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Why your Twin Soul’s ‘karmic’ is actually your ally and not your enemy – be grateful instead of jealous!

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on why your Twin Soul’s ‘Karmic’ is actually your ally and not your enemy – be grateful instead of jealous, you will learn:

  • Why you must use caution when using labels such as ‘karmic’
  • Why your Twin’s current partner is most likely a soulmate to both of you
  • How the 3rd party love interest is there for your benefit too
  • Why there is no need to be jealous of your Twin’s relationship with their current partner
  • And more…

Who said their connection is karmic to begin with?

I personally don’t like the word karmic to describe the current partner of your Twin Soul, because well quite honestly who am I to judge over the soul contract of two other people.

I might recognize my own soul contract with someone but that doesn’t automatically make the contract the other has with someone else karmic or worse what most want to imply by using the word ‘karmic’ for their twin’s current partner – inferior to your own connection.

As long as you think in high/low, or superior and inferior you are still caught in old paradigm 3D thinking. These classifications belong to the separation and ego consciousness, they literally do not exist in the 5th dimensional frequency because separation no longer exists there – there is only ONENESS and if everything is one there can’t be inferiority/superiority in the elements of that oneness.

In fact I would say that in true Twin Soul connections the third party is a soulmate not only to the twin but also to you. Now the first time another Twin Soul teacher suggested to me that the newly wed wife of my twin (for lack of a better descriptive word as I have even come to a point of letting go of the Twin Soul label) could be a soulmate connection, I violently rejected it. Pretty much like you are probably now – I was still thinking in romantic terms and if you look around the Twin Soul community then a soulmate is considered a relationship that could last a lifetime and karmic connection are lucky if they last a couple of years.

So then it better be karmic, because then at least you can wait it out – right?

Probably even considering the idea that the current partner of your Twin Soul is a soulmate connection, brings up fear that if that were true you would have to forget about reuniting with your twin in this lifetime because a soulmate you figure can make them happy.

Granted, it’s second best maybe but if you are still in old 3D paradigm thinking then you know you are better than the karmic – but your twin just might choose the soulmate over you. This has everything to do with trying to interpret soul contracts to the limited frame of reference that the old 3D template romantic love relationship provides. It’s what happens when people learn higher spiritual concepts and then try to fit them in their current limited 3D understanding of life and love.

For example have you ever noticed all these Divine Feminines moaning that they would rather be with a soulmate (because it is easier) or that if the Twin Soul doesn’t come through that they hope they will meet their soulmate etc? It’s all romantic illusion and an indication that they aren’t ready for the union they crave. Plus all these false beliefs or misunderstanding of soul connections bites you in the butt when they don’t only apply to your love life – but are applicable as well to the Twin Soul. Because then they might also prefer to stay with a soulmate thinking it’s easier, etc. etc.

The real reason why most twins want their Twin Souls current partner to be karmic, is because that still gives them hope that they haven’t lost the other person to someone else for good.

It’s avoiding fear of loss and maintaining a sense of control to label the third party connection karmic, because following this train of thoughts if it were a soulmate connection you would have to let them go and move on with your own life (which you have to do regardless the label of the connection).

If you still think this Twin Soul connection is about a ‘boy meets girl’ love story or any other LGBT variation thereof, please download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union in which I explain the true purpose of this journey and that is not hooking up with some guy or girl for life. Romance is possible, but it’s the cherry on top. The main course on the Twin Soul menu is a mind-boggling, life altering, yummy delicious transformation of YOU that you were not even aware was possible to begin with.

Let me tell you life on the other side of the Twin Soul journey is amazing, whether you end up with your twin or not. Imagine what heaven on earth looks like and it will be even better than that – yes even without the twin by your side.

You might doubt that because at this moment you are in excruciating pain, thinking you will never be happy without the twin in your life. I thought this as well – when my twin shut the door in my face without a warning and did a complete 180 on me in regards to his feelings for me, I was crushed. I had no will to live anymore. If I didn’t have such a high sense of responsibility as a single mom of three children I would have maybe checked out. I was in SO MUCH pain. Instead I faced that pain and owned it. I realized that I had already been carrying the pain inside of me for eons and eons that was now being triggered by this other person, but it wasn’t him causing it – as I will explain further on in this article.

Why your twin’s current partner is most likely their and your soulmate too

Now that we have let go of the idea that the Twin Souls current parent is a karmic partner by default, let’s explore why this person may in fact be a soulmate connection to your twin and to you too.

There is so much misinformation out there on the Twin Soul subject. I am all about helping you get a better understanding of the Twin Soul journey and the second belief that you have to dump is that your twin is with someone else because THEY still have lessons to learn, trust me if there is a third party in your Twin Soul connection that person is not just there to help your twin learn and solve their karma. If your twin is not ready, it means you aren’t ready either.

Your Twin Soul’s third party love interest is there for your benefit too.

Now if you know me, then you know I am all about putting your focus back on yourself. You can’t change the twin, you can’t heal them, clear their energy or karma for them and all that other BS because this journey is not about them, this journey is about YOU.

The only thing you can do is change yourself, clear your own energy and karma and if this person is really your Twin Soul all the work you do on yourself will have a knock-on effect on the twin – they will benefit too. But don’t go wasting your time and energy on what they are doing or not doing because it does not matter. What matters is what you are doing.

So no matter what the reasons are for this other person to be in your twin’s life (which you are free to speculate about) the most important question is, why are they showing up in your life?

Everything happens for a reason, in fact I believe everything is always (this means without exception) happening for our highest good so if there is someone else in your twin’s life at the moment that person is there to serve your healing and growth as well.

Quite often what I see in the Akasha Healing Journeys™ with clients is that there is also karma to settle between them and the third party their twin is involved with. The fact that karma is involved, does not make a relationship karmic by the way – soulmate connections can also have past life karma that needs to be cleared and even Twin Souls can have karma with each other.

Karma is not a bad thing, it can show up in any soul connection in so called positive or negative ways – but as everything is always happening for one’s highest good there isn’t actually anything negative about it. Everything is always happening to help you heal and grow on a deeper level.

The only thing with a pure karmic relationship is, that it is over as soon as the karmic lesson is learned. You may drag it out a bit longer, so it’s just the shortest but often, the most intense in all ways – kind of relationship. Soulmates on the other hand can work through multiple karmic issues and stay together nonetheless provided both keep healing and growing together. Twin Souls bring on a karmic purge in each other, which actually creates the bumpy ride at times as all old wounding get’s triggered. This is because meeting the twin helps you work through ALL your karma over your entire soul’s journey through time and space. It helps you purge all the lower vibrational energies that have kept you stuck in 3D, so that you can ascend to the new 5th dimensional frequency of the new Earth, that we are collectively shifting into.

To recap these soul contracts are:

  • Made to last a season – In karmic relationships, you clear specific karma with that person. Once it’s cleared they leave your life.
  • Made to last a lifetime or shorter – In soulmate relationships you clear multiple issues with them personally or collectively and help each other as far a long as you can. A soulmate connection is always there to bring mutual healing and growth. Soulmates can stay together a lifetime provided they can keep healing and growing together.
  • Made to last throughout eternity – The Twin Soul helps you face ALL your karma throughout your whole soul journey throughout all your lifetimes, since you split from source in order to come home to your true soul self.

If you look at these definitions of the soul contracts, you understand why your Twin Soul’s current partner is also a soulmate connection to you and is in fact your ally, not your enemy. This person has agreed on a soul level to come in and help you and your Twin Soul align deeper to inner and outer union. They do this by triggering all your subconscious wounding around self worth, self love and so on. It’s exactly these subconscious wounds that are keeping you in pain and suffering, plus out of alignment to a physical manifestation of your deepest heart’s desire.

My twin’s wife has used the hashtag #TogetherForever since they got engaged and each time she does she is triggering him to remember the truth. Let me tell you their marriage date even reduces to 11:11 – If I would believe in false Twin Souls she would be the prototype, but there is a reason why she is mimicking the twin dynamic so much – it’s because the runners get flooded with signs and synchs too. Just as that we are being bombarded with their name, your song and everything that reminds you of them – the Universe is pushing their buttons too.

Your twin is working on their own subconscious wounding just as much as you, even when you can’t see it. But that relationship is not only in their life for them, it’s also there for you and you probably won’t see that directly either.

Let me explain, these wounds are subconscious meaning you are not consciously aware of them.

This is how it works:

Only 5% of our mind consciously directs our life, the rest is governed by the other 95% that is unconscious. So if you subconsciously believe that you are not worth your twin’s love or have a past life wound in which you belief someone else is more desirable than you – this belief will keep playing itself out in your reality until you heal it.

Because what you believe to be true inside of you, is what you get to experience as your physical reality OUTSIDE of you.

You cannot become consciously aware of these inner wounds, without someone triggering them for you – this is what your soulmate third party lover to your Twin Soul has come to do for you. We would like to think that we can see these things on our own, but the truth is we often need the enactment of our false beliefs as a reality to really be able to put our finger on them and pull them up out of the subconscious into our conscious awareness. The other players in your life including the new or existing partner of your Twin Soul have come to help you access these deeper wounds.

Later on I’ll share with you my own experience in this to show you that this healing goes way deeper than you might imagine. .

In fact I bow deeply in gratitude to my Twin Soul’s wife for her support and role in my healing process in this lifetime. I would not be where I am today, if she had not played her part so perfectly.

Why there is no need to be jealous

Normally in situations as such where the person you love, chooses to be with someone else – it is common to be jealous. It would seem that the person you love, chose to be with that someone else above you.

I’ll explain later on why this isn’t so much a free will choice as it appears.

In the old 3D paradigm love template this would mean that the other person is more important than you, that your twin prefers this person above you, loves them more as you or even if it’s not about the third party – your twin stands to gain some reward in whatever way (approval or money) from forging this alliance.

The first situation leading to you feeling inferior to the third party and the latter would make you feel superior to them, because you know the alliance isn’t based on love.

Let me show you another perspective that goes far beyond the 3D romantic love template.
It is a bit of a mind-bender, but the first time one of my own coaches and friends suggested it to me – it immediately clicked as the truth.  So let me share it with you.

What if your twin is with someone else as a soul gift to you?

What if he or she is in fact sacrificing themselves in a relationship that they really aren’t into at all (despite outer appearances) so that the deeper wounds inside of you get triggered, that would only get triggered by you living in the illusion of losing your Twin Soul (to someone else) forever?

What if it meant that your twin loves you so much that they are willing to be with someone else, even when in their heart they would rather be with you – just to help you access these deeper layers of ancient past life wounding? What if their being with someone else is in fact a love offering to you and don’t make this romantic, because the vibration of such a love offering exceeds the 3D love concept which is totally fear-based to begin with. The love I am talking about here is love at it’s highest frequency.

It’s scary to think this way because to be honest most of society will tell you you are nuts, Some may even consider it delusional because the 3D reality is that your twin is with someone else.

If they are all looking at the tail, they can’t see you are looking at the trunk or maybe that you are seeing the full elephant – they can’t see beyond the tail and while most Twin Souls can get here to not giving a sh*t anymore of whether others can see what they can, they then still get stuck in their own expectations of the outcome.

To be specific, holding on to the outcome of a 3D physical romantic love relationship in the end and when you do that, you put your life on hold.

Another Twin Soul teacher recently posted ‘Waiting is chasing’ and this is true, whether you actively chase in 3D or you are holding space for your Divine Masculine as the spiritual term seems to be, it’s the same thing except the one is active and the other is passive. Yet the end result is the same, you aren’t focused on you. You are either running after your twin, or you are waiting on them to get themselves unhitched from someone else so that they can be with you.

Even if you are doing all the healing work, it doesn’t work if your only reason is to get the twin back. Doing the work doesn’t break the Twin Soul loop, making the shift does and you can’t fully shift until you fully let go and sit with whatever comes up internally when you fully surrender your Twin Soul connection to the Divine. No holding back or secretly practicing your telekinesis skills to keep your connection from slipping away…

The reward of this journey is not to have a romantic relationship with the twin, the reward is becoming who you are truly meant to be.

The other person that your Twin Soul is intimate with is part of the soul contract you made with your twin and this other person to help you and your twin clear ALL the karma and wounding that you are still carrying around in your subconscious and vibrational field. That’s why I am very honest about the fact that a couple of guided meditations and some healing sessions here and there is not going to do the trick. You have to face all of your own unhealed bullsh*t,

It also shows you that your twin is not with someone else out of free will. They are with someone else because you three agreed on this as souls in order to fulfill your pre-scripted life plan.

That this person is in your twin’s life is not by accident. It’s not a mistake. It’s not even their refusal to learn or whatever. This person is there because all of you agreed (yes that means you agreed too) on a soul level that you would find each other down here on Earth even if you lived on opposite ends of the globe to support each other to have the healing and growth the soul wanted to experience in this lifetime.

You see free will is hugely limited on an ego level, the soul has complete free will – the ego gets options. The ego gets the illusion of choice, the Twin Soul journey isn’t optional – you are on it, whether you like it or not and there are only two flavors to chose from being stuck and in pain or moving your *ss in the direction your soul wants you to move.

Waiting on your so called ‘un-awakened’ twin (another gross misconception) to leave this person in order to be with you is missing the whole point of why this person is in your twin’s life to begin with.

It creates unnecessary hold ups and extended timelines (which equals to loads of pain and suffering) because your twin, is in reality waiting for you to make your transformation and will stay with this person or a new person as long as it takes to get you to face your deepest repressed traumas and wounding inside yourself.

Does this mean your twin is perfect and doesn’t need to heal or learn anything? No, certainly not, but instead of obsessing about them – focus on you and your own healing process. If you and this other person are truly meant to be, then doing YOU is the quickest route back to them provided you really do you authentically and not just to get them back – cause that won’t work.

How my twin’s wife helped me heal my core wounding

At the beginning of 2017 the man who I have identified as my Twin Soul reluctantly got married to someone else and it was in fact the best thing he could have ever done. He was not happy about the marriage and even though we were not talking in 3D, he came to warn me in my dreams the night before the three day marriage ceremony to tell me that despite him marrying someone else he would love me forever.

We spoke to each other for the first time in 9 months on his three month wedding anniversary in April. During that call he made clear that he had agreed to this arranged marriage to please his family, but that his feelings for me were still the same. In fact when I prompted him he told me that he did not know if he would ever leave her – but that if he did he would be on a plane to me the very next day. As I did prompt him, he could have said anything he wanted to including sticking to his story that he didn’t love me the way I thought he did. Instead he reaffirmed what he had told me in India, if I would choose for me and not my family – I would choose us.

In other words he was very aware of the fact that he would have preferred to have been with me, yet that did not stop him from cutting me right back out of his life and giving his marriage everything he’s got. The most romantic pictures got uploaded on social media, I am sure he said and did the ‘right’ things as much as possible – yet what he did and did not do, spoke a whole different story.

Until this day he has never uploaded a picture of him and his wife. She is a very romantic soul and is constantly uploading pictures of them together to which he either does not react or reacts inadequately.

I am purely speculating of course but it seems that on their one year wedding anniversary they got into a fight about this. He finally uploaded a live stream of the two of them together in a nightclub saying nothing about the fact that they were on their second honeymoon and the next day she pulled down ALL of their mutual pictures from Facebook. Everything was gone. It was like he was saying see I have no issue with showing the world we are together and he certainly does – when he had to update his Facebook to show he was married his energy was all over my house ricocheting through every room, he was so afraid how I would react.

Utterly disappointed with his proof that he was ready to show the world that they were together and in love, her reaction was to then pull everything down and I don’t know about you but if I was on my second honeymoon with the love of my life, I would not waste one second of that time in paradise (sandy beaches and all) on removing pictures of us on Facebook. Apparently two or so days later they made up and this picture (not this exact one of course) that triggered the h*ll out of me got uploaded.

To anyone else it was just a romantic pic of two people seemingly in love, I wasn’t looking at that – I was seeing the details. With a Twin Soul in India I was used to all the heavily posed sugar sweet romantic pics that meant nothing. I saw something completely different being mirrored back to me – which I had heavily been repressing up till then…..my own weakness. Because that was all I could see in him in that picture and I literally told him that his wife didn’t want a lapdog – that we women want a man who stands his ground with us not someone who does what we want, when we want it in the way we want it and not even mean it. We want a man who stands in his power and truth. I was like if you had to chose this above us, then at least have the decency to be happy and make her happy as well – otherwise it such a waste. (Ah, how little our 3d mind knows… and how it loves to think it has any control at all…)

In short I went ballistic on my twin, which made me realize that I was still holding on by the pinkies even though I had already let go so deeply. And let’s be honest nothing forces you to let go deeper than your Twin Soul committing to someone else. It leaves you no option but to let go to the core.

If my twin was still single I’d honestly still be waiting for him to chose us. I would not be where I am now today.

It was a completely different picture that suddenly resurfaced with a freshly added text that really helped me heal my own core wounding. His wife had uploaded a cute picture of the two of them starting out with the words ‘My lifeline happy anniversary…..’ and some other sweet words. The girl is crazy about him and she has every right to be, she thought she was marrying prince Charming, her knight in shining armor – he even road in to their wedding on a white horse! She had no idea that I exist or that he has feelings for someone else even if he is trying his utmost best to repress that side of him.

Yet his reaction to her profession of deep love was only a like and a ‘Thank you, same to you.’ He could not ignore her completely as he has continually managed to do so in the past, but my God – I could have killed him for her. I mean come on guy, no woman wants her man to react to her confessions of love so coldly. And it’s not like he is not good with words, he is amazing with words and writes things like I cannot fathom the depth of your love for me…. This guy can charm the pants off a snake, so I am hoping for her sake that he reacted more responsively to her, face to face.

However this word my lifeline really hit home for me in many ways. My first reaction was how suffocating this terminology would be for my twin. To a young girl it might seem romantic to see her husband as her lifeline, but I felt the energetic noose around his neck that these words were creating and it made me realize that as I had been working hard on releasing my codependency on the other – he seemed to be working on releasing the same pattern in the opposite direction. I.e. allowing others to be codependent on him.

He and I had a past life together in which I was fully dependent on him as my mother when I was a by polio crippled child. So I knew this was a deep pattern that needed to be healed first for us, if we did ever want to be together in this lifetime because as long as we were codependent we could not be together. Especially not as Twin Soul teachers would we be allowed to stay in a codependent dynamic, that because of this past life was like a second nature to us. So easy to slip back into… It had to be transformed at the root because Twin Souls have come to shatter the codependency template, there is always interdependence but codependency is based on false beliefs about one’s true self and innate power.

Since my twin got married I have been working on solar plexus wounding and the more that I have surrendered (= let go of the outcome) the more I have been brought to my core wounds. According to Jessica Alstrom 2017/2018 is in general a two year period in which we are clearing the shadow and light side of the solar plexus collectively – so maybe it’s not even a Twin Soul thing, yet whom I believe to be my Twin Soul and his wife have played a crucial role in helping me clear deep solar plexus wounding throughout this period.

To my great dismay in a session with my hypnotist we had to conclude that there was still a deep codependent pattern active in me. Despite all the hard work on many levels, there was still a root cause of a very sneaky codependent belief in my subconscious programming that had taken a while to uncover. This wasn’t anymore about emotional codependency, or mental or spiritual. This was a very subtle almost elusive form of vibrational codependency that was still lurking in the dark and although we could identify it, we had no clue what was causing it.

So I took that information with me into the next two healing sessions I did with other healers and it was in the second healing session with my coach and mentor Ellen that I accessed the root cause of this vibrational codependency.

I went back to one of my very first incarnations as a human and re-experienced being miscarried at around 3 to 4 months into the pregnancy. I have never had such an extreme regression in my life and I freaked Ellen out I think – it was so violent in nature. As I re-experienced what had happened my body involuntarily came up from the massage table grasping for air as I was gagging trying not to suffocate in an imaginary fluid that felt as if I was trying to prevent from entering my lungs.

In the meantime I could hear Ellen tell me to stay here and present – tears streaming down my face as I allowed myself to feel through all the unprocessed emotions that I had kept buried away deep inside of me for eons and eons since that first incarnation in which I saw how I had forgotten my connection to source and instead vibrationally clenched on to the connection to someone else in the physical in order to feel safe. It was as if I had become stuck in the illusion of being limited as a human in a physical body, instead of the truth that I was a galactic soul having a human experience.

I am greatly condensing the whole magnitude of this experience to keep this article readable, but re-experiencing this untimely death showed me why I had not been able to completely trust myself and the Universe to keep me safe because I literally had a past life memory on file telling me that the ONLY way for me to be safe was to energetically clamp on to someone else to keep myself from being cut lose in the Universe.

Instead of trusting my own – and here it comes – LIFELINE to the Universe and knowing that I am always connected to Source and safe – I would wrap my lifeline to Source around someone prominent in my life – my mother or my partner in order to feel grounded and anchored in life.

For me as Sabriyé now a grown woman who has achieved many great things in her life, it made no sense to do this. When I looked at it I literally saw myself as a child clamping onto an asteroid in space afraid that if I would let go I would fall into the depths of space instead of trusting that I would float and be able to roam to the far ends of this multi-universe without ever losing my connection to source.

When I saw this past life experience of this baby, I completely understood why she had felt she needed to do this to keep herself safe in an environment where she felt completely out of control. How could I feel safe in the womb of the Universe, when I was still carrying a wound about being safe in a womb period?

I saw that on a galactic level instead of trusting on my connection to Source (the unseen) I was using my connection to specific people in the physical to feel safe in life. Not only that, I witnessed the moment I stepped into the illusion of being separate from Source and part of the healing was consciously choosing for ONENESS again.

Even as I write this tears well up in my eyes again at how profound of a shift I was able to make.

And I realized if there was ever a shift that would reconnect this person and me, this was it. If this person is truly my Twin Soul and we are meant to be together in this lifetime than this was the shift I needed to make internally for us to even be able to come together as a couple in this lifetime. If this man would have come sooner as a romantic partner in the way I had wanted him to, I would have never been able to access this wounding or even be motivated to do so – because I would have gotten what I thought I wanted.

Of course I have felt impatient with him in this past year. For f*ck sakes if you already know three months into your marriage that you married the wrong person, nothing is going to change that. You can try and give your marriage everything you’ve got but you can’t force love. You either love someone or you don’t and when you don’t you can try till you get blue in the face – it’s not going to make you love someone more.

Of course I have thought a thousand times ‘Aren’t you done yet?!’

It just goes to show you how Spirit always knows better than us!

If I had gotten my way, like many I would have thought romance was the biggest gift on this journey and I would have never known what it is like to literally unf*ck myself – to set myself free in the way I have through this journey.

Maybe this was all it was ever meant to be, between him and I.

Maybe he and his wife need to be together throughout this lifetime or maybe there is even deeper stuff that needs to be addressed within me that calls for us to be apart longer. I don’t know and I don’t care because look at how this connection including his marriage to someone else has already been such a blessing.

It has helped me free myself of hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes of being imprisoned in the illusion of being unsafe in the Universe and separated from Source.

In the end I was the one who freed myself, but I would like to thank my twin and the girl he married for helping me get to this core wound that was tucked away so deep that I needed a sledgehammer (the illusion of losing my twin forever) to access it.

I pray reading this article serves you and helps you see how the current partner of whom you believe to be your Twin Soul could also be helping you on your journey, when you stop resisting their presence in your physical life experience.

Your twin’s current life partner or love interest is there to help you and your Twin Soul remove all your internal blocks to union. If you can see him/her in this light, miracles will happen for you too as they have for me.

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It’s through healing the wounded ego, that we not only come into union with our soul – but unlock our soul’s superpower to create the reality we dream of.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed?

This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

With my deepest love,

The Inner Learning Circle

New Paradigm Teachings

New Paradigm Teachings

Soul teachings on how to enter into the frequency of Heaven on Earth

Inner Union Oracle

Inner Union Oracle

A 108 card oracle deck to support your inner union process

Spiritual Spotlight

In the Spiritual Spotlight

Inspiring video interviews with new paradigm leaders

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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