Here is why you shouldn’t idolize Twin Soul couples in ‘union’

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This article was requested by one of our readers. If you have a Twin Soul related topic that you would like explained deeper, please let us know so that we can create the content that you as our readers are asking for. Because our community has grown so big, we don’t have the capacity to answer your personal questions about your Twin Soul journey but we can answer your general Twin Soul questions through our blog articles to further create a library of truth for the Twin Soul collective to fall back on and find support in, for their individual journeys.

For many of you this will be a difficult piece to read, because it dispels a lot of illusions we harbour around the Twin Soul journey and the endgame we are trying to achieve in our Twin Soul connection (a romantic happy end that is everlasting).

It is not that I don’t believe Twin Soul union exists, it does. I am writing this article because it is essential for your Twin Soul connection and journey to be able to see through the illusions being weaved in front of your eyes, because they only distract you and keep you stuck in limbo land.

Please bear with me through this article, if it brings up panic attacks and fear of loss – breathe through them because despite what you have been told this journey is not primarily about ending up romantically with your twin (which DOES NOT mean that you won’t!). 

This journey is about coming home to yourself and becoming who you truly are on a soul level, our Twin Soul is our Divine mirror in this adventure helping us to remember that we are whole within ourselves. If you haven’t done so yet, please download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to get a better understanding of the true purpose of the Twin Soul journey. We recently surveyed our readers and close to 90% of the respondents told us that reading this manuscript, had drastically changed their perception of the Twin Soul journey.

Are you star-struck by Twin Soul couples in ‘union’?

When you start out on the Twin Soul journey, one of the first things that you start looking for is examples of Twin Souls in so called union, because you think that is what this journey is all about and it is probably the ONE thing that you feel is eluding you at the moment.

If you are reading this article chances are that you are NOT together with your Twin Soul, but desperately want to be. There is a small chance that you are together with your twin and still struggling to make it work, but I will circle back to that later.

To be honest there are no real great examples of Twin Souls in ‘union’, at least not currently alive and together. There are a few teacher/healer couples who claim to be in union, but there aren’t any big names worth mentioning. All the so called Twin Soul couples in ‘union’ are small-timers who reach a very limited audience. Those that do reach larger audiences are often not Twin Souls to begin with, lying about their Twin Soul connection (twin disembodied) or in ‘union’ with twin number 3, 4, or 5 (which of course is not possible – because you only have one twin).

It is absolutely disheartening I know, but the truth is that Twin Soul union is a rare thing especially if you are talking about true Twin Soul union and not just a physical romantic relationship with the twin. Which is probably why many people are star-struck when they believe someone is in ‘union’ with their Twin Soul.

Why you shouldn’t buy into ‘union’ marketing

The idea behind putting a Twin Soul couple in ‘union’ on a pedestal is because you believe they have something that you desperately want and that they can teach you how to come into ‘union’ as well. You want to know what they did to get this result, that is often painfully absent in your own life, so that you can be together with your twin too.

What you have to understand is that this is a marketing strategy, people position themselves as a ‘Twin Soul in union‘ whether it is true or not (it’s often not even true), to sell their products and services to you. They know that you DESPERATELY want to be in a romantic relationship with your beloved and so they play into that desire, because that is what will make you pull out your wallet (credit card) to pay them.

I have a background in online marketing, so I know the drill. Your client is on pain island and it is your job to get them to realize that they don’t have to be in pain. They can be on pleasure island (solution to their pain) and all they need to do is get on your boat (buy your product or services) to get to pleasure island, where all their pain will be gone and they will be happy.

However, in the real world things are much more complex and there aren’t one stop solutions that fix ALL all your Twin Soul struggles in one go. Yet people like to believe they exist. People oddly enough love to be lied to, and often don’t even want to hear the truth.

When I was young I worked for a telemarketing company very shortly, we had pre-written scripts that we used to get advertisement sales. The problem for me was that we had to lie to the business owners that they had already advertised with us before and ask them to renew, when in fact they had never advertised with us before. Being someone who has great difficulty lying or being dishonest and stubborn to boot, I tried it my own way by being honest – which resulted in next to zero sales. When I used the script I got sales, but those sales did not make me feel good about myself, so I quit that job because it was out of integrity for me.

The truth is people LOVE to buy into miracle solutions (too good to be true solutions), just look at the weight loss industry. How many people fell for the light products, that promised you that you could use the ‘diet’ version of your favorite (junk) food and still lose weight? Or the diet pills that are meant to either suppress your apatite or increase bowel movement and fat burning? We know now that many of these products actually exacerbate weight gain issues and the same can be said for all these products and services that are meant to get you into union.

Union, with the Twin Soul is not the point. It is a potential byproduct of this journey, but it is not what this journey is all about – DESPITE your deep intense romantic feelings for your twin. Trying to energetically force union onto your connection (which many of these miracle solutions come down to) is bound to backfire on you, because you are fighting the Universe and your soul to gratify your ego desires of physical and sexual love. The problem is of course, that your ego is not running the show – your soul is. Which is why it is futile to fight it and in fact the opposite of what needs to be done and that is to become ONE with your own soul.

Why Twin Souls in ‘union’ don’t need to be put on a pedestal

The problem with many Twin Souls that THINK that they are in union, is that they aren’t very humble or modest about it either. Many of them like to bang themselves on the chest and look down on those that are not (yet) in union. They think that because they are with whom they believe to be their Divine counterpart that they:

  • are more spiritual
  • have finished their healing
  • are awakened or Ascended
  • are further along on their journey than those not together with their twin
  • cracked the Twin Soul code
  • and so on…

But if you look at all of the above, it’s all about being superior, further along, better and so on. Which are things that do not exist on a soul level, you will never have your soul (your God’s essence) say that it is superior to someone else because it knows that we are all drops in the same ocean. So, people banging themselves on the chest because they are in union and looking down on those who aren’t are of course people stuck in their ego.

It’s really simple, anyone stuck in their ego cannot be in inner union. Why? Because if you are in inner union, you are in union with your soul and higher self and they are your guiding principles not your ego. If you have not made it to inner union, you can’t be in true Twin Soul union, because inner union is a prerequisite for true Twin Soul union. Otherwise you are merely in a physical relationship with your twin (or who you believe to be your twin) and that doesn’t require that much.

That may sound like an antithesis to your current experience if you are struggling to be in a physical relationship with your Twin Soul, but let me explain.

Our souls use distance and closeness to trigger our subconscious wounds that are keeping us stuck in the old paradigm of the illusion of separation (3D/Ego consciousness) and out of the truth of our essence which is unity (5D/Soul consciousness).

Some Twin Soul couples have loads of subconscious wounds that need distance to trigger them, this is true for the vast majority of the Twin Soul collective. However, there are souls due to their current and past life trauma that need closeness to trigger their subconscious wounds and these couples come together relatively quickly without much effort, healing or inner work. They aren’t together with their twin because they know more or did more, it was simply the hand they were dealt because it matched what their souls needed in their union process. Despite them being together with their twin, they are not necessarily any further in their journey than you are – which is why you needn’t put twins in union on a pedestal.

I remember one time a person who had ‘saged‘ her way into union according to her (Yep, you read that right she had simply used sage to ‘manifest’ union), tell me that THIS was why I wasn’t in union and she was – as a way to silence me (shame or belittle me) when I pointed out that she had ignored part of my order for a retreat and now I had to scramble to get that order fulfilled elsewhere. She went on this whole tangent that my order of 12 mini sage bundles went against her ethics and business model, then told me that they wouldn’t have fit in the shipment anyway only to try and shut me down completely by claiming that this was why I wasn’t in union while she was.

If that argument doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s because it never made sense to begin with.

Another phenomenon is people online and in Twin Soul groups claiming that union is really easy, this is because for them coming into ‘union’ was easy. Again, this is because their journey needed closeness (if it even is a Twin Soul connection – so many people believe they are in a Twin Soul relationship when they are not) instead of distance and so they were brought together relatively quickly, to no merit of their own. So, their isn’t really anything to brag about or bang your chest about because it doesn’t really mean anything.

The reason we ASSIGN meaning to it, is because we erroneously believe that being together with our Twin Soul will magically fix all the problems in our lives and we will be in bliss everlasting. When in reality that pain that is being triggered though the twin’s absence and evasive behavior are our own subconscious wounds that need to be addressed – otherwise we will never be happy, no matter who we are with!

You need to be in union to be able to teach union

All of this has also led to the false belief that you have to BE in union to be able to teach union. This is a fallacy of course that is very misleading to begin with. Because, let’s just get real with each other here for a minute. Any couple that are together can CLAIM to be a Twin Soul couple in union. This is not uncommon and has happened before.

For example YouTuber Stargirl the practical witch claimed to be married to her Twin Soul, until he ghosted her and they divorced. He may very well be her twin, but their union didn’t last. At the height of their ‘union’ they were producing all these Twin Soul videos together, which have now all been taken down. A Twin Soul couple today, and gone tomorrow.

But even if he is not her twin, Stargirl is NOT the only person with a Twin Soul audience to have been wrong about her Twin Soul connection. It is rampant, I actually know more so called Twin Soul teachers who are on to twin number #2, #3 or #4 than I know people who stuck with the same person throughout the years.

Often when their Twin Soul gets married or is otherwise not available for a romantic relationship, they find someone else. One person active within the Twin Soul scene used to think Russel Brand was her twin, he got married and now she is with a new twin who actually looks like a younger version of Russel Brand. He could be Russel’s younger brother.

We did a survey under our readers last year and close to 30% of our respondents admitted that they had been wrong about who they thought was their Twin Soul at least once. That is how often people are wrong about their connection. If you doubt your own Twin Soul connection, use our fool-proof method here.

Let’s say however for arguments sake, that the two people that are together are truly Twin Souls, them being together in a romantic relationship is not true union. As I have explained you can be together with your twin in a 3D relationship, but because any relationship is always the sum of the total parts it will not equal a 5D partnership (true union) until you have unlocked the 5th dimension (Heaven on Earth) inside yourself.

Therefore these Twin Souls that ARE together with their twin, can’t really teach you anything because they themselves are still in a 3D relationship with their twin.

Twin Souls in ‘union’ are still working through their own stuff

Which brings me to the next point, Twin Souls in a physical romantic relationship with their twin have their own challenges to deal with. When we are not together with our Twin Soul, we fantasize that all our issues will be solved and we will have everlasting happiness once we are together with our Twin Soul.

Those together with their Twin Soul know better…..

Especially if they have not shifted into the higher fifth dimensional frequencies yet. Because, until they do they are going through the exact same stuff you are, except they are closer to their twin. They still get triggered, they still feel emotional, they still get hurt, they still argue or maybe even fight with their Twin Soul….

The reason why this happens is because these ‘triggers’ are the vehicle to Ascension, they help us understand where and how we are still stuck in separation consciousness.

I had someone recently reach out to me in despair because they had left their spouse and children to be together with the twin and they couldn’t make it work. There was too much triggering, there was too much arguing and the pain of living without their children became too heavy to bear. This person was together with their twin, but was unable to truly free themselves from their previous life and felt forced to go back to make things right with their spouse and children.

Another Twin Soul teacher I know and I am honestly just being polite calling these people Twin Soul teachers or healers because you can’t really learn anything from them. I know that sounds terribly mean, but that is not how I mean it. I mean it utter factually, you can’t learn how to come into union from people who themselves are NOT in union. They mistake a physical union, for the true state of union (unity) consciousness and that is not the same thing.

Anyway this couple was horrendous, she got pregnant by accident and he was doing everything under the sun to keep her under his control. He repeatedly drunk texted her business email list, sending out messages that they were not in union and that she had to stop pretending that they were or he would take legal action against her and so on. Let me repeat, she was carrying his child and he was sending her clients and followers these kind of messages. I quickly distanced myself from them but to this day they claim to be in ‘union’.

Having worked closely with her, I knew what that union looked like and it was not the kind of relationship you dream of when you think of your twin. There are of course all subconscious underlying reasons WHY this couple had to go through all this (and this was also not the first person she had believed to be her Twin Soul), it was definitely part of their mutual healing journey. But, at the same time this is again an example of why we shouldn’t elevate people’s status simply because we belief that they are in so called Twin Soul union, because you may NOT even want what they have.

This is not to say that everyone who is in a 3D romantic relationship with their twin and not in true Twin Soul union is miserable, that’s of course not true. As with all 3D relationships they can be sweet and loving or extremely toxic and anything in between. There are of course plenty of Twin Souls that have a good relationship together, despite not being in true Twin Soul union. What we need to be careful of is this idea that being together with the twin, will magically make everything blissful and fix all of our problems because it won’t.

The Twin Soul journey is a fast-track to Ascension and as such it will help you release everything that is hindering or not in alignment with this process. Whether you are together with your twin or not this process continues and your connection with your twin is the driving force behind it – either through distance or closeness. There is no right or wrong here, it will simply unfold the way it needs to be to get both partners within the Twin Soul couple to unlock 5D within themselves.

So, if the focus should not be on union with the twin – where then?

I wrote this article to help you, not to simply snatch away something dear to you.

And I get it! I really do, for the first three years of my Twin Soul journey I didn’t want to hear anything about this journey potentially not ending in the romantic happy end I so deeply desired. I absolutely know HOW MUCH you want this. I have been there. I was dead-set on getting that ring on my finger and the bun in the oven, that my twin and I had both wanted so much. I was going to be DIFFERENT. I would SUCCEED, where everyone else had failed.

Sound familiar? I bet it does.

But the truth is, that if we were meant to be in a physical romantic relationship with this person it would have already happened. It’s not that hard to get into a relationship with someone you love, especially not with someone that you connect with as deeply as with your Twin Soul.

The reason it didn’t happen was because your soul has BIGGER and BETTER plans for you. I know you can’t fathom anything bigger or better than being with your Twin Soul, but this is because you have not unlocked the true gifts of this journey as yet.

Here is what I believe: I believe that in order to be in true Twin Soul union, you have to become someone who can BE and HAVE a Divine partner(ship). So, the focus should not be in trying to plead/chase/trick/force/coerce or manipulate your way into union with your twin.

The focus should be on BECOMING this person that can BE and HAVE a 5th dimensional partner(ship).

You have to access 5D within yourself first, because 3D consciousness + 3D consciousness   5th dimensional partnership (and it never will equate to that). People often think 5D is up there and 3D down here, but dimensions aren’t places. They are states of consciousness and states of being that manifest in the physical – hence Heaven on EARTH (in the physical).

The problem with chasing physical union is that you remain stuck in the old 3D paradigm, this separation consciousness that I mentioned before. This is why you HAVE TO let the romantic outcome go, so that you can focus on becoming who YOU need to be in order to have a 5th dimensional partnership with anyone (of course preferably with the twin). Because if you don’t, you will stay stuck chasing your tail (union) endlessly in the old paradigm which is not the realm in which Twin Soul union is possible.

Let me repeat that, you CANNOT have true Twin Soul union in the old 3D paradigm. True Twin Soul union is ONLY possible in the higher fifth dimensional frequencies, the only way to get there is to unlock the 5th dimensional state of consciousness and being inside yourself.

Only 5D consciousness + 5D consciousness = 5D partnership (equate to a total sum of the two parts becoming a 5th dimensional union).

This also explains why then people who claim to be in union, don’t really have anything to teach you about union because unless they have truly unlocked the 5th dimension within themselves they aren’t in true union.

Which brings us to a last pretty tricky subject: just because someone is talking about 5D, spirituality and Ascension DOES NOT actually mean they have experienced it.

I know one competitor who is always talking about Ascension, unconditional love and higher spiritual realities, however that same person was running an affiliate link (until I called her out on it) claiming that she handpicked psychics on Keen (a paid by the minute psychic hotline) as Twin Soul approved consultants offering her clients and followers a 10 minute chat for $1.99, without disclosing that she would earn $125 on each client that came in through her link.

Don’t believe me? Just Google ‘Keen affiliate program’ and click on the link. The website states that ‘Keen offers new customers 3 free minutes or 10 minutes for $1.99, ensuring risk-free readings while providing some of the best new customer offers on the market.’ 

Someone who themselves is Ascended, who has unlocked unconditional love and has accessed higher spiritual realities will not be promoting a psychic hotline just to earn a buck. Which shows, that you should look deeper than what people are saying, because they may be talking the talk, but they may not be walking the walk.

I pray this article has helped you release some of the illusions clouding the concept of Twin Soul union. It is my deepest desire for everyone to reach true Twin Soul union, but in order to do so we have to work with the truth and face the facts. We have to call out the BS that is being proclaimed and sold within the Twin Soul industry. We have to expose the lies, in order to be able to see the truth. Blinded by our deep desires, we are often desperate to find a way to ease the pain and this industry unlike any other industry knows how to play into your pain and desperation, in a way that keeps you coming back for more over and over again.

It is a trap that you can remain stuck in endlessly, running to psychics, buying meditations and activations, calling psychic hotlines, pulling tarot cards or watching endless hours of different readings on YouTube. The psychic, energetic and astrological forecasts that string you along week by week (have you ever stopped to notice that?).

They are all non-solutions.

Because none of this stuff, I repeat none of this stuff does ANYTHING to bring you closer to your Twin Soul or the romantic outcome you so deeply desire.

You have to do the real inner work that unlocks Heaven on Earth inside yourself and that work often has very little to do with the Twin Soul, at least not in the way that you would expect.

Though there may be past lives of loss or unresolved trauma with the twin, the majority of our inner work is completely twin unrelated because accessing 5D is an Ascension process and not a romantic fairy-tale come true. So, what we have to face are the things that are keeping us out of unity consciousness (or rather what is keeping us stuck in separation consciousness) instead of trying to figure out what is keeping us out of union with the twin. The latter (blocks to union dissolving) happens on its own, when we focus on the RIGHT thing.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Soul journey and Ascension process, check out the School of Inner Union for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Soul and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Soul union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out.

You can also book a Reactivating Your Divine Blueprint Session to help you release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes that are keeping you from creating the Heaven on Earth experience you want your life to be.

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Soul Partnership journey and Inner Union process. As a spiritual teacher and healer, she helps those seeking to attract or reunite with their Soul Partner to understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.