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Unlocking Your Soul Legacy, by Healing Y …

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11 ways people unconsciously or ‘s …

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WOTY2021 – How to set powerful intentions for yourself and your Twin Soul journey

by Sabriyé Ayana

Bestselling author, new paradigm business, life & soul mentor, founder of the Akasha Healing™ method and the School of Inner Union

In this soul teaching on how to set powerful intentions for yourself and your Twin Soul journey, you will learn:

  • The magical effects of picking a Word of the Year (WOTY)
  • The spiritual ‘science’ behind setting intentions
  • How having a WOTY can set the course for living your dream life
  • How to choose the WOTY that most aligns with your intention for the new year
  • And more…

The magical effects of picking a Word Of The Year (WOTY)

We are in the final month of the year 2020 and I believe that we can all agree that we are glad this year is over. I think 2020 will go down as one of the weirdest and for many the most stressful years in recent history.

This year has in many ways been brutal, with so much going on in the world. It really has been a ‘crumbling’ which was the card I pulled at the beginning of the year for the collective on my YouTube channel. 2020 has been a year of breaking down the old, to make way for the new which I will talk about a little bit more at the end of this article.

But actually for me personally 2020 has been a very good year and much easier to navigate emotionally than 2019, which I found a lot more difficult and confronting.

If you have been following me over the previous years, you know that come December I always choose a WOTY for the next year to come as a way to set a powerful intention of what I want to manifest in my life and Twin Soul journey (which is a part of my life obviously).

This year will be my 8th year in a row to work with a Word Of The Year and as you can read in this article, it is worth adapting in your own life as it really helps you create the life of your dreams. It is so easy to just get absorbed in your day to day life and stay where you are, or even regress in those moments that you are able to make one step forward – only to be forced to take two steps back.

Choosing a Word Of The Year helps you keep on course no matter where the upcoming year takes you.

The spiritual ‘science’ behind setting strong intentions

The reason this method works so well is because, you use the Law of Attraction to call in what you want to manifest as your reality in the upcoming year. But of course we can’t use the Law of Attraction to force things, which is why ‘Union’ is not a good Word Of The Year for most people because they haven’t done the inner work to align to union as the outcome.

Think of it as wanting to become a millionaire, without doing what needs to be done to become a millionaire. What do you think are the statistical chances of you wanting to be a millionaire and it simply falling in your lap? Those chances are going to be pretty slim, we always have to take aligned action towards our dreams.

We also need to keep it open HOW, WHEN or in WHICH WAY what we want will manifest, as soon as you try to ‘lock in’ certain outcomes the woo-woo way, the Universe becomes like a bucking bronco because you are holding the reins too tight. When riding a horse you need to allow the horse to choose it’s path while it takes you where you want to go. It’s pretty much the same with the Universe, you have to let it run with your requests trusting that you are going to get what you want in the best possible way. Because as soon as you pull the reins tight (through control or trying to micromanage the Universe), you stagnate the energy around the very thing you want to have.

When we can want what we want loosely, without being fixated on a specific outcome the Universe is free to perform her magic for us. As soon as we try to micromanage how the Universe delivers us what we want, we end up pushing our desired manifestations further and further away from us.

It is important to remember this when working with the Law of Attraction, so that it doesn’t back-fire on you. Which happens a lot when people try to force reality the woo-woo way. Co-creation with the Universe happens from a place of surrender and flow, not from a place of fear, control or force.

Matthew 7:7 in the Bible says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Nowhere does it say, force and you shall receive….

Only when we set our intentions in the right way, do they become powerful manifestations.

The results I’ve had with my WOTY’s over the past 7 years

Having used this method over the past consecutive 7 years I can say that they have really helped me set course to living my dream life. When I met my twin in 2014 I had just finished paying off a massive debt that had been following me around since my first divorce in 1998. I lived in social housing and had just a couple of years before managed to get myself and my kids off of welfare by working in the online marketing field.

My life at that time was difficult. I was not happy and I desperately wanted to turn my life around, which is when I stumbled upon the idea of creating a WOTY. Weary of all the drama that was still manifesting itself in my daily life I embarked on a journey that changed my life forever and setting yearly intentions has been a big part of getting me where I am today.

So, let me walk you through the past seven years before I reveal which word I chose for 2021:

Easy 2014

It all started for me in 2014, I was just coming out of a very abusive business relationship and there was only one thing I wanted in life and that was for things to become easier.

So, at the end of 2013 I chose the word ‘easy’ as my WOTY.

I left the business relationship I was in and started making plans to start my own business, together with an employee from the  company I was cutting ties with (Noor still works with me today). In an effort to find a good designer, I met my twin’s best friend who shortly afterwards introduced me to my Twin Soul. Despite the fact that the running and chasing started quite quickly, my twin and I both had never had a connection that felt as easy as ours. My twin would often tell me that I was the easiest person to talk to in his life.

This is what I looked like when my twin and I met and he was so head over heels in love with me, he even showed my pic to his friends.

Epic 2015

At the end of 2014 I decided to go with the word ‘Epic’ for 2015 and my 2015 was truly epic! By February 2015 my twin wanted me back in his life, because despite him secretly banging someone else he could not forget about me. He told me that at night I was always the person he couldn’t help thinking of before drifting off to sleep.

Things rapidly progressed (unexpectedly) and by the end of that year we met face to face at his best friend’s wedding, where we also quickly became lovers and he would sneak into my room at night to be able to sleep in each other’s arms and hold each other tight. Something that was not possible during daytime because we were staying in the best friend’s house with all his Indian relatives.

This picture of us was shot on the final wedding night, which is also the night that the people around us started to see what was really going on between us. It was also our final night of being able to sleep in each other’s arms, as we were all leaving the following morning. I left the wedding earlier with my team who were accompanying me and my twin quickly drummed up all his friends to leave as well, so that we would have one last night in each other’s arms.

Loving 2016

I’ll admit that when I chose the word ‘Love’ for 2016 I was hoping to manifest romantic love, instead it became a year to learn how to love myself deeper.

My twin shoved me out of his life at the beginning of 2016 claiming that he didn’t love me the way I thought he did. I was devastated, but stayed on course and set up my coaching company that was at that time about applying the laws of metaphysics to business.

By the end of 2016 I was called to step into my mission and decided to completely focus on Twin Souls. Like many of you who desperately wanted their twin to come back, I had consulted many psychics and they were all saying that my twin would come back to me in the month of January of the upcoming year. This made me feel confident, to become a Twin Soul coach and healer.

This picture of me is from the very first video I shot for my new business. On the outside I am smiling, but inside I was still in utter shock over my twin forcing me out of his life – despite the fact that in India in the final days together he had told me that if it were up to him alone, we would already be together and have everything that we always talked about (our baby). Instead he gave into the pressure of his family to agree to an arranged marriage.

Miraculous 2017

The psychics weren’t completely wrong, but they weren’t right either. Still 2017 was truly miraculous, that January my twin shows up in my dreams to tell me that he is getting married – but that he will love me forever. Three days later, I wake up to his wedding pictures.

On his third month wedding anniversary we end up having a long call, in which he pretty much takes everything back that he had said to force our 16 month separation. On that call he promises me that although he doesn’t know if he will ever leave his wife, that he will be on a plane the very next day to come to me when he does.

But of course I could not just sit around and wait for him to leave his wife. In the meantime my soul had urged me to move to an island in another country. An island that I had never been to, so I hopped on a plane that summer to scout out the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Ibiza also meant that I needed to triple my revenue, which I achieved within three months after setting my intention to move here – this in itself was miraculous. This summer pic of me was right around the time that I had been to Ibiza and had my very first taste of it’s magic.

Blissed 2018

In 2018 I held my first Twin Soul retreat ever in Ibiza and took my clients on an excursion to the magical power spot Es Vedra, which is the third most magnetic spot in the world (the others are the Poles and the Bermuda triangle). Sitting in front of Es Vedra, I did a meditation to ground my light-body there. As I was bringing down my Merkabah through my higher chakras, while facing the sea – I feel my twin’s energy rushing in across the ocean into my heart chakra to ground my light-body with me. We were in and out of contact at the time and so this really surprised me, to feel his energy come in so deeply like that.

By now I had the money to go live in Ibiza, but as I returned to the Netherlands after the retreat I was shown to go travel the world first. In March 2018 I was urged to hit the road and to follow my bliss and by July 2018 I started off on a two year journey with my mother and my teenage son, first stop Glastonbury.

After that we visited Italy and Egypt and spent the final months of the year in Ibiza in a villa, where this picture was taken after a professional photoshoot in front of Es Vedra.

During another visit to Es Vedra, while I was meditating I was given my soul name ‘Ayana’ and asked to start using it as a second name as part of my inner union process.

It was when we started our trip in Glastonbury, that my twin shows up in my dreams again! This time to tell me that he is becoming a father. I send him a message the very next day to congratulate him, it took him an hour of beating around the bush to admit that indeed his wife was expecting and that the baby was due right around the time that I was planned to be in India to host my second retreat.

The baby catapulted me into a quantum leap in my own journey, and I grounded my higher self in my body the same day that my twin’s son (our child from a previous Egyptian lifetime) was born. One of those amazing synchronicities where I was brought to Egypt, to clear the karma between me, my twin and the new baby on it’s way in his mother’s tummy. 

Aligned 2019

Three days after grounding my higher self, I get on a plane to India and my twin even sent me a picture of his newborn son just before I board. I was super excited for him and his wife. Because he had come into my dreams at the beginning of the pregnancy I had been given two trimesters to work through all my disappointment, anger and feelings of betrayal before the baby was born.

When his son was born, I was zero triggered – because I had done my inner work.

That quickly changed after I woke up to an incredibly raunchy text sent from my twin’s phone. Instead of owning up to the fact that he had sent it, he initially blamed his pals. That made matters 10x worse for me and I went ballistic on him. Later my twin admitted that he had given me no other option, but to rage on him.

However, this was EXACTLY what was needed at that time, to help me work through my inner child’s rage directed at my then already deceased father for sexually abusing me as a toddler.

From India we travelled to Dubai, where this picture was taken. This time I was not heart-broken, I was done and right in time to clear some karma with another man after being celibate for over five years.

Once back in Europe I was shown that I had to break away from the Twin Soul industries fixation on ‘union’ as the highest outcome of the Twin Soul journey. Not the union with the twin was the highest attainable on this journey, but instead the inner union with your own soul is the real gold to be alchemized in this process. Union with the twin (no matter how desirable) is only fool’s gold, it’s nice and shiny but it’s not the real deal.

This deep alignment to the truth of the Twin Soul journey and the Ascension process became the new foundation on which I built my teachings, my brand and marketing.

Next Level 2020

Entering 2020 brought me into the final stages of the inner union process, which gave me the material I needed from my own journey to finish writing Module 14 of the Inner Union Program, which is part of the School of Inner Union curriculum.

We managed to escape full lock-downs twice by being in the right place at the right time, so for me Covid did not have a huge impact on my life. Because I work from home, nothing really changed and by God’s grace we were in countries where we could continue to go outside for walks in the fresh air, groceries or exercise.

Because I wasn’t in areas with full lock-downs I could continue my rigorous healing routine with the in person healers, that were still seeing clients in person. Which brings me to the theme of 2020, my Word Of The Year was ‘Next Level’ which is actually two words but it felt good and that is what I have manifested this year.

There are five areas in my life, where I massively leveled up this year:

My home – This year we emigrated to Spain (my son and I) and live on the beautiful island of Ibiza. We have a beautiful spacious apartment by the sea, with everything that I really value in a home like our own space. Because I work from home, I need to be able to shut the door and have a quiet space. I basically have my own apartment within the apartment, we have a big kitchen because we love to cook. A beautiful fireplace and free firewood through a friend.

The apartment also has a big terrace overlooking trees and the mountains on the one side and the ocean on the other. The terrace has a private jacuzzi under the stars, in which I love to soak at night. The grounds of the apartment complex are kept immaculately and there are two community pools that we have access to when we want to swim. We also have a private passage to the beach that we share with our neighbors, it cuts down the cliff our apartments are built on and allows us quick access to the sea and beach.

This is a massive upgrade compared to the subsidized housing home we lived in, when my journey started…

My healing – Also in regards to my healing I have reached the Next Level, for the past almost seven years I have worked vigorously with many different healers and especially in the past three years I have had a very intense healing routine that has catapulted me forward in my Twin Soul journey and my Ascension process.

I have been shown that this part of my journey is finished now and that I will be entering a next phase in which I am meant to share all the knowledge that I have gained from my own process with my clients, fans and followers. I have of course also done that leading up to where I am now, but a lot of my time and energy has gone into my own healing up until now.

Although I might still work with healers here and there, as things are brought up – it won’t be at the pace and the intensity that I have been doing so for the past years. Instead I will use this time that is now available to me to expand my mission – to teach people how to come into inner union and shift dimensional realities (aka from 3 to 5D).

My spirituality – This year has definitely been for me a year of leveling up spiritually too. I have been asked to let go of any ‘safety nets’ and truly live from a place of absolute trust, not fear – a place of complete surrender. Words often fail to really articulate what this means in our 3D reality, because we think we know what they mean.

But knowing their meaning, does not mean you know how to live them.

As part of entering and anchoring paradise consciousness or the 5th dimensional Heaven on Earth frequency, we need to not only know or believe certain spiritual concepts, we need to embody them. This is certainly what has happened for me these past almost six months since I moved to this island paradise where I have been brought into an even deeper process of releasing heart armor and subconscious childhood survival mechanisms, in order to fully embody my soul being on both a visceral and cellular level.

In this final month of 2020, I have been shown to release any lingering attachments to the 3D fear grid and fully step into faith. This of course sounds great, but comes with it’s own set of challenges and higher level initiations that I would have not been ready for earlier on in my journey.

My Twin Soul connection – My twin and I reconnected this year about three months after I moved here. We finally had the talk, that we should have had at the beginning of 2016 and it gave a lot of closure and deeper understanding. In our first conversation we stayed together for almost four hours, having it out with each other about the past. It was my twin who kept hammering on the fact that our next step should be to rebuild the trust between us.

Especially when I was ready to walk away again, because he was being insufferable – he quickly backed down with his obnoxious behavior and pulled me back in by repeating that we need to rebuild our trust in each other.

We even connected on an app to be able talk to each other more freely because that is what he had said he wanted, to be able to reach out to me when he wants and to be able to discuss anything that he wants with me. It did not take long before he started pulling back more and more, promising that he would get back to me and even when I called him unannounced and clearly caught him at a bad time – he said ‘let me call you back…’ Which he of course didn’t.

So, you may be left wondering how are we at a next level then?

Let me explain, recently during a session with one of my healers after doing some healing work on my teenage years we asked my Twin Soul’s higher self to come in and join us. He came and we asked him if he knew anything about what was next for us in regards to our journey,

Because honestly what is the point if we keep going down the same path, right? I mean it’s clear that I am important to him because otherwise he would not spend 4 hours plus, trying to make things right with me. He would also not want to continue talking or want to rebuild the trust between us. He would not be specific and say that he can’t offer me anything romantic at the moment, which is obvious because he is married or make him cry out ‘….if I did all these ‘bad things’ to you (I’m paraphrasing a bit) then why don’t you dump me and move on!‘ as if we are still a couple. Nor would he be upset when I told him that he has shown me traits over the past almost seven years that I don’t find attractive in a man, which make him less desirable to me than before. He really responded emotionally to that, saying that this was easy for me to say but that I did not understand how difficult his situation is. He told me that maybe if he had been born and raised somewhere else he could have made different choices…

It was clear that he was and is in an inner conflict himself. On the one hand he regretted not having enough trust in me back then (2015) and on the other hand he told me that if it would have happened (ending up together) for us, it would have been then – it wasn’t going to happen anymore for us now (because now he has a son and feels stuck by obligation).

He is frustrated with the situation, because he can’t really allow himself to have the relationship he wants with me and I am frustrated because we can’t seem to have any sane form of relationship with each other, let alone a friendship. How does he want to rebuild the trust between us, if he starts playing hide and seek again?! This was us on the current physical level.

This is what the healer and I were shown energetically, I am in the ocean swimming and playing with a dolphin. This is what dolphins stand for: ‘They do not judge, seek revenge for all the ills placed upon them by the greed and selfishness of mankind. They are unconditional, true sentient beings. They have an energy paralleled with a higher paradigm based on absolute trust, where all beings are respected as one, where there is no such thing as greed and selfishness and no concept of betrayal.’ Source: KindEarth

The more I enjoy playing in the water with the dolphin, this energy carries itself through the sea across the world to my twin who is sitting there in the sand playing with his inner child and this energy of my joy and pleasure in playing with the dolphin helps him heal his inner child and open his heart. That was the message his higher self gave, when we asked if he knew anything about the next step in our journey.

What his higher self showed us was that by me embodying my healing (shifting in to absolute trust), he was being pulled into the same healing process that I just went through of healing his inner child and opening his heart. His higher self showed us that he was following suit. We were as he had said in the physical rebuilding the trust between us, however we were doing it on an energetical level and we didn’t need to be able to talk to each other in the physical in order for us to do this – which was super cool to see.

We do still talk in the physical when we have something interesting or important to share, but our rebuilding the trust in each other doesn’t actually depend on our doing so. In fact the more we do both shift into absolute trust, the more it really doesn’t matter one way or the other because this is the root of all trust issues – not trusting the Universe and your own Divinity.

So, yeah this is major Next Level stuff for me and him.

My personal life – I can safely say that I lost almost all my existing friends over my Twin Soul journey. I simply did not resonate with these people anymore, and many of them judged me heavily for my involvement with my twin – let alone stepping into my mission around Twin Souls.

Aside from becoming really good friends with many of the healers that I have worked with over the past couple of years – I haven’t had a bustling social life over the past couple of years. To be honest, I was too exhausted much of the time to be able to handle more than my clients, my healing and my family responsibilities. I also didn’t really meet new people.

That all changed in Ibiza. I have made amazing new friends here and have a really active social life again, which I love. The quality of these friendships are very deep and seem to all be past life people coming back into my life. People that light up when they see me and it’s the same for me. For example I have become great friends with one of the girls at the supermarket, despite the fact that my Spanish is still limited and her English is potentially even worse.

I have also become the best of friends with a French man, who is an Aquarius like me. His wife calls him, my gay girlfriend because we talk about everything that girlfriends normally would.

The other really good thing after doing such intense healing is that the quality of men that I meet these days is really good. I am actually meeting single available men that don’t drink, smoke or do drugs and they are all men who currently own or have owned a business – they are entrepreneurs like me (and my twin who is also a business owner).

Before I would only meet guys that weren’t at the same level, used drugs, were already in a relationship and so on. Even if I would have wanted to move on, I didn’t meet anyone to be able to move on with all these years.

I was literally c*ck-blocked by the Universe for almost seven years and now I am not anymore.

So, to all of you who are currently in the same place of not being able to meet or attract high quality men (or women) it does change when we get where our souls want us to be on this journey. It is only a temporary situation, that dissolves on it’s own when the time is right.

My Word Of The Year 2021

Which brings me now to my word of the year 2021, for which the word ecstasy popped up this past week while I spent a lot of time sitting by the fire integrating all of the healing I have done in recent months.

I am going with an ‘Ecstatic 2021’.

Here are a couple of definitions of the word ecstasy, which as you can see would naturally follow levelling up in the way I have over the year 2020.

Interestingly enough after almost 6,5 years of celibacy except for that one encounter in Dubai, I have met someone that I really like and have started dating with. He has already helped me heal deep sexual blocks, that were inhibiting my ability to experience sexual ecstasy but of course ecstasy itself is not just limited to sexual pleasure.

Ecstasy is the swimming in the ocean and playing with the dolphin, the deep sense of joy, happiness and pleasure and so that is the word that I choose to set a powerful intention for what I want to experience in 2021. I want to be the embodiment of ecstasy, because that is our true nature – our true essence is in constant rapture and ecstasy in our own Divinity, in unconditional love, in Oneness, in our innate unity with all that is.

Check back with me here in December next year, to read the juicy details of how ecstatic my 2021 turned out to be and of course to read what word I pick for 2022.

Let’s make it a date.

Choosing your Word Of The Year

As I have advised in recent WOTY articles, let your Word Of The Year choose you.
Don’t use your rational mind to think up a word, but instead allow the word to find you and make itself known. That way you will get the best results.

Ask the Divine for example or your soul to reveal to you, your WOTY for the year to come, that way it will be much more aligned to what your soul has in store for you – instead of what your ego wants to create. This is also why I wrote this article at the beginning of the month, to give you some time to really feel into it.

But not only that, this December 21st Winter or Summer solstice depending on where you are in the world is shifting us into the start of the Aquarian age (see Lilliana’s article on this here).

This is why the year 2020 has been such a year of tearing down old structures and making way for the new, because we are entering a complete new age and consciousness paradigm. Many souls who have done their inner work will be shifting into 5D completely at this time. This is one of the most exciting times in history to be alive, because we get to be a part of this dimensional shift by first making it happen inside ourselves (this is what I teach my students how to do in the School of Inner Union).

I believe more than ever now is a time to deeply align to our soul’s calling for us and to release our ego desires. For me being in a new relationship for example, my first relationship in almost 7 years has really helped me fully take away any lingering energy directed at my twin. I have no clue or agenda in regards to where this new relationship will go, but what I do know is that I love being with this person and that he (and not my twin) dominates my thoughts.

I dare say that for the first time since I have met my twin, I have fallen in love again. If this is a relationship that will be for the long term I don’t know, but what I do know is that being with my current boyfriend is helping me release any sneaky energy ties that I still had towards my twin and the romantic outcome that I had so desperately desired with him when we met and that I had not been able to release completely even after he had gotten married to someone else.

In a way the crumbling that has taken place on a Mondial level, has also taken place in my Twin Soul connection. Having it out with my twin the way we have at the end of September, really made clear that I never stood a chance with him despite the fact that he loves me and wants to be with me. Because of his trust issues, he couldn’t trust me then and now he feels it is too late and he still has the exact same trust issues he had back then.

That’s a complete catch 22, there is not a thing I can do to change that. I can only accept it for what it is and walk away. Which I have and now that I have developed deep feelings for someone else, I have reached a place that even if my twin would get on a plane the very next day to come to me – I would not drop everything to be with him. I am much more interested to be present in my current connection with this new man in my life, which is helping me release any lingering energetic attachments to my twin or a romantic outcome.

If my twin and I are or were meant to be together than there would not be this catch 22. If this is my soul’s destiny then it will happen, without any further effort from my side. I have reached a point of being fine with it not ever happening at all, this total surrender and absolute trust. But the truth is, I had to go through all of this intense healing to get here and really trust that my soul’s plan is always much better than any plan that my ego is able to conjure up – even if that means letting go of the dream of ending up together with my twin.

That letting go has been a process in itself that has deepened over the years and has become more subtle, as I have let go deeper and deeper of any and all attachments to a romantic outcome with my twin.

For those of you still in the process of letting go, that may really be a powerful intention for the year to come. You could think of words such as detachment, surrender, letting go, declutter or flow (like going with the flow). If for example you tend to hold on to things, people or relationships 2021 could be your year of diving deep into the question of what you are really trying to hold onto? On the other hand if like me, you have already released your past and you are ready to call in the new – what does your soul want to call in? What does your soul crave to experience in the coming 12 months, can you tap into that and then use it as your compass for 2021?

I pray this article serves you and inspires you to choose a WOTY for 2021 that is aligned to your soul’s deepest desire for you to experience in the Here and Now. Give yourself these next couple of weeks to do some soul-searching, some soul-aligning and get clear on what your soul has lined up for you.

Just a reminder for everyone, who thinks that because I am now dating someone after almost seven years they get a hall pass to do so too. Remember, we are all at different stages of our journey. There is a reason why I was celibate for so long. Sex brings up our deepest triggers, buried emotions and subconscious patterns. If you do not take the time to heal your own subconscious wounds and sabotages, you will keep attracting the same kind of people, situations and circumstances over and over again.

We have to clean up our inner gunk and sludge if we want to live the life of our dreams, for if we don’t we keep recreating the past in our current reality.

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Book an Akasha Healing™ Journey with me to release the unresolved pain and wounding that is keeping you stuck in reliving your unhealed past whether that stems from your childhood, ancestry, or previous lifetimes.

It’s through healing the wounded ego, that we not only come into union with our soul – but unlock our soul’s superpower to create the reality we dream of.

Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed?

This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page. The key to unlocking your private version of Paradise is healing the separation between the ego and your soul.

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Have you tried everything else to manifest the life of your dreams, but failed? This is because your ego and your soul were not on the same page.

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