Even more powerful crystals & gemstones to help you create your Twin Soul union

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In this segment on even more powerful crystals and gemstones to help you create your Twin Soul union, you will learn:

  • The 7 new healing crystals and gemstones to work with on your Twin Soul journey
  • How crystals and gemstones can help you tackle core issues keeping you out of alignment to true union
  • How to determine which crystal or gemstone you need at this time
  • Tips on purchasing authentic crystals and gemstones
  • And more…

This is a free healing crystal & gemstone session

Spirit has really been urging me to make a sequel to the first healing crystal & gemstone session it offered us last time and this time came with a batch of even more powerful crystals and gemstones for us to work with on our Twin Soul journey. These seven new healing stones that we are given, will help us make the needed shifts on our journey and  help address core blocks that keep us stuck in difficult dynamics with our Twin Souls.

Our higher selves wants our unions as much as we do, people often doubt this because things can get so difficult on these journeys that it almost seems to indicate ‘that it’s just not meant to be‘. Your higher self wants me to remind you that, this is not the case. The reason the romantic love relationship often doesn’t come together as quickly as we would like (which makes us wonder if this is really meant to be?) is because the Twin Soul journey is meant to be so much more than just another ‘boy meets girl’ story – it’s a fast-track to Ascension. Please download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union to find out more.

The crystals and gemstones Spirit has selected for this free healing session, help you tackle these core issues that are keeping you out of the vibrational alignment to the true union you seek. At this point you may still believe that this union is outside of you, but the truth is union starts within and is reflected without. If you are still confused on what Twin Soul union, really means and it goes far beyond getting into a physical romantic relationship with the twin of course – please read Spirit’s recent dictation on inner union.

Spirit says the first session crystals and gemstones are true Twin Soul journey stones and these new second session stones are to be used as – creating union stones. You have to understand, you cannot take union by force. True union cannot be forced, manipulated or even lost, because it’s a soul growth process and therefore a state of consciousness in the self that is reflected back in the physical experience. It is a self perpetuating inner state, that does not depend on outer conditions. These stones are considered union stones because they assist the soul growth process, that will bring you in this self perpetuating inner state of union within.

Which crystal or gemstone do you need?

Close your eyes for a moment and take a couple of deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth to center yourself. Open your eyes and choose the crystal or gemstone that draws your attention the most and tap on it with your mouse.

This opens the stone’s description.

The stone that catches your attention the most, is the stone you are meant to work with at this moment. Spirit has guided you to chose this stone today because it is a significant energy you need to align to in your own journey to union within.

The images show in randomized order every time you refresh, which allows you to come back over and over again to see which crystal or gemstone wants to support you in your current process.

Remember these healing crystals and gemstones don’t ‘magic’ you into union!

They assist YOU in the soul growth process necessary to create inner union, which when it is a true state within will be reflected back to you in your outer experience.

Cassiterite – Healing inner child wounds (activating the light body)

This stone will assist the soul in rising from the body into the light. It will also help let go of cellular memories and promote deep healing from a soul level.

It will help you when it comes to healing old childhood issues, and it will get rid of energies that are holding you back from your life journey.

Cassiterite is a good stone to have when you’re going through issues of disapproval, prejudice, rejection, or abandonment.

Its healing energies will help dissolve the pain and the fear, and it will help you get rid of any negative energy associated with these kinds of feelings.

Cassiterite will inspire you to feel more hopeful and optimistic about your future. It will give you feelings of courage, hope, abundance, prosperity, and positivity.

It will get rid of your angst, pain, and bitterness from your failed relationship so that it will not affect your prospects in love.

It will make the toughest days bearable, and it will encourage you to always look at the bright side of life. This stone will remind you that life is too short to be spent feeling miserable!

Cassiterite is an excellent stone when it comes to letting go of your old childhood issues, and it will help you in solving the problems that plague your relationship or your personal life.

Source: https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/cassiterite/

Fluorite – Face your repressed emotions head on (release suffering)

Having this crystal in your life can give you the strength to release your pent-up emotions. It can help you express your grief, anger, or fear and pave the way to a more honest communication with the person you love.

You can easily ask help when you need to without fear or uncertainty. You can go and find comfort without feeling like you are overstepping your boundaries.

With this crystal, and you can be completely honest about certain things without the fear of being judged.

This crystal can help you release your strong emotions in a healthy way, without harming or hurting your partner.

It can also help you heal from whatever is hurting you, find solutions to your problems, and let go of your emotional pain.

It can make you realize that life is too short to be spent feeling lonely or miserable. Suffering is not necessary, and you can live a life that’s free of suffering if you do so wish!

It will make you understand that being in a loveless or unhappy situation is not the way to live.

Fluorite can work for you by helping you release negative patterns, habits, or behaviors that are affecting your chances of attracting love or keeping the love in your relationship.

Source: https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/fluorite/

Hemimorphite – The stone of radical forgiveness (create new beginnings)

Hemimorphite is a crystal that connects to the heart and communicates your emotions with a heart-centric awareness.

If you’re looking for a crystal that will help you with all things love and romance, Hemimorphite is the crystal for you!

It’s a crystal for emotional healing. Its energies will support the resolution of emotional issues, allowing you to forgive yourself and dispel harmful emotions.

Hemimorphite will remove the pain in your heart and the fear in your head.

It will give you a more optimistic and more secure point of view when it comes to your love and your relationship.

Hemimorphite will help you keep your ego in check. You will be guided accordingly so that you will not be driven by your pride or your ego.

The energies of this crystal will make you more considerate and sensitive to your partner’s needs.

You will rely on your instincts and with what you know about your partner to settle conflicts or prevent them from ever occurring.

This crystal will soften your heart and dissolve the hard feelings so that you can forgive and move on.

It will inspire you to let go of the unnecessary emotional baggage because the only one that’s hurting is you!

Hemimorphite will help you unload what’s in your heart so that you can make room for more love and happiness in your life!

When there’s nothing blocking the path of happiness and love, you will receive these gifts in your life more often!

The energies of Hemimorphite will work on your emotional body so that you will have more compassion and empathy.

This crystal will also help you achieve happiness and apply positivity in all kinds of situations.

Hemimorphite will help mend broken relationships.

It will take away the anger and hurt and add more forgiveness, humility, understanding, and love to the equation.

It will encourage love and compassion in whoever wears this crystal. It will promote forgiveness and emotional healing.

This crystal will give you all the things that you need to heal and forgive.

Even if you think a reconciliation is not in the cards right now, you will be surprised to learn what this crystal can do!

Hemimorphite will strengthen the love that you and your partner share.

It will amplify the love, the joy, and the laughter, and it will ensure that your love will only grow stronger over time.

Hemimorphite is also an excellent source of good vibrations that will help you settle disagreements, restore the passion, and rebuild what was broken in your relationship.

It will improve your communication and invite more honesty and openness between you and the person you love.

Hemimorphite is a powerful empathy crystal. It will show you how you can become a more sensitive and understanding partner.

This crystal will also strengthen your efforts to bond with your partner. It will give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your love and appreciation for them.

It’s a wake-up crystal that will encourage you to open your eyes to the reality of your situation and to see the many wonderful possibilities!

Source: https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/hemimorphite/

Lepidolite – Trust that EVERYTHING happens for a reason (recognizing the divinity in yourself)

Lepidolite can help you through difficult times in your life, especially times of either change or of mourning (which, really, is a profound change). This stone has a unique power to relieve emotional suffering, by helping you become awakened to the joy present in the universe.

It is very easy, when we are distressed, to blind ourselves to happiness. In fact, seeing happiness can make the pain all the more acute at times.

This is a natural part of the grieving process, but not a comfortable one. Lepidolite can help us get through this phase as quickly as possible and start finding reasons for gratitude again.

The psychic vibrations of lepidolite have the incredible power of helping you become attuned with the divine powers both of the universe and within yourself.

The importance of this cannot be understated: when you recognize the divinity within yourself, you will become a much happier and more successful person in every field of your life.

Recognizing divinity in yourself may be the most underrated form of mysticism in the modern world.

The spiritual energy of lepidolite will lead you into happiness by extension.

Once you recognize yourself as a divine being, a worthy part of the cosmic order, then you will come to understand that you deserve love, happiness, and success, and you will come to expect it. By expecting happiness, you prime yourself to be ready for it when it appears (as it always will, eventually).

Lepidolite also increases your psychic power in the fields of clairvoyance and clairsentience.

You will probably notice more coincidences, synchronicities, and “gut feelings” that lead you to success than you previously may have been aware of.

Its presence in your life will remind you that things happen for a reason, and keep you focused on the happiness and the eventual positive outcomes of life, rather than dwelling on the negativity that it is so easy to drown in.

Its power affirms your worth, and will remind you that you deserve happiness, love, success, and emotional comfort.

When we are suffering, it is very difficult to keep these things in mind, which is why a stone that vibrates on this wavelength is invaluable during difficult times.

Source: https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/lepidolite/

Pink Morganite – Learning to fulfill your own emotional needs (unleashing the Goddess within)

Pink Morganite will help you get over your fear, anger, and resentment. It will support you in fulfilling your emotional needs that have gone unexpressed.

It will also reveal your defense mechanisms that are based on fear and making a meaningful relationship hard to achieve.

Pink Morganite will stabilize your emotional field and activate your loving actions and thoughts. It will bring wisdom and calmness of the mind.

Pink Morganite will increase your ability to accept loving actions and words and release the attachment of old relationships that have ended in a not so good way.

It will encourage you to move forward with an open heart and a renewed purpose.

Pink Morganite will strengthen your current relationship. It can be a very supportive crystal when you’re experiencing grief or major loss.

This crystal will strengthen your commitment to your loved one, and it will show you how you can be more caring.

Pink Morganite will calm your anger or resentment, and it will help you reflect on the consequences of your actions.

Pink Morganite will bring you a new love, a new romance, or a new relationship.

It will increase your sensuality and help you overcome your heartaches. It will also support you in enhancing your loving and caring abilities.

Pink Morganite will promote companionship and make you more comfortable with showing your affection. It will also bring more friendships and love in your life.

There will be more moments of pleasure. The energies of this crystal will also strengthen family togetherness.

It’s a joyful and sharing crystal, blending together the different parts of your communal life. It’s also a crystal that will increase your intimacy and physical pleasure.

Pink Morganite will activate, clear, and energize your heart and higher heart chakra. It will help love to flow freely in your life.

With the help of this crystal, you will have an easier time accepting the feminine side of yourself. You will also be able to heal your feelings of shame or guilt.

This lovely crystal will help you realize that you can be single or independent of men and still feel at peace and harmony with the male energies.

Pink Morganite will make you realize that dominating men is not the only way that you can handle them!

Source: https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/pink-morganite/

Pectolite – Break the codependency and victim template (step into your own power)

Pectolite promotes peace and serenity, and it will encourage you to feel relaxed in all aspects.

By simply wearing a piece of Pectolite, you are creating your own awareness that everything is alright in the world.

It’s an excellent stone that will help you find your soulmate. It will also help you heal from your fears, emotional traumas, and unresolved issues.

Pectolite will help you identify your self-imposed limitations and self-defeating attitudes so that you will not end up a victim or a martyr.

The energies of this stone will encourage you to take control of your own life.

It will encourage you to admit your guilt when you’re guilty, and to apologize when you’re at fault.

Having this stone in your life will bring you a sense of peace in openness and truthfulness.

Pectolite is an emotional healer and cleanser, particularly for panic attacks, phobias, excessive anger, or stress-related imbalances.

It will help you break down the walls that you have placed around your heart as your defense mechanism.

It will pave the way for emotional release and eliminate deep emotional patterns.

Pectolite will help you reconnect to your natural state of bliss and playfulness. It will give you a childlike energy to enjoy love and being loved.

Pectolite is a very effective stone that will help you in communicating your emotions and setting personal boundaries in a manner that people you love will accept.

This stone will teach you to love, respect, and nurture yourself so that you can be a wonderful gift to others, particularly to the people who love you.

It will open a way for you to communicate clearly and honestly from the heart.

This stone will infuse your relationship with respect, patience, faith, and trust.

It will give you the focus that you need to act more responsibly and become more trustworthy and sincere.

Source: https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/pectolite/

Selenite – The and they lived happily ever after stone (become the love you are looking for)

Selenite is a stone of love.

All the things that you want to happen in your romantic life can be made possible by tapping into the energies that this stone gives off.

Your days of wondering when you will finally find love will soon be over when you allow the energies of selenite crystals to wash your aura anew.

The more you cleanse it, the more negative energies you will remove, and the more positive love vibrations will be attracted to you.

If you’ve been searching for love but haven’t had much luck finding one that sticks, selenite crystals can help you with this problem.

Selenite will make love happen for you by removing all the old and outdated notions you have in your mind about the perfect partner and the right kind of love.

If you are in love with someone but cannot seem to get past the friend zone, selenite crystals can help shift the romantic energies surrounding the both of you.

Once the blockages in your energies are removed, men will start to see you for the incredible woman that you are and entertain more romantic thoughts about you.

When you are in a committed relationship but things are starting to feel strained and you no longer feel connected to each other, selenite can work on bringing you back together and restoring what was lost in your relationship.

Once again, the negative energies surrounding you and your partner will be cleansed with the energies of the selenite crystals.

Selenite helps you keep a loving relationship, and it will show you just how you can iron out your differences with the person you love by clearing your mind, your heart, and your body of the negative vibrations.

Sometimes relationships can be a lot of work.

But when you are fueled by the energies of selenite, keeping a relationship going will no longer be a burden.

Selenite will infuse your life with love, and it will work together with you in keeping this love in your life for a very long time. It will break down your walls and make you believe in the beauty of love.

Just like Amazonite, it will toss your fears out the window and replace them with excitement, hope, and a sense of adventure.

It will inspire you to believe in the power of love, even when things are hard, and even when it hurts. It will make you feel hopeful and strong, even when things don’t work out, and it will make you feel grateful and blessed that you have a love so strong and true.

It will change the way you look at love in a better and more positive way.

Having selenite crystals with you will also fill your relationship with truth and honesty.

You will realize that a relationship based on secrets, lies, and pretensions just won’t do. If you want to have a shot at lasting happiness, now is the time to be honest to yourself and to each other.

The energies that you can get from selenite crystals are very helpful in stabilizing erratic emotions and bringing strong feelings under control.

When you have a tendency to explode whenever you’re angry, the selenite crystals will help you manage your emotions and react in a calmer and more levelheaded manner.

Energies from selenite can help melt away strong and overwhelming emotions. It can make your true light shine bright and your real nature show, and this will endear you more to your loved one.

It will not only work on your emotions but with how your loved one reacts to you, responds to you, or deals with conflicts with you.

By opening yourself up to the powers of the selenite crystals, you are also allowing your relationship and your partner to be influenced by their healing energies.

Selenite will work on your emotions so that you will live a balanced life with your loved ones.

It will carefully direct your feelings so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or others.

It will lift you up to a higher level of awareness and help you become the best lover, partner, and friend that you can ever be!

Source: https://meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/selenite/

Purchasing crystals and gemstones

Once you have identified the stone you need to be working with and you have read the description, it’s time to buy the stone. Because crystals and gemstones can only help you align to the energetic frequency if they are kept within your own auric field.

Be careful buying your crystal and gemstones online, because this may lead to the following:

  • You are sold a look alike stone for whatever reason
  • The stone is made out of plastic
  • The stone is made out of glass

Whatever the reason being for you not getting the real deal, the consequence is of course that anything that is not the real crystal or gemstone will not carry the exact vibrational frequency which you were buying it for. So this will only lead you to wasting your money.

Instead it is better to go to a reputable mineral or gemstone and crystal shop, where the staff knows their stones and will sell you the correct one. Many stones look very similar and it takes a trained eye to see the difference. Because you are buying these stones to help you in your soul growth process, it is crucial that you get the EXACT one Spirit led you to.

This will ensure that you get optimal results from the crystal or gemstone you were guided to work with.

Are you looking for ways to create Twin Soul union?

Chances are that you clicked on this article link because you are in a Twin Soul relationship, most likely frustrated and trying to get (back) to a place of romance with the person you believe to be your twin. Reading this article already stirred the memory in you that this journey is indeed about so much more, than achieving a physical, out of this world sexual, deeply loving and highly romantic relationship with your twin.

This journey was chosen by you because you wanted to make an amazing transformation in this lifetime.

If you look at what the different crystals and gemstones Spirit has selected for us, do you see that these gemstones all focus on helping you achieve the soul growth that is needed to come into union, within and without?

In my online program the Inner Union Program which is part of The Twin Soul Tribe membership, I give you a step by step guide to your Twin Soul journey and creating this inner union.

You do not have to do this alone. I have created a tribe that will support you through all the ups and downs on this journey and the knowledge I share with you in the online program, shows you exactly how to allow yourself the soul growth experience this journey has come to facilitate in your physical experience.

In the end this journey is not about hooking up with the twin, this journey is about becoming who you are meant to be – and then the twin will come back by themselves. Or not, but you won’t care either way anymore because you won’t NEED the twin or anyone else anymore to live the life of your dreams.

I pray this article serves you and helps you further along on your journey.

If you are interested and excited to know how we can help you in your Inner Union process; join the School of Inner Union, the Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Inner Union and Ascension path.

In this soul-deep healing container, we give you the knowledge, tools, resources, and support to heal the wounded ego, as well as walk you step by step through the process of coming into inner union with your own soul. It’s only from a place of inner union, that we can create Heaven on Earth and fully manifest the life that is ours by Divine right.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

With my deepest love,

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