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Unlocking Your Soul Legacy, by Healing Y …

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How Everything is Happening for Your Hig …

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11 ways people unconsciously or ‘s …

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How to tap into the unlimited abundance of the 5th dimension on your Twin Soul journey

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on how to tap into the unlimited abundance of the 5th dimension on your Twin Soul journey, you will learn:

  • Why 5D is the realm of unconditional love
  • How money is an expression of pure love and your ability to receive it
  • How you limit and harass yourself with a scarcity mindset
  • How to determine and clear what’s blocking you from living in 5D
  • And more…

If you are scratching your head wondering what money has to do with your Twin Soul journey, then you probably haven’t figured out yet that your connection with your twin is meant to be soooo much more than just another ‘boy meets girl’ love story. If that is the case please download the free Ultimate Guide to Inner Union.

Part of this journey is also about learning how to tap into the stream of unlimited abundance that the 5th dimensional frequency has in store for us, as the shift into 5D is what this journey is all about.

If you are still left grasping for understanding how money and the Twin Soul journey are even remotely related? Well let’s start with being able to work with healers on your own blocks to union or what about all those couples kept miles and miles apart because ‘money’ keeps them from getting on a plane or being able to apply for a staying permit? Or everyone still living with their (ex)spouse because they can’t afford a place of their own…

Having money is vital on the Twin Soul journey and in this article I will help you see how you can change YOUR money story – so that money does not become or stay an obstacle on your journey into Oneness. 

What is your relationship with money?

How people talk about money reveals their relationship with money and will show you what they believe about money. I seem to be a broken record on this, but only so that you understand that the mirror principle is everywhere. What you hold to be true inside of you, ESPECIALLY subconsciously (so even when you don’t realize you are believing this) manifests outside of you as your physical reality experience.

Your outer reality is not some random sh*tty set of circumstances that you were unlucky enough to attract, no they are the exact matching reflection of your own inner beliefs and feelings (that you most likely not even be aware of being inside of you).

Money always triggers a lot of emotions and a lot of beliefs about both having it or not having it. I am not going to go into the standard stuff on this. Money is a manifestation of energy, it is the Universes way to help you nurture yourself, clothe yourself, protect yourself, give yourself comfort and the freedom to go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

Money is an expression of pure love and your ability to receive it, tells you how willing you are to open yourself to love.

We all agree that 5D is the realm of unconditional love, but it is also the realm of unlimited abundance and this is where a lot of people get wonky. Because they say they want the unconditional love, but then profusely will try to convince everybody who will listen that they only need just enough money (read love). Because their happiness comes from the sun on their face, helping other people, reading a book or crocheting (I sh*t you not someone recently said this to me). When it comes to money, they are like ‘No thank you, get it the f*ck away from me!’

Here is the thing. If you truly love yourself unconditionally, why would you reject the unconditional love the Universe shows you through unlimited abundance? It doesn’t make sense right? Why would you want to limit the amount of nourishment, the amount of clothing, the level of comfortability, all forms of protection or the freedom to go where you want, to have what you want, to be what you want and to do what you want?

Our mother/father God (Universe) has unlimited abundance and you as their son or daughter have a right to your share of that unlimited abundance. Because it is an equal share of unlimited abundance, meaning that it can never run out and that your share never diminishes the shares of your brothers and sisters who all have a right to their own share of unlimited never ending abundance (whether they choose to use it or not).

Why for f*ck sakes would you say “No I only need one tenth of what you are giving me. I don’t want the rest” – because blah blah false belief that is telling you that either money isn’t good or you don’t deserve it….?

Seriously if your dad was a billionaire and he wanted to give you and your siblings a couple of million dollars each, would you say to your father here on Earth “Uhm no thanks dad, you see I only need $30.000 a year to live comfortably so just give me that because I don’t need the rest.” You wouldn’t right? So why would you who is a soul having a human experience, not the other way around then say to the Universe “Please make my life here on Earth more difficult and limiting” by cutting yourself off of the unconditional love and unlimited abundance that is yours by Divine right?

How does that make sense?

How much do YOU love yourself when…

  • You are afraid to be evicted (lose protection) because you can’t pay your rent
  • You have to limit your grocery spending or buy lesser quality food (nourishment) because you brainwashed yourself to believe in limited channels of money
  • You can’t visit someone you love because you don’t have the extra money to travel

I could make this list endless but you get the point….

The Universe is ALWAYS saying “Yes!” to you. The Universe wants to meet your EVERY need and fulfill ALL your desires.

You are the only one saying “No” and limiting yourself.

Reversed thinking

By now you might be foaming at the mouth because you are sick and tired of me challenging your reality experience. You might be thinking “WTF Sabriyé, you have no clue how hard my life is. I can hardly make ends meet.” Trust me I know what life looks like on the other side of this quantum shift because for years I lived it.

For years I bullied, limited and harassed myself with a scarcity mindset. It is part of our 3D old programming and conditioning and it worked well within the 3D system, because it is much easier to be controlled when you have little money. Nope not alluding to some big conspiracy behind it all, but in order to live in the fear-based conditioning of the 3D programming, scarcity had to be a part of that reality to keep people in fear.

Can you see that? Can you see that your belief in the scarcity of money is responsible for a lot of the fear and lack of safety you experience in your life.

Money is related to the root chakra and that is not without reason because money is what keeps us safe or unsafe in our lives. Think about it, money defines what we eat and drink (basic need). Money buys us our health or the ability to restore our health. Money buys us clothes to protect our bodies against the elements. It buys us a roof over our head and the more money we have, the more we can increase our sense of safety through better neighborhoods or security measurements like alarms or guards. Money buys us all this. It buys us safe transportation instead of having to walk everywhere and it buys us freedom, because the more money we have the more free we are to be/do/have what we want.

This is also why money gets almost everybody’s panties in a bunch – because money is the foundation of our life. In fact the safer we feel, the more money we attract which is an interesting phenomenon. So if money is an issue for you, start working on your root chakra.

The truth is we all need money, just as much as we all need air to breathe except the air seems to be free and money seems to come at a price, which pisses us off – it should be free too we think.

This is the ultimate illusion – that money comes at a price or that it is limited.

It’s the reversed thinking that was brought in with the scarcity mindset programming. It is the belief that money is scarce and limited that is making it show up as such in your physical life experience, its a false belief being reflected back to you as your reality in order for you to become aware of the fact that it is not the truth.

This then makes you think with everything you want to be, do or have – “Can I afford this?” Which is the wrong way around. You should not let the absence or presence of money decide who you can be, what you can do or what you can have because it DOES NOT depend on money.

Listen carefully, because it really does not depend on money.

It depends on you DECIDING to BE, DO or HAVE what you want and when you make that decision and you possibly clear some false beliefs and fears around being, doing or having what you want – the money will come rushing in and you know why? Because the Universe is always saying “YES!” to you.

The mistake that the majority of the world makes when it comes to money is to wait for the money to show up first and then…. but without a strong decision of I WANT to BE, DO or HAVE whatever it is you want – you don’t call in the money that is already waiting in the ether for you to manifest into your physical existence.

You have to reverse your thinking. You need to stop focusing on HOW the money will come, because in all manifestations the Universe takes care of the how. You only need to decide on the WHAT and know that it is your God given right to experience Heaven on Earth.

Now tell me how are you going to create Heaven on Earth on a limited budget? You can’t, right? You need carte blanche (complete freedom to act as one wishes) for that and that is our birth right. The Universe gave us all carte blanche all 7.3 billion people currently incarnated on planet Earth, whether they use it or not. Which means that you have cart blanche too and the full support of the Universe in creating your Heaven on Earth experience in your physical reality.

If you want to keep playing out the scarcity mindset programming in your physical experience, be my guest but as long as you do you simply cannot anchor in the 5th dimensional frequency reality no matter how spiritual you think you are. There is NOTHING spiritual about deflecting what is yours by Divine right, its just being stupid and comes from a holier than thou attitude.

I mean come on you look pretty stupid right if everyone has a 100% share of unlimited abundance and you say to Source “Just give 10% of that and ill survive”. You didn’t defy all odds to incarnate in this lifetime only to survive (which is old 3D programming lingo of course), you came here to thrive!

So what’s blocking you?

Now all of you who have been reading this thinking “How can this be true? I want money and have all my life and I just can’t get my hands on ENOUGH of it!’ it can be difficult to believe that the problem is not on the Universe’s side, but on your side.

Reversing your thinking will already create huge shifts and if you want to dive deeper into this – I go extensively into the whole concept of unlimited abundance and the link to loving yourself in my online program Inner Union Program that is part of the Twin Soul Tribe membership.

But you really have to throw everything at it which I will explain further below.

These books will change your money mindset

A big part of changing your relationship with money is changing the way you think about money. There are many money mindset teachers out there, but not every teaching resonates.

For me teachings that really helped change my money mindset are:

  • The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn
  • The little Money bible by Stuart Wilde (this made my most massive shift after I did the Cash refund from the Universe exercise).
  • Money by Arnold M. Patent

These are not books about budgeting or how to make money, these books are metaphysical teachings on how to tap into your own cosmic bank account which is forever being filled up with the unlimited abundance that Source is sending your way. You can never deplete the funds in your cosmic bank account, because you can never spend beyond unlimited or never ending supply. These books teach you how to cash in this money from your cosmic bank account in your physical reality experience aka your life here and now on Earth.

Clearing your money blocks

Another massive shift that needs to be made is removing your own subconscious fears and beliefs around money from this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

Think about:

  • Ancestral beliefs around money
  • (Past life) trauma’s around money and survival
  • Oaths and vows including monastical vows of poverty
  • Current life views on money handed down by family, social background, school and church
  • Resentment, unforgiveness, hatred (being out of alignment to love)

On a conscious level you could be shouting “Show me the money!” while on a subconscious level you are vibing your false beliefs and fears which are much stronger than your conscious desire and that is the exact dynamic that cancels out the manifestation of having the money you want show up in your physical life experience.

Let me already give you a free clearing that you can start with made by my colleague Alexandra Dobigies from SpiritualHealingTherapy.com. Of course working with a healer one on one is more powerful than watching a recording but it’s a good start.

Just an FYI for everyone always looking for the cheapest deal or free stuff, that’s a money block right there and it means you are telling the Universe you feel you can’t afford the good stuff which is exactly what you then experience as a physical reality experience.

You chose that experience through your own belief when you could just as easily choose to belief the opposite which creates a reality in which drum roll please ….. you can EASILY afford the good stuff because the Universe simply mirrors back to us our own inner belief systems about every little thing of our full existence – including money.

The trick is to get clear on what you belief so you can change the way that belief shows up in your life. You are the creator of your reality and therefore the creator of your money story, if you don’t like how that story is playing out right now in your reality experience – know that YOU have the POWER in this very moment to change this story into WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE.

This is simply achieved by changing your beliefs around money.

I have seen massive improvements in both my own life and in the lives of my clients through healing subconscious fears and beliefs and past lives bleeding through in their money stories.

Here is a testimony of one of those clients who did an Akasha Healing Journeys™ on the subject of money. You can see how quickly money manifested in her life after doing a session with me, but even better ALL the money she spent on me came back to her more than threefold.

You really can turn around your money story in a matter of hours, days, weeks or months and enter a complete new reality – many of my clients have and so have I.


United States

After my initial 2 hour Akashic Record Cleaning on twin flames at the beginning of March, I did a 1 hour repeat session on abundance at the end of March, with the aim of manifesting more money into my life. The day after my repeat session, my Mom told me that she had some money she wanted to start giving me to put in savings for myself, and she proceeded to hand me $1000, cash — with that money, I received a full return on all of the money I spent on energy clearings ($397 for a 2 hour Akashic Record cleaning, $247 for two 1 hour repeat sessions, and $97 for a coaching session). At the end of that first week after the 1 hour repeat session, my boss at my part-time job, speculated that I could be full-time eventually.

By the end of the second week, my Mom had given me another $1000, cash, to add to my Savings account and with that money I was able to pay off over $2000 in credit card debt all in one go that I had been trying to pay off for the past 4 years. I also started feeling this intuitive push to update my LinkedIn and ‘look for’ / attract another job that was full time (since I was then only working part-time) with higher hourly pay into my life.

By the end of the 3rd week, I received yet another $1000 from my Mom, I started planning to complete the one last class in a 3 weeks session in May that I needed to finish my Bachelor of Arts in English entirely and close the chapter on that part of my life, and I started to see and feel a better sense of stability overall in current and planning my financial situation. I hadn’t felt peace like this since I was financially stable before, years ago, and it’s all because of the inner work I had done with Sabriyé and following the resulting action cues I felt I was receiving i my intuition as to how to now put myself back together in this sense. To the point that, when I was taking too long to update my resume and cover letter to begin applying for jobs again, my body became “sick” including vomiting and mind fog, which allowed me to stay home from my current work one day and just be motivated to get my act together and apply for jobs, or else I would still encounter feelings of “sickness” until…I guess my Higher Self felt that I was accurately following through on steps that needed to be taken now. It’s been a truly beautiful thing to see..

In the 4th week, things kind of stagnated, but only because it felt as if I was being told “to wait” for further abundance that was en route to manifesting.

Which proved to be true because in the 5th week, I manifested a much better paying job for $15/hour that was full-time and at a reputable banking company which offered really good benefits, longevity, and opportunity for growth! Talk about benevolence! 🙂

Past lives bleeding through

Actually what got me started on this whole journey and the work I do now was me asking a healer to help me heal my money blocks and remember this was the Netherlands were concepts like that, certainly back then were considered outlandish. But my American upbringing and all the very American books I had read around this subject, suggested that the answer to my then very scarcity riddled, limited money reality, was to be found inside of me and not outside of me.

In the session with the healer I found a previous lifetime where I had experienced severe trauma around money and had decided that having money meant losing everything and therefore the subconscious mind who is always trying to protect us, made sure that this NOT HAVING MONEY was my physical experience because having money would trigger the experience of loss associated with the trauma which would then play out in my life because it matched my belief. If you are interested in the full story of this initial experience of clearing my money blocks, you can read this article here.

So when I met my Twin Soul and within a month the sh*t hit the fan and my twin temporarily vanished into thin air, I remembered how I had transformed my money story and called the healer to book an appointment to transform (what I thought was) my ‘romantic love’ story in the same way.

We are a 100 sessions further and 4 years later now and the transformation I have gone through has been mind-boggling in every area of my life, including my money story which is mirroring back to me how much more I am able now to love myself and to let in the love directed at me from all corners of the Universe. When I started with this healer I could not afford it, through the work I did with her and others booking a session with her or anyone else simply isn’t an issue anymore because money isn’t an issue anymore.

The worst spiritual money blocks

Money and spirituality seem to not go together for many people as the one is seen as human nonsense and the other as more superior, which in itself is a sign of spiritual immaturity because there is no good or bad, inferior and superior, etc. That’s just duality thinking, which is old 3D programming which you cannot take with you into the 5th dimension.

So seriously if you have huge issues with money listen carefully because those money blocks are in fact impeding your spiritual growth, you simply cannot enter the 5th dimension having negative views on money.

There are many people that believe money should leave society and we should all go back to a barter system which is honestly the most dumbest belief ever and I will tell you why. In a barter system there is no general currency because anything you would create would just be money with a different name, right? So when there is no general currency, you have to trade all your own assets into the assets you want and then hope that the asset you have is what the other person who you want to trade with – doesn’t already have plenty of themselves. Because otherwise you then also need to trade a surplus of your own assets in order to get the assets that the other person wants in trade for what you need from them.

In short it’s a very complex and OUTRAGEOUSLY time consuming experience, that would tie up your energy and time completely, bringing you back in survival mode and with no time to contemplate life, no time and energy to really open up those higher chakras. As you can see, it is really not a well thought through plan and you don’t need it because money is not the problem.

The problem is your relationship to money, how you feel about money and what you believe about money. That is the root of your problem.

Money itself is just Source energy manifested in paper and coins, that you can call into your existence whenever you want. It’s not scarce, it’s not limited, it’s definitely not evil – it’s just one of the many channels the Universe uses to express it’s support and love to you.

And the source of money (abundance) is truly unlimited, I have now reached a state in my money experience that as soon as I spend money it is replenished. No matter what I spend it on, on my own joy or to share my good fortune with others. Often within moments of spending large amounts, out of nowhere I get an alert on my phone that someone bought a product or a service which then covers the amount I just spent.

Just last night I booked a relatively expensive coaching session with someone I feel can help me level up. When I say relatively expensive, I mean her hour rate is higher than mine. Instantly as I decided to book the session, someone else booked a two hour session with me and the money I had just spent had already been returned to me.

Remember 5D is the realm of instant manifestation, so what I am describing is just one of the unlimited ways this instant manifestation manifests itself in your reality experience. 5D is a physical experience reality, that replaces our old 3D experience of reality. Its not a place in the ether that we only reach energetically, it is by aligning to the 5th dimensional frequency vibration that we enter it and ground it in our physical life experience.

So allowing money to show up unlimited in your physical reality experience is just part of your spiritual nature, there is really nothing holy or spiritual about limiting or depriving yourself. Those are just old religious dogma’s that kept you from fully expressing the truth of who you are and fully stepping into your power as the ingenious creator you are of your own reality experience.

Money tracker & gratitude journal

Money loves to feel seen and appreciated and two powerful tools I have used on my own journey are the Money tracker that I have developed with my team which you can buy on this website and keeping a gratitude journal.

Using a money tracking system really changed my money game. It helps you track your income and expenses and is a great way to make the money coming in and out of your life feel seen and valued, as you put your attention on it and appreciate it. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to track your money as it creates sheer magic in your money story over time as you practice it more and more. It is the very first thing any business coach tells you to do – to track your money.

Another great tool to change your money story is to become grateful for what you have now. Keeping a gratitude journal helps you to daily track the things great and small that you are thankful for showing up in your life. This increases your vibration of gratitude, especially when you write it down which is much more powerful than a list in your head. Now what happens when you have an increased belief of gratitude inside of you? It increases the experiences of gratitude outside of you.

What you believe and hold to be true inside of you, becomes your physical reality experience outside of you.

Therefore when you send out positive vibes around money, it instantly creates shifts in how money starts showing up in your life. Just think about this, if you feel abused by money how do you think money will show up in your life? How drastically different do you think money will treat you if you believe money is there to love you?

The power of forgiveness

When Jay sent me her testimonial which I shared with you above, it made me consciously aware of something playing out in my physical reality experience with money at the moment. When Jay forgave her father and mother, her mother started giving her large sums of money out of nowhere.

This is a well known side-effect of forgiveness that it opens up your own channels of blessings and abundance in a miraculous way.

This is because unforgiveness builds a wall around you that keeps you separated from your own good, it shuts you off from love and as all is ONE your cutting the other off from love in fact cuts you off from love and all the way love shows up in our lives – including money.

This month has been my best money month ever in which I have more than doubled my revenue. I have never ever attained this level of revenue before in this lifetime. It is an absolute milestone and also something I had said to the Universe that I wanted to have as financial support on my soon starting life as digital nomad – travelling the world.

What is fascinating is that this month started out with massive forgiveness of a couple of close family members that I had not realized I was still angry at because I had completely repressed that anger. I had thrown a pretty looking rug over it, but underneath it my anger was festering without me really seeing it. In a past life regression I saw the truth of this and how these individuals had each helped me become aware of a lifetime in which I had disowned my power and the reason why.

Once I saw this, I saw that there was absolutely no reason to be angry with these people because over the course of 13 years they had helped me be able to face the utter shame I carried towards myself from lifetimes and lifetimes ago – which also brought massive self-forgiveness and an increased ability to deepen self love.

This of course was instantly* reflected back to me in my outer reality, including my money story.

*The time lag between manifestation from the energetical to the physical decreases as you raise your own vibrational frequency. In the denser 3D reality and energy it takes longer for energy to become physical, however the more you anchor in the 5D frequencies the faster things manifest in physical form. Instant manifestation being a tell tale sign of being super aligned and anchored in 5D.

But what if this turns out not to be my Twin Soul?!

For many twins because of the roller coaster ride, because of the hot/cold and the fear that you are just making this up in your head, this whole Twin Soul connection thing – they are afraid to invest in it because what if this person turns out to not be their twin after all… ALL the money spent would be money wasted on a fantasy, right?

Wrong! The work that I am suggesting you to do is on you, so the SOLE BENEFACTOR of all the work you do is YOU which will also have a knock on effect on the twin – but you stand the most to gain.

Whether this person is your Twin Soul or just a toxic *sshole that you are better off without, does not matter at all, the end result will be the same – you win no matter what!

Let me explain why.

Scenario #1 This person is not your Twin Soul

If this is a toxic narcissist you need to change inside of you whatever is having you attract this kind of person in your physical reality experiences, so that you can become a vibrational match to the outward manifestation of the love you are looking for. End result you get to leave unfulfilling relationships behind you and align to better quality life partners showing up in your love life.

Scenario #2 This person is your Twin Soul

If this is your Twin Soul, you want to become all that you are meant to be because you want to be the highest and most beautiful version of yourself to give to your beloved. You don’t want the caterpillar version of them, nor do you want to remain the caterpillar version of you. You want to be the gracious beautiful butterfly that you truly are which means working on yourself so that you become this highest version of you. End result being of course the highest version of everything being reflected back to you, including your Twin Soul connection.

Either way, you can’t lose!

I pray this article helps you turn your money story and Twin Soul story (as they are closely related) around. In fact often our blocks to love are the same as our blocks to money as money represents the expression of the Universe’s love for you, as just one of the unlimited possibilities it creates to support and love you. Being able to let in that love and support fully applies just as much to being able to let in your twin’s love and support.

Learn to unlock Heaven on Earth

Book an Akasha Healing™ Journey with me to release the unresolved pain and wounding that is keeping you stuck in reliving your unhealed past whether that stems from your childhood, ancestry, or previous lifetimes.

It’s through healing the wounded ego, that we not only come into union with our soul – but unlock our soul’s superpower to create the reality we dream of.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed?

This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

Love, love, love my work?

Get your friends. colleagues and family to join the Inner Learning Circle. Let’s create a ripple effect of healing in the world! Imagine how the world we live in would transform if we all healed our unresolved pain. We would individually and collectively create Heaven on Earth.

With my deepest love,

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