Why You Should Dive Deep into Your Soul at Least Once in a Lifetime

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

As humans, we carry a lot of mental and emotional baggage not only from our childhood and more recent past but from our ancestors and past lives as well. This past baggage colors every aspect of our life, because it becomes the filter through which we perceive reality. It colors our most intimate relationships, it shapes how we see ourselves, it creates how we relate to money, how we see the other sex, what our relationship is like with people of our own sex, and so much more.

Our mental and emotional baggage is like a big octopus with tentacles that reach far into all the different areas of our life. But we are not meant to walk through life with this big energetic octopus on our back controlling us in every way. Yet, the sad truth is that the majority of humanity is in this state which when you think about it is almost a state of possession because something is living you, controlling how you think, feel, act and respond.

This something is of course not another being, but all the unresolved pain and wounding that you carry from your current life, your childhood, what you took on from your ancestors and what you brought in from previous lifetimes.

But have you ever wondered who you would be and what life would be like without this energetic octopus or ‘monkey on your back’?

Who would you be and what would your life look like if it was not unconsciously created from this unresolved pain and fear? This is why everyone should at least in one point in their lives take the time to dive deep into their soul to release themselves from the unresolved past that they carry in their vibrational field.

Because there is a life waiting for you without the heavy weight of this energetic octopus and all its tentacles reaching deeply into every area of your life. This is not your natural state, it never was.

You are made of pure light, pure joy and pure love.

But in order to access this part of you, you have to release the energetic heaviness you carry and the only way to do this is to face it head on. If a house would be a metaphor for ourselves and clutter would be the metaphor for the unconscious emotional and mental baggage people carry, then most people would not be able to live in their house anymore because it is full of old junk they refuse to let go of. Even those that have attempted to address the inner situation, often what they have ended up doing was organizing the clutter or creating pathways through the clutter through which they can get to the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom – but the clutter is still there.


Because they failed to address the root cause of their emotional and mental baggage. They address the root causes in their childhood and perhaps their ancestry but that only addresses this lifetime. When the root cause of all our issues are always on a soul path level and not in our current incarnation. This is because all current life wounding as well as ancestral wounding is an attempt to heal past life wounding. Our soul creates the current life circumstances that help us heal what was left unresolved in previous incarnations and it uses our ancestors and childhood experiences to set the stage for what has really been eating at us over centuries, millennia and sometimes even eons and eons to be brought into the light of our conscious awareness. Because by doing so, it can be healed once and for all.

I have currently opened three spots for a six month or 12 month deep journey into the soul where I will help you find the root causes to both your childhood as well as ancestral wounding on a soul path level so that you can release this energetic weight that you have been carrying and free yourself from all the ways it has influenced you to unconsciously create from fear and unresolved pain. This unique offer is for everyone who is ready to fast-track themselves from 3D to 5D. Are you ready to cut yourself loose from the old paradigm and create Heaven on Earth?

Message me for more info.

With my deepest love,


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