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11 ways people unconsciously or ‘s …

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7 reasons why Twin Soul unions can take much more time to come together, than ‘normal’ romantic relationships

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on 7 reasons why Twin Soul unions can take much more time to come together than ‘normal’ romantic relationships, you will learn:

  • Why true Twin Soul union seems like mission impossible
  • Why this journey is not about the fairy-tale outcome
  • How your Twin Soul is a Divine tool to help you reach inner oneness
  • Why some parts of your journey can only be walked alone
  • And more…

Do Twin Souls ever come into union?!

Judging by your own situation, you may sometimes wonder if Twin Souls actually do ever end up together?

Or you may be scratching your head wondering how the f*ck they ever managed to get together when you read about someone else coming into union with their Divine counterpart. Did they have to overcome as much as you have?

To many twins, Twin Soul union, seems like a mission impossible.

A challenge so daunting, it can’t be done.

This is because Twin Soul union asks for a much deeper alignment, than your regular 3D romantic relationships do. The latter are much quicker to come together, because they serve a completely different purpose in your life – something I will explain in-depth in this article.

But first let’s get some misconceptions out of the way, being together with your twin in a romantic love relationship is not the same thing as being in Twin Soul union. In fact many twins in a romantic love relationship with their twin ‘prematurely’ (which doesn’t actually exist, because everything is always in perfect timing) have to go through the same sh*t as many regular couples (karmic or soulmate) go through in order to harmonize the energies between them. It isn’t the romantic bliss you dream of and they often have to put up with sh*t, nobody should have to put up with to work through the wounding that can only be triggered through closeness.

The Twin Soul community likes to make being in a romantic relationship with the twin, the be all end all of this journey but it’s not and many Twin Soul couples still have loads to work on even when they do end up together in a romantic relationship.

This is because the higher selves use closeness and distance (separation) to bring up the inner wounding. Couples together with their Divine counterpart aren’t necessarily further along on their journey than those couples in separation. I know many Divine feminines who are walking on eggshells in their romantic relationship with their Twin Soul, afraid that if they say or do something wrong it might all slip away through their fingers….

In fact many Divine feminines are not willing to talk about their romantic unions publicly because, they have never discussed the Twin Soul concept with their Divine counterpart or because they don’t want the outside world to know they see themselves as Twin Souls – afraid it may reflect negatively on their career. This is part of the reason why, ‘unions’ seem so rare – because they are kept hushed for various reasons.

But above all the reason why Twin Soul unions take longer than normal love relationships to come together, is because they are meant to be so much more. Download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union, to find out why meeting your Twin Soul is not just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story or rainbow colored version thereof.

The 7 reasons why Twin Soul unions take time to come together

We are of course all in a hurry to get together romantically with our Twin Souls and live happily ever after, but the truth is that this connection is not a romantic fairy-tale come true.

Instead it’s rather the hero’s journey – which actually makes it a lot more fun and magical to be on. Forget about waiting for a knight in shinning armor to come and save you, because now you get to evolve into the highest expression of yourself and become the heroine of your own life journey.

This hero’s journey takes you through various different stages necessary to come into alignment with your deepest heart’s desire. At the end of the journey (do journeys ever end?), you’re different—both on the outside, as well as internally. You are no longer the person who set out on this journey but a higher expression of yourself, which you have become through all the trials and tribulations overcome along the way.

So let’s look at some of the factors that prolong the journey into a romantic union with the Twin Soul and in the end true Twin Soul union in which you have attained as above, so below as well as – as within, so without, which is the true state of unity consciousness that this journey leads us to attain.

The end result of this journey is union with your Divine self, which is then reflected back in your outer reality – in union with the twin or someone better. The Twin Soul is but a tool used by the Divine, to get you in this state of consciousness. We often lose sight of this fact when we become so enthralled by the other that we see THEM as the source of everything. We make them like a God or a demi God at least in our minds, but all the beauty, magic, love and miracles including the Twin Soul experience are a gift to us from the Divine – it doesn’t originate from the Twin Soul (your Divine counterpart).

Reason #1 Healing

The primary reason this journey takes longer is because of the healing necessary to come into alignment. The higher selves use closeness and distance to trigger the subconscious wounding that needs to be brought into the conscious awareness to be released.

On a vibrational level this is an important part of the Ascension path, that Twin Souls find themselves on. Everything is energy and these subconscious wounds often from lifetimes and lifetimes ago, weigh down the overall vibrational frequency.

In order to activate and ground the light body (your Merkaba) you need to raise your personal vibrational frequency to 500 and above.

Trauma energy resides below 200 and therefore has to be released from the energy field. When left unchecked it will drag the personal vibrational frequency down, like sand bags on a hot air balloon and it will keep attracting the same vibrational frequency match into your real life experience.

That is why Carl Jung said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Most human beings and especially old souls walk around with deeply stashed vibrational gunk and sludge (unresolved trauma) from their previous incarnations whether that is because they wronged others or they were wronged themselves. Both types of trauma leave a dense vibrational residue that needs to be released from the energy field, in order for the individual to be able to raise their vibrational frequency and re-activate the light body which is part of the Ascension process.

The whole push/pull – running/chasing and separation stage are custom designed by the higher selves to facilitate this purification of the energy field in BOTH the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. ‘He’ triggers the living sh*t out of you and ‘She’ brings in the higher frequency energy that he gets pulled into no matter what his 3D self thinks it’s doing. It’s all just one big role play and playing out of trauma in order to raise the vibrational frequency of the couple.

However healing doesn’t guarantee union, some people do little to no healing and they come together romantically with their Twin Soul seemingly easily and effortlessly – while others heal to the core and the twin doesn’t budge one bit. What you have to understand is that you don’t heal to be with your twin, you heal to have a better life for you – no matter what the twin does or doesn’t do.

It all goes back to the higher selves using distance or closeness to bring up the deeper wounding, because the aim of the Twin Soul connection is to return the couple back to the state of Oneness within. Everything we achieve within, is reflected without because that is how reality works in this Universe. When one can be ONE within, they can be ONE with the other.

Reason #2 Growth

Because this is the hero’s journey and not a romantic love story, immense growth is an inevitable side effect of all the initiations that are part of the Ascension path, that Twin Soul initiates find themselves on.

These initiations serve to not only raise your vibrational frequency, but to also teach you to see life from the soul perspective (5D) instead of the human perspective (3D).

As a collective humanity and planet Earth are ascending into the higher 5th dimensional frequency, which requires a complete reprogramming of our inner belief system and perception of reality.

We basically have to unlearn everything we have been taught, which takes time as we have been conditioned for eons and eons to see life and reality from the 3rd dimensional perspective. Do not confuse 3D with physical reality, because it’s not what we are talking about here. 3D is not down here and 5D up there, that’s just more 3D old paradigm thinking.

All dimensional realities are meant to be experienced in the physical reality – including 5D.

5D is not spirituality, meditation, yoga, chanting, tantra or what not. It is a state of being, a consciousness and corresponding vibrational frequency that one attains in the physical realm – which alters the physical experienced reality. This is because our outer reality, is nothing but a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs.

3D was a thought pattern of separation, lack, loss, scarcity etc. 5D is a thought pattern of unity, unlimited abundance, unconditional love and an experience of Heaven on Earth. Healing is an important part of that growth because many of our most predominant beliefs are subconscious beliefs, meaning thought patterns we aren’t even consciously aware of believing.

This often past life programming (again based on trauma – misinterpretation) has to be brought into the conscious awareness in order for it to be released and reprogrammed.

One such false beliefs for example that can be deeply programmed is the idea that if you follow a religious practice to a T, you will be rewarded or ‘bad’ things won’t happen to you because you are under Divine protection.

I had a past life in which I followed the Egyptian laws of Maat, I was a slave princess and pregnant with the pharaoh’s child (my twin) when I was poisoned with elderberries which caused me to miscarry.

The father of my child, thought I had purposely killed our child out of defiance and had me lashed to death. I had lost all faith in the Divine (Goddess Isis to be specific) because, I had childishly believed that blindly following the law would magically protect me from all harm, not realizing that everything is always happening for our highest good including the things we view as ‘bad’ from a human perspective.

In that life I learned the hard way, that you can’t earn favor from the Divine by pleasing or appeasing an outer deity, which I had foolishly tried to do – as so many of us have in past life embodiments.

The memory of that subconscious trauma, was something that made me distrust the Divine on a deep level which had to be unearthed before I could start trusting the Divine again in this lifetime. You see the subconscious doesn’t know time, nor does it know anyone else but self.

Anything you believed at any point in time is applied to the NOW and seen as a belief of the self, even if it was a past life expression of the self that believed this.

To make it even more interesting the conscious mind only creates around 5% of our experienced reality, the other 95% is created by the subconscious and unconscious mind that is full of helpful and not so helpful beliefs. The higher self has created a series of experiences and initiations to go through in this current lifetime, to shift these unhelpful false beliefs and come back to truth once more – i.e. reprogram old paradigm thinking.

Such reprogramming of thought patterns takes time as we move through the many layers of fears, false beliefs and trauma that has had us deeply entrenched in separation consciousness.

Reason #3 Mission first

I am currently in Jaipur India where I am facilitating a Twin Soul healing retreat for clients together with a group of my own personal healers.

After a session with one of my older clients, we were talking about my own Twin Soul journey as this is the first time that I am back in India since I was last with my twin in 2015. We were talking about how different things would have been if he and I would have ended up together back then.

One of the most important things I realized was that the legacy of truth that I have documented for others on the Twin Soul path would have never been written, if my twin and I would have married after my first visit in 2015. His family who had already had a wife of their choice lined up for him (the one he married in 2017), would not be able to deal with the honesty I have put out their.

If we would have married back then, I would have felt the need to fit in and be accepted by them, as he would have had to sacrifice everything to be with me and I would not have been in the position to be as truthful or as blunt as I have been now.

He will either continue his life as is now or choose to live his truth too, which puts me in a position that it simply does not matter one way or the other if his family likes me, approves of me or accepts me – it’s just not relevant anymore and I could honestly care less if they do or don’t. Because I didn’t have their approval to begin with, I didn’t need to bend over backwards to get it.

If my twin at a later date decides to live his truth, we will have then both grown to a stage that what others want for us, takes a backseat to what we want for ourselves. Which has been one of the biggest blocks we faced on our journey. My twin has said over and over again, that if it was only up to him we would already be together and have the life we always talked about – but that he had to think about how his decisions would impact others (his Indian family).

The more I learned to not give a flying f*ck of what others including his family would think of me, the more honest and authentic or as some like to call me raw – I was able to be about my own experience and the Twin Soul journey. Me being honest, raw and authentic about my own journey and lessons learned became my biggest gift to the Twin Soul collective. A gift I would never have been able to gift you, if we had taken the less scenic route on our own journey.

Not to mention how much better a teacher I have become from having to deal with the unexpected plot twists I encountered within my own Twin Soul connection.

Spirit has shown me time and time again that our own journey has been designed to serve the Twin Soul collective and that would have not been possible if I had been bound to Indian tradition and politeness. I would have been gagged and incapable of speaking my truth the way I have because so many things are still so taboo within my twin’s culture and society.

Not being in a romantic relationship with him has allowed me to say it like it is – without any filters, which is what most of my readers love about me.

Reason #4 Transformation

I can’t begin to explain how transformational this journey is both on the inside and the outside. I actually look younger and hotter today, than when I met my twin close to five years ago.

Raising your vibrational frequency and doing your inner work, releases an inner glow that no beauty product can fake. I not only became more beautiful (not meant as a brag), I also became much more feminine and dress more feminine because of it.

Internally I have definitely done the caterpillar-turns-butterfly thing in many ways as well. One most recent confirmation of inner growth I witnessed this week. After dinner during the retreat, an old filling fell out of one of my upper molars. It was an amalgam filling so it had probably already been in there multiple decades, as today dentist don’t use amalgam fillings anymore because they are outdated.

So here I was in India leading a retreat with multiple healers and a group of clients and I needed to go to the dentist asap, because even though there was no chance of infection – everything I ate ended up in the hole in the upper right corner of my mouth. Not such a comfortable feeling.

I made a dentist appointment with one of the dentist with the most and highest reviews on Google. We spoke to each other the day before and his English was impeccable. The next day after my first session of the day and during my lunch break I took an Uber across town to the Jaipur Dental Hospital all by myself to have my filling fixed.

I don’t fear dentists, but I don’t much care for dentist appointments either. As I was waiting in the waiting room it hit me how far I had come and I pulled out my phone to share it with my twin. I wrote him about the magnitude of that moment because I came to India in 2015 literally scared sh*tless of everything, not going anywhere without someone with me.

Here I was three years later, getting my sh*t done all by myself as if I was in my home town – while in fact I was in a city I had never been to before.

It may sound trivial if you are an avid world traveler, but to me this change was massive and it’s just one the many ways the inner transformation I have gone through, now manifests itself in my life and relationships. Needless to say, transformations like this do not happen overnight – they take time.

For me it was crucial to have this experience, prior to us being together in order to feel safe also when I am alone in completely unknown territory. If we had been a couple it would have been highly likely that he would have gone with me or arranged everything for me because we were on his home turf, robbing me of this valuable experience of feeling like an absolute bad ass – trusting the Universe has my back also out and about on my own in India.

Reason #5 Finishing up karma

When we think of karma, we often automatically associate this with our twin’s potential current partner and it can be that your twin and that person do in fact need to finish up karma together.

Even when our twins have a soul contract with us, this does not mean they don’t have soul contracts with other people as well that need to be honored and brought to completion. This in itself can take time as they may need to play out things together in the physical to clear the energy between them and the other.

The same may apply to you as well, you may need to be with someone else for a certain period or maybe even bring in a child with someone else as part of your soul agreement. This can all be part of the alignment process – it by no means, means that this is not your Twin Soul or that you are no longer on the Twin Soul journey.

My twin just had a baby boy, which he had already prepared me for at the beginning of the pregnancy by telling me in a dream and confirming the news the next day in a conversation on Facebook messenger when I shared my dream with him.

This baby has been a vital part of my own process the last six months, helping me embody my higher self in the physical. Granted it’s not the fairy-tale ending one dreams of starting out on this journey, but that’s okay when you start to get a glimpse of the bigger picture that is unfolding.

I would not be where i am today in my own life without the help of both my twin’s wife and his now newborn son – who is such a powerhouse. This baby carries such light and awareness (I got a pic of course) and he received such a powerful name, that it dispels all common held assumptions of so called ‘karmic’ relationships being inferior to the Twin Soul connection. Or that the offspring coming forth out of these connections would be any less special than babies being born within Twin Soul unions, whether they are romantic or true unions.

Within the Twin Soul community karmic relationships are often looked down upon, but that is simply not true. These relationships and the children being born from them serve you as much as they serve your Twin Soul.

I personally have always been very careful not to start a relationship with someone who is married or a man who has children from a previous relationship. I just didn’t want the hassle or the drama that often seems to come with it and to be even more truthful, I am not the type of woman that loves other peoples children. Having had around six months to adjust to my twin’s baby being born, I grew to love the child and consider it as my own through the energy connection I felt with the baby’s soul during the pregnancy.

Which was a massive initiation for me, by the time the baby was born I was in complete acceptance around it and there was zero emotional charge. I received his picture just before I boarded my flight to come to India, which gave me 9 hours to think about how I felt about it and I could only conclude that I was genuinely happy for my twin and his wife.

This has been the ultimate paradox as of late because things have never looked this lost and beyond all hope in the physical, while at the same time things have never looked this bright and aligned as they are now energetically and this baby coming has been a big part of that. It has actually brought me and my twin closer in energy and even more importantly it has brought me in the shifts I have recently gone through, including being able to ground my higher self in the physical.

Which isn’t surprising as this baby, was our baby in a life in ancient Egypt. The child was not allowed to be born and we were not allowed to be together, because our love did not serve the world at that time. The world back then was not ready for the frequency of Twin Soul love and unions and so we had to sacrifice our child and our love for the greater good.

Releasing this memory was the first block between me and my twin that the baby helped clear. Because in this life my twin also sacrificed our love and the baby wanting to be born to us in 2015, for the greater good – i.e. his family. But this time around our love does serve the world and it took this baby coming back into our lives, to help us remember this false belief and realize that it was not true for us in our current lifetime.

There was no other way for us to come to this realization than this baby that wasn’t allowed to be born to us back then, to be born to my twin and his wife now. Especially because my twin was the mother of this child back then and I had had to make the difficult decision to have the pregnancy terminated as the ruling pharaoh and father of the child. Talk about karmic justice, that in this lifetime I had to emotionally allow for this child to be born as the very first step in healing this past life.

This baby could have never been born to us, because deep down we STILL believed that we had to sacrifice our love because it didn’t serve the world….

Which shows you that the whole karmic thing is much more complex and spot on what we need, than most of us give it credit for. Karmic situations as such need time to play out, especially if babies are involved – as normal 3D pregnancies generally take nine months to come to fruition.

Reason #6 Divine plan & timing

While in Delhi the week before the retreat I woke up the day after the January 5th eclipse to two missed calls from my twin at 5:45 am and a secret conversation opened with the message ‘I want my d*ck sucked so bad‘ and an emoticon of someone who was clearly suffering and in pain.

My very first internal reaction was ‘Wait is that all you think I am good for?!’ followed by ‘WTF dude, you just had a baby!’ So I replied with ‘Wow, that’s very honest..’ but it was clear that I was not happy with the message. I wrote that I just woke up and needed some breakfast first before I was off to have a manicure. I honestly needed some time to process this message.

I was slowly recovering from my initial shock, because my twin NEVER talks to me this way and I was just waiting for him to come online and explain himself, this was so unlike him. But still no reaction from his side, so around two hours later I got defiant and I asked him ‘Did you want your whisky with that blowj*b?!’ Referring to the present I had brought him and that he was yet to come pick up.

We literally had not talked to each other since I arrived – and this was the equivalent of his ‘Welcome back to India – so great that you are back!’ and I honestly didn’t like this message as the first thing to come out of his mouth.

Around 6 hours after his first message, he responds with ‘delete that‘ – which I did and I asked him if he was okay he said yeah and then starts explaining that some grade A assh*le had sent the message from his phone and that he had not been the one to send that message – which initially was a relief but then triggered me even deeper because this wasn’t the first time his friends had treated me with complete disrespect and that he allowed them to do so.

I was like why are you even out with friends at 5:45 in the morning, when you have a 5 day old baby at home. I told him if I had been his wife, I would smack him and that he needed to grow the f*ck up.

I was livid angry as hell with him and I let him have it. I was totally fine when the baby was born, but now I was a crying mess and felt so immensely hurt by the message and the fact that he tolerated other people desecrating me like that and didn’t do anything to stop them.

I felt emotionally raped and told him that by allowing his friends to behave like this, he was raping me emotionally as well. Their behavior was so uncalled for and so inappropriate, it actually made the impact of the message 1000x worse than him sending it to me in a drunken stupor and then dreadfully regretting it when he had sobered up.

That would have still been completely inappropriate, but not as painful as this – them dragging the innocence and purity of our connection through the mud and reducing it to some vile soul less sex thing. I demanded from him to stand up for the sacredness of our connection and to honor my sacredness, by not accepting others to defile me in his presence.

His answer was acceptance of what I had to say and silence which made me even more angry, because I felt he needed to make things right with me. I had done nothing to deserve being treated this way and I had certainly been a better friend to him than these jack*sses that could have potentially gotten him into so much trouble if I had been anyone else.

Secret conversations come with full name and profile pic and he would have been screwed if I for example would have screenshotted that conversation and sent it to his family and wife. I would of course never do this, but they don’t know that and took a massive risk of exposing their friend to such potential consequences at such a vulnerable moment in his and his wife’s life.

However, everything always happens for a reason and for our highest good – but I sure could not see how at that moment. I was so angry and so done with this bullsh*t I was ready to let it be whatever it was, if this person did not belong in my life – I was fine with it. I only wanted out from this connection that had hit a dead-end as far as I was concerned. I refused to continue as is and I was very clear to him about where I was at, which seemed to also impact him as he literally disappeared for days off of social media. He was offline for periods of 24 hours at a time, which is not normal for him. He is not on social media 24/7 but even when really busy he checks Facebook once or twice a day. Usually when I send him a message he reads it within a couple of hours, I mean I have been talking to the guy for almost five years I know his routines.

In the meanwhile I sat with the nothingness that was left, before I had known without a shadow of a doubt that my twin loved me but now I was willing to be wrong about EVERYTHING. It all laid open before me and I was ready to have it be the truth, no matter what that truth was.

As I did my own healing work with my healing team before and after the retreat, it quickly became clear that this whole event served to help me release deep seated incest energy that was blocking my tail bone and obstructing my kundalini energy, My reclaiming my sacredness and innocence towards my twin and demanding him to see me as such, innocent and sacred was all about retrieving my innocence and sacredness as a child in regards to my father who sexually abused me as a young child. He passed away close to 10 years ago.

This energy trauma had been stored on the left side of my sacrum and was released through reintegration massage combined with a craniosacral therapy session and a shamanic healing session. In the craniosacral therapy session where a lot of the trauma energy release was done, I was really guided to reclaim my innocence and sacredness that had been tainted through the actions of my father by releasing my expectations towards men, my Twin Soul and my father.

If we now go back to the energy behind the message coming from my twin’s phone and his friends potentially sending this and everything that triggered in me, you can see that it was the matching frequency energy that I was now releasing in regards to my dad. Without that message stirring all my anger around feeling defiled and desecrated, that stuck energy would not have been triggered so deeply that it could be dislodged and be released.

Seeing my twin’s situation with a new born baby I had not expected much in regards to us in general or even meeting up, as I could hardly expect him to abandon his son and his wife at such a vulnerable time – but not in my WILDEST dreams had I expected this what happened.

Still the whole event was perfect and served me in such a magnificent way, even when from a 3D perspective what happened was inexcusable and close to unforgivable.  I told my twin I really didn’t like him much at that moment and that was the milder version of what I thought of his behavior in the privacy of my head….. Trust me, I called him every name in the book.

Reason #7 Becoming who you truly are

Another important reason why Twin Soul unions take time is because they are meant to help you become who you truly are on a soul level and that is a whole birthing process on it’s own.

My twin’s son has been an important part of that journey for me as I shared before and it literally took a whole birthing team of spiritual midwives to help me birth my soul self in the physical. In fact my twin’s baby was born on the same day as that I birthed my soul in the physical, on December 31st 2018 – only a couple of hours away from the new year.

Something I instinctively felt would be true, when I came to from my own rebirth and which was confirmed by a Facebook status a couple of days later and by my twin personally when he sent me a picture of his boy and shared the name they had chosen for him.

After the retreat and after the restoration of my innocence which came through releasing all my expectations toward men, my Twin Soul and my father – I had a session with my Shamanic healer. In that healing session I was fully reconnected with my multi-dimensionality which had opened up at the end of the craniosacral therapy session. A whole galactic committee showed up to give me instructions and upgrade my DNA for the next part of my soul mission.

Which was funny because I had been using the hashtag #MyIndianLoveStoryPartII for this trip, if you remember I didn’t start living my soul mission until My Indian Love Story Part I when I visited India in 2015 and all of a sudden was able to bring people into their past lives.

This brings us to another important reason why Twin Soul unions take time, I have been in the inner union stage since around April/May 2018. But it’s not something that happens all at once:

  • It started with releasing inner conflict and where I was pitched against myself in my own psyche
  • Six months later my soul or higher self started to enter the physical body which took around three months to really ground in
  • After the soul self embodying the physical I reconnected to my galactic self and my own multi-dimensionality

This process of around nine months or more has been much more a process of deepening into this state of inner unity and ONEness. It wasn’t a one time achievement that I achieved and that was then done and dusted. It took time to deepen, to ripen, to mature and to really anchor in.

Plus I couldn’t have done this with my twin by my side, I had to face things so deeply which would have been impossible while being in a romantic relationship with my Twin Soul. When I shared the ‘suck my d*ck’ story at the retreat, one of my clients said if your twin had stood up for you and done what you wanted him to you wouldn’t have had the trigger needed to release this stuck trauma energy and she is right.

If my twin and I had been a couple, his friends wouldn’t have dared disrespect me and even if they had, he would have ripped their heads off. The fact that he didn’t react like that now is only because he is in no position to do so, he is married to someone else and can’t show publicly what his true feelings are for me even when our connection is innocent and we are not having an affair with each other.

For me the final remainder of victim energy (through the incest) had to be released from the physical cells in the body in order to be able to receive the galactic DNA upgrades and in order for me to step into my multi-dimensional being and fully live life in 5D, Part of the 5D thought patterning is realizing and owning that YOU create everything in your reality, there are no victims or perpetrators and though we often know this on an intellectual level – that is not the same as LIVING it. You can’t live something as your truth, with subconscious contradicting energy in your energy field – that energy HAS to be released.

Because this is where this journey leads to, this inner ONENESS – the soul will do ANYTHING to get you to this inner state of being. Which also means that some parts of this journey can ONLY be walked alone, they can’t be walked together hand in hand which is certainly true for becoming your true soul self.

I pray that this article has given you a deeper understanding of the Twin Soul journey and WHY union with your Twin Soul is often delayed. If you need any help clearing out past lives and raising your vibrational frequency by releasing stuck trauma, you can book an Akashic Record Clearing with me.

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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