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WOTY 2018 – What word do you want defining your life and your Twin Soul connection this coming year?

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on WOTY 2018 – What word do you want defining your life and your Twin Soul connection this coming year, you will learn:

  • Why choosing a WOTY is more effective than a New Year’s resolution
  • The history of choosing a ‘Word of the Year’
  • Examples of how choosing a WOTY can influence your life
  • Tips to choosing a WOTY that’s a vibrational match for you
  • And more…

The power of ONE word

Everyone knows that most New Year’s resolutions die a short death early on in the year.

Just look at these 2017 New Year’s resolution statistics and you see that it is not a very effective method for life changing effects.

Let me tell you about a method I have been using since 2014 which I picked up from the crazy colorful amazingly inspiring Leonie Dawson in her 2014 Year ahead workbook, if you want to check out her 2018 workbooks for life and biz look here.

So Leonie got me started on choosing ONE word that would define my year to come as a way to create that experience in ALL life areas for the year ahead. I have to say four words (years) further I am hooked for life. This has been the simplest, yet most transformative concept I have ever applied to my life and it has given me very powerful results over the past four years.

So much so that I really want to share this technique with you, in order to help you to make 2018 your best year yet!

Being on the Twin Soul journey can be super tough and depending on where you are in your journey, can really suck the fun out of life (it does get better I promise) as you work through all your deep seated trauma from this lifetime and lifetimes long gone. Consciously co-creating the year ahead with the Divine, will be just what the doctor ordered to get you shifting that old 3D paradigm and well on your way to manifesting 5D in your physical reality.

Some WOTY history

I have no idea who first coined this technique but as I was googling some background info I found a blog by Christine Kane who already started with this practice in 2006.

In case you hadn’t worked it out yet WOTY is an acronym for Word Of The Year, it is an acronym for many things by the way including Woman Of The Year for all us Divine Feminines out there – whoop whoop!

Now the reason why I mention Christine is that she has developed a tool to help you discover your Word Of The Year, which you can download for free here.

What I really liked about her approach to choosing your WOTY is that, it is in fact the word that chooses us and I have definitely found that to be true in my own experience.

Christine writes: ‘When we step back and just allow, our word of the year seems to simply choose us.’

To me this indicates that when done correctly – the higher self helps us out by giving us a focus word that will help us move towards the life and experiences our soul has lined up for us in the year ahead. Helping us to become a magnet for those people, situations and experience that are a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to our Word Of The Year.

Are you starting to see how powerful this technique is?

My own experience with using a WOTY

As I said I started back in 2013 when I bought Leonie Dawson’s The Year Ahead workbook, I think it was for Life & Biz back then for 2014. My life was such a mess at that time, despite some massive victories like getting myself off of welfare through the internet and breaking through to the 5 figures revenue a month for the very first time in my life! I had success but it came at such a high cost – I was desperate for change, desperate enough to try anything…

So let me first show you my list of annual WOTYs over the past four years, before I share with you how these words individually transformed my life:

  • 2014 – EASY
  • 2015 – EPIC
  • 2016 – LOVE
  • 2017 – MIRACULOUS

2014 – EASY

When I started in 2014 I was in a very toxic business relationship. I was so stressed out from the constant flare ups and unnecessary drama that I was vomiting every night. I just could not keep my dinner inside of me. It took some intense acupuncture sessions including needles lodged deep into my chin to stop my body from throwing up. Against that backdrop I chose the word EASY because I drastically wanted my life to become a lot easier.

And it worked by April 2014 the toxic business relationship dissolved on its own and that same month I met my Twin Soul, we did end up running and chasing most of 2014 but life in all areas had gotten so much easier by then I could easily handle it. EASE was also how I felt with my twin from the get go, it all just felt so natural, so effortless and he felt the same. I was the easiest person in his life to talk to.

2015 – EPIC

Then when I entered 2015 I chose the word EPIC and oh my God 2015 was f*cking EPIC! I started my own company, hit the 5 figures ($$$$$) a month already in July that year (I had started my company in March 2015).

After I had given up on my twin, he came back saying ‘Now that I have you in my life I never want to let you go.‘ and sent me an in depth description of how he wanted to make love to me which was phrased excruciating beautiful for an at that time 26 year old.

But what made 2015 really EPIC! was that I was invited out of the blue to an Indian wedding of a mutual friend and I got to smell, touch, kiss, taste my twin after 18 months of loving each other from a far. It was magical, every bit of it – from moonlit talks about our future, dancing together like no one was watching (for everyone there, it was crystal clear that we were a couple) to secretly sleeping in each others arms and praying to God we wouldn’t get caught by our friends parents.

My twin also wrote me this beautiful email that summer just before I received the wedding invitation. It was what gave me the courage to fly to India, despite my twin refusing to talk to me for three months until I was there. He was so triggered by me coming all that distance to be with him. Scared as hell that if he would allow me close to him, he would ‘abandon’ his family and shirk his responsibility to them. So to make sure that I wouldn’t be able to sweep him off his feet, he ran into a meaningless affair that was as good as over by the time I got there. In fact the girl in question got engaged to someone else while I was in India together with my twin.

Yet despite the difficulties here and there and some utter disappointments, 2015 was a dream come true for me and for my twin as well.  We had both wanted nothing more than to meet each other in real life, to see if what we had felt so intensely from a far – felt as true in real life and it did.

2016 – LOVE

2016 was a tough year for me, it started out with my Twin Soul slamming the door shut in my face when only the month before we had been talking about spending our life together, hence the romantic fantasies in my 2016 WOTY post. It certainly did not work out that way, a more accurate description of the 2016 results I summed up in my 2017 WOTY post.

In short 2016 really allowed me to open up to true love and remove my blocks to receiving love. I didn’t get to experience the romantic lovey-dovey side of love, but instead I got an opportunity to heal my relationship with love on a profoundly deep level.

For my twin and I it was also a test of love. Was our love real and could it endure anything or had it just all been this magical fantasy?

Like Santiago in the Alchemist:

“If what you found was made from pure matter, it will never spoil. And you can come back one day. If it was just one moment of light, like the explosion of a star, you will find nothing on your return. But you would have seen an explosion of light. And that alone would already be worth the journey.”

Paulo Coelho, the Alchemist

I chose to amp up my commitment at the end of 2016 when I also stepped into my mission as a Twin Soul teacher and healer. I chose for our love and the push I felt from Spirit to serve the Twin Soul collective.

Paradoxically my twin who had said earlier that year that he didn’t love me the way I thought I loved him, showed up in my dream about three weeks into January 2017. After working my butt off all 2016 on my ability to also receive love (I had some massive blocks there), my twin came into my dreams January 26th to tell me he would love me forever and that he was getting married. Three days later I wake up to his wedding pics that my team members scooped off of the timeline of friends of my twin.

I kid you not ONE freaking week after I stepped into my role as Twin Soul teacher and healer, my twin gets married to a girl his family picked out for him. On the day itself my phone was buzzing with people checking in on me and or eager to let me know what was going on. Yet no one had been allowed to give me a head sup by the Universe because frankly no one in their right mind would have stepped up as a teacher KNOWING their twin was getting married practically at the same time – I certainly wouldn’t have back then. Spirit knew that, so apart from the dramatic dream in which my twin made love to me and held me in his arms as he declared his everlasting love for me only to tell me he was getting married and to whom – I was left in the dark. The marriage pics three days later confirmed how real the dream had been.

Granted this was not what I was hoping for at all, but it made one thing damn clear to me and that was that what my twin and I shared was in fact the real deal – this was true and everlasting love not only from my side but from his side as well as apparently he found it important enough to come into my dreams to tell me he was getting married and reassure me that he would love me forever.


Of course when I chose my 2017 word I was completely oblivious to my twin’s marriage plans, in fact oddly enough someone close to me had just gotten permission from her Indian twin’s family to marry him despite a large age difference, kids and the fact that she was even still married when she met his parents. I was absolutely sure the Universe was not going to show me this and then say ‘nahnahnah nah nah, but not for you’, that is not how the Universe rolls.

So when on the 29th of January (yup their marriage date is 11-1-1) my twin did get married to someone else, I immediately sent him a text saying that even though this was not what we had hoped for or wanted that I trusted that it would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for all of us and it has.

Despite that unexpected surprise, 2017 was a great year – I launched my own signature program The Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Soul Mastery Program and have over 60 students enrolled in that program, creating magical shifts on their own Twin Soul journeys.

I went to see Tony Robbins in London which was an amazing experience and it was there on my twin’s third month marriage anniversary that I spoke to him after 16 months of separation. We spoke for close to one hour and filled each other in on where we were at.

When I said that I was happy he was doing well, but that if he ever divorced that I expected him to get his ass over here immediately…

He took a deep breathe and said ‘I don’t know if I will ever leave her, but I promise you that if I do I will be on the plane the next day to come to you.’ He had already made very clear that his family was happier with his new bride than he was and that he was focusing on his work and trying not to let the things that happened in his life these past two years get to him, because he would otherwise sink into a depression.

Not exactly a great place to be, only three months into your marriage.

Not shortly after that call did we find out that the exact three whiskey brands that I got him for Christmas, he bought for himself. One bottle 2 days before his marriage and the other two on his way back from his honeymoon. Which again does not spell much good for your marriage when you are buying yourself gifts that another woman who loves you, wanted to gift you. When we found out he was amazed and said ‘Some how, some way your whiskeys made their way to me.’

I think you understand that realizing all these truths about what he really feels and what he really wants was an overload and triggered him to the max. Me going to Ibiza a little later that year was the final straw. In our call I had told him that after his marriage I had burned my vision board with all my dreams of a life together with him and asked myself what I wanted to create next? I was shown by Spirit to go to Ibiza. It goes to show you how important it is to let go, because I burned the vision board on the 8th of April and we reconnected on the 29th of April, only 21 days later.

My twin with his voice full admiration said to me ‘That is what I love about you, you decide what you want and you make it happen.’ I replied well I think the difference is that I don’t give a sh*t what others think about what I do – he said more to himself than to me ‘And I care too much maybe about how my decisions impact others.’ referring to the sacrifice he had already made to please his family but not himself, by agreeing to this arranged marriage.

One of the last nights in my hotel room in his hometown in India back in 2015, he had explained to me if it was only up to him he and I would already be together and have everything we had always talked about (he was referring to a baby), but that he didn’t dare trust his own feelings or want to hurt his family by committing social suicide which a marriage to me would mean in his culture.

Things have only gotten more complex since then with his wife crazy in love with him, she utterly adores him – completely unaware of the fact that there is someone else in her husbands heart. I have myself been in a marriage like this, so I know how painful this can be and I feel great compassion for her. I know my twin is doing his damn best to make his marriage work, but I also know from personal experience that you cannot life a lie indefinitely. At some point the truth will no longer be suppressed and it will erupt like a volcano.

Then out of the blue by the end of this year a situation arose that forced me and my twin to break off all 3D contact altogether. Again it was like the Universe was really poking it’s finger into our mutual wounds, where he and I as well in a different way, are not living our truth. This seems to be the overall theme of these final months of 2017 and current Mercury retrograde but was of course very applicable to my twin’s current life situation.

Out of nowhere information that has been hidden for two years was exposed between the 11/11 portal and the 18 November New Moon. It was a completely absurd situation that popped up after all these years which then brought this whole having to live your truth, no matter what to a head. Which just goes to show you how guided and protected this journey is. By the way four psychics had sworn in 2016 that my twin and I would marry in 2017 and 11/11 had been named as our marriage date by one of those psychics (my twin did indeed get married 11-1-1 (29-1-2017) just not to me).

Back to the end of 2017….

It has left me no other option now than to stand in my truth and speak it also to my twin. His marriage has really served as a catalyst for me to stand in my own power and knowing him he will probably follow suit soon – but the beauty of it is I don’t give a sh*t one way or the other anymore because whatever is up next – is exactly how it should be, a perfect stepping stone to bring me into my highest good.

That is also what I realized when my twin got married. I have always said that my twin was my final exam in trusting the Universe and I had passed my test with flying colors. Nothing could have tested my faith so deeply as all the signs and syncs promising a life together and him getting married out of nowhere to someone else one freaking week after I stepped into my mission. When it happened my first response was to trust, that even if we could not see how yet – to trust that this situation had come to serve us.

Only six months before I felt I would not be able to survive such an event…

2017 has been such an immense year of deep healing and inner growth for me, I was able to open up completely to unconditional love, unlimited abundance and unfathomable trust that all is transpiring for my highest good. If not anything else I have made miraculous shifts this year, shifts that pave the way for an even higher octave of miracles in 2018.

My WOTY 2018

Which brings us here at the eve of 2018 with a whole new year ahead of us, full of untold opportunities and amazing experiences waiting to be lived….

So when I started tuning into 2018 I wasn’t sure what would be my next WOTY and if anything could ever top my Miraculous 2017 which I had have etched in stone last year. When I found my 2018 word (or it found me) I decided to have it etched in stone again this year, so that I can hold it in my hands during meditation daily – in order to really connect to the vibration of that energy in my life in 2018. I have wanted to amp up my meditation practice, which has been way too irregular and this will be a great way to get myself to sit down with it daily. Something that often gets lost in the hectic of everyday life, despite the fact that I am very disciplined. The fun thing is that my 2018 word is also closely connected to meditational practice so it will help me make that a more integrated part of my life while I am at it.

But before I disclose my 2018 WOTY, let me first tell you which words didn’t make the cut:

Union would of course be a very obvious candidate, but you can’t manipulate the Law of Attraction and I have no feeling to create some bad ass karma by ‘willing’ my twin into a romantic relationship with me, when he is currently married to someone else happy or not. It is for him to decide what he wants to do with his life – so I didn’t want a word with all those icky vibes around it. I could make it to mean inner union as this is the most important aspect of union in the first place, but the word just was not right for me. It kinda felt like walking through a mine field, not aligned at all.

Then one of my coaches came with the word Reborn, which I liked it was certainly the process I was in but nah it wasn’t THE WORD for me. Then came New beginnings and New dawn which also were great, I can really feel that I am at a new beginning of like a whole new chapter in my life – but still these words did not make my heart sing like I knew my WOTY should.

So I closed my eyes and felt into it and the word came instantly, it was – BLISS. That word lit up my heart, that word got me excited. That is the word that I want creating my 2018 reality and this time for my stone engravement I decided on the past tense of the word as if it had already happened. Because time and space is an illusion, why not play around with that a bit?

I ordered my in gold engraved stone with the words ‘BLISSED 2018‘ and an infinity sign that signifies the unity of all and the union consciousness that is of course connected to the 5D state of bliss.

I can’t wait to see how 2018 unfolds, my year of bliss.

If you want to order your WOTY engraved in stone, to sit with in meditation or connect to otherwise – you can order it here in this Etsy store.

I immediately googled the meaning of the word BLISS just to make sure that this was really what I wanted my 2018 to look like and it was perfect. I love the work of Florence Scovel Shinn who inspired for example Louise Hay among many other modern day teachers. Florence teaches that our divine plan includes health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression. This is the square of life, which brings perfect happiness.

And here it was the definition of perfect happiness smiling right back at me.

After two years of hardcore healing and massive transformation I was ready to be blissed through and through in every area of my life. What I also liked about this word was that it didn’t have this heavy Twin Soul connotation. I mean sure it will be awesome if my Twin Soul connection will be blissful as well, but MY LIFE and MY BLISS did not any longer depend on it.

I am committed to experiencing bliss no matter what my twin does or doesn’t do and that was certainly not where I was at the end of 2016. I was still very much co-dependent and looking to my twin to create happiness. It was in fact his marriage that brought me to the depths of my wounds around co-dependency which I was able to eradicate by the roots from my psyche.

Blessings, blessings, blessings even when they come in disguise.

Choosing your own WOTY

I hope my positive experiences of working with a WOTY inspires you to start trying this technique as well. As you can see your WOTY will create a life of it’s own, it won’t necessarily work out the way you hoped it would but that doesn’t matter because as you can see in my story it can completely take you by surprise and turn out amazing nonetheless.

Think of your WOTY as a tuning fork for the vibrational frequency you want to be working with in the year ahead. Every time you work with your WOTY you are sending out it’s vibratory frequency – it’s unique pitch – into the Universe which magnetizes back to you everything that is aligned to this core frequency.

This is also why you need to choose your WOTY with care, I have been doing this for 4 years and for all these years readers have been letting me know which word they chose and some of these people DID NOT understand the principle at all.

You want to choose a word that you want MORE of in your life – you want that energy the specific vibe of your chosen WOTY to be amped up in your life and reflected back to you in ALL WAYS.

So be careful what you wish for, because this word and it’s vibrational frequency are going to be your companion for a year.

Choose what you are aligned to, as you read in my example I did not choose the word UNION because honestly at this moment it is not a vibrational match for me. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to come into union or a physical relationship with my twin in 2018 – who knows what a completely blissed out version of me will manifest this coming year. But it’s not like you choosing the word union is going to magically create it for you if you are not ready, most likely it will instead show you all the blocks that are keeping you misaligned so that you can come into alignment. I.e. you can’t use the Law of Attraction to force your will on reality or other people.

Other than that – you are good to go.

Also start where you are at, as you can see my words have built on each other over the years and my life resembles these qualities from previous WOTYs still today. My life has never been as easy as it is now (the more you enter 5D, the easier it becomes), my life is getting more epic year by year and 2018 will be living proof of that. Love came to stay in my life starting 2016 and has only deepened in my physical experience over the past two years since I started working with it, including a complete turnaround in my twin who also found that no amount of separation could lessen the love we feel for each other (he had been so afraid my love would turn to hate when he couldn’t give me what I wanted from him). Life has been truly miraculous these past close to 12 months and I know it will continue to be throughout this lifetime and beyond…. many of my 2017 miracles will spill over and manifest in 2018. Remember you are planting seeds, that will come to blossom not only in the year they were planted but in years to come.

It is really important to go for the word that makes your heart sing, hold out for that vibrational frequency that really resonates with you. Your WOTY chooses you as much as you choose it and your heart will let you know if this word sets it on fire.

I pray this article helps you create an amazing 2018, both in your life in general as well as in your Twin Soul connection. Many twins doing their healing work are going to be coming into union between now and 2020, so don’t sweat it if you run into some unexpected twists and turns. It doesn’t mean it’s over (just look at my example) it’s only the Universe helping you bring up the fears and negative beliefs that are blocking your union in the first place.

Wishing you magic and miracles on this amazing adventure with your beloved.

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