Miraculous is my word of the Year 2017, what’s the theme of your year ahead?

2016 was my year of love

And it has been, but in a totally unexpected way really. I had written out at the beginning of 2016 how I wanted love to manifest in my life this year and quiet honestly hardly any of the goals I set were achieved or are still in manifestation is maybe a more correct way of putting it.

But the funny thing is, love showed up in so many other ways that it was well worth it to make it my 2016 theme. Maybe that’s also the thing with love, that our idea of love is so far away from what love really is, that we are bound to have the wrong expectations when we invite more love into our life.

Looking back over this past year I feel I have really gotten to know love a lot better. I have become much more experienced in recognizing love, in giving love and in receiving love – which oddly enough seems to be a challenge on it’s own. All in all I had the chance to experience love at a much deeper level, from people really close to me but also from people I had not met before in this lifetime. Let me give you the sum up of some of my experiences:

  • Romantically I got to experience unconditional love, at the beginning of 2016 my Twin Flame slammed the door shut in my face instead of taking our relationship to the next level as we had been discussing. I found that it actually didn’t matter if he said what I hoped to hear or not or if he did what I wanted him to do or not, even through a deafening silence on his side and words that were meant to push me as hard and as far away as possible – I still loved him. 2016 showed me what it is like to love someone through all outer appearances and I can say it is an amazing experience to love this deeply. It’s mind blowing.
  • Looking back to the beginning of 2016 and now I also found out during the year that I had in no way been ready to receive my twin’s love for me, no matter how much I wanted it. There was just too much stuff (childhood wounds and subconscious programming) that stood in the way. Now at the end of 2016 I feel much more ready to be loved deeply beyond my wildest dreams. At the beginning of 2016 I was so stuck still in the regular 3D romantic views, when I read back some of the things I wrote him back then I clearly see how much I have grown over the past year.
  • All my relationships became more loving, with my mother and children. With my ex-husband. With my clients, my friends, my team and even my healing team of acupuncturist, chiropractor and energy healers.
  • Some people left my life in 2016, actually quiet a few, some of which I love deeply but I let them go gracefully trusting that when the time is right they will be back and being grateful for their contribution to my life in their own unique way.
  • 2016 was also all about self love, when my twin threw the door shut I made a conscious decision to focus on loving myself deeper, in 2015 my focus had really been on him and deepening our bond which we did. By the time we met in real life at the end of 2015, we both felt so closely connected to each other but now it was time to go deeper within. I did a lot of practical things to work on loving myself more.
  • One of the most interesting shifts I saw was random acts of kindness by strangers and the way men started reacting to me that was somehow different then before. I encountered much more chivalry in men, even with complete strangers. You might think this is normal because you are a beautiful woman, but trust me most days I do not look as hot as my Facebook pic’s. Most days I’m in sweats or casual Indian clothing and where before I had the sex appeal vibe, that men reacted to. Now it’s much more the feminine Divine vibe that I am sending out, with the bonus that I hardly have any guys coming on strong in real life or better yet trying to chat me up in Facebook. My message request box is peacefully empty, which is a blessing in itself.
  • I think one of the biggest shifts I made this year was not being dependent on outer validation to love myself or feel good about myself. Thanks to my twin of course who kindly threw me back on my own self love. My commitment to him had made me lose interest in other men anyway. I see it often in my work now, that women who feel rejected by their twin, seek outer confirmation in sex with other men and like clock work guys did show up when my twin ‘rejected’ me but I had no problem saying ‘No, thank you.’ because I knew it was just a band aid, instead I looked deeper inside myself to embrace the places that needed my own love.
  • This also bled through in my work, because when I decided to really stand up as a Twin Flame teacher I realized I didn’t give a shit if people liked me or not, I was going to give them the truth straight up (out of love) so that they could correct course and get where they wanted to be. I saw clearly that the people I work with don’t have to like me or be my friend, my task is to show them how to come into union with their twin and that’s it, end of story. An utter game-changer a shift like this, I tell ya – it bring so much clarity and peace.

So as you can see profound shifts came and are still manifesting from making love my 2016 theme.

My 2016 mantra was I allow the Universe to create miracles in my life and it certainly has. The biggest at this moment being the amazing career shift I made, breaking through internationally in only six months time and then finding my true calling as a Twin Flame teacher and leader. Looking back it totally make sense as I grew up in Church Universal and Triumphant with Elisabeth Clare Prophet as leader, a Twin Flame herself and one of the first teachers on the subject, but I never saw this coming. As soon as I stepped into my role as teacher, my Google search traffic started growing with 500 searches a week! That is every SEO specialists wet dream, numbers like that. I did nothing special to get them…

It was just a question of when the teacher is ready, the students appear….

My Miraculous 2017

So when the time came to pick my 2017 theme, the only thing that could follow this year of love in my eyes would be a year of miracles. At the end of 2016 I had a year ahead reading with a psychic and what she saw in my 2017 timeline based on everything I had been putting into manifestation throughout 2016, was nothing short of miraculous.

It was beyond Epic, my 2015 word.

It was all my dreams come true.

So miraculous was the ONLY suitable theme for 2017 to describe what was ready to be birthed out of my 2016 year of love.

This is what the word means:

  1. of the nature of a miracle or having the power to work miracles.
    “a miraculous cure”
    synonyms: supernatural, preternatural, superhuman, inexplicable, unaccountable, fantastic, magical, phenomenal, prodigious;

    “an attack was repulsed, according to legend, with the miraculous help of St Blaise”

Contrary to my transparent nature however, I’m going to keep the lid on how I want or how I was shown this can manifest in my reality in 2017. My twin has always said he doesn’t want to talk about things before they manifest, because it harms his manifestation and although it doesn’t have to happen like that I have now only shared it with a small amount of people in my inner circle that are 100% committed to helping me manifest this new reality. With one of them even changing the date of her business event to keep an important date open in my timeline so she can be with me that day when it has manifested fully and to multiple friends giving me gifts to anchor in and attract the manifestations of my heart’s desires more quickly.

So this year I am going to try it my twin’s way and see how that affects what I want to manifest and if it indeed increases the power of the manifestation as Florence Scovel Shinn my favorite metaphysics teacher states.

I’ll tell you all about my miraculous results at the beginning of 2018 when I pick my new word of the year.

Have your 2017 intentions set in stone

This week the psychic with whom I had the reading told me she got through that it is important to set our 2017 intentions in stone.

Which means the following according to the Free dictionary:

Set in stone

firmly established and very difficult to change set in concrete – The schedule isn’t set in stone, but we’d like to stick to it pretty closely.

Usage notes: sometimes with other verbs, such as write, carve, or etch: Our business plan isn’t carved in stone – we can still make adjustments if we need to.

Being me, I of course took this literally and ordered my 2017 intention physically engraved in stone. I found an Etsy store that provides custom message stones engraving and ordered mine online.

You can order yours here as well.

So what better way to make your 2017 intention a done deal (unchangeable) then to have it actually engraved in a stone that you can keep with you throughout the whole year to anchor in your intention? It’s just like the gifts my friends have given me to speed up the manifestations of certain things I want to manifest, that every time I see the gift or use it, it links my thoughts to the heart’s desire I am calling into my physical reality. The stone works the exact same way, every time reminding you that you are calling in [fill in the blank] into your physical 2017 reality and because it is set in stone, that it is inevitable. It is done.

F-ing brilliant idea, don’t you think?

This is actually a Florence Scovel Shinn concept put into action, she teaches that whatever you want to manifest always buy an item that already gives you the realization of the manifestation.

An example from The Game of Life and How to Play It:

It was necessary for a woman to demonstrate a large sum of money within a stated time. She knew she must do something to get a realization (for realization is manifestation), and demanded a “lead.”

She was walking through a department store, when she saw a very beautiful pink enamel paper cutter. She felt the “pull” towards it. The thought came. “I haven’t a paper cutter good enough to open letters containing large cheques.”

So she bought the paper-cutter, which the reasoning mind would have called an extravagance. When she held it in her hand, she had a flash of a picture of herself opening an envelope containing a large cheque, and in a few weeks, she received the money. The pink paper cutter was her bridge of active faith.

Law of attraction disclaimer

I have been writing this blog for the fourth time now. In 2014 my word was easy, in 2015 it was epic and 2016 as you know it was love and each year I have had readers manage to misunderstand the concept and come up with a word that you clearly DON’T want to manifest more of in your life.

So if I were you I would not engrave your stone with:

  • Any name of a color unless maybe a golden 2017, but anything else doesn’t really make sense does it? And I have had people tell me their word of the year is BLUE!
  • Anything that you actually don’t want more of, if you get stuck in negatives try and turn it around. Debt = Abundance for example, because more abundance automatically cancels out debt.
  • Something close enough. Really think it through, what is the true essence of what you want? I would choose true love over romance if I wanted to attract a new lover and if I actually wanted a husband I would go for divine partner, to really ask the Universe for what I want.

If you keep these three things in mind and keep it relevant, what you actually DO want and crystal clear – you are good to go.

It’s just three easy steps:

  • Pick your word of the year 2017.
  • Have it engraved and sent to your home.
  • Keep the stone with you, in your pocket or on the desk, make sure the stone is something you work with daily. Ladies, you can wear it in your bra. Guys, keep it in your pants pocket.

I wish you an amazing 2017 and may all your most deepest heart’s desires manifest quickly and effortlessly in your physical reality.

I pray this article serves you.

Lots of love,

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