Why the Twin Soul label no longer resonates and has come to stand for everything that you are meant to let go of

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When the meaning of a term has become so distorted that it has lost it’s true meaning

Granted it may sound strange when the owner of one of the biggest Twin Soul websites (twinflameprogram.com) says they no longer resonate with the Twin Soul label and have grown to dislike what it stands for, but if I am honest this is exactly how I feel.

Does this mean I no longer believe in the Twin Soul connection or the journey?

No, it doesn’t.

I absolutely believe in Divine Partnership connections and the incredible journey of self discovery they put you on….

However, I feel that the true meaning of what it means to be Twin Souls or Divine Counterparts has been lost in a term that has come to represent basically everything you are asked to let go of on this journey.

Let me start from the beginning.

I grew up in California in the 1980’s as a member of the Summit Lighthouse which was led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who you may know as one of the very first teachers of the Twin Soul concept. What we were taught then about Twin Souls and what the term has now degenerated to, lie worlds and worlds apart.

Roughly five years ago after my Divine counterpart disappeared into thin air out of nowhere and with no warning, I was left with the shattered pieces of my heart and I remember having this deep inner knowing that this person was my Twin Soul. Only knowing the term from my childhood, I didn’t have all the associations with it that these days seem to be inherently connected to the Twin Soul label and to be honest if I would have, I would have probably turned around and run in the other direction.

Especially in working with the Twin Soul collective through the bigger Twin Soul groups this past year, I have been shocked to see what people think a Twin Soul relationship is about and the level of consciousness they bring to the table. Many of these people I have found very unpleasant to deal with. I actually much more prefer the clients and followers we attract through putting out our energy in articles, posts and videos because the people we encounter through this are a much better frequency match which is always more pleasant to work with.

But above all these people attracted to our energy are willing to do the work – while the majority of the so called Twin Soul collective only wants to wallow in self pity, lash out in anger and feel victimized by everyone and everything. They aren’t on a sacred journey, they find themselves in a hell of sweet agony – saying they love their twin one minute and then wishing them dead the next. They want to have what they want and will stop at nothing to get their needs met, no matter who suffers and when it comes down to it, they themselves suffer the most.

In fact those of you who resonate at this frequency will read this article and feel attacked, while true initiates of the Divine partnership path will recognize the truths in our words because they have observed this as well and have distanced themselves from these kind of people as much as possible. The problem is that the energy of these wanna be Twin Souls has created an image of what it means to be a Twin Soul, that many people don’t relate to or want to be associated with in public. The whole concept is out there enough, it really doesn’t need to be made worse by misrepresenting what this journey is all about.

We believe that the term Twin Soul has become one of the most abused labels to justify situations, behaviors and experiences that have nothing to do with the Divine Partnership journey or with the Ascension path. It has become this hijacked label that no longer is associated with it’s true meaning, but instead has come to mean everything that true initiates of a Divine partnership journey have to overcome as part of their initiation.

Let us further explain this, to help you shift your perception of this journey as well by showing you what the Divine partnership connection is really about.

Why I have chosen to disconnect from the term Twin Soul and what it stands for

In order to describe something it needs to have a label and that label needs to be what people recognize, it’s for that reason that I have left everything as is on twinflameprogram.com because people new to the Twin Soul journey will use that term to search for information. Just being really practical, those starting out on this journey will not search for terms such as Divine counterpart or Divine partnerships – so it’s important to have them find the information they need under the term that they know.

As a teacher on Divine partnerships and the journey into Oneness that is of course part of the Ascension path I no longer want to be addressing people fresh on the Twin Soul journey because they often first need to find out the hard way that this journey is not about ending up with the Divine counterpart. It’s about who you have become while working towards this desired union. As I have evolved through the healing and growth on my own journey, what I (we) have to teach has evolved as well.

On this website we want to share teachings that address this journey from a higher level, it’s the 2.0 version of the Divine partnership journey. It describes life after you have done all the healing and growth that the Divine counterpart triggers in your life, or at least well on your way doing so.

The Twin Soul term has become synonym to running and chasing, separation, suffering and so on, plus a lot of unhealthy and unrealistic expectations that make people want to label any ‘special’ or difficult relationship a ‘Twin Soul connection’ for all the wrong reasons. Leading to many people thinking they are in a Twin Soul connection when they are not. Nor do they need to be. It is a complete myth that Twin Soul love is the only perfect love in this world and that if you can’t be with your twin, your life will never be complete.

Twin Souls and ‘karmic’ partners

In Twin Soul land many people use the concept of Twin Souls to justify extra-marital affairs. There is also often great animosity towards ‘the other woman’ in the twin’s life whether it’s an existing partner or a new partner post the Twin Soul encounter. When in reality the so called ‘karmic’ is a soul mate connection, who has agreed to help the Divine counterparts remove their blocks to union (within).

For many women their twin’s other love interest is an initiation they chose to rid themselves of the Eve complex and the subconscious fear that she could lose the love of her man. This is a hold-over of thousands of years of patriarchy which conditioned women to please and manipulate their way to love and power.

Now as we are shifting paradigms this internal programming needs to be released and erased in order for the Divine Feminine to be able to step into her own sovereignty (inner power) and be loved as an equal instead of an subordinate that is just as easily replaced by someone else.

Twin Souls and dysfunctional love patterns

What is also extremely common is to make the Twin Soul connection an excuse for unhealthy and dysfunctional love patterns on both side. Abuse, codependency and so on are all patterns being brought up for transmutation in a true Divine partnership connection.

Because the essence of a Divine partnership is an equal relationship any patterns that contradict this state of relationship harmony and equality between the two lovers have to be released, whether you are together as a couple or in separation – it does not matter.

To really be prepared for the Hieros Gamos, the sacred union you have to release all the often subconscious toxic love patterns that were part of your conditioning as human throughout lifetimes and lifetimes.

Playing the blaming game, only perpetuates these dysfunctional love patterns that obstruct true union between the Divine counterparts. The Divine counterparts must each take their own responsibility in releasing these patterns, regardless of what the other is or isn’t doing. Otherwise it becomes a childish waiting game of ‘you go first’, ‘no you go first’ or ‘i’ll go when you go too’ which only prolongs timelines.

In the end it doesn’t really matter who the beloved is, the beloved will come when you are ready which means that you need to keep preparing yourself for the beloved to come.

Putting the Twin Soul on a pedestal

The very thing that puts Twin Soul union out of reach is the worshiping of the twin as if they are a demigod. A union between Divine counterparts is always based on equality, meaning both partners are each other’s equal.

This grabs back to the unhealthy love patterns as many Divine Feminines put their Divine Masculines on a pedestal and far above themselves, sometimes even feeling their life is worthless without the Twin Soul in it. There is absolutely nothing romantic about wanting to die because of unrequited love, it’s an unhealthy love pattern that needs to be released.

These Divine Feminines mistake blind adoration for unconditional love, not realizing that unconditional love first needs to be found within in order to be able to extend it to anyone else. How cliché as it may sound, you first have to learn how to love yourself in order to truly be able to love another.

Fixation on Twin Soul union

Twin Soul union is seen as the highest outcome of this journey and large amounts of time are invested in focusing on the absence of this union in their life.

Products as psychic reads and YouTube card readings are immensely popular in the hopes to find out when union will happen and to know if their Twin Soul is ‘ready’ yet to come into the union they so crave.

All this frantic energy directed at the absence of union only locks this absence more deeply into their reality. Union is not the point of this journey, who you become as a result of pursuing Divine union is what this journey is about.

The destination of this journey is really not about ending up in a romantic love relationship with the Divine counterpart, which most Twin Souls cling to as if their lives depend on it – but that is the very reason they don’t align to it as a physical manifestation, because they want it too much and for all the wrong reasons. Often shooting down anyone that threatens their view of the fairy-tale ending they deeply desire.

This whole attitude violates the basics of the Law of Attraction in which you have to become the person who has what you desire. You have to become the person you need to be, to be in an equal Divine partnership union. In order to become that person you first have to release all the subconscious thoughts and beliefs (fears and patterns) that are keeping you out of union, so it’s completely useless to obsess about when union will happen because it will happen when you have become the person you need to be, to be in union.

Twin Soul hysteria aka fear of loss

What makes the energy of the Twin Soul collective feel so icky and low in vibration is the immense hysteria that they find themselves trapped in. Because there is such a focus on physical union, it also triggers a lot of fear of loss when romance seems out of the question or worse, lost forever because the twin is with someone else or has started or expanded their family with a(nother) child.

In reality as discussed in the Twin Soul ‘karmic’ section, these initiations are chosen to overcome deep patterns of wounding and in other ways have come to serve the highest good of both the Divine counterparts and their Divine partnership journey.

There is no need to fear these situations, as they are already pre-agreed upon. You already chose your challenges and initiations on a soul level before incarnation and therefor, there is no need to fear loss or be hysterical around the outcome of your Divine partnership connection because your higher self crafted it perfectly together with your Twin Soul’s higher self.

What really resides at the bottom of this hysteria and fear of loss is lack of trust in the self, the higher self and the Universe or the Divine. All these three relationships and most often also trust issues with the Divine counterpart from previous lifetimes have to be resolved in order to come into unity both within and without.

You can’t become ONE with someone or something that you subconsciously don’t trust and therefor many of the initiations on the Divine partnership journey serve to trigger the wounding around trust that needs to be released in order for union to manifest as a physical reality, both internally as externally.

Twin Soul obsession

A common complaint among Twin Souls is the obsessively thinking of the twin 24/7. It can feel as if you are being magnetically pulled toward the other and often it is thought that this is when the other thinks of you or telepathically reaches out,

In reality Twin Soul obsession is your own wounding pulling you into your healing and it really has little to do with the other or their feelings and thoughts towards you. But that doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Often when getting ready to make a quantum leap in consciousness you will find that the obsessing about the Divine counterpart will increase as you may subconsciously fear loss by shifting your frequency.

However in a true Divine partnership, you cannot lose each other especially not through healing. As this is the whole point of this journey, to release everything that is keeping you from fully being who you are on a soul level – your Divine counterpart is not going to abort mission on you and not hold up their part of the deal. This subconscious fear is just a deeper triggering of everywhere where you do not trust your Divine counterpart, yourself or the Divine.

Twin Soul stalking

Another way this fear of loss manifests itself that Twin Souls hold deeply ingrained in their psyche, is through Twin Soul stalking. It’s one thing to check up on your Divine counterpart once in a while to see how they are doing, it’s completely something else to check their profile 50x a day to see if they are with someone else.

The energy behind stalking is again very frantic and full of distrust, you are basically checking up on them not to see if they are fine but to see if you have been replaced by another love interest. Or if you know they are seeing someone else you may be trying to get a feel for how their relationship is going – which all comes down to a false sense of control.

Trying to control the outcome of this connection, contradicts the surrender needed to align to the manifestation of your desire. You can’t surrender if you don’t trust and what do you do if you don’t trust a person or situation, you try to control them in order to protect yourself from whatever threat you perceive.

The paradox is of course that the more you try to control things, the more stagnation and obstruction you create. The more you can trust and surrender, the more flow and manifestation come your way. This trust in life and trust in the Divine is one of the initiations we have chosen for ourselves on the Divine partnership journey because it opens the door to the state of Oneness that the soul wants to return to.

Twin Soul bashing

When many Divine Feminines don’t get what they want and who they believe to be their Divine counterpart does not give them what they seek, it triggers any residual anger which we carry plenty of with us subconsciously from previous lifetimes or even repressed anger from this lifetime that we disowned in order to not lose the love of our caregivers when we were young.

When this repressed and disowned anger gets triggered it often results in twin bashing, where all this pent up anger is directed at the twin. The same applies for any patterns of abuse that need to be released which then either get projected onto the twin or directed at them.

All of this triggering of course serves to release both the subconscious anger as well as the abusive patterns because they have to be released in order to be able to come into harmony and peace with the self and each other. If you have to become the person who has union, then you have to release the subconscious patterns and emotions that create conflict and disharmony. Because otherwise your subconscious conditioning to create/attract conflict and disharmony through both the patterns and repressed or disowned negative emotions would keep you from being at peace and in harmony to begin with.

In other words even if you would have union, you wouldn’t be able to continuate this state of being because of the conflicting energies within yourself.

Unrealistic expectations in love

Because the connection is perceived as a romantic love relationship, a lot of unrealistic expectations are projected on the connection and the Divine counterpart. Expectations that no mortal being can live up to, as they are based on the old paradigm of finding love outside of you which never worked to begin with – it has always been a recipe for disaster and utter disappointment.

All these unrealistic expectations trigger any programs of inadequacy in the Divine counterpart, which then of course causes them to pull back in overwhelm and the pain of their own perception of themselves. This is a perfectly designed process to prepare the Divine counterpart for an equal partnership as well, any feelings of inadequacy, not being good enough, identification with toxic masculinity, etc have to be eradicated from the internal programming in order to show up as an equal.

For men any wounding with their mother has to be worked through that are keeping him from fully stepping into his masculinity. Men either are programmed to dominate or to be dominated in a relationship with women, and the same applies to women of course – it’s part of the old paradigm conditioning that has to be released. Men who are still trying to earn the approval of their mother as an adult, cannot show up as an equal in a relationship with a woman because they still feel like a little boy in relationship to the first woman in their life. Same for women, all daddy issues need to be addressed and healed in order to be a woman in a relationship with a man and not a little girl subconsciously trying to get daddy’s love through her adult romantic relationships.

Every step of the Divine partnership journey is preparing both counterparts to be able to be equal partners and come into a harmonious union, not to get them into a romantic relationship but because who they have to become to be these equal partners is their soul self.

Having or not having a physical relationship at that point is not an issue anymore, because they are both ready to be in that union – except through the whole process of this moving towards their unification they have become the highest expression of themselves and that is what they agreed on a soul level to help each other achieve.

Twin Soul confusion

All the often unexpected twists and turns on the Twin Soul or Divine partnership journey in combination with the often very unrealistic love expectations carried within, create a lot of confusion as well. So much so that Divine Feminines can doubt the connection and believe they have mistaken themselves, leading to terms as False twins, catalysts and near twin experiences, etc.

By now some people even believe that you first have to go through a fake twin experience in order to attract the real thing. Utter nonsense of course.

All this confusion comes from not understanding the journey, not trusting the process and of course having unrealistic expectations about what it means to be Divine counterparts and wanting this ‘us against the world’ love that conquers all when their reality often confronts them with the illusion that their Divine counterpart could care less.

It’s not that the Divine counterpart is not as emotionally and spiritually invested in their journey, it’s the role they promised to play before incarnation to help you become this highest expression of yourself. Which you would not be able to become while in a romantic relationship with them, because all the previously discussed subconscious patterns and repressed emotions first need to be released in order for you to become this highest expression of yourself.

You chose these obstacles and challenges together beforehand, that would both help your higher selves be able to embody the physical vessel in this lifetime. Which of course is no small feat.

It takes enormous soul love on both sides to assist each other in this immensely deep alchemical soul work that the Divine partnership journey leads into, as you are literally a spiritual tag team working toward your individual ascension together.

Yet it’s again an illusion to think that your Ascension depends on anyone or anything outside of you. You don’t NEED the Divine counterpart to make your Ascension, you don’t need them to heal or to grow spiritually. You are the master of your own Universe, you create your own reality even when you do so subconsciously (which we explain in this article https://sabriyeayana.com/shocking-new-information-on-the-law-of-attraction/).

Identifying as a Twin Soul is part of the journey, but needs to be let go of in the end because it no longer fits

Apart from the people who are actually not really Twin Souls and often the biggest drama queens giving the term a bad rap, many true Divine counterparts have to go through various strong all consuming emotions in order to release them which is just part of the process as we have explained in this article. Yet it makes the vibrational frequency of the Twin Soul collective energetically hard to handle.

The home you have found through the recognition and confirmation of your own process in others, has to be released at some point when the energies that once welcomed you start to repel you. It reminds us of the steps of initiations in the Hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell and later adapted by Christopher Vogler, that the hero in the end needs to leave the special world and return to the ordinary world with the elixir – identifying with the Twin Soul collective where you found new friends and family is the special world.

We are not meant to stay in the special world, it only serves as sanctuary for our transformation. Once we have become the higher expression of ourselves, we must return back to the ordinary world and in this case leave the Twin Soul realm behind us.

This return to the ordinary world is mandatory for our own soul mission and our potential joined mission as Divine partners, but also because lasting Divine partnership unions do not happen in the special world, they do not happen in the Twin Soul realm but outside of it.

This is because when you have become the higher expression of yourself the energy of the special world repels you, what was once a safe haven and gentle homecoming now feels uncomfortable and unwelcoming because YOU are no longer a frequency match to the old you and those who your ‘old self’ attracted into your life. But above all because the predominating energy in the Twin Soul realm is a deep pinning for the romantic union they crave, one cannot come into that union because the pinning in itself focuses on the absence – the not having, but wanting which cannot be the same frequency as the one who is in a Divine union.

So even though the Twin Soul realm was a very much needed sanctuary in which we learned to face and overcome our deepest fears and wounds, it’s not the land of and they lived happily ever after. It’s only purpose was to offer us a safe haven in which the caterpillar then became a magnificent butterfly, but no matter how functional, warm and comforting the cocoon has been – the butterfly is meant to soar the skies and leave the cocoon that facilitated it’s rebirth.

And so do you too when the time is right need to disconnect from the collective in order to spread your wings and become all that you are meant to be. You will feel this inside yourself when the sanctuary that once pulled you to her bosom and gave you deep comfort now repels you and makes you want to flee, then my dear one it’s time for you to leave the special world (the Twin Soul realm) behind you and return to the ordinary world once more, but this time as the ONE you were always meant to be.

Of course if you have not faced what needs to be seen and conquered internally, you can’t transform inside or leave the special world behind you because it still serves a purpose as the sanctuary you need to become the highest expression of yourself.

Which offers another perfect visual for why the vibrational frequency in the end becomes such a mismatch, because this is the realm where all of us release all the gunk and sludge that covers our true nature. It’s a vibrational wasteland of discarded old paradigm patterns, repressed lower vibrational emotions, ancient unresolved traumas, torn off masks and lost souls….

It’s where we visit the pits of hell to face our deepest fears, our own inner dragons and demons.

But after a victorious confrontation within, we are ready to return into the real world (the ordinary world) with the immense gifts this journey has brought us. Grateful for everything our journey into the special world, the Twin Soul realm has taught us…..

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Sending you love and light on your Ascension path and Divine partnership journey, you are forever protected and guided. All is well.

Lots of love,


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Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Soul Partnership journey and Inner Union process. As a spiritual teacher and healer, she helps those seeking to attract or reunite with their Soul Partner to understand that this journey is not just about creating a fairy-tale and they lived happily ever after together... Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more.