Why Twin Soul predictions by psychics can be dangerous and almost NEVER come true….

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Why we go to psychics in the first place

For many Twin Souls in the runner and chaser stage or while in separation, the urge to know that everything is going to be okay and if the their person still loves them is overwhelming and let’s face it, they aren’t going to hear it from the horses mouth – because their person stopped talking to them or is playing hide and seek.

This is the number one reason why YouTube channels that do tarot reads are so booming, because this desire to know what is going on at the other end of the connection is ALL consuming.

But of course these are merely general readings, so many Twin Souls invest in a personal reading to get even more detailed and specific information on their person from a reader they either resonate with or that is recommended to them by someone else.

But let’s face it – when you book these kind of readings you are basically paying someone to energetically spy on your special person. I know it doesn’t sound nice when I put it that way, but this is simply what it comes down to. You have no idea what is going on with your beloved and so you hire someone who can give you insight in what the person you believe to be your Twin Soul is going through and if they even care at all.

You want to know if they are also suffering and thinking of you. Or maybe you saw a picture on their timeline that triggered you and you want to make sure that they are really still single. In short, you are in panic mode for whatever reason and you want to regain a sense of control – so you book a session with someone who you believe can fill in the blanks for you.

This is where it get’s dangerous because the person you hired can simply be dead wrong, I recently spoke to someone who’s person had told her that he was married now and yet the psychic said he was lying. Fast forward a couple of years later and it turns out that he was of course married like he said he was and that the psychic was the ‘liar’ or at least wrong.

Due to the psychic and her own denial/wishful thinking, this person was living a fantasy reality that did not exist for years until she sent something to his work, where his wife works as well and all hell broke loose – resulting in him calling her in a state of anger to tell her to leave him the f*ck alone! This is OF COURSE what happens, when you base your actions on a false reality.

The other danger lurking in these kind of sessions is addiction and giving away your power to the person with the ‘psychic powers’. Especially when it comes to psychic hotlines that charge by the minute, addiction to these kind of services, can cause even severer problems such as massive credit card debts. I know of many cases where, people kept calling to psychic hotlines and ran up debts that went into the multiple 5 figures! (even in the $50.000) All because they wanted to know if their special someone, was ever going to come back to them and when….?!

The top 10 predictions that I was told

Like you I am on this journey as well and have been since April 2014 so I have spoken many psychics and tarot readers, sometimes because I booked a session with them for that specific reason and sometimes it was simply part of the healing services they offered. I have also had a lot of unsolicited ‘so-called’ messages from my twin through others or predictions about our future, simply because of my visibility within the Twin Soul community.

Over the years I have heard many predictions in regards to my own Twin Soul connection and NOT one of them has come true over the past close to six years. I don’t doubt that some will come true eventually because they are inevitable – but imagine what would have happened to me if I had sat around waiting for my romantic outcome with my twin…. ? I would have NEVER arrived where I am today in my life and union process, because I would have still be waiting for my prince charming to emerge out of his frog-like disguise.

So, let me share some of the many predictions or psychic guidance I have gotten over the past years, this isn’t actually all of it. I am not sure I even remember everything and of course there was also a lot that simply didn’t resonate and that was just as quickly forgotten. But I wanted to share a large portion of it, so that you realize that you are pretty much being told the same things as me and that this DOES NOT mean that it is going to happen AT ALL or even within the next couple of years, I’ll explain later on why this is the case ESPECIALLY for Twin Souls.

He would break my heart

In 2014 when my twin disappeared on me the very first time, I had a very cheap three card tarot reading in which the three of swords dominated. The reader told me that my twin was deceiving me and that it would only lead to further heartbreak, our connection. Technically she wasn’t wrong, my twin was seeing someone else despite the fact that he swore there was no one in his life but me. In 2015 when we were together in India, he of course ended up cheating on this girl with me, which he owned up to personally when we were together.

He also married someone else despite the fact that he even told me he would spend the rest of his life with me, if only he didn’t feel he HAD to do what his family expected of him which was agree to an arranged marriage. His marriage has been an absolute game-changer to our connection and has been very instrumental in propelling me forward in my healing journey. I would not be where I am today in my life or union process without his decision to marry someone else.

I doubt that I could have walked away at that time, but had I walked away I would not be the woman I am today or have the life I live today, nor would I be able to help the hundreds and thousands of people that I help through my work stemming from my own Twin Soul connection. You would not even be reading this article, if I had been able to walk away back then. This website wouldn’t exist, neither would my online program exist nor would I be able to do Akashic Record Clearings because these are all the result of me moving forward in my own Twin Soul journey and flying out to India in 2015 where my twin and I got to experience how real our feelings for each other were – despite the fact that we met online and have ONLY spent 2 weeks together physically in an almost 6 year time-frame.

We will reunite and marry

Right before my twin actually got married to someone else I was told by four different psychics that my twin and I would get married. Only one of them I had asked a tarot read from as a trial for my first ever Twin Soul event, where I wanted her to talk about how psychic reads can support you in your journey. Since then I have become much more critical of using Divination in your Twin Soul journey, although I still believe when used CORRECTLY and above all responsibly that you can get high quality information about your own subconscious wounds, blocks and obstacles that need to be addressed.

Anyway back then in the fall of 2016 I was told we were going to get married and that he would reach out to me or be standing on my doorstep on January 14/15 of 2017. He came to me January 26th in a dream to tell me that he was getting married to a girl his family picked out for him, but that he would love me forever. Three days later I woke up to my phone blasting with his wedding pics and people trying to let me know that he was getting married. People from my side of our connection but even people on his side were suddenly falling over themselves to let me know what was going on – when they could have let me know months before. They didn’t because they didn’t want to be the one to hurt me, by being the bearer of bad news.

We would honeymoon in Kerala, India

As part of this wedding fantasy the psychic saw us on honeymoon in Kerala, India also known as ‘God’s own country‘. She saw my twin being sweet and making me small gifts of sea shells, cut fruits and so on. The perfect lover’s honeymoon, dripping with romance.

Although that beautifully sketched scene moved me then, having been to India multiple times now – I highly doubt that my if my twin and I did ever get married that I would agree to a honeymoon in India. There are many other beautiful places in the world that I can think of and that I would prefer as a honeymoon destination.

This gori, is simply not that into India – despite that I love many Indian things including food that is adapted to my Western taste buds because I simply cannot stomach the immense spiciness of most local cuisine. This is due to the fact that I have a pitta-kapha personality and constitution and all that hot and spicy food makes my pitta flare up.

His wife would get pregnant, but he would leave her

Once he did get married the same psychic that told me that he was going to take me on a honeymoon to Kerala told me that his wife was aiming to get pregnant as quickly as possible, this was true – their baby was born one month before their 2nd wedding anniversary. However the psychic saw that she would become pregnant and that he would leave her for me.

His mother who plays a key role in the whole reason why he agreed to participate in this charade would have by now been tired of the couples constant bickering and simply resign in her son’s choice to choose for the woman he loves. That sounds very modern and romantic, but also highly doubtful within an Indian family especially one that belongs to the higher caste. It of course didn’t happen and will likely not happen in such a situation because he would put his family to shame.

I am not sure I will leave it to my Indian readers to decide but I don’t know what is worse, coming home with a divorced mother of three and presenting her as your intended wife or leaving your pregnant Indian wife for a gori that your family has insisted on you forget already 5 years ago?! To his Indian family I am like what Meghan Markle is to the media critics of the royal family in England, I’m the wrong race and color, I come from the wrong breeding, I’m obviously not a virgin and therefore simply unsuitable as his wife.

The fact that the girl that they chose for him, leaves him completely uninspired and that they share zero connection together appears to remain unnoticed and doesn’t really seem to matter as the girl that his family chose is the perfect match for his mother instead of him. He is simply expected to learn to love his wife over the years…

That we were being held apart by a  dark curse

Later on in our journey but prior to his marriage at the beginning of 2017, I was of course told that we were cursed and that this curse could be lifted for $250. I had tried just about everything to force my way back into his life – the woo-woo way including investing in huge amounts of Twin Soul healings, meditations, clearings and so on and we were still in separation so why not throw another $250 at it – just in case?

I had the money to spend – so I gave it a try, despite the fact that I don’t believe in curses and spells. I mean I believe that we can subconsciously believe that we were cursed and that it can feel very real to us when we believe this – but I don’t believe that there is someone who is more powerful than I am and that can control me or my destiny against my will.

The curse was ‘lifted’ of course as I paid the $250, but surprise surprise it changed NOTHING in our connection. It was an utter waste of money, as expected. But we love to believe in such short cuts, that get us what we want the easy way. From our limited perspective on an ego level, it also can seem that this is the only plausible explanation because we tried everything else and nothing worked. However the soul knows why there are still delays and obstacles and why these were chosen because they are part of our soul plan for this embodiment.

This lifting curses and spells is an absolute standard within the Twin Soul community and the ultimate favorite is that the twin’s ‘karmic’ is the spell caster, which is utter nonsense. We don’t all have Twin Souls that hooked up or married powerful sorceresses that are now keeping our twin at their beck and call through black magic and ancient secret spells…. If you want to believe that sh*t be my guest, undoing these so called spells doesn’t come cheap and usually only starts at the price point I paid. You are much better off, investing your money in a healing session and finding your subconscious wounds than walking into these kind of money scams.

These so called psychic services play into your deep fear and sense of powerlessness, they take root in your own superstitions and seem to give an explanation to something that you simply cannot comprehend – why your person isn’t giving you the time of day or stopped reciprocating your love. But as anyone who has ever invested in curse lifting will tell you, it doesn’t change a thing and I know people who have invested over $10.000 utterly desperate to get their special someone back in their life.

Let’s just be honest with each other, many of us would simply buy ‘union’ if that were possible, but that’s the thing it’s not possible and it’s not ethical either. It violates spiritual law, because we are not allowed to force our wills onto other people – even when we ‘share’ the same soul.

What people who believe in dark forces and curses don’t understand is that the OBSTACLES we encounter on our Twin Soul journey are not hindrances, they are modern day initiations on our Ascension path. These initiations serve to help us learn to rise above ourselves and become the highest expression of ourselves. It is in our quest to overcome our obstacles that we are brought to release everything that is keeping us stuck in the old 3D paradigm. The Ascension process is a process done layer by layer as we strip everything that is keeping us from vibrationally aligning to the ‘new’ 5th dimensional state of consciousness and reality.

If anything believing in dark forces and black magic is old school 3D paradigm – it’s completely fear-based which is the signature frequency of the 3D matrix (physical reality does not equal 3D). Our physical reality is where we manifest our state of consciousness and state of being in the physical, 5D is not this energetic reality – we are meant to manifest 5D in our physical reality. This is often an immense point of confusion to people on the Twin Soul journey because they think 5D is up there and 3D down here, which is nothing but duality thinking. All dimensional realities exist in energy first, before they manifest themselves in the physical.

This was NOT my twin…

Desperate to understand my own wounding, I booked a session with a Dutch healer who actually refunded me the session because according to her – the man that I thought to be my Twin Soul was not my twin at all.

My twin was out of embodiment and loved me intensely, this man in India was the only person on planet Earth (that’s 1 in 7.7 billion people) that was strong enough to hold and channel my real twin’s vibrational frequency but he wasn’t my twin…

I did not resonate at all and worst of all this was fully unsolicited feedback, I did not book a session with her to confirm my Twin Soul connection. I booked a session with her to get a deeper understanding of my own wounding, which I didn’t get.

She apparently also had aspirations of going global with her business and used our session to take out the competition as she was in so called ‘union’ with her Twin Soul. I can tell you one thing Twin Soul teachers in union come and often disappear just as quickly, because their so called unions have fallen apart. There are SO MANY Twin Soul teachers who are not with whom they originally identified to be their Twin Soul, in fact I took a poll last year and close to 30% of the respondents admitted to being wrong about their Twin Soul at least once.

It is super tempting to buy into the whole idea of Twin Soul teachers in union, but the reality is that these couples are not in union and not even Twin Souls in many cases (Hello, this is a multi million dollar industry!) – they are simply in a physical relationship with whom they believe to be their Twin, but that is not union though. The Twin Soul connection is NOT about a romantic outcome, although you may be currently with or end up with your person in a romantic relationship in the future. Union is a state of consciousness and a state of being that is attained within, whether the twin is near or far doesn’t really matter to the inner union with your soul. True Twin Soul union is only possible, when one has attained this union within.

We are going to have twin babies?!

In another prediction I was told that we were going to be having twins, a boy and a girl. I looked it up and actually the chance of  having twins increases as women become older. It’s one of those laws of nature, as we women grow older our ability to conceive decreases but then if we do get a shot of sperm together with a fertile egg – the chance of having twins increases. Woman over 45 have an almost 20% chance of being pregnant with twins.

Okay so as I found myself in approximately my final decade of childbearing years, it was a surprise to find out that should his sperm and my egg get to meet – having twins was even a possibility. However this prediction is at least 4 years old, and i’ll tell you his sperm has been nowhere near any of my eggs in that time period.

In fact we have never ever gone uhm, ALL THE WAY, we slept in each other’s arms, we fooled around but until he was absolutely sure that he could stay with me – he didn’t want to risk getting me pregnant so we abstained as that is in fact the ONLY way to avoid a surprise pregnancy. Especially with a woman who has a track record as I do, my first child is the only planned child – the other three just forced their way through birth-control measures because they wanted to be here so bad.

Technically if he hurries up he might be able to get me knocked up before my childbearing days are over but I am not holding my breath, as his son born within his marriage has just turned one at the end of last year (2019). Even if he would be on my doorstep tomorrow, I am not sure if I would want to rush into twins directly. There is this tendency to over-romanticize how PERFECT the relationship with the Twin Soul will be but in our case I would prefer to really get to know the person I am going to have children with in every day life – before I would think about having children with them. Granted, sometimes souls come in quick and unannounced, I know this better than most people but rushing into kids is never a good idea no matter who the other parent is – twin or not. It’s part of not projecting this fantasy reality on your object of infatuation and really allowing yourself to be present in the here and now.

He refused to have a child with his wife

In 2018 during a year overview for myself and my business I was told that the psychic overheard a conversation between my twin and his wife. She wanted a child and his response was no way in hell, which supposedly shocked his wife because he was usually compliant in everything towards her. He didn’t want a child the psychic said and that it was because he didn’t want a child with her.

Fast forward to August 2018 and who shows up in my dreams? My twin telling me he is going to be a father! I message him the next day on Facebook messenger and it took him about an hour to confirm that his wife was indeed expecting his child and that the baby was due at the exact same time that I was going to be in India for our January retreat in Jaipur (2019).

My twin did feel detached from everything including the baby, but it’s not uncommon for first time fathers to not know what to expect the first time around and to not feel super involved in the pregnancy. The thing is of course that, it’s pretty stupid to say these things so strongly convinced that you are right and that you end up being dead wrong. The psychic didn’t say I feel that his wife wants a child, but that he doesn’t feel ready. She was very theatrical about how he wasn’t open to any baby-talk at all.

Which was interesting because when I felt a baby soul around us in 2015 and started talking to him about it, he started coming closer and closer to me despite the fact that he was getting his d*ck wet with another girl. There was no reason for him to be so drawn to us having a baby together, when he was in a casual thing with a local girl and he was super young like 26 years old at the time. So I knew from experience, that my twin really wanted to become a father and that he even had been told by a Vedic astrologer that his deceased father was waiting to come back as his son.

Long story short, he had the son that the whole family had been waiting for and that maybe he was also subconsciously conditioned to have in an attempt to full-fill the prediction of bringing back his father’s soul to his family and especially his mother. Which has been his driving force since day one, to please and satisfy his mother something we cannot start to understand if we were born and raised in the West – but which is a common old paradigm conditioning for those born in the East.

This is hammered in them from the tiniest age, to please parents, family and society and that to follow one’s own path and destiny is selfish – sacrifice is considered the noblest achievement. Because there is such a strong believe in reincarnation, people pray for different circumstances in the next life and simply accept their difficult situations in this life – because they were CONDITIONED to do this through society, culture, religion, tradition and family. It’s not a free will choice, it’s living out your programming.

He will divorce his wife

Everyone agrees that he will eventually leave/divorce his wife and in situations like this it is probably inevitable because these people are not married to each other because they love each other, they are married to each other because they both wanted to please and obey their family. They wanted to be a ‘good’ boy and girl and live up to expectation and I don’t mean that sarcastically, I mean it exactly as I say it – they were both living out their wounding and their programming.

Now before you get me wrong and think that only Indian people or people who agree to arranged marriages do so from conditioning, that is not what I am saying. We all are running on auto-pilot when it comes to living our past (life) and subconscious wounding, our programming and conditioning. My Twin Soul and his wife are not unique in this way and it’s also not that THEY (your twin and 3rd party interest) are so called unawakened by doing so and that we don’t have that issue – trust me; we ALL have these subconscious wounds, programming and conditioning and part of the Twin Soul journey and truly shifting into 5D is healing those wounds (even if you don’t know what they are) and deprogramming the fears and false beliefs that have you trapped in the 3D matrix to begin with.

Three months into his marriage, my twin promised me that if he would ever leave his wife and at that time he admitted that he didn’t know if he would ever leave her, he would be on a plane the very next day to come to me. He made this promise to me 3 years ago and I can see and feel that things are not going well for them, but I also know how difficult it is to get up and leave a marriage especially when there are children involved. It took me 13 years to say enough is enough in my first marriage that was full of control, aggression and violence. It took me 7 years to divorce my 2nd husband who started cheating on me BEFORE we got married and refused ALL intimacy for SIX YEARS out of our seven years marriage.

Divorce is not as simple as leaving a relationship and a person that you don’t see yourself growing old with, it is much more complex than that and often we want to avoid being the BAD guy. My 2nd husband was having an affair during both my pregnancies and even moved in with his mistress for a couple of months, but he didn’t have the balls to ask for a divorce because he would have had to admit to himself and everyone else that his marriage failed because of him. So he let it drag on until I was the one that said, it’s over that way he could tell everyone that I left him… which comes back to conditioning. My 2nd ex-husband is Catholic and within the Catholic church there is of course a strong history of opposing divorce so much so that King Henry the 8th resorted to other ways of getting rid of his wives in order to be able to remarry.

That I light conceived (twins again!)

After trying all the Twin Soul audio healings and meditations that do not work, simply because one CANNOT bypass the spiritual aspect of the Twin Soul journey – I had to learn the HARD WAY that you can’t try to bypass the spiritual aspect of this journey through energy work either.

The reason why I can tell you that 99% of the solution being sold within the Twin Soul arena don’t work is of course because I tried them myself on my own journey. The reason these solutions don’t work is because they are geared towards ‘union’ aka a romantic happy end with the Twin Soul.

If you don’t understand yet why this journey is NOT about the romantic outcome, despite the fact that of course it’s what you most deeply desire from your Twin Soul connection – please download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript in which I explain the true nature of the Twin Soul journey and BEFORE you start panicking this DOES NOT mean you will not have your romantic happy end later on. It’s simply not your soul’s priority initially.

It took me a year and a couple of thousands euro’s (let’s do the math: weekly session of €100 x 52 is €5.200) to truly understand that this journey is about the inner union of the soul within oneself. Often people are shocked by my pricing, but clients that work with me usually don’t come back for months. Because other healers seem less expensive in the short term, people often don’t see how expensive they are in the long run. With a budget of €5.200 a year a client could do one first time session with me and almost 9 repeat session which would translate to them working with me almost every month.

Imagine how much gunk and sludge you could clear if you would work in your subconscious and Akashic records that often?! Especially because clients who have worked with me say that my sessions go much deeper, than sessions with other healers do. The reason why my sessions go so deep is because I have spent multiple thousands of euros working with healers myself and to be honest, the best healers I have worked with were not found within the Twin Soul arena – but outside of it.

Most of the money spent working with healers within the Twin Soul community has been money wasted. Which is why I ended up working primarily with healers who were not inside the Twin Soul community. I would have preferred it to be different, but my most terrible experiences with healers have been with Twin Soul healers, who I have also found often to be highly unprofessional. There are of course exceptions, but personally I would not book a session with another Twin Soul healer again simply because these sessions don’t even scratch the surface of the true inner work that needs to be done. This is because collectively Twin Souls are stuck in romantic fantasies and trying to find shortcuts to manifesting those romantic fantasies in the physical.

For example this €5.200 spent on weekly sessions did NOTHING for me to be honest. In those sessions the healer/psychic would overlay my twin’s and my energy bodies to harmonize our energies in our union process and that sounds wonderful but it’s not really a thing – it’s all fantasy. These healers will tell you that they have permission from your Twin Soul’s higher self, but that’s even more delusion. These are just excuses to justify or make okay, energetic manipulation – the reasoning being that if the higher self did not agree it simply wouldn’t work. The truth is that it is NOTHING but an attempt to force energetically what one party wants on an ego level from the other party involved.

The higher self wants union too, but it knows what is real union and what is not – it’s not as invested in the romantic outcome the way your ego and personality is.

Anyway this particular healer was into light conception and in the end almost everyone she worked with was pregnant in 5D according to her, including me and of course it was twin’s again. Looking back I could of course have told her at some time that this had already been predicted and the thing is that till this day it has not resonated for me. In 2015 I strongly felt a baby boy around me and I have never felt a second child or a girl. I had an extremely strong connection with the boy, but could never connect to these supposed twins that this psychic saw with me.

This light conception prediction was during the same time as that my twin’s wife was pregnant with her son and the healer/psychic would then see that they were in the kitchen fighting, someone taking off their ring, if she would tune into the pregnancy of my twin’s wife she was always indicating that it was not going to end well – the baby was born perfectly healthy and my twin’s wife was of course (and thank God) fine after the pregnancy and delivery.

I am going to share with you another EXTREMELY important reason to stay away from people who predict timelines that are a far cry from your current reality and that is because it is utterly CONFUSING. I am an emotionally and mentally very strong and grounded person, with two feet on the ground but even for me it was extremely confusing to hear all these stories about a reality that was nowhere near, the reality that my twin and I were living. Because there was no 5D light conception, although there was TRAUMA from a PAST LIFE attempt at light conception in ancient Egypt where I was part of an experiment in which we wanted to create God’s children and that DID NOT end well for me – it ended horrifically.

I think you can see this RED THREAD throughout all of the predictions that I have shared until now, the psychics weren’t exactly wrong – but they weren’t RIGHT either. All the elements of the past life had been in her prediction, her interpretation of it all was simply wrong. My twin’s wife’s pregnancy wasn’t the one that ended up going horribly wrong – I carried past life energy around a light conception going horrifically wrong for me. This person just interpreted everything to the here and now and mixed up the information or couldn’t decipher it or whatever – it doesn’t really matter why the information wasn’t correct. It is important to understand that this is a COMMON OCCURRENCE that the information get’s mixed up and is usually not 100% correct and in many cases not even slightly correct.

We will be teachers together (mission)

I think this is one of the BIGGEST ISSUES within the Twin Soul community that this kind of ‘union’ forecasting is almost demanded by clients and therefore also incorporated in healing sessions, which is simply counterproductive. Just look at many of the other Twin Soul teachers out there, many use either psychic, tarot or astrology forecasting to draw back their clients on a weekly basis. They use the romantic fantasy as the (click) bait, to get people to buy their products and services which makes sense because many of these people are selling the romantic fantasy as their product and service and most of all – as the highest outcome of this journey, which is simply NOT true. It’s only what people on the Twin Soul want to hear and that is how the Twin Soul industry has become an industry of selling people what they want, but not necessarily what they need.

Twin Soul healers and teachers should grow some balls and remind clients that this journey is NOT about the romantic outcome, instead of feeding into the existing fantasies within the client about what a future with the twin would look like. I think subconsciously and for some even strategically, this forecasting is used to create repeat customers. Especially because the energetic work facilitated, doesn’t work because it defies spiritual law. You are not allowed to manipulate other people’s energy fields, or try to force an energetic union or merge of energies. But most importantly, this DOES NOT even have to be done manually, it happens on it’s own when the time is right and the initiates have passed through their rights of passage.

Telling people what THEY WANT TO HEAR is a sure fire way, to get them to come back. So, these sessions continued in which when she was merging our energy she would see my twin and I as teachers and him changing our babies diapers while I was up on stage addressing an audience. See how such fantasies cater to the ego’s desires and fantasies of what it most desires – but it doesn’t make them true or information that is actually of use or that serves your journey. In fact it’s even counterproductive because it keeps you locked into the false belief that the ROMANTIC OUTCOME is THE ULTIMATE OUTCOME of the Twin Soul journey.

I know for a fact that many of you would be dead miserable in a romantic relationship with your Twin Soul under the current circumstances. You are unable to see this right now, because you are blinded by your deep desire and your own wounding but much of the Divine Masculine’s behavior in general and towards his Divine counterpart in particular is completely unacceptable. Not because the Divine Masculines are grade A *ssholes, but because their behavior and the circumstances created through that are OUR INITIATIONS on our Ascension path.

For example I spoke to this highly successful female entrepreneur this morning, that more or less has a deadbeat broke twin, triggering her left and right. When we zoomed in on how him being her complete opposite was mirroring back something to her on the deepest level, we saw that he was mirroring her – her own inability to see her soul self and her rejection of her true self on an ego level. She would not be able to be in a romantic relationship with him at this moment. Another client of mine tried the Twin Soul meditations and was very pleased that her twin kept coming closer and closer, the meditations really seemed to be working until he sprung a secret on her that he had a certain addiction that was completely unacceptable to her – poof their went her much desired romantic happy end up in smoke. These aren’t haphazard mistakes from a faulty Universe, this disillusion happens-  to BRING US DEEPER in touch with our true selves instead of searching for the fulfillment of our happiness outside ourselves in someone else – such as the Twin Soul.

Would these healers/psychics truly be as spiritually evolved as they think they are – they would know the above and therefore steer clear of feeding into the existing romantic fantasies. Instead they would focus on helping their clients release these fantasies deeper and deeper because they cloud and prevent people from addressing the deeper underlying pain that is brought up when they have to let go of their special someone.

There is such immense deep healing in facing the wounds that come up, when we are left with NO OTHER OPTION, but to let go. To let go of the dream, to let go of the fantasies and to see the other for who they really are. This deep release of attachment and release of false (fantasy) projections, allows for true connection and the unraveling of the absolute truth of the connection – which many people refuse to face because it triggers DEEP FEAR OF LOSS.

However as healers it is our duty to journey with our clients into the depth of their pain to help them release it, we are doing them a HUGE disservice when we keep them caught up in the romantic fantasy. Just to make sure you understand that releasing your attachment to a romantic outcome, does NOT mean that you will not have a romantic outcome. It simply means that you are willing to look at what is keeping you holding on to your person, with white knuckled fists…. doing so doesn’t change the outcome of your connection. It helps you remove the fear that is making you CLING to your connection. Remember fear is what keeps us locked in the 3rd dimension and out of the 5th dimension, so we have to release our fear attachments in order to align to a true 5th dimensional Divine partnership and union.

No accountability for what is being channeled

What I have found with almost ALL psychics or healers using their psychic abilities to forecast future timelines is that they often take ZERO responsibility for their predictions. I have only met one person, who has chosen her words wisely and said that she didn’t know if what was coming through was actually going to happen.

For the rest people seem to just vomit whatever comes through to them effortlessly, but will take no responsibility for their predictions. One healer/psychic would simply say that she wouldn’t remember the things that came through in a session, in other words she wasn’t to be held accountable for what came through. Now I get it, I don’t remember everything that comes up in a session either but I don’t tell my clients what I see – they tell me what they see (feel/hear/know) and I guide them deeper into that experience. I don’t channel any information to them or for them, I simply guide them to their own truth at a soul level and help them see the truth of their current experience.

I think when you are making such bold statements as seeing divorce, pregnancy, death and so on, that you have to be more secure in what you share with your clients simply because what you share ALTERS their perception of their reality and not always in a positive way. What many people practicing this profession don’t realize is that they are racking up karma at top speed. The objective of the Twin Soul journey is to release and work through our karma, instead these people increase their karma through their work and through leading people astray. That sounds harsh maybe, but in the case of the psychic convincing the woman that her person wasn’t married it’s not only the woman who was caught up in denial and wishful thinking – it was also the psychic that insisted that the man was lying about his marriage. Offering the woman a straw to cling to in a otherwise hopeless situation. But was she doing this woman a favor in maintaining the romantic fantasy? No, of course not. This person should have helped the woman let go of the man, because he had told her that he was married – that was the reality.

Ego gets in the way here as well.

Say the psychic starts up with the story line she sees and the client says, no but he told me he is married – which doesn’t fit into the psychics story line. What will the psychic say? Well I don’t see that, I see him deeply in love with you and simply using the marriage excuse because he is scared of rejection. He has been deeply rejected in the past and with you he feels he could not survive if he would come closer and you would reject him. This is because on the deepest level he doesn’t feel worthy of your love and that is why he keeps his distance. Very plausible story line, we have heard it a million times in different tarot and pick-a-card readings.

It could be a way to save face (ego), it could be what the psychic is really picking up on (which as my example showed could even be a past life scenario). It doesn’t have to be bullsh*t but one thing is for sure, this information DOES NOT SERVE the client and as the example showed it even encouraged her to stay in denial and a fantasy reality because she did clutch on to this straw, in order not to drown in her own hopelessness and having to face her own deep subconscious wounds.

One thing that I have not addressed yet and that is equally important is to realize that many of these people are so utterly full of themselves and their psychic abilities that they DO NOT do any inner work themselves. I know the psychics that I have talked about in this article, didn’t go to other healers. They swapped under acquaintances, one was being ‘coached’ by a family member, the other swore by binaural beats and although they of course do something listening to them does not help you access your deepest subconscious wounding.

In short these people did NOT do their own inner work, and what happens when you don’t do your own inner work? You project your issues onto your clients. If you have not taken the time to journey into the depths of your own self, then you will inevitably project your own wounds and disowned aspects of yourself into the messages you think you are receiving for the other which is another reason why the information attained through the psychic field is often muddled, because the person receiving that information is not a clear channel themselves.

You may argue that it is the clients responsibility to deal with his/her own actions based on the knowledge gained through psychic powers or divination, however the channeler self is also responsible for what he or she shares with the client and the impact that information has on a person’s life. Much like a doctor giving a life expectancy prognosis, people want to be able to rely on what they are told by psychics because otherwise what is the point in paying often relatively large amounts of money for unreliable and sometimes even false information?

It’s the worst anti-anxiety strategy out there

So why do people do it?

Why does someone invest hundreds or sometimes even thousands of $$$$ into holding on to a fantasy dream outcome, their romantic happy end?

The truth is that this journey can make us feel so out of control that we can hardly handle all this triggers inside of us, which varies from deep inner child wounding around safety to wondering if we aren’t going crazy? Going to a psychic and getting so called in-depth information gives us a sense of control. It often validates us, that we haven’t lost our marbles, that the love is reciprocated instead of unrequited and so on. It soothes us and provides temporary relief until the next time we feel triggered and run to our ‘psychic feelgood fix’ to medic away the pain of feeling out of control in much the same way as we would use drugs, alcohol, binge eating or shopping to suppress our deepest traumas. The only problem is it doesn’t change anything, because the root cause of the problem remains unaddressed.

Every time you have a psychic read, or a YouTube ‘It’s going to be okay’ fix you only suppress the triggered trauma deeper. You aren’t facing the cause of your pain, you are merely running away from it by literally fleeing into and listen up now; a NON-EXISTENT fantasy reality because you can’t face the pain that your ACTUAL REALITY is stirring up deep inside of you.

But there is a HIGHER reason for your current reality to be the way it is now and that is because it is MEANT TO trigger this deeper pain you hold within yourself. Every time you run away from this pain, by fleeing into fantasy would-be realities, you waste yet another opportunity to truly address the deeper underlying cause of your current circumstances. That is the thing that you have to realize that you are doing, you are paying someone money to help you FLEE and run away from your own pain but the pain itself remains unaddressed – no matter how many times you book sessions to have your cards read or have future timelines predicted to you.

It’s an escape mechanism, but it doesn’t change your reality. It only alleviates you from your panic, for a little bit while at the same time keeping you from doing what you need to do and that is face your own inner pain. It’s a never ending cycle and I know many people who have lived this way for years, waiting for predicted timelines to come true and when they didn’t going back for their next fix of fantasy reality to cling to.

What should you be doing instead?

Already in 2017 Spirit dictated to me the Twin Soul oracle, which is free of charge and also available as an app in the Google Play and Apple app store. This oracle is known to be spot on and helps you shift your perspective towards your Twin Soul journey. It also helps you have more faith that it is going to be okay – but that you can’t simply lean back and wait for your twin to return to you. This journey is really not about your twin coming back into a romantic relationship with you, despite the fact that this could be how it all plays out.

This journey is about you waking up to the truth of who you are and becoming the highest expression of yourself. This requires you to release all the gunk and sludge, the fears and false beliefs from this lifetime and previous lifetimes that are covering your true nature. When you release all these lower and denser vibrational frequency emotions, traumas and belief systems you make it possible for your soul to descend into the physical for the inner marriage with the ego and the personality. The as above, so below and when we can restore and unify this vertical connection with our own Divinity – it will be mirrored back to us in our physical reality or horizontally where we will see that life has become as within, so without.

That is what the Twin Soul journey has come to accomplish in your life and so it makes sense that from a soul perspective, the soul is going to prioritize this inner unification process above the so deeply desired outer romantic ‘union’. Simply because, this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to wake up to the truth of who we are, when we have been playing out our romantic dramas since the beginning of time. Throughout our soul’s journey our romantic dreams and fantasies, have become invested with our romantic fears and false beliefs – which is why they need to be purified in order to truly have, what we so deeply crave.

So, instead of wasting your money on information that may NOT even be accurate or could take many years to come true, invest it in your own healing. Invest it in working with people who are able to bring you to the depths of your own pain. Spend time to go deep inside yourself and face your inner dragons and demons, because this is how you become a clear vessel for the soul to be able to reside in.

As long as you are still anchored in the lower and denser vibrational frequency of your past experiences (including previous lifetimes) the soul cannot come down into the body because your body is not a vibrational frequency match to the higher frequency of the soul. We create this alignment and inner merge (as above, so below) through doing our inner work.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Twin Soul journey and Ascension process, check out the Akashic Record Clearings to release deep pain and trauma (including fears and false beliefs) from this and previous lifetimes. You can also join the Twin Soul Tribe, the Mystery School for modern day Initiates on the Twin Soul and Ascension path. In our signature program, the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program we walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. Inner union, is a prerequisite for true Twin Soul union and creating ‘Heaven on Earth’ from the inside out.

I pray this article serves you. Granted, some of the things that were predicted could still become true in the future, But ask yourself, what does that matter if the time frame for them to come true is 5+ or even extends over decades? What are YOU going to do with your life in the meantime? Are you going to be living for your twin’s return for all the days in between? A 5 year period contains 1825 days, what are you going to be doing with yourself and your life in those 1825 days? Fantasize about a future romantic outcome?! That is seriously not why you incarnated on planet Earth, this time around. You came here with your own unique mission and you are not serving anybody, with your head stuck in the clouds.

Stop chasing romantic fantasies and start doing what you came here to do!

Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

If this article resonates with you, please share it abundantly. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Soul Partnership journey and Inner Union process. As a spiritual teacher and healer, she helps those seeking to attract or reunite with their Soul Partner to understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.