What is the theme of your Twin Soul journey? This is the lesson you and your twin have come to learn together

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The Twin Soul journey is multi-dimensional

In this article we will be focusing on your overall Twin Soul theme, but don’t be fooled by thinking that that is all that this journey has come to achieve in your life. The Twin Soul process is a multi-dimensional experience with many different milestones on it’s way on many different levels. People on this path often blinded by romantic notions are always looking for that ONE thing, that will shift them into union but the truth is – it’s not just one thing.

Physical union, which is not to be confused with Twin Soul union is merely a matter of working through all the subconscious wounds that need distance in order to be triggered and then you can start working on those that need closeness aka being together – which by then should prove to be a smoother ride because you have already done a good portion of the inner work needed to not trigger the h*ll out of each other.

But the truth is that this journey has much more amazing things to offer than physical or romantic union, this DOES NOT mean you won’t have romance and a they lived happily ever after with your Twin Flame in the end. Because if you can stick it out and move through all the different layers and dimensions that this journey takes you through, you can definitely have your cake and eat it too.

The problem of course with the majority of the people on the Twin Soul journey is they give up too early, because they think this journey is about romance and get frustrated when the romance doesn’t manifest as quickly as they had hoped it would. Not understanding that if they would have the romance immediately, they would not have been challenged to grow into being the person they have become because of this journey and that one is tricky as well.

Because many of you reading this will think: ‘Yes, but I have already become a totally different person – so where is my union? Why is it not here?’ However the proof is in the pudding, if you are not seeing progress with your twin and you still desire to be with them – then you simply aren’t as far along as you think. Many Divine Feminine’s mask this, by saying they are just waiting for their twin to catch up. But that’s not true, if the twin is not ready – you aren’t ready as well. There is just another multi-dimensional layer that still needs to be worked through, and that’s okay because this journey has been perfectly orchestrated by your higher selves to have the experience your soul craved for.

I know it’s hard to fathom at this moment but this journey lifts every aspect of your life to a higher octave, you might think that things are already good now but through the inner work your life will be transformed beyond recognition. It won’t improve slightly, it will be mind-blowingly different. That is because this journey and the inner work that comes along with it, cleanses and heals you on all the different layers of your own multi-dimensional being (which is what I teach in the Align to Your Divine Plan, Twin Soul Mastery Program that is part of The Twin Soul Tribe membership).

Every Twin Soul journey has it’s own central theme

Aside from all the healing on all the different layers of your own multi-dimensional being, there will be a central theme to your Twin Soul journey that goes beyond your own personal or mutual core wounds – it’s what weaves it all together.

Often ad nauseam people respond to my articles or advice with, ‘….but every Twin Soul journey is different!’ And though that is true on a certain level, there are certain commonalities that all Twin Soul journeys share. A central Twin Soul theme is one of those commonalities, that is true for every Twin Soul couple. The theme will be unique to your journey of course and to what you and your Twin Soul’s higher self agreed upon, but just as doing the inner work is a MUST for every Twin Soul – you will find that there is one overall lesson that is the red thread throughout your Twin Soul connection.

For me and my twin, our Twin Soul journey theme is trusting the Universe.

I have always said that my twin is my final exam in trusting the Universe and I am his as well. I’m a sledge hammer to his cultural conditioning and a constant reminder that God’s plan for us (the Divine plan scripted by our Soul) CANNOT be ignored – no matter how hard you try or how much is at stake for the ego.

How this theme is manifesting in his life

Throughout the years that I have known my twin, he has confirmed again and again (even after marriage) that a life together with me, is his personal preference. He wants us, but can’t allow himself to have it because cultural and societal laws make me an unsuitable life-partner in his families eyes. This actually turned out to be a bleed-through of an ancient pharaoh past life in Egypt, where strict laws prohibited us from being together and we needed to sacrifice our personal desires to be able to serve the world, by sacrificing our love.

In this current lifetime my twin is bending over backwards to try and be the person his family expects him to be, not able to trust that the desire pulling at his heart is what will be for the highest good of all involved. Or trust that his time our love, does serve the world and we no longer need to sacrifice it.

My twin doesn’t dare surrender to what his heart is telling him, because he is still trapped in the cultural conditioning he was born into and trying to appease his mother – a karmic debt from a past life in which she was his wife and I his much younger mistress. His wife is one of the tools he uses in his efforts, to make right what he felt he did wrong in the previous lifetime. In Indian culture the wife is expected to take care of and serve her mother in law and this was actually one of his considerations in going along with an arranged marriage, because his mother expected him to marry someone that would take care of her.

However all this that he is going through currently including his marriage to someone else, is ALL part of his Divine Plan, no matter how shitty this is for me on a 3D level it serves my soul evolution as well. Though it may seem that he is off course, this is the path he has to walk and the experiences he has to go through in order to return to trusting the Universe fully.

From what I have seen from our mutual past lives, a theme that is re-occurring in my twin’s lives is trauma around following his heart and trusting his own judgment which went wrong many times – making him believe that he can’t rely on his heart or his own judgment. As you and the Universe are one and the same at the ultimate level, not being able to trust yourself is ultimately not being able to trust the Universe.

How this theme is manifesting in my life

My path looks different although it is the exact same theme. As you might have read before I am currently on a trip around the world. I started in Glastonbury, United Kingdom on the 22nd of July 2018 and am currently writing this article in an medieval apartment on the Piazza San Rufino in Assisi. I’m on a pilgrimage through Italy making my way down to Rome, from where I will fly to Caïro, Egypt to visit the Pyramids of Giza and then move further to Luxor and Aswan to visit the ancient temples.

Most of my past life wounding has been around feeling safe in the Universe, trusting the Universe to always have my back without exception. I have worked hard on healing these past life wounds and this trip has only been possible because of that healing, both financially as well as emotionally.

Nothing could test my faith in the Universe like this trip does, leading me to a place I have never been before every couple of weeks and sometimes every couple of days – something that I was literally incapable of before because new environments that I didn’t know would freak me out and create massive anxiety because remember I subconsciously didn’t feel safe in the world and it took me quite some time to get to the depths of those wounds in order to heal them.

Now I am on a 700 Km road-trip through Italy as the sole driver, driving in a country where I don’t speak the language and where I have never been before – which I am now managing with ease and confidence instead of with paralyzing panic attacks and loads of vomiting.

700 Km doesn’t sound much for many people living in big countries, but it’s actually twice the distance of my own home country the Netherlands, which is a little over 300 Km long from North to South and around 200 Km wide from East to West. In 2 to max 3 hours driving, we are already in a different country. So I have also never driven such distances.

I would never have been able to go on this trip or pass any of the other initiations along the way, without having gone through the Twin Soul journey and doing my inner work instead of wasting my time on obsessing over what my twin is or isn’t doing.

However the trip although I have not had panic attacks or vomited for that matter, has really challenged me to fully embody the belief that I trust the Universe has my back – which made me realize that I am grateful ‘union’ with the twin has not come yet because this is the part where I get to fully experience how much I have grown. I get to put in practice everything I learned along the way, which is a necessary step in any transformation process. It’s like taking myself for a test-drive after a major upgrade to see what I am truly capable of.

Something I would be completely oblivious to if twin and I were together at this moment, hahaha I think I would hold him hostage in bed for at least one month after 4+ years of celibacy (let’s hope he doesn’t read my blogs lol). I have become the person I need to be to obtain my desire, except now I first need to get to know the new me – if my twin would be at my side now, I would want to bring my focus on him and I would again find myself in a relationship without really knowing myself and what I am capable of.

But it’s not only been that my faith in the Universe has been tested by doing things that were far out of my comfort zone before, the Universe has also thrown me for some awesome loops, just so that she can show off her magic to me.

While my twin is getting a crash-course listening to his heart and standing up for what he wants with his wife and his mother – who are his soul allies in this process of learning to trust himself (the Universe), I am getting a crash-course feeling safe wherever I find myself in the world and I have to say that I am learning to settle into a new place quicker and quicker, each time. Also in my case, I am the Universe as well and therefore I am learning that I can trust myself to keep myself safe even in situations and places that are new to me aka not under my control. You could say that I am taking surrender to the next level and applying it to all aspects of my life, and not only in the Twin Soul arena.

To really bring it home I have spent lifetimes and lifetimes allowing other people to dominate me, because I felt I needed someone else to keep me safe – because I subconsciously believed I could not rely on the Universe to take care of me. Where my twin has allowed people to dominate him for lifetimes and lifetimes as well because he felt he needed others to keep him from making mistakes that he felt were inevitable if he was to trust himself.

The exact same theme, both playing out in a completely different way.

Now imagine what would have happened if my twin and I would have come together as a couple before healing our wounds, I would have tried desperately to feel safe through him. While he would have not been able to chose for us completely (as has been the case) because he wouldn’t be sure that being together was the right the decision – as he believed he can’t trust himself or he would have left all important decisions up to me leaving me with an extra kid to take care of instead of an equal life-partner. It would have been a recipe for disaster, my attempts to feel safe through him would have left him feeling like he was dealing with a kid as well and so we would have both lost faith in each other.

The higher selves know this and therefor, they have designed the perfect plan not only to bring the Twin Soul couple together but to do it in such a way that they can actually stay together, which is why romance gets postponed on this journey so that we can first heal not only sabotaging patterns from this lifetime, but also the wounded patterns from lifetimes and lifetimes throughout the Soul’s journey through time, dimensions and space.

Getting clear on your own Twin Soul journey theme

To identify your own Twin Soul theme as with everything, it’s best to ask the Divine to make it clear to you. It could be that your theme is also about trust, or being worth love, etc.

What you want to find is the red thread throughout your whole Twin Soul journey, what is the recurring theme over and over again aside from all the other wounds you are healing. Every time throughout our journey that I have made a quantum leap in consciousness, the Universe first threw me for a loop with my twin that left me no other option but to trust that despite outer appearances, everything happening was in fact serving our highest good.

Being asked to trust, became my friend and companion on this journey.

Yesterday afternoon I got stuck in this article and started to feel really restless and irritated and I wasn’t sure why so we went out sightseeing in Assisi. We had been to the tomb of St. Francis the day before, so now we went to the tomb of another saint buried here, St, Clare. As we sat outside before we went in, we were taking in the view of the majestic valley below the Basilica di Santa Chiara – I even felt frustrated with the whole Twin Soul concept.

When we went inside and I read about St. Clare’s life (San Chiara) I saw that the red thread in her life was perfect faith in the Universe – the kind I would like to develop which goes far further than being safe – but just fully relying on God for everything. I took my mother who is traveling with me aside and I mentioned to her what an amazing parallel I saw between the life of Francis and Clare, he was the master in surrender and she was the master in faith – two attributes I am working hard on to deepen in my own life and the one is not possible without the other. You need to Faith, in order to be able to Surrender completely.

As we walked back from the Basilica di Santa Chiara towards the Piazza del Comune we spot another church on our left and a statue of Chiara and Francesco (Clare and Francis) holding hands and my mother asks: ‘Do you think that they were Twin Souls?’ which immediately rang true for me. As I sat in a back pew of this church with images of the couple together everywhere, I quickly Googled it only to find out that Saint Francis was an embodiment of my personal favorite Ascended Master Kuthumi and that Clare is in fact his Twin Soul, they were also Shah Jahan and his much loved wife Mumtaz for whom he had built the Taj Mahal.

This is a massive synch for me and my twin as he was born in Agra, where the Taj Mahal was built. It was ‘by accident’ which of course doesn’t exist. His family was from another part of the country, but his father worked in Agra for the power company if I remember correctly and his mother delivered him there while visiting her husband. The other synch is that Clare and Francis sacrificed their love in that lifetime, to serve humanity.

I have to be honest that I am not sure if this massive synch of me writing this article in Assisi and then finding out that Clare and Francis were Twin Souls as well, with the EXACT same red thread through their Twin Soul journey (the same theme) as my twin and I – is only meant for us or a message for the Twin Soul collective as well.

I will leave that up to you as reader to feel what resonates most for you. Personally, I wonder if this synch happened because it’s a central theme that applies to EVERY Twin Soul journey. Especially because Faith (to be able to trust) and from there Surrender are such cornerstones of progressing on this journey and coming into union.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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