels.

How these labels are 3D constructs and not soul truths

On a soul level there is ONLY one truth and that is everlasting oneness with All that Is. The soul doesn’t say this is my soul family, my soulmate or my Twin Soul and therefore they are more special to me.

The soul doesn’t look down on what we here in the physical call ‘karmic’ relationships, the soul is happy and grateful to release any unresolved karma it still carries period. It wants nothing more than to lighten it’s load.

These are all just human (3D) labels, on a soul level it doesn’t matter what soul connection you have. There is not one soul more special than the other, each soul is special and unique in it’s own way because all souls are special. On a soul level there isn’t more love to give to one soul than the other, because there is ONLY everlasting unconditional love.

Within A Course in Miracles, a special relationship is defined as any relationship that we use as a substitute* for Oneness with God.

Substitute means: a person or thing acting or serving in place of another.

This means that when we hold on to the need for ‘special love’ we are in fact trying to replace our deep soul desire to return to our state of ONENESS with God – with a knock-off version of it. It really doesn’t matter how special we make this connection in our head, it can never truly replace the real thing, aka inner union with our own divinity and all that is.

Why I believe any type of romantic relationship will do

We know that we don’t have the chemistry with everyone to build a life together, but I do believe that any type of romantic relationship will do. I believe inner union is accessible to each and everyone of us and you do not need to be with your twin or on the Twin Soul journey to achieve this.

I am not the only one that believes or teaches this:

‘A Course in Miracles suggests that all special relationships can be transformed into holy relationships – that is, relationships bent on truth, in which Oneness is revealed rather than hidden or hindered.’ Source: Sean Reagan

Likewise since the beginning of time there have been various religious groups that have taught the path of inner union and Ascension to their students in the various Mystery Schools throughout the ages.

Does this mean that these as A Course in Miracles calls them holy relationships or as I call them Soul Partnerships are always meant to last a lifetime? No, it doesn’t. That’s simply our human desire for lifelong partnerships.

The true gift is the return to ONENESS, not the relationship or the partner itself.

However, from that return to unity consciousness we become a vibrational match to creating such holy or higher dimensional (love) relationships in all our relationships. Which is why it really doesn’t matter what kind of love relationship you are currently in, because your ability to create inner union does not and never has depended on something or someone externally.

Inner union, is always an inside job. Your Ascension or your ability to return to the ONENESS, that is our birthright does not depend on a special type of love or person.

It is true that as a Twin Soul, you have no option but to walk the path of inner union as it is simply a part of your soul contract with each other – but there are plenty of people who don’t heed this call and stay stuck in pain and agony as they continue to seek to attain their special love, partner or connection (external replacement for the Oneness with God).

At the same time, those who are not on the Twin Soul journey can choose to walk the path of inner union as well BECAUSE it is an inner process and it doesn’t depend on your being or wanting to be with a specific romantic partner (special love). In fact walking this path on your own, might even be easier than having to do so within a relationship.

I pray this article serves you and helps you understand that the path to inner union is open to us all. You don’t need to be special or in a special love connection to access Heaven on Earth.

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Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Soul Partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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