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Connecting in dreamspace, 6 surprising ways that Twin Souls can connect during their sleep – most twins will recognize the 4th

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on connecting in dream-space, 6 surprising ways that Twin Souls can connect during their sleep, you will learn:

  • How you stay in communication with your Twin Soul even during separation
  • How dreams can act as guidance on your Ascension journey
  • 6 ways you can connect with your Twin while asleep
  • Why detachment and surrender are crucial to receiving dream messages
  • And more…

Are you dreaming about your twin?

If you are not together with your Twin Soul or you find yourself in long term separation, your twin may be showing up in your dreams.

If you never dream about your Twin Soul, don’t doubt the connection because of it – because there is absolutely no Twin Soul rule book that says you have to dream about your twin in order to be Divine counterparts. If this isn’t how you and your twin connect, that’s fine there are other ways and most of the connecting happens outside of our conscious awareness anyway.

Rest assured if you have met your Twin Soul and you are not communicating in person, through text or on the phone – you guys are still in contact on a soul level and everything is going according to plan. EVEN when you highly doubt this, because in the physical it looks like everything has gone to the shitters. Read this article anyway, because there are some hidden gems in here that you don’t want to miss.

For those of you that do connect in dream-space, in this article I will discuss the many ways these often nocturnal meetings can manifest.

If you think you are just imagining it and it’s all just in your head, stop worrying because studies have proven that humans can communicate with each other while dreaming.

#1 Nightmares and subconscious fears

Almost all Twin Souls know what it is like to have nightmares or bad dreams about their Twin Souls, because the subconscious mind uses our dream-space to process our everyday lives and problems, it’s very common to have bad dreams or nightmares about your Twin Soul.

These are not premonitions, what you dreamed is not going to happen – these are your deep subconscious fears rising to the surface and making themselves known to you. Granted they are often scary dreams that are hard to shake off, but they are just that only dreams and your subconscious mind finding a safe way to allow you to see your deepest fears.

It can help to journal or meditate on what comes up in these bad dreams and then find a healer to work on them. You DO NOT want to muck around with subconscious fears, because if they are not neutralized they manifest as your physical reality which is much tougher to deal with. It’s better to clear them energetically, than having to play them out in your physical reality.

#2 Updates about their personal life

In my own Twin Soul connection communication through dreams has happened a lot and my twin is completely unaware of showing up in my dreams – he just thinks I’m psychic…

After I came back from Dubai, I was shown that I tend to dream the truth. I dreamed something very specific about someone else and when I checked in with that person it turned out to be completely correct. It was important for me to see this, so that I would believe more in what my dreams were showing me, instead of simply brushing them off as a reflection of my deep subconscious desires.

When it comes to major life changes in my twin’s life that also affect me, my twin has always come to tell me himself in dream-space. He has never let me find out about the important stuff, through the grapevine. He always made sure, he was the one I heard it from – albeit indirectly.

In January 2017 three days before the actual wedding, but at the start of the three day wedding ceremony my twin came to tell me that he was marrying a girl his family had approved for him, but that he would love me forever. This was something that he didn’t know how to tell me in real life and then actually go through with it. I spoke to him 3 months later and as usual when he has cut me off for so long, he was falling over himself to let me know he was not a happily married man and that even if he didn’t allow himself to do so – he still wanted to be with me.

In July 2018 my twin showed up in my dream again, this time he was really excited because he was going to be a father. I messaged him the first thing next morning ‘Congratulations, you came into my dreams to tell me you are becoming a father’. It took him one freaking hour to admit that his wife was indeed pregnant, but as excited as he had been in my dream – as we were discussing it in real life he was feeling very detached in general and also in regards to the baby he told me. Something that is not uncommon for first time fathers to experience.

#3 Guidance for your Twin Soul journey

But he also showed up in between major life events. Nine months into his marriage my twin showed up in my dream to explain to me that his marriage was a marriage by proxy, the girl he had married was only a temporary stand in for his real wife.

A proxy wedding or proxy marriage is a wedding in which one or both of the individuals being united are not physically present, usually being represented instead by other persons. The message he gave me during that dream was that I should go even deeper into my own healing, because then I could take my rightful place as his wife.

You can imagine how I woke up from that dream…..

I was like ‘F*ck this sh*t’ pardon my French, ‘You f*cking get married to someone else while you are in love with me and now I have to make an even greater effort to become your wife, when you could have just married me then and there like you wanted to but didn’t dare to because of your stupid family

I was not amused at all and in fact I was just plain out angry with him.

Of course back then I couldn’t see why it ALL had to happen the way it has and how grateful I would be in hindsight for not getting this marriage when I had wanted it. Plus like many of you reading this I thought I was ACING my healing work. I was doing monthly healing sessions with my regular healer, incidental sessions with other healers and I was the proud owner of an extensive library of infinity healing audios, Twin Soul meditations and so on. I did my affirmations, my vision boarding (well actually I had tore that one up and burned it) and my manifesting scripting. I was working hard at union, I thought and I sure did a good job at keeping myself busy with all of this stuff that I was absolutely sure was going to land me my Twin Soul union.

So when I tell you guys, these techniques don’t go deep enough it’s from personal experience, because of course I listened – I was pissed, but I am not stupid.

After I was done with my little pity party, I amped up my healing work BIG time from that moment on. Starting with two sessions a month with my regular healer and going into 2018 I started doing 3 to 4 and sometimes even 5 to 6 healing sessions a week with all different healers, using different but complimentary healing modalities. This allowed me to go DEEP and get to the bottom of my core wounding, 2018 was literally the year that I UNFUCKED myself of all the illusions I was holding myself imprisoned in. I realized there had never been ‘someone’ who did it to me, I was the do-er and the done to – all rolled up into one.

I stopped wasting time on healing audio’s and all that other fluff that was only time consuming and I dove deep into my own shadows and faced all my inner dragons and demons and slayed them. By June 2018 I was entering the inner union stage of my journey, excited for what this meant for my Twin Soul connection. In that first phone call in April 2017 after my twin got married, he promised me that if he would leave his wife which he didn’t know if he would ever do – he would be on a plane the very next day to come to me!

It was time for him to buy his plane ticket I thought….

Instead he shows up in my dream one month later with the baby news and although I was a nice friend in our original conversation – I let him have it the next day. How dare he make his wife pregnant?! He didn’t even love her, but most of all this was OURS – this was sacred. This was what we had wanted more than anything else together.

I met my twin when he was nearly 25 and he asked me what I wanted him to be in my life? He had presented himself as working for the company, he turned out owning and to bridge our age gap he had told me he was 30 years old. I was lost for three days, completely besides myself and then I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted him as my husband and the father of my child. It was the happiest day of his life when I told him this. Imagine a 24 year old saying this to someone he only knew one month? And he didn’t need me for anything – he and his family are well off. Probably if the family had been more poor and lower in standing, they wouldn’t have been such an obstacle.

So now that he had given what I wanted most from him, a family life and lifelong commitment to someone else, I was fuming and he simply endured it. He never once blocked me because well he knew, just as much as I did that what I was saying was true. Plus he was starting to experience first hand how deeply connected he and I are, because his 3rd eye had started to open spontaneously when as he said he wasn’t praying or meditating – so how could this be happening to him? – he had asked me the day before.

I answered that it was because he was energetically connected to me and that I had done massive healing work since we last saw each other. He immediately replied back ‘I knew it had something to do with you!‘, he had felt that it was somehow connected to me he said, when I asked him how he knew.

When I first told him we are Twin Souls, he was like ‘I don’t know about that…’ thinking I was just over-romanticizing things and maybe even using his soft spot, spirituality to woo him. By now 5 years further into this journey he knows what we are but that doesn’t change that some things have to go the way they go, which was certainly true for the birth of his baby boy.

Because as soon as I calmed down I realized that there must be a reason why he was telling me about this baby six months in advance – I knew before his best friend knew and his best friend was not amused at all. I also realized that it was no coincidence that I would be in India for the first time in 3 years to host a retreat and it turned out to be at the exact same time as the baby’s due date.

So I started connecting to the soul of the baby coming in asking him/her what our connection was. Of course the baby and I go way back too, all the way back to ancient Egypt where the baby was ours but I as the man had ordered the termination of the pregnancy (my twin was carrying our child) because the strict rules didn’t allow us to be together. Back then the world wasn’t ready for a true Twin Soul union and so we had to sacrifice our love, because at that time our love didn’t serve the world. Which is the complete opposite now, as our love serves millions and millions of people in this lifetime.

The baby ended up helping me remove a couple more deep blocks to union between me and my twin, and the night he was born in India was the afternoon (due to a 4,5 hour time difference) that I grounded my soul in the physical in the Netherlands, a couple of days before we flew out to Delhi. That’s how important his baby with another woman was in my soul’s evolution, which was of course also why my twin came to tell me about the baby.

I believe that everything is always happening for my highest good and this baby was living proof of it, he was such an important part of my journey as well.

#4 Astral sex

I usually don’t share this with my twin, but basically every BIG dream he shows up in we make love as well. We don’t really have sex dreams, maybe one or two in the whole five and something years we have known each other, but astral sex is part of the bigger more detailed dreams.

Before he told me he was getting married and to whom, he first made love to me. This was something I had messaged him a couple of days prior to his marriage that I had wanted from him – of course not knowing that he was getting married. It was also not something I would have normally said to him, while out of contact – but it was such a deep desire. So in my dream he gave me that first and then held me close in his arms as he explained what he was about to do and I remember in the dream feeling completely at peace with his marriage (that was less true in real life, but I managed). It was as if my soul wanted me to know that, this was what had to be and that my soul was at peace with it.

Another steamy sex scene that springs out was when he came to tell me about the baby. In that dream he was scared but sure about it and impregnated me while he had me up against the kitchen sink and I remember being so surprised that it felt so comfortable being taken on the kitchen sink. In my wilder days I remember such attempts and they were far from comfortable or hot, despite Hollywood’s attempt to make them look so in the movies.

I think maybe we are a bit of a boring astral sex couple, because it doesn’t really get any kinkier than this but because of our timezone difference I have also had that I have woken up to my twin sitting on my bed looking at me. Or my mother feeling him in the house or sensing him in my bedroom. When I told my twin about one of those instances, he admitted to having been thinking of me and wondering what it would be like to come to me (this was prior to his marriage).

In the Twin Soul realm there are thousands and thousands of such stories, the one juicier than the other – some like real life sex story a little bit exaggerated…. But just as many twins have Twin Soul nightmares, many twins also have astral sex experiences or sex dreams with their twin.

#5 Messages that they can’t tell you in person

A couple of days after I landed in Delhi in the beginning of January 2019, my twin and I got into a massive fight.

While boarding my plane, I had seen that his son was born and when I messaged him he responded immediately and send me a picture of his newborn tot. First teasing me by asking if he had promised me he would, which I had asked him to do in our chat six months back. He told me he would be right back as he snapped a shot of his son, with his wife’s hands visibly in the pic hahaha. It was an adorable and powerful little boy, that through my immense inner healing work of the previous six month felt as my own. Which I do not easily say about other people’s children.

I was genuinely happy for him and not upset in any way, because I knew this was how it had to be. I felt no self pity, no hurt, no tears, just happy for him and his pride and excitement in that moment.

When I landed in Delhi, he started freaking out. He read my texts, but no response. Then the morning of the January eclipse (5/6) I wake up to two missed calls from my twin at 5:45 am and a secret conversation that says nothing but ‘I want my dick sucked so bad‘ followed by an emoticon that seemed to express someone being in pain.

My first reaction was ‘WTF is wrong with you?’ I was in shock, his wife just had a 5 day old baby and he was sending me raunchy texts as if our connection is based on sex.

It wasn’t really like him at all, because we didn’t talk to each other like that so either he was shit face drunk when he sent that text or I didn’t know who this guy was after all. I had spent 2 weeks with him in the past and he was the kind of guy that kept sex talk in the bedroom and not outside of it. Which is how I like it, nothing as vulgar as someone always having their mouth full of sex, so this was not like him.

I responded neutrally, but got impatient after a couple of hours and then texted back ‘Did you want your whisky with that blowjob?!’ and waited for his response. Another hour or so went by when I got a message saying delete that. So I asked him if he was okay and that his message had shocked the hell out of me, only to hear that his juvenile friends had sent it instead of him. I went ballistic, why was he even out with friends till 5:45 am, when his wife was still recovering from childbirth? I told him if that was me, he would have left alone in the bed with a 5 day old baby, I would have smacked him.

There is nothing worse than juvenile grown up men and it really hurt me that he allowed them to drag me and the sacredness of our connection through the mud like this. Our connection was not based on sex or blowjobs, if it had been only that we would have both been able to move on with our lives. Not both still struggling to let each other go, as we had the past couple of years.

I blocked him temporarily, unblocked him and gave him hell some more, calmed down as I of course saw that this incident was meant to trigger a deeper layer of healing around the incest I had experienced as a young child. I was ranting at him for not honoring the sacredness of our connection and protecting it, but the same applied to my father who had sexually abused me as a small child.

Later in Dubai I heard through the grapevine that my twin had stood up to his friends for me, which again tied into a deeper level of healing I was going through at that time. A friend of mine had ran into a mutual friend of my twin in the middle of the night in a supermarket of all places and my twin’s friend had spilled his guts about what had happened. My twin had given him and another friend hell because of me. After I heard this I sent my twin an emotional voice message thanking him for sticking up for me – even when it should have been nothing but normal that he did. As soon as I saw that he had listened to my message, I blocked him on Facebook indefinitely. I had a lot to process and I didn’t need the distraction.

He saw or sensed it immediately, because he came into my dream that night explaining himself why he had not come to visit me and meet my family, not even as a dear friend. He knew better than anyone how much knowing him had transformed my life, it is rare to be able to say this about someone and especially my mother wanted to meet him and think him. My teenage son just thinks he is a d*ck. In my dream he explained that he wanted us to be able to give each other everything we want, when we would meet again and that he had not been free to give me what he wants to give me and so he chose to stay away. He also deeply apologized for everything that had happened, which he had also done the first time he found out his friends had gotten a hold of his phone and sent me the raunchy text.

These were things he couldn’t tell me in person, on the phone or through text. Because the truth was of course that he was still married and had a one month old son that he was now responsible for. This again was the safest way for him to let me know, what was really going on in his heart without compromising the situation he was in – as by now his wife had found out about me too and he had also had a fight with her over me, I had been told by others. It could even be possible that she found out through the raunchy text, which made me angry as well because childbirth is such a vulnerable time and such a beautiful time in one’s life – it should not be defiled by non-existing imaginary affairs ‘coming to light’ because of juvenile pranks by so called friends. It sucks that her husband was in love with someone else when they got married, but he has done his utter best to make it work including sacrificing his 3D relationship with me as much as he was capable of.

#6 Updates about where they are in regards to you

Throughout my journey my twin has always used our time in dream-space to let me know where I stand and what he has in his heart for me.

Since the proxy marriage dream, he has continued to update me on a regular basis.

The dreams have been showing a slow process of progression over the years, in which he first decided he wanted to come to be with me and then started updating me on what he is struggling with in regards to moving forward in this decision.

Three weeks ago he came to me in a dream a broken man, doubting that even if he chose for us that he has, what it takes to make a relationship work – he was feeling completely inadequate. He was in such a bad space, that after months of no contact I sent him a message of support saying that he had come into my dream telling me he had reached a full dead-end in his life and that he couldn’t continue as he had been doing. I said that if he was feeling this way, that I hoped he would feel better soon and that I am always there for him no matter what.

Because to be honest that whole text sh*t, helped me detach and surrender even deeper. I even slept with someone else after being celibate for years, which I would have never done if I had not been so disillusioned in my twin and his behavior while I was in India. Doing so only propelled me further on my journey and allowed me to release ancient trauma, that was so far out there I wouldn’t have believed things like that were even possible. Trauma I needed to release in order to mover forward in my inner union process, the union with my soul.

To us in the West my twin’s difficulty in breaking free from his family, seems like a lame excuse. Men here would say ‘If he had really wanted you, he would have made it happen.‘ But part of the Twin Soul journey is undoing our deep past life and childhood conditioning. Within the Indian culture where my twin was born into – one is taught that seeking personal happiness is selfish. This was something that I really got to understand with working with Indian women over and over again, who were trapped in loveless arranged marriages and then meeting their Twin Soul. The huge conflict they felt inside of them to not bring shame to their family (i.e. get divorced) and not being able to continue their marriages because they now realized what love and deep connection were possible between a man and a woman.

Since that last dream in which he came to me as a broken man, I have moved into full inner union. It took me around a year of again intense healing and clearing with many different healers to be able to achieve this. I had started to come into inner union in June 2018 and I came into full union with my soul on June 26th to 28th 2019.

In the begin days most of my healing work was done on a mental and emotional level, the latter part of the journey was more the spiritual and probably even more surprising the physical as our trauma even from previous lifetimes are held in the body and our cellular memory – which has to be released. Therefore the final part of my journey was intense bodywork and deep detoxing, including a series of colonics to cleanse out the body and prepare it to hold the vibrational frequency of the soul.

Now I have no idea if my twin and I will be together in the physical in this lifetime, the dreams seem to indicate it to be so and I can certainly see how we can contribute as teachers and leaders in the Twin Soul realm – but the truth is we don’t ever really know if union with the twin is a given. Plus if it is not for my highest good and everyone else involved, I don’t want it.
I have certainly come to experience, that romance with the twin is not the highest outcome of this journey or the greatest gift. So we will see how our story develops from here and if we are meant to be together or not. BUT, I am forever grateful for meeting my Twin Soul and him coming into my dreams the way he has to help me, keep moving forward on my journey.

When I look back to whom I thought I was when I met him and who I have discovered who I really am and always have been, through our Twin Soul journey – I can’t begin to explain how different these two people are and how much my life has changed through, remembering who the fuck I really am! It has been one BIG feat of self-liberation and that would have NEVER happened if my twin and I would have gotten together back in 2015. You do not find yourself, by becoming someone’s wife – it’s impossible. You find yourself by going out into the world and making it your own, so that’s what I did.

If the right person comes along, the twin soul or someone better, I have now through my journey into myself become someone who can hold the frequency of a 5th dimensional frequency union, something I was completely incapable of when my twin and I first met.

If you are reading this and asking yourself why you are not being guided like this in your journey, neither was I until I really started to detach and surrender deeper and deeper. Plus my twin and I have a soul contract with the Twin Soul collective to use our journey as an example for others to follow, so we needed to move through all this relatively faster than many other couples would have to, if they were only working towards their own inner union.

So don’t spiral into negativity and doubt if you have not felt this kind of support yet, instead seize it as an opportunity to detach and surrender even deeper. The reason I am always hammering on letting go of the romantic dream for now, is BECAUSE holding onto it prevents you from really detaching fully and coming into full surrender.

Any teacher that teaches otherwise is not in union themselves, as you can’t come into union without detaching and surrendering first. This has also been true for all my clients, who are now together in a romantic relationship or even married to their Twin Soul – it happened for them through surrender, which sounds easy enough but it is the BIGGEST challenge twins face. Learning to trust their soul.

I pray that reading this article gives you a deeper understanding of the Twin Soul journey, which may or may not become a romantic relationship – BUT above all, will be a journey of self-liberation and deep transformation for you. That’s why it really doesn’t matter if this person is or isn’t your Twin Soul, or if you can check all the boxes to make sure this is a Twin Soul connection. This journey was never about the Twin Soul, this journey is about YOU and becoming all that you are and all that you have ever been.

When you have tapped into your soul and fully anchored, your eternal self. The person that is truly meant for you will show up and that person needs no label.

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